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The News

1538  (set #96004)    01/10/96
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Men have long expressed interest in the matter of their “true nature,”
believing they have lost it and would like to return to it,
but the more knowledgeable realize it is in error to look back,
and, in fact,
awakening could be described as the discovery of one’s new, true nature.

One day one man thought:
“I’d like to get back to my roots.”
And death suddenly said:
“You called?”
And the man was instantly struck by the possibility that this might be so.

To discover paradise, one must leave Eden,
and, to leave, from there one must begin.

To discover paradise, one must leave Eden,
and not just “leave it” but operationally forget that it ever existed.


There was once a clear land upon which a fog fell,
one of such magnitude that soon
everyone there accepted it as normal.
…Well…not everyone, exactly….


The head of a mystical order one day so said to his listeners:
“The Secret is the missing piece in everyone’s thinking.”
And from the audience a voice replied:
“Well, that’s obvious.”
To which the speaker responded:
“That’s right — you’ve got it!”


There was once a planet of robots,
and, to help them develop further,
life provided mechanical birds to sit atop their heads and give directions.


Terror On The Midway

Man’s normal mental life is like a carousel that,
should it ever stop, would be destroyed.


On one world was once a race of creatures who were each
born with an empty billfold,
and their progress was measured by the amount of stuff
they managed to put therein.

And most were satisfied with the arrangement,
though there were a few “weirdos” who felt like
there was something else possible to do with this birthright.


One day a fellow so reflected:
“Why does man picture himself to consist of two aspects:
a physical side, run entirely by preprogrammed, automatic instincts;
and an intellectual side which he thinks of as being initially
unprogrammed, and operated totally by free choice and decision?”
He rubbed his chin and pondered it deeply,
having serious personal questions regarding the validity of the
standard view of the intellect,
but at least reached a temporary degree of satisfaction by realizing
that the whole affair was a product solely of the intellect.

To hide out in prominent hotels,
under what better assumed name could The Secret register
than that of “Mr. Simple & Obvious”?

To help discourage potential discoverers,
life displays in all major locations the sign reminding that
“All Shoplifters Will Be Severely Prosecuted.”


The advantage in being of ordinary mind is that you can
think of yourself as being whatever you can think of!
…(Without all that nasty effort the more conscious have to go thru.)


W.D.Y.M.O.T.F.T.: What Do You Make Of The Fact That —

Men accept that, for a thing to survive, it must change
(as with the law, science, the arts),
in all areas save religion and the mystical.
…Why is this the sole exception?


Seeking enlightenment by way of ordinary thought is not unlike
creatures who have painted themselves purple
now trying to undo it by painting themselves green.


To help focus and control his attention,
one man began to carry a hot coal around in the palm of his hand,
but his body (being no fool),
to protect itself, soon learned to ignore the pain,
so (I ask you) what are’ya gonna do?

And one man so ruminated:
“Is it not natural for man’s intellectual awareness to be as diffused
as his physical? Huh-h-h?…


All myths arose from a single myth,
the original, mystical one —
which proved to be more than most people could take —
thus, the proliferation of the alternatives.

How to tell — on the train — those who have no idea where they’re going:
They’re the ones always talking about it.
…(See — another reason that the more conscious don’t have to physically
die to get the job done;
they can learn to be quiet while they’re still alive.)

A teacher asked a student:
“What kind of house is noiseless on the outside,
and noiseless on the inside?”
And the lad replied: “One that is yet to be built.”
…(And a semi-snoozing boy in the back of the room
nudged his neighbor and asked:
“Are they talking about extended states of awareness again?”)


In that it has already been noted here that, was not a man’s mind
innately incapable of seeing the obvious,
the progress he has thus far achieved would not have been possible —
perhaps you’d enjoy a further related fact:
Wranglin’ runs the merry-go-round.

And now on a completely unrelated note,
another installment in our series
Y. — I.R.I.F.O.Y.: Yo! — It’s Right In Front Of You.

A man fidgeting his feet is thinking with his feet.

Yo! — it’s all right in front of you, both your body and your mind.


There were once two brothers,
and one of them had a book filled with words,
and the other had a book filled with numbers,
and eventually the first one claimed that he had a cousin who had a book
that was filled with anatomical drawings,
only to have his brother then assert that he had a nephew who had a book
that was filled with food recipes,
and, as this interfamily rivalry escalated,
they ultimately conjured up between them
the images of man’s entire, subsequent intellectual legacy.


Mortal Existence As A Life In Professional Sports

First, you’re drafted into the league,
you play for a while,
then they kill you.

…Or, as Mr. Abner said to Two-A-Day: “What a bummer!”
Only to be reminded that he had the wrong game in mind.


One man’s ponder for the day:
“Is being more conscious simply knowing where you are at every moment?”

Physically and instinctively, a normal man always knows where he is —
mentally is another matter.

And now today’s overall rumination:
Does it not seem natural for man’s intellectual awareness to be as
diffused as is his physical? Huh-h-h?…


A being from another world (who could read minds),
after a visit to Earth, mused:
“If men’s actions were actually as directed by their thinking as they
believe, their planet would by now be without them.”


In the matter of camouflage-&-duplicity,
one man says he has begun to think of reality as:
“That thing, passing itself off as life.”


Once you’ve been bedded and fedded,
the only thing left is to be mentally entertained or informed,
with the former consisting almost exclusively still of
physical things vicariously pursued,
and the latter confined mostly to matters of a practical material nature.

Regarding the matter of interest-&-attraction, one man so pondered:
“If mystics aren’t weird enough for real weirdos,
and too weird for intellectuals,
then who do they appeal to other than one another?”


A more conscious mind never relies on or presents
local examples or personal anecdotes as proof of anything.

Corollary: Transcendental knowledge is never in any fashion
racially, religiously, culturally, nationalistically,
or gender specific or dependent.

…(And a guy mused: “Well, no wonder it’s so easily heard by everyone.”)

And now, another response to that eternal question:
“What is it to be human?”
It is to say that you want one thing,
but to be perfectly happy accepting something else.


The speaker so challenged his audience:
“What could be more difficult than to whip up overt enthusiasm in a
bunch of mystics?”
And a voice shouted back: “The ease with which it can be done?”
And, just because it rhetorically didn’t make sense,
doesn’t mean that it didn’t mean anything.


Another way in which the mind is magical is that
it is the only creature that can be in two places at once.
…(Though those of greater understanding might question the
positive connotations of the word “magical.”


To get on the path,
everyone starts off being somebody else’s kind of mystic —
and ends up being they’re own kind.


Proverb Update

If indeed it was true that “what goes around comes around,”
then everyone would choke to death who repeated — more than once —
any cliche.


It is only the normal thinking of man
which can see recovery from an illness as progress.

…To the body, this is foolishness,
and also to the mind of the more conscious.


Theological Update

All religious stories have hidden within them
stories of actual value.


In the first year class of Transcendental Studies, a student asked:
“What should an aspiring mystic be thinking of —
things mystical,
or everyday things from a mystical position?”

In the second semester of first year Transcendental Studies another student
“Whose thinking is more rushed and excited,
ordinary men under stress,
or the more conscious?”


How It’s Ultimately Played

When push comes to shove,
hormones will push, and instinct will shove.

The human mind is the only contender in this galaxy who,
in the midst of constant losing,
can continually proclaim itself victor.
…And men yet consistently underevaluate the talents of the mind.


Litigation Update

If everyone’s thinking is a “franchisee” of life,
then mystics are those engaged in legal disputes with the franchisor.


Though humans insist on believing otherwise:
when one man imposes his “will” on others,
it is never his intellectual will that’s involved.


No man is fully human who is not mentally agitated and dissatisfied —
and certainly none, fully realized, who do not wish freedom therefrom.

Is the difference then between the ordinary and those-on-the-move
the difference between the letters “W” and “S” —
as in between the words “wish” and “seek”?


If you are still uncertain as to whether man’s mind or body is the more
graceful, talented, and intelligent,
look at the generally free flow of traffic even on crowded highways,
then at the impeding congestion normally extant in men’s mental life.


To the more alert:
Memory is of significance only when operating as an “instant constant.”

…Put another way:
If you have to think about it, it’s already too late.


A young monk asked the elder head of the order:
“Is it possible for a man to become so ‘mystical-minded’
that he’s no longer ‘ordinary-minded’?”
And the more ancient one replied: “Yeah, if he’s nuts.”

One day two young followers in a mystical lodge were talking, and one of
them said:
“What I enjoy most about the answers I receive to my questions from our
leader is how totally unexpected in nature they often are.”
To which his friend replied:
“Curious, but for the same reason do I find them upsetting and unpleasant.”

…Which again goes to show that: You simply can’t please everybody! —
unless you kill them first.


The active pursuit of The Secret requires that, mentally,
you nail to the floor
one of your many fidgety feet.


One day,
past midway in his life,
a man’s mind said:
“It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far together.”
And the man thought:
“‘Hard to believe’ hardly begins to cover it!”


The speaker so declared to the assembled:
“Everyone has a story to tell about himself.”
And several people in the crowd immediately vanished.
And a kid standing nearby mused:
“You don’t usually see so many mystics at a public gathering.”