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The News

1546 96012 01/29/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There was once a world on which the paramount creatures had their choice of
what to think about.
They could either think about Brussels sprouts,
or steam shovels — and that was all!
…(Except of course for the would-be enlightened,
who seem to pop up everywhere.)


Ordinary minds are not capable of objectively describing themselves,
nor easily able to hear extraordinary ones do so.


As part of the ongoing testing procedure,
the head of one monastery one day asked the young monks this question,
“Which troubles you the most,
the fact that half the world is hungry,
or that you have a sore in your mouth?”


The ordinary see their greatest personal challenge in how to have
better relationships with other people,
while the would-be mystic’s major concern is in regard to his relationship
with his own unusual interests.


If you level of consciousness amounts to no more than
the thoughts that naturally go through your mind,
then you are still at man’s minimal state of awareness and understanding.


Life was not broken ’til man appeared to say that it was.


One man had two nervous systems:
one of which was with him during times when he’d withdraw from everyday
affairs and live alone in reflective seclusion,
and the other nervous system was the one that’d accompany him when he’d
return to town.

And a viewer writes:
“It seems like everything you talk about you say has two aspects to it.
Is there some point to this?”


The Condition You’re In

If the body is “alive,”
and the mind is “conscious,”
then, taken as a whole, what is man’s state of existence?


As long as you believe that anything mysterious and extraordinary,
if it exists,
does so outside of you,
you’ll never experience what it is.

…And from an ordinary view, I admit this sounds unfair
since, if you’re wired up in the manner described there’s no changing it,
but, on the other hand, if you do have that certain potential,
then look upon this as encouraging — a promise of discovery to come.


One man’s recent sentiments on a certain subject he put thusly,
“It’s like my mind gave the rest of me an original ‘guided tour of life’
(which was neat enough) — but, damn!
it keeps forcing a replay of it on me
over and over again!”

Minds And The Widespread Problem Of Pain

There are only two kinds of things that can hurt you:
those that can hurt you, and those you think about.


There was once a man who knew-The-Secret,
and, as an aid to others who were interested, he stopped talking;
then later, as even greater assistance, he pretended to be dead.

To be fully realized,
each mystic must relive the life of every mystic who’s gone before him.

As the first man was expelled from the direct presence of his creator,
as he left the garden, he heard a really loud noise.

There are no mystical legends or myths that say The Secret whispers.


Those flawed feel life is.


Once he became aware of a certain internal situation
which he found unacceptable,
one man’s efforts at change progressed along this line:
at first he attempted to stop the automatic flow of thoughts through his
mind — then later determined he’d settle for becoming indifferent to them.


One man developed this approach to health:
if he wasn’t “feeling good,”
he’d look at himself to see if he was bleeding or had any broken bones,
and, if not, he’d say to his bad feelings, “Get lost!”


Anything the mind can think is immediately open to dual interpretations,
and, with a bit of extraordinary effort, three,
then, pushing it even more, even more.

…And, yet — two’s all that’s necessary to think and get by.


As he speaks,
an ordinary man’s gestures are as
unwitting, unconscious, unplanned, and involuntary
as the words they apparently reflect.


A viewer writes:
“You recently invited us to ponder the significance of the fact that
only two types of people never give advice, the enlightened and the dead,
and, after thinking on this, I’ve come up with my own poser.
Do the dead not give advice because they can’t? — or
because, when dead, men then become enlightened enough to realize its


And now a wrap-up of stories concerning
Minds And The Unbridled Freedom Of Thinking:

To broaden his voter appeal,
one candidate for mayor has promised that
if elected he will restrict winter to nighttime hours only.

And in science news,
an anthropologist has announced his discovery in the high Himalayas of the
frozen and perfectly preserved body of the world’s oldest human,
who he estimates has been dead since at least 1948.

And over to technology, this item.
An inventor has developed a home thermostat that if turned completely off,
is smart enough to tell when the temperature gets so cold that it
actually should not be off, and will automatically turn itself back on.

…And minds everywhere are surprised, amazed, and astounded at such stories
and cry out: “Why didn’t I think of that?” —
which sentiment itself is something to “think about.”


How The Transcendental Can Be Manifest At The Mundane Level

In certain, extreme examples of alpha male wolves (no matter their actual
sex), they can frighten the weaker ones in such a way that
they can easily translate the experience into mystical terms.

– – –

The Difference In The Understanding Of The Awakened & The Ordinary

When the awakened are punched in the nose, they think:
“I’ve been punched in the nose.” And that’s it.

* * *


The obvious can’t win-you-over, persuade, or convert you.


How To Tell Whether Things Mystical Are Real Or Not

The body never hallucinates.

* * *


If ordinary thinking turns merely annoying mole hills
into truly terrifying mountains,
then the transcendental variety should change them into gold mines.

– – –

How To Tell That You’re Becoming More Aware And Less Ordinary

You think about it less.

Everyone has the sound of a stream running through their yard,
and most people aren’t satisfied until they amp it.


The High Cost Of Not Looking After Your Intellectual Health

If you’re never more conscious than your ordinary state,
then you have nothing to lose.


Why It Is So Difficult To Locate Real, Mystical Data

The only maps possessed by the awakened perfectly match that which they
represent and thus seem to be no maps at all.

A certain father invited his son to draw the absolutely best sketch possible
of a distant mountain —
and the lad traveled thereto,
returning with a rock therefrom,
striking his father’s head therewith.
…(And to describe the elder’s response as “delighted”
would be an under-description.)


On some planets where thinking creatures have evolved,
their nervous systems are constructed in such a fashion that
their thinking operations sit right on top of their feeling ones,
which sometimes results in their feelings becoming so upset that
they silently force thinking to invent a new name for them so that
they won’t look so bad in front of their friends.

A Cosmic Tip: Never play Bingo on a world where one of the letters on the
card is “I”…yeah, yeah, I know there’s an I in the word
Bingo, but I’m talkin’ about another “I”!

The young will play with themselves where it feels good,
while the older keep rubbing at sores.


Life’s presently unrecognized purpose for man’s mind
is to have his thinking ultimately cut up reality, as he perceives it,
into smaller and smaller pieces until they’re the same as reality.

…Those of expanded consciousness are like readers who cheat
and jump ahead in the book to the end.


The Charity Of Air

One man was of such help to his neighbors that they didn’t even realize it,
and he eventually expanded his assistance to the point that they ceased to
exist…as if they ever did.

Water feels no compassion for fish,
and none but the foolish would expect so,
yet men claim to believe that life mistreats them.

How To Tell If You’re Beginning To See Things As They Are

The body never whines.

* * *


Once you understand the nature and purpose of man’s mental world,
you realize that no one’s ideas are worthy any opposition.

Only idiots shout at one another and throw shit balls.
…And how do you tell if you are one? — do you yell and mentally throw

Having said all that (and less some),
let’s not forget that in the routine world
opposition to ideas is necessary for ideas to grow and flourish,
but which does not come into play in the transcendental realm.

Simple-Put Time: What kind of reasonable denial can you offer to the
obvious? …And who but a fool will try?


The only thing possible for a man to say, that would be
a reflection of his own understanding,
would be the expression of an observation that
he himself had never seen or heard before.


Those who worry about the possible damage man might do to life
are certainly loyal little troopers for life.


The Limitations Of Mere Outlook

To the more conscious, optimism is but a first step —
not an achievement.

* * *


Men who laugh at,
and feel superior to animals
are superior to no one.


So mused one man,
“If it is true that all talk is foolishness,
in that it is not the content of what is said that is its reason for being,
but rather it is merely the act of speaking itself that is its prime
purpose, then if this indeed be true,
it will save me from a multitude of meaningless, minor annoyances.
…Well, at least it should save me therefrom.”

On one world the more alert have posted a reward for the recovery and
safe return of memory (where appropriate).


Alternative Awareness & The Payroll Records Of One’s Routine Mental

Extended states of consciousness can seem to the ordinary mind as a kind of
“working off the clock.”


A real thinker, with notes,
who does not ultimately abandon his notes,
will eventually lose his ability to really think.


Only the untreatably troubled believe that life can cure them of their ills.


To that extraordinary end,
one man developed his own personal, mystical method of “secret chasing”
which consisted of him never, ever
(more than absolutely necessary just to stay alive and get by),
never, ever looking at anything taking place on this planet,
but, rather, always outward — away from where man stands.

– – –

How To Give The Mind The Blues

Think about things it’s not used to.

* * *


A father so instructed a son,
“Advanced Course — forget the regular laws of physics:
in the city, scum rises to the top.”
…Is it not understandable why all civilized people require that
the state educate the children, and they not receive same at home?

The more conscious mind is its own home, father, and source of knowledge.

– – –

As the mythical express drew ever nearer Istanbul,
the conductor, as he walked the isles,
had less and less to say.

* * *


Recent headline in alleged paper:
“Hormone Discovered In Brain That Distorts Way We Think.”

…Like they always say:
the only things certain in life are death and more death.


All ships on the common seas have captains,
yet, without one, they sail on.

There are certain things that cannot be told to the mind directly.
“Such as?”
Anything objectively having to do with itself.


One guy decided that he’d try to stop thinking about negative things —
then about time —
then about other people’s affairs —
then about his own,
and you’d never guess what he plans to try next….


The Possibilities Of Consciousness: A New Aerial View

Without the potential to fly, you can’t crash —
and, without the realization that “crashed” is the mind’s normal condition,
you’ll never experience true flight.

Once upon a time a man left his home planet and journeyed to another world,
where he stuck his finger in an exotic wall socket.

* * *


One man dismisses the words, melody, or particular style of songs, saying
that the only thing that matters to him in music is that it make him feel
good — that it be “party music.”
…Not unlike the attitude of the more conscious toward knowledge —
the only kind of interest to them is that which makes them feel good
and wanna mentally party.