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1534 96000 01/01/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Everyone’s born with a home,
and most with the possibility of a second.

Some people live more in the original one,
and some, more in the newer one,
but everyone lives part of all their time in the first one,
and usually more or less time in the second than they think they do.

Some encouraging news for those in the grip of the ebony manual extremity:
If you reside in quicksand, at least you don’t have to worry over the
possibility that asphalt oxfords will come back in style.

An insightful man who has no way to go but down
can be minimally thankful being spared the additional stress of
having to personally select a direction.


Once upon a time in an enchanted land,
a pride of lions miraculously learned how to think, speak, and read,
and the first book they found was a mystical work concerning The Secret,
and after pursuing and pondering it in extensive depth, one of them said:
“This great prize it says is hidden, what could it be?”
And one of them offered: “Something to eat?”
But they immediately rejected this possibility
in that it would be counterproductive to secret something as basic to
survival as food, and, after a bit, another lion suggested: “Maybe it’s
somewhere new to live?”
But they quickly dismissed this also
inasmuch as, already having everything they needed — right where they were
— any move to another locale would be pointless;
after further reflection it was proposed that maybe The Secret had to do
with something presently entirely unknown to them,
but they had to conclude that if this were so
then by the very fact of them having no existing awareness of whatever it
is, and by the fact that they were living quite well (thank you),
that such a “secret” would not be anything worth knowing anyway.

So, all-in-all,
with these lions — about the same as how it is with men —
they soon lost interest in the whole idea,
and let it slide into some dusty corner of their mind to be mostly

There is yet another version of one mortal creation myth which says that,
when man was dismissed from the original garden of peace and certainty,
Eve managed to take with her knowledge of The Secret,
and, when Life realized what had happened, compensated for the oversight by
placing in Adam such a lack of interest therein
that she never had anyone with whom to share it.


One man says that squirrels got in his attic —
he says he doesn’t know if its several or just one,
but that, whichever it is,
they make enough racket for a whole battalion.

Collateral Info: Everyone gets snakes and frogs in their basement,
and, yes, while they can make their presence known,
they’re generally not as noisy.


One man says that he’s taking a survey for life,
who wants you to answer the following question:
Which do you actually contribute to life — some product, or just talk?
…(He notes that no exceptions have been provided for “professionals.”

One chap who heard of this question
immediately wondered whether he should further apply it regarding
what he furnished to his own mind.


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
a feeling of near-inescapable apprehension covered the land,
and once upon a time
one of the men therein decided to get the hell out.
Once upon a time.

There was once a race of creatures on one world who’d sing a song:
“You can run from the past and what’s on the right,
and run from today, and what’s down below;
you can run from the left and what’s up ahead,
but you just can’t run from what you really are!
…Unless you know how.”

There was once a horrid dragon who hated everything about himself —
but especially his innards!
…See, that’s why fashion, body building, and cosmetic surgery are so
popular…along with psychology and religion.

Once upon a time, most men continued to not get it.


On a distant planet was once a race of beings who developed two distinct
types of seeing glasses: one set meant for the physical organs of the body,
which to them made everything seem more complicated than it was;
and a second set intended for use by the mind,
which did the same thing.
…Yeah, but in one instance they were unnecessary!
…Yeah, but so what?


By talking to one another,
passengers on the human train are kept from
worrying too much over questions of its destination.
…And those with no one to talk to
always have the various forms of entertainment with which to converse.


One man evolved the attitude that:
“If you’re going to sleep — do it at night, in bed!”
Then, after some time, enriched it to read:
“If you’re going to sleep — do it in some other life.”
And eventually expanded it to:
“If you’re going to sleep — just go ahead and die and be done with it.”
And just as he was prepared to go even further with it,
life stepped in and said: “Give it a break.”
And then the man knew he was on the right track!

More Nonstandard Mental Health Tips:
If you know-what-you’re-doing,
there’s only one use for reason and sanity:
as a gauge for what you shouldn’t be doing.

Everyone wants to be comfortable —
elephants want to be comfortable,
eagles want to be comfortable,
alligators want to be comfortable,
and men want to be comfortable also…except for the fact that
really conscious men don’t!
…(This is why mystical warriors never say “wake me when it’s over” —
cause they never want it to be over!)

One man was very excited when he received a letter that announced
“you may already be a big prize winner!”
until he saw life’s name on the return address.
…(Actually it listed the firm of Fate & Local Conditions,
but the man immediately recognized this as just another front for life.)


Another Hint Of The Secret Lying Right Out In The Open

What could possibly be more alien to a thinking man’s individual,
unique personality than the idea of “humility,”
in that it is only by constant, self-serving self-reference
that the thing manages to survive.

And a yet even deeper aspect in examples such as this
is how men fail to notice that all of their notions of
hypocrisy, duplicity, irony, and coincidence
are but blatant, working synonyms for “things as they are.”

When men think of the viable waters as a stagnant, toxic pond,
they will treat it dismissively
and never witness the thriving life therein.

…Little need to hide that which no one wants to see.


For his birthday,
one man wrote, and sent himself, a “wish song” (that went):
“I’d rather be pissed than live like this.”
Then realized his expressed desire was already a fait accompli,
and demanded that the mailman give him his money back.

All proverbs written to inspire ordinary men
are as enriched slop thrown to hogs,
to whom slop is slop.

Fear of death can cause a man to alter his physical behavior,
but what the hell’s it take to do something similar with his thinking?
…(Well…to be truthful with you, the answer to that question is known…
it’s just that it’s…well, so downright disagreeable to most people that
it might as well be otherwise.)


A certain chap (carrying the mystical wiring imprint), thought to himself:
“Even if I don’t become a recluse and retire from the company of other men,
at least I should be grateful that I’m apparently such a natural-born
shit-ass that I’m not overly bothered by others as things are now.”

A certain alert man,
upon hearing the proverb “charity begins at home,”
at first determined to leave home —
but quickly realized that it was just his mind which heard this,
and thus the whole thing was irrelevant and not to be concerned about.

A certain warrior (while on a trip)
accidently left his mind on the plane,
and after realizing it, decided to forget about it.

A certain lad asked his equally certain father:
“In the viable midst of the robust irrational,
how can you be sure of which path to take?”
And his old man kindly replied: “Exactly my point!”


Legend says that on one world was once a man who discovered The Secret,
and who asked life directly if he could talk about what he’d learned,
publicly, and that life said, “Okay,” but first wanted to know if the man
planned to present his findings in a positive context, or a negative one.
And when the man said, “Positive,”
life brushed him away, saying that he’d picked the wrong one.


In an attempt to simplify his life and create more closet space,
one man decided to take everything he knew and thought about
and lump it all under the umbrella name of “Don’t Bum Me Out.”

Now for a little quiz based on the facts as given above:
No one in this man’s household found this to be funny,
and, since he lived alone, the question is — what gives here? Huh?

There was once a world populated solely by cripples,
and, strange to tell, but everyone’s greatest fear was in becoming lame.


One guy’d get so pleased with himself
for just accomplishing the least little thing
that he remained a least little thing.


There was once a king who blamed all the troubles of the land on outsiders
— all rulers are so prone, that is all two-eyed ones are,
in that they are unable to see that the boundaries between their domain
and all others are illusionary,
as would be obvious from a five-dimensional aerial reconnaissance.

Only water drops in oceans
and awakened men on land
have no territorial disputes —
them and their own more intensively ignited neural connections.

In the realm of expanded thinking, the idea of “exclusivity” is baseless —
save in one area.

When ordinary men hear the expression “life giveth and life taketh away,”
they bemoan the fact;
when the more conscious hear it, they delight in its promise.


In case you’ve yet to see it like this, I’ll make note for you that
one of the major uses men make of religion is in the notion of an
extrasystemic, supreme being who alone can “know The Secret.”
…(Helps keep the seventy-odd years of mortal exertion to a minimum.)


There was once a race of creatures who were born with a film covering their
skin, but, as they grew, they removed it and swallowed it.
…What d’ya think of that?

One boy asked his father:
“If you talk about men long enough,
is there any chance they’ll go away?”

One guy groaned to himself: “How long can this go on?”
And life said: “You talkin’ to me?”


Four-Dimensional Psychology Laid Bare On A Five-Dimensional Operating Slab

Things are coming apart that think they’re coming apart —
and some things are coming apart that have no such thoughts,
and some things that think they’re coming apart aren’t.

…You decide, Doctor — you’re wearing the mask.


Another benefit of being of ordinary mind is that time never runs out —
oh, you can think it will,
and you can fear that it won’t,
but it doesn’t matter: it still never will.

There is one lesser-known myth that says, when the mystical king would give
each knight his original charge,
it was not to go slay some dragon or rescue some maiden,
but rather that he was challenged to ride forth and break his wristwatch.
…(This of course being appropriate only for those who’d already
smashed their pocket mirrors and combs.)

There was once a kingdom that life wished to spare,
so it made all the inhabitants find the idea of “mental transcendency”


There was once a world on which the creatures were born with three legs —
but it didn’t work out,
they could never decide which one to stand on.

If you don’t “think about it,” everybody’s stupid,
and if you don’t “think about it,” you won’t be aware of it or worry about


There exists a page that’s alleged to have come from the very first mystical
book to appear on this planet,
and perhaps the most intriguing idea presented there is as follows
(it says): “Anything you can say about man is a complete waste of time.”
…(Aren’t you glad it’s just an alleged page?)

But now on to tonight’s “Good News” segment:
One man was treated, unsuccessfully, for twenty years for his illness
until he discovered that he wasn’t ill.
…It’s always Happy Hour when you gets your money’s worth.

And now for a Human Interest Feature:
For the sake of clarity, one man quit speaking to himself.

And a viewer writes: “Do you sometimes talk about the same thing more than
…(Well, bless his heart!)


Song For Ordinary Times And Ordinary Places

On worlds such as this:
life is too simple for complicated men,
and too complicated for simple men.

All of this is normal and ordinary —
signifying nothing in particular.


One man finally arrived at the internal position of so pondering:
“If we are to conclude that all substances that reach man’s brain, such as
drugs & alcohol, distort his thinking,
then how are we to categorize his normal neural juices which do also?

A man asked a mystic:
“Has knowing The Secret made you any happier?”
And the explosive one thought:
“What a curious question! — and how glad I am that I never asked it of

And a man wrote the Ah Hah Doctor & asked:
“What could be more deranged than a priest or some other ‘man-of-god’?”
And the doctor replied:
“That’s easy — one who takes it seriously.”


The guy on the street corner was proclaiming:
“Life has a mailing list — are you on it?”


After hearing about such ideas and possibilities, one man pondered:
“If there is a ‘Secret’ about life, being hidden from man,
then is it being hidden from his body, or from his mind?”

…The reason I relay this little gossip is because there is more to
his musing — right out in the open — than the verbiage itself might imply;
just repeat his question to yourself and consider “why,” or “how-comes-it-
that” a man would ask about it in that particular framework.
“Is the Secret hidden from man’s body, or from his mind?”
…What I’m insinuating, of course,
is that there’s potentially explosive info in the inquiry itself.


Pop Quiz: Quick! — what holds reality together?
That’s right, taking it seriously —
nothing less,
and nothing more.
…(Now aren’t you glad I asked?)

Wait — hold up! — Pop Quiz Number Two:
Quick! — what holds your thinking together?
That’s right — same thing.
…(And I know you’re glad I included that one!)


Mentally “Reaching Out” And Being Reached For

You can’t be touched if you’re not at home.


Believe it or snot, but over in another reality,
life once had its own TV show —
but it bombed, big time — and I do mean big time!
…(And I b’lieve I’ll leave it to you to think about why.)


For many years, one man anxiously awaited the arrival of the
Great Mystical Leader at his door;
then he began to fear that he indeed might show up,
but then as his understanding adequately expanded, he just forgot about it.


To try and fully extract all possible meaning from the letter “O,”
one man spent most of a lifetime pondering that of the other twenty-five.

…Fair remains fair, and if you “get this,”
send me your name and address and I’ll send you a check or money order for


The reason men on Earth so commonly dream of going somewhere else after they
die is because they were someplace else before they were born.
…And I don’t mean on some other planet!…maybe.


Common Spiritual Beliefs Update

The gods do send out angels to travel with priests and psychologists
on their journey,
but as far as anybody or thing to assist the mystics — you can forget it!

…(And some of you ole soreheads still expect all news to be bad news!)


Some Hints On Self-Protection That Some May Find Agreeable And Welcome

If you stay upset over how far everyone else is from The Secret,
you reduce the chances substantially of you ever seeing it.

When “good news” comes to sheep and piggies, it comes by the truck load!


To be honest about it,
we should say that there are two kinds of mystics in the world:
the kind who believe that they are,
and who find life to be really weird and complicated;
and the kind who actually are —
who see life to be no such thing.


Another Description Of The Pursuit Of The Secret

A twin-temporal directional, genetic mountain climb.


One day life told this one man to: “Shut up!”
And the man immediately retorted: “You shut up!”
And life instantly shot back: “No, you shut up!”
And around and around like that they went.

If this sounds at all familiar to any of you in our viewing audience,
you may send me a check or money order in any fine amount you’d like.

A lad once asked his dad:
“Why does the motto of all mystical activities, of all times & places, seem
to be:
“We are here to serve.”
And the elder replied:
“Simple — because they never said it.”
And the boy thought: “How simple indeed.”
(And from behind a door, life muttered: “Shut up!”)


The justice available to man is that
if there’s a certain thing you don’t want to see, you don’t have to look.


One day life called local conditions in and said:
“I’ve about, by god, had it with you!”
And conditions immediately replied:
“Boss, I think you’ve made a mistake,
I believe you meant to call in men about this.”
And life rubbed its eyes and admitted: “Yeah, you’re right.”


And finally: Life told one guy to “shut up” — but, hey!
we’ve covered that already! …Plus,
a mystic knight’s shield was recently discovered
which had inside
these words inscribed:
“You do not truly know The Secret until you have worn that sucker out!”