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1545 96011 01/26/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Upon a certain survey of himself, a man so thought:
“I began as an open plain,
on which became built a mighty city,
and now I am a wasteland —
an enriched, invigorating, & refreshing wasteland…
the likes of which known only to me.


On man pursued The Secret through a method of attempting to
continually shock himself out of his natural state of mental stupor;
then, after some years so spent, one day stopped and asked himself:
“Is it even possible to put a shock directly into thinking?
…or must it be applied someplace else?”
And just the realization of the question took him to a new level.


No one cares what sounds the heart makes as it pumps,
nor the lungs as they breathe,
nor do any, the brain — save the few.

There were once two adjoining principalities,
The Land Of Content and The Land Of Function,
whose relationship routine observers could never figure.

If the mind can keep you hypnotized with the smoke & sounds of the
battlefield, you’ll never get around to noticing the specific nature of the
conflict, or indeed if it actually exists.


There was once a man who said,
“I think I want to be in another state of awareness.”
Then later he said,
“No, I feel like I want to be.”
Then later a friend asked him if he’d moved even beyond that stage,
and he replied, “What stage?”


As they sat around kvetching, one man noted,
“One thing about complaining, it helps the time go by.”
And suddenly another man was struck with the realization that
complaining is one of the creative components of the sensation of time.


Part of the purpose in the sensation of freedom men experience in their
mental life is to help distract them from their captivity in other areas.

…Oh, yeah! — and it helps keep them moving.


When one man joined the circus, he at first wanted to be a lion tamer,
then the dresser for the female acrobats,
then the ringmaster,
then a clown,
then the owner of the show…
and finally he just wanted the hell out.

A viewer writes: “After listening to you for some time now,
I no longer care whether what you say you mean metaphorically or literally.
Plus — I have concluded on my own that this is progress.


A young warrior asked his liege,
“Is to be more conscious to think more?”
But his lord would not at that time reply.


The True History Of Heroes: None live in the past, and none in the future —
and to be one, you must obliterate the present.

“Right now” exists only for those with no sense
of it.

The uncontrolled flow of life’s energy through a man’s brain
will forever distract him from the realization of where he is,
and what he could do at every given moment.
“Look away!” seem to cry out all of man’s circumstances —
look away least you glimpse more than the norm is set up to see.

Topography does not produce the horizon always before man — life’s
expansion does — as the pertinent responsibilities it passes down to first
mechanical thought and imagination,
then to man’s sense of time.

Few mental prisons are as effective as time —
and thus does the mystical hero have no particular place in which
he wants to position himself.


So said a father to a son,
“If you worry, you’ll feel helpless.”
And the boy responded,
“But feeling helpless now is what causes me to worry.”
And the old man said,
“You still don’t get it.”
He said this twice, from two different perspectives, using two dissimilar
tongues, in an attempt to give the boy a hint.

The guards of city rulers believe arrows fly in only one direction,
while the warriors of the mystic are bound by no such restrictions

A universal physician states,
“Man’s thinking is a symptom — and not a cause of anything.”
But few patients in this galaxy’s waiting room understood what he said.

One day a stomach and a brain got in a discussion concerning
which came first, the omelette or the opinion.


One particular man who’d studied on the matter for years
finally came to ask himself whether the greatest obstacle to a more
stable and focused state of consciousness was complaining, or time.
…(Although no one he subsequently ever mentioned this to
could make any sense of it.)


More people would become actively involved in the effort to
shift their mental sense of awareness to a new place
if there was some sort of clothing or physical symbol they could wear
that would publicly proclaim such involvement.

Only those internally heroic can settle for anonymity
(and of course the trick therein being that
only those who can do so can ever achieve heroic stature).

The ordinary love myths and legends in that, by hearing and dreaming about
them, they feel somehow relieved of the immediate need to make any
comparable efforts.

Partway through his journey, a certain warrior,
after passing through the place in which he lost the urge to talk,
found himself in a land wherein he began to lose his interest in listening.

True freedom is not conditional or selective — but freedom from all,
such is the singular possibility of a totally fresh awareness.


Everyone can see that the body has its own consciousness,
and the mind, its,
but men see themselves as having a consciousness of emotions
rather than emotions having their own.


The distinction between the publicly religious and the mystical
is that the religious believe they can help you.

As he increasingly recognized the mirages of the world,
on knight — when he perceived The Grail to be coming toward him —
would immediately ride off in the opposite direction.

The true code of The Quest is:
“Anything the world can do to assist you is a waste of a warrior’s time.”


After certain efforts and experience, one man so considered:
“If the only new things worth knowing come only through your own mind,
then what the hell am I doing still listening to my old,
‘known-by-me-to-be-discredited’ mind?”

As they initially undertake a search for The Secret, people think:
“What is it that I will use to look with?”
Then later they will come to think:
“In what way will I use the thing I use to look with?”
And after that comes a period of uncertainty, followed by discovery.


What Ordinary People Will Listen To:
either negative descriptions of how things are now,
or how they used to be better,
or how they’ll undoubtedly get worse in the future.

…”Now, shut up!” said a man to his interpretations,
“shut up and wake up!”


Reflecting on something read earlier tonight, one chap pondered:
“Are men conscious of emotions — or
emotions conscious of man?”


Only the earthbound care what tomorrow’s weather may be.
…Mental meteorology.

…And according to the writing on the bathroom wall at one mystical lodge:
“You can either think about awakening, or awaken about thinking.”

…And so mused one chap:
“If a certain indifference is part of a man’s transcendental ascent,
exactly to what aspect of his workings is his indifference directed?”

…And consider the significance of this:
Only two groups of people never give advice, the enlightened and the dead.


One man’s thinking finally reached this place (said it to him):
“Give me any subject, and I’ll think something new about it.”
And the man thought: “My god! — the thing’s enlightened!”

The reason you never find mystics shopping in used clothing stores
should be obvious! —
most of them have no credit cards.

To ordinary minds,
the unexpectedness of humor can serve as a momentary, low-level episode
of alternative perspective.

…(One reason that in extreme mystery schools so little laughter is heard.)

…But having noted that, I will also mention a certain warrior
who held as his own personal precept:
“Live in silence — smile in same.”


At the ordinary level, those who don’t know ask the questions,
but, at a place beyond that, the situation reverses itself,
and those who do know are the ones who ask them.


As per one legend-of-rumor,
since emotions can’t speak, they invented man’s mind.


Life, the consummate liege,
looked into one man and said:
“My, but you’re a busy little kingdom!”


In the classified ads,
the reason you never find mystics looking for roommates
is because they ultimately live alone, no matter their physical

…And a young, would-be mystic nodded his vigorous agreement, saying,
“That’s right! — hell, I don’t even like myself!”
To which an elder responded,
“No, that is not right —
he is no mystic at all who feels any way about himself.”


Freed from the mind’s inherent ties to the apparent passing of time,
a man no longer enjoys the mob’s mechanical sense of excitement,
but then must provide his own — by the only means known, which is to
continue along the lines that freed him in the first place.

Only baby Buddhas settle for mere enlightenment —
there is no heroic way in which the awakened can die while alive.

There was once a traveler who reached the mythical, mystical city of
Istanbul, and, after a short while there, thought: “Is this all there is?”
And even with the more conscious, “all-there-is” is whatever you settle

The difference between the true, deep-dyed warrior and the merely apparently
so is that the genuine article will, when faced with nowhere else to go,
go on.


Only the mentally comatose and comfortable can
dot all their “I’s” and cross all their “T’s” —
those on The Quest of consciousness are forever doomed! — to
sail with The Dutchman, and wander with The Jew,
delighted in having no home —
forever alive and on the move.