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The News

1528 95133 12/18/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995


There was once a sleep that was peaceful —
but, having no dreams, it had no conception of itself.

Then it began to dream,
and thus conceive of itself —
yet sometimes now…it yearns for that previous peace.

…God only knows what it all means.


A mystic told the following story:
“A man once won a physique contest,
and in an interview afterwards, when questioned about his victory, said,
‘I attribute my success to two things —
the really good genes I inherited from my parents,
along with my own hard work.’
Seems a wasted opportunity that there was not a certain type of
reporter present to ask him from where came the motivation for his ‘hard

And after he’d finished the story, someone who believed they’d gotten
something in particular from it asked the mystic,
“But isn’t everything genetic?”

And the mystic replied,
“I can’t answer that.
I’m not inferring that you are correct or incorrect.
But we are in an area far too close to The Secret itself
for me to deal in simple ‘yes or no’ statements
anymore than would I had you asked something specifically about The Secret

Though that was all he said on the matter,
the mystic did invite the questioner to ponder in greater depth
the implications of the response he had offered.


One father’s advice to his kid:
“Everyone has a ‘philosophy-of-life’ — if they’re asked…
don’t let anyone ask you.”


Political Stability & The Secret

The Secret is not to be discovered in a state that is too orderly
and ruled by predictable authority,
nor in one that is too disorderly and unpredictable.

* * *


One way life keeps everybody about where they are
is by making them believe they’re sicker than they are.


The Secret And Matters Of Diet

The Secret remains hidden from those who eat too much, and from those who
eat too little.

* * *


Only two types of mystics ever make mention of
the conditions of man’s everyday existence:
those who’re ignorant,
and those who speak metaphorically.
…(Same with comments regarding his behavior and morality.)


In a certain land
was once a man who
discovered something that no one else had ever seen before — but,
since it was something totally beyond their experience,
when he tried to describe it to others
they weren’t able to understand what he was talking about
(although some seemed quite interested),
so he said to them: “Let me go off and think about this,
and I’ll get back with you.”
And think on it he did, and returned to them with this idea:
“What I’ll do is this —
while I continually keep in my mind the unknown thing I discovered,
I’ll talk to you in a certain manner about everything you have experienced,
and once I’ve covered everything possible,
all that will remain will be my discovery,
and perhaps then it will become visible to you.”

From all angles, however, the challenge is how to describe air to air.


The beauty (generally speaking)
in living the ordinary life of habit is in its overall
ease, safety, and familiarity.


The liege so instructed his knights:
“To succeed in this mighty venture,
a mixture of bravery and fear will not do —
any more than will one of ignorance and certainty.”


Slumber As Relates To The Secret

The Secret never speaks to those who sleep too much, or to those who
stay up all night.

* * *


Some advice passed from a father to a son:
“If you’re the editor of a magazine that’s not selling,
or the manager of a team that’s not winning,
increase the amount of time you spend in self-reference.”

Getting others to ponder the inherent wetness of rain
can keep them from asking too many questions regarding your inability to
stay dry.

One man said,
“Within the holdings of my own mind,
I have a publishing empire and a sports franchise,”
and replied, “I know, I know.”


The Secret And Questions Of Nationalism

The Secret is not revealed in The Lands Of Lethargy
nor in kingdoms where the people are too excited.

* * *


On mornings when he’d awake to find himself
more or less as well off as he’d been the day before,
one man would often say aloud: “Now we’re getting somewhere!”


There are two ways to live the life of the mystical recluse:
the easy was is to physically move away from everyone else,
then there’s that ‘other way.’


The Learning Process & The Secret

One thing that the experience of The Secret will reveal to you is that
there is nothing else to prove.

* * *


The sight of the mind (in the form of expectations)
can override the keenest of man’s visual sight.


The ready benefit of being the follower of a system is that
the system always provides a standard by which the followers can judge
themselves, while the pursuers of The Secret have no such,
since The Secret itself is immeasurable and incomparable.


One day a lad said to his father:
“I don’t feel so good.”
And the old man gave him a careful look and replied:
“Well, no wonder — you’re still being ordinary.”


Life keeps men sweatin’ the bullets so’s they
won’t start studyin’ the guns.

(Note: Viewers who will send in a check or money order for $24.95
will be furnished with the heading for this particular item, which is
“The Yet Unrealized Ligature Between Thoughts And The Mind
…(And How Local Conditions Avail Themselves Thereof).”


The Freeway’s Effect On The Mystical Quest

The sound of traffic will drown out The Secret.

* * *


If everything is a mixture, then:
mountains are a mixture of mountains and mountains,
and lions a mixture of lions and lions,
and man a mixture of man…and “something” else.


After hearing talk about The Secret and activity such as this,
one man turned away saying:
“Just ‘being alive’ is spooky enough for me!”


A religious figure was addressing a crowd with his new idea that,
after you die, you do not go either up or down, but sideways,
and a fellow in the mob mused, “Humm, that sounds like my mind….”

Later, alone and home, that same fellow thought on the matter further,
“What if truly our after-life deserts come, not in the form of either
or descending ‘down-to-hell,’
but rather in just sliding around on the same level where we are now —
thus experiencing the sensation of movement while actually going nowhere?
…Hummm,” said he, “still sounds like my mind.”


Another tip that you’re getting close to The Secret is when you begin to
understand things that you don’t want to talk about.


While those of too little intelligence perceive there to be
less to thinking than there is,
and those of ordinary intelligence perceive there to be more than there is,
only the more conscious understand thinking “just right”
…and like all baby bears, get the good porridge.


According to one legend (of such rarity that it has never before been told)
those discoverers-of-The-Secret with whom life finds special favor
it allows to go on and make additional discoveries in regard thereto,
and, those with whom it finds really special favor,
it offers the opportunity of being made to forget what they first

…(Shhh! — don’t tell that I told.)


One man had his own private word “flagamyer,”
which he used in places where there was no other word available to
express what he intended.
…(Including, I might note,
my purpose in telling you this.)

Flagamyer, flagamyer, flagamyer!

* * *


With an increase in understanding, so reflected one man:
“All the many methods men have used in the effort to experience The Secret
have one thing in common —
they are so simple and obvious that it almost breaks your heart.”


The world is made up of guessers and knowers.

The world is made up mostly of guessers.

* * *


A Specious Definition Of The Secret In Relation To Thinking

The Secret: What the more conscious think about
when there’s nothing left to think about.

Flagamyer, flagamyer, flagamyer!

* * *