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1535 96001 01/03/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995


There was once a land of peace —
there were daily disturbances, but they were always quickly quelled,
and no one gave them any particular notice.

Then as the kingdom grew and matured,
a certain apprehension fell over the land,
and, while the daily disturbances did not increase,
the people’s foreboding became a major part of their everyday lives.

…And yet amidst it all: they grew and matured,
with only a few questioning the matter.


While the ordinary continue to speculate that there is
“a gene for this” and
“a gene for that.”
I’ll tell you directly: there is a gene for everything!


A viewer writes:
“Listening to your comments regarding the numerous disturbances that
can beset a man, due to his thinking,
has at times made me forget all of the stress that can come from my
subcortical nervous system.
I notice you never mention that.”
All right, sir, I’ll mention it…it can be of use.
In place of trying to focus your attention by counting each breath
or repeating a mantra, you say privately to all your systems
whenever you can think to do so: “Stress not.”

If you will keep
in mind that my use of the word “stress” is not limited to routine
interpretations of the phenomenon,
I will make the further observation that the
ordinary state of consciousness,
often referred to by mystics as that of “sleep and confusion,”
can also be seen as being a condition of unacceptable stress,
that is, to those who struggle against it by undertaking The Quest.

The simple feel little stress beyond that of immediate physical needs
and the more sophisticated believe it all based on past experiences —
as always: only the more conscious see what it is in its entirety.


A tree, rigid at the roots,
is rigid at the top,
and, while neither can apparently do anything about it,
at least the top can try.

Circumstances don’t break a man — the wind does.


Where consensus usurps the potential of the individual,
there will Adam be found to have been driven.


In one land, legend says there was a particular spirit which originally
produced the concept of time,
which was followed by its sister’s invention of stress,
both of which remained inoperable until their father made the creatures
there capable of thinking about the two.

Back in this kingdom, a man once stopped & asked himself:
“Besides all matters of physical life-&-death,
what is there that actually impacts men’s lives
that does not come from thinking?”
At first glance, he thought this far too simple to be of value —
then giving it a wider “look-see” — he wasn’t quite sure.

And a viewer writes:
“As regards matters such as you have just mentioned again,
the potentially broad — extremely broad — effect thinking has on man,
I ask you: Are there not limits to this suggested situation?”
Yes, viewer, there are two: the illusionary, collective one of death;
and the secret, private one of the mystics, who disassemble it while still

And someone else in our audience contacts us to say:
“It bothers me much when you, of all people, use the word ‘illusionary’!
I do wish you would not do so, for in your case, I’m not at all sure
what you mean by it — and fear to imagine!”


How It Goes:

The simple worry about behavior;
the more sophisticated worry about the behavior of the simple,
while anyone with “half-the-sight-that-God-gave-an-alley-cat” can see that
it’s all ultimately a shadow play,
put on for the benefit of the hand puppets casting the silhouettes
who periodically interrupt the proceedings with their cute
though futile attempts to
pat-themselves-on-the-back for such a well-done job of authorship.

And a viewer writes:
“Are you just trying to make me feel helpless and impotent?
…that is, more so than I do already?”


On one world was once a race of creatures who believed that
just over the horizon always lay trouble,
but they were eventually overtaken and replaced by those who believed that
just thinking that there is is sufficient.

…And as the original group was fading from the scene,
they were absolutely unable to understand why this change was occurring.

The tenseness possible in the mind
makes that of the body look like amateur night.


The ordinary take the proverb
“it’s easy for a full man to dismiss a hungry one” to be a comment about
charity, while the more conscious see it to be about unacceptable aspects
of aging.


An Advanced Travel Tip

It’s not only hard to go anywhere when you don’t know where you’re going,
but furthermore
hard to know where you’re going if — if —
you’re not actually going anywhere.
…And upon hearing this,
a man in line at the ticket counter held his head and said:
“I feel a stress attack surely coming on.”

Man have so long been in their present condition that most have lost
the awareness that freedom from any prison need not be measured in miles
and thousands of miles, but in mere inches — that is,
it lies just on the other side of the cell door before you.

The geometry and topography of human thought in certain areas is such that
the further away seems a possibility, the more agreeable, and thus possible,
it seems.
…To acute eyes, this alone reveals the basis for man’s stories of
distant gods and faraway adventures.
…How about some “What If”? — what if being more conscious is simply
a condition of finally realizing where you (and everyone else) actually is.


There was once a city served by two infrastructures of water, sewers,
power, and communications,
and one of them was solidly and unshakably put in place,
while the other was not so much so,
and while everyone was serviced by both,
some were more so by one than the other.


One man recently pondered:
“If a state of expanded consciousness is like being of ‘no mind,’
then not only ‘what has one thereby gained?’
but also ‘what have they given up?'”

No description can convey the feel of the streets of another world —
only the walking there can.

A man wrote the Universal Doctor and asked:
“Is it possible for a person to worry too much about
not being more conscious than they are? — that is,
be continually thinking about it so that it becomes unprofitable? —
even harmful?”
And the doctor replied:
“I understand your question entirely, but
suggest that you go too far in your use of the word ‘harmful.’
The rest of your comment is certainly worthy of additional consideration —
on your part.
The Doctor.”


And in our “Play-Time Dictionary” we find this entry:
Human Thought — the original friction-run toy.

…And one man asks: “Could I have a race car instead?”


To try and point out the special, invisible mountain to himself,
he pointed out all of the visible ones around it.
…And by such means do commoners become kings,
and kings become mystics.

One day Muhammad said to a grandson:
“If the mountain does not come to you…” And the nipper interrupted:
“Yeah, I know, you must go to the mountain.”
And The Blessed One replied: “Not necessarily —
you can always travel to everywhere but that mountain,
and wait for the rest of the range to collapse upon it.”
And for a brief moment, the younger one’s eyes were unpeeled.

A man wrote the Mystic Doctor and said:
“Is the difference between the real thing & the mere ‘wanna-be’s’
and dreamers the fact that one of them believes that it’s a
straight shot from here to there,
and the other one perhaps knows better?”

Not only is it difficult and tricky to go somewhere
when you don’t know where you’re going, but moreover
even trickier to know where you’re going if you’re not actually going

If theft was actually a crime, then all who ordinarily think would be in


There was once a world on which the creatures believed that their
greatest obstacles were worry and concern —
and one day a being from another universe visited them
and said that the solution was simple: “Just don’t think about it.”
And as you might expect, they laughed him off the planet.

For any piece of machinery to work at its best
there should be tolerance in the fittings between its parts.
…And a viewer complains:
“I am not a piece of machinery!”


To help, at arm’s length,
the possibility of The Secret seen,
one man continued to misspell many a word.

And a viewer writes:
“I fail to see anything whatsoever humorous
regarding the verbal traffic flow through my mind.”
(A professional man, no doubt.)

Mythology Update

The gods who fear ridicule are just asking for it!

There was no need for introductions or the exchange of business cards
when Apollo and Jupiter first met,
they recognized in one another a fellow “expert.”

A certain Earthling once wondered what it would be like
if he could establish a relationship between his mind and, say, his
stomach, similar to those naturally occurring between him and other
reasonable men.

And now the name of this next song is
“What The Hell Personal Good Is Us All Gathering Up In Bunches Of
Civilization If It Doesn’t Lead To Sheep Learning To Fly…
Or At Least In Being Able To Imagine That It’s Possible —
If You Could Ever Discover How To Leave The Flock In A Manner Healthy.”

There was once a man who wanted to develop his own private motto,
which he wanted to be “it does no good to know-what-you’re-doing
if the knowing, no pleasure gives.” …(It probably remains salubrious
for men that “wants” so infrequently inflict any real harm.) …And a
viewer writes:
“I do not enjoy being individually made-fun-of —
if you don’t specifically single me out!”


To those with a wider view:
Simply being alive is not stressful — thinking about it is.

And being more specific:
The sound of traffic is not what’s stressful,
but rather your believing that you have valid preferences in the passing

Bumpers don’t kill people — hanging onto them does.

The elder monk told a younger one:
“The tenseness you continue to experience is caused by your conversing with
And the neophyte replied: “But I haven’t been talking to anyone.”
To which the elder responded with shoulders shrugged and palms upturned
in the international sign of: “So?”


Why doesn’t the fact that humans do not become properly revered and
honored until they’re dead
give you some hint regarding the ideas you respect?

One man secretly drilled a peephole in the wall between
his shower and that of his best friend…who just happened to be his mind…
and who, as it turned out,
turned out not to be his best bud after all.

For their Wednesday night Vapors Service,
the head monk delivered the following message to the mystical flock:
“If your present thinking can get you horny and aroused,
then be prepared to tie down your dick with bailing wire
when you get a full blast of mentally-stripped consciousness.”

When Columbus returned from his secret, parallel journey, he mused:
“It’s good to be able to plot and measure known things for the crown
so that the once-and-future king may have access to worlds yet


A viewer writes:
“My brother and I used to get stoned and watch your show,
but as what you said seemed to become more irrational and impossible,
the drugs no longer seemed appropriate — that is,
they no longer seemed to work.
Now my question is: Did the tenor of your talks really change,
or was it my hearing?”


The name of one mystical school was
“Steady As She Goes…Once You Know How She Goes.”

And a viewer writes:
“What’s the difference in ‘focus’ and ‘control’?”

And there was another school known by the name:
“Easy-y-y Does It…Once You Know What It Is That ‘Does It’!”

The physician on duty noted that while ordinary stress can
blow out your heart and stomach,
the unrecognized kind can blow away the possibilities of tomorrow.

According to one unreleased report:
The responsibility of a mystic is not to tell you all he knows,
but rather what he’s knowing at the moment.


One man decided that agreeable change would be possible
if he could but,
each day,
and fastidiously remember
one thing! —
perhaps anything! —
but certainly something.

Then there was this other chap who wondered if
man’s greatest fear was actually of losing something,
or maybe of gaining something for which he was ill-prepared.

At a slow bend in the road, a warrior once hesitated and thought to himself:
“Are the more conscious actually that different than everyone else…
or perhaps just more like everyone else than even they are?”

…(Do you not begin to clearly realize why life is so reluctant to
allow those who truly know
to publicly speak and write about it?)


Out on a great plain
was once a mighty bucket,
and sometimes it seemed that bucket would be over filled,
while, at others, it appeared to be under-.
The bucket knew this to be an optical illusion (in fact even the plain did),
but not so those who observed the affair,
and who believed that the bucket was within them, and the plain without.

Soles have a dickens-of-a-time making sense of feet
as long as they’re unaware of their, shall we say, close connection thereto.

A man went to a specialist in stress and said:
“Doctor, I feel in terrible shape!”
And the healer responded with a pointed stare and upturned palms,
in the international sign of
“so what d’you expect? — have you looked at yourself?”


A certain man pondered:
“Is it worse never to reach the prize, or to worry about it?”
…And ’tis good he didn’t ask if it’s worse to ask such a question,
or be aware of it.

Man’s eyesight is constructed so that he cannot see anything too abruptly
— at best, with the ordinary, it’s: “Gradually-y-y does it.”


Myth has it that there were originally two distinct schools of
mystical training:
one was quiet and orderly,
the other noisy and disruptive.
It’s further hinted that only one of the two was intended to survive,
but due to the demands and operations of man’s ordinary thinking,
things have turned out otherwise.

Mused a truant:
“The nice thing about finally leaving school is that
you can burn the place down and not lose anything.”
And his mind suddenly said: “Hey-y-y,
you better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking!”

Once you realize how the bricks are laid in man’s mental structures,
you see that while you can run from foolishness,
you can’t run to understanding.
…Look here: I’ve already told you twice now how hard it is to ever
go anywhere when you don’t know where you’re going,
but that’s child’s play & chump sport compared to the
enlightening hardship of not knowing where you’re going and then realizing
that it makes-no-matter if the part of you worrying about it is not going


Might not even the most stressed out of travelers,
apparently temporarily stranded and not going anywhere,
be happy to know that even under such conditions
“anywhere” is still no further away than it is when they believe that
they’re “on-the-move.”


Finally facing up to the fact that he had no saleable, musical talent,
this one man decided that he’d try to stop singing to himself.

The Court Physician once so advised the King:
“Above the instinctive level of one’s nervous system, the only
excitement and enthusiasm worthy of a ruler is that
which is feigned.”

On the bathroom wall of a honey bee monastery
was found this graffiti definition:
“Speech — the language of dolts.”

And lastly, a thumb-nail reminder that all alert travelers can
carry with them anywhere, at any time, is this:
Whichever way you think you’re headed — right this instant —
is the wrong way.