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The News

1527 95132 12/15/1995         Copyright J. M. Cox 1995


There was once a man who inherited a large generator
which was running when he got it,
and which he couldn’t seem to turn off —
so he learned to live with it
…and in fact came to think of its operation as beneficial.


There is a most ancient legend (no longer repeated in polite company)
which says that the first men who discovered The Secret
were the ones who gave it the name of “The Secret”
because what it reveals is far too simple to
ever be successfully approached otherwise.

There is another equally obscure story that says those
first discoverers of The Secret
also established a museum that exists still today
in which is kept the living history and artifacts of the discovery.

The Mother Paradigm of all human minds
gazed out across the planet of her offspring and said:
“What they continue to call ‘thinking’ makes me kind of ashamed.”

Local Follow-Up To Previous Story:

The born-lame feeling guilty for their condition
is a four-dimensional version of a greater reality.


The magic of the view from the mental porch is that
as soon as you’re old enough to recognize traffic — there is traffic.


A man who for some time had been struggling with The Secret
one day concluded:
“If I could just determine which is the more important to existence
as a human being, my body or my mind,
I feel sure it would bring me closer to unraveling the mystery.”
While such questions can appear valid,
why does no one notice that given the two possibilities involved,
that of the body or of the mind, the questions always arise from the
same source?

Men continue to appreciate the proverbial truth that
“it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease”
while never sensing any pertinent significance to
those baffling, insolvable questions that dog his “soul” (soul in

…And as they danced away into the expanding sunrise,
the Mystical Rockettes seemed to be singing:
“Let me hear my ‘something’ talk — ‘something’ talk.”
It was impossible to be certain that this was what they were saying,
but for sure it wasn’t either
“let me hear my body talk” or “…mind talk.”

Today’s Transcendental Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom,
the townspeople gathered in the village square around a speaker
who addressed them thusly:
“There is a wisdom within man
of which he knows not.”
And someone asked:
“Then of what good is it?”
And the speaker replied:
“Hey, gimmie a break here!” just as the mean old wolf
leaped from behind a billboard and ate everyone up.

…(There are some who claim that,
after wiping his mouth and licking his teeth,
as he left, the wolf was heard singing:
“Now — let me hear no nothin’ talk — nothin’ talk….”

Those who repeat the cliche “what goes around comes around,”
and who find therein the ideas of
completion, conclusion, and resolution represented,
display themselves the fact that,
intellectually speaking, they have not sufficiently “been around.”

Never shoot the last horse left on a merry-go-round…unless you know what
you’re doing.


The continuing intrigue of the view from the porch is that
one’s own mental preferences regarding the passing traffic
are necessary to keep its flow constant.


A man wrote the Mystic Doctor and asked:
“Can just thinking about discovering The Secret
help make up for not doing it?”
And the doctor replied:
“Hey, come on! — you know that
thinking about anything can make up for not doing it —
just look at most men’s lives.”



One father told his son:
“As regards this common human activity,
the only thing you need to remember is that
no one fully understands what they’re talking about.

It’s not their fault —
they’re not supposed to —
it’s just the nature of speech.

Over and out —
ten four —
hit the road —
I’m outta here — how ’bout you?”


In his daily address, the head monk said to the neophytes:
“Until a man despises sleep, he understands nothing.”
And one of the youngers raised his hand:
“You mean sleep metaphorically?”
To which the elder replied:
“Did anyone hear me say ‘metaphorically’?”

There was once a man who kept a wild animal (as best he could) for a pet —
and, the less attention he gave to it, the wilder it was.

…(He gave it the name “Zzzzzzzzz.”)

One man had a babbling brook in his backyard —
he brought it inside —
he lived to regret it.

Those who take-life-serious
make life serious.

And life told one man: “Well, if you persist in what you’re doing,
don’t come crawling back on your knees to me!” And the man replied:
“Where the hell do you think I’ve been living up ’til now?”


Having spent a lifetime on the dance floor with that “secret partner,”
one man finally asked: “What is the name of that song anyway?”


One man could make up cute stories, and life said to him:
“Why don’t you become a mystic?”
And the guy said: “Are you serious?”
And life replied: “Sure.”


The sounds of traffic you hear in your head are in large part
the sounds of your own preferences.


There are two kinds of blood that feed the brain.


Yet another singular facet of The Mystical Quest is that
it is the only human activity that can only be done strictly by oneself,
yet which requires the directions of someone other than oneself to start.

…Yes, I know that such seems to be so in other affairs of man,
but once you realize the fact that life itself is alive,
and that everyone is thus everyone else’s grandfather,
and everyone else’s granddaughter,
you’re aware that
none instructeth themselves, save the independent warrior.

There is a story that says that
every time someone who knows-The-Secret
attempts to put something down about it in writing,
that no matter the name they place on it,
by the time it reaches the level of normal Earth eyes,
its title has been translated to:
“The Book Of Contradictions, Non Sequiturs, & Other Impossibilities.”
…If you doubt this, just go back and reread the above.


To try and keep his attention diverted, life said to one man:
“Look — I’m as sick about it as you are.”


There are limits to the mind —
but none to what it can think about.

…A dangerous situation
…(if you ever want to get anywhere).


The alleged stepson of a rumored mystic once purportedly claimed (as a
joke?) that you can spot a man who knows-The-Secret by the fact that
he doesn’t much give a shit about anything…
…but that you’re not supposed to notice.

The son of a prominent city family of doctors, philosophers,
scientists, and priests makes the assertion that
those seeking to expand and control their own consciousness
are simply people making it unnecessarily more difficult for themselves.

The son of a local undertaker says, “Screw everybody else’s interests!”
that he and his family’ll have the last word regardless.

Friends, do we have a man here with his finger on the
primary pulse of life, or what?


One man began to strongly feel that his intellect was closer to
closing in on matters not limited entirely to its domain
when he (who lived alone)
began to find pubic hairs in the typewriter on which
his mystical works were produced.

You can
chase down a thief —
chase down a rumor —
chase down a cause — even a disease —
but there’s one culprit the mind will never catch.

Call me a cop —
call me a priest —
call me anybody but a man who thinks like I do.

Help, help —
help is on the way.
…Well…not really “on the way” — but available — if you’d ever stop
“But I didn’t say anything.”
Well, I didn’t mean to me.

In worlds like ours: things-in-balance
are things in hiding.

And now this safety reminder —
In worlds like ours: things-out-of-balance
are things in hiding.

And now this safety reminder: Open your eyes and wise up.


All vehicles in passing traffic are coated with a layer of potential glue
which is only activated in the presence of your preferences.


The man who won the physique contest
attributed his victory to
“the great genes I inherited from my parents,
and my own hard work.”
And to think: not a reporter in sight to ask him how he came to be
motivated to work so hard.


At an earlier time,
life once thought of man within itself as
“a transient, electrochemical anomaly,”
but soon corrected itself: “Not man, but man’s thinking.”

* * *

The less men understand what they’re talking about,
the more they’re inclined to use modifiers.

* * *


A man asked a mystic:
“Why do you sometimes stand, and sometimes sit,
sometimes speak, and are sometimes silent?”
And the mysterious one replied:
“Because something other than me makes me do it —
and do note that therein I play out the roles of both
ordinary men and mystics.
…They’re not the same, you see —
it’s all in the wrist.”


While those about him sought the gods’ help in matters of love, success,
and finance, one man asked only that they put up some kind of roadblocks
to halt the traffic passing his porch.


A High View Of Thinking

There could be no “snakes in the bushes” if you didn’t provide the bushes.

…And one man said: “I prefer alligators myself.” — Well, there you are!

Then there’s this one guy who has this kind of…well…
little approach to the question, which he explains like this:
“If you can’t verbally figure it out to your satisfaction
then you still haven’t found the right path to walk.”

All talk about The Secret sounds both strange, yet somehow familiar.


Life told one guy:
“Here, try this on — one size fits all.”
…(You figure he was referin’ to the mind?)

A man wrote to The Doctor and said:
“Dear Doc, is life masculine or feminine?”
And the doctor replied: “Ask your father — she’ll know.”
And the man thought:
“Boy, I’m glad I didn’t ask if it is a masochist or a sadist.”

On one world,
an increase in understanding is often accompanied by bouts of tetanus.


To those with the mystical itch:
being an ordinarily mental creature is like being a prisoner without a cell;
is like being continually shot, but never wounded;
is like being forever on the “lookout” but apparently in the wrong spot to
is like being in the middle of everything, yet always alone;
is like being the world’s biggest crybaby…oh, sorry…shouldn’t’ve said

…In addition to this probably having made you smile, ask yourself this:
“Why?” — when this is actually the only strictly human activity that is not
“whine productive.”

A lad asked his father:
“Why do humans find it so strange that animals don’t cry?”
And the larger replied:
“But it’s only normal humans who do.”
And beyond the instant case,
the kid suddenly realized that
every question regarding why men don’t or can’t see what’s obvious,
has the same answer —
though not the one they’re primed to expect, or can readily hear.

Never trip the last pachyderm in a parade of elephants marching
trunk to tail to trunk to tail.


At any spot between here and the actual experience
there are several ways to pertinently pass the time:
you can read what others think about it,
you can listen to what others have to say about it,
you can write about it,
you can talk about it,
and you can think about it.

At any place between here and the experience
there are ways to pass the time,
some better for some — some better for others.


The mayor told the townsfolk:
“The great thing about having preferences is that
you’re always frightened.”
And lo they were sorely grateful to have such leadership!
…right there in their midst…
and we’re talkin’ REALLY in their midst
(every mother’s son of ’em).


A man with “nothing to lose” mentally is not dangerous.
…(Except to his own thinking.)

If there was an extended-dimensional reality
(that is a REAL reality at this level) to prayer
then to what could a more conscious man direct his,
knowing it all to go through the mind?

A recent visitor to our planet
said that his biggest laugh here came not from
whoopie cushions or serious political speeches,
but from hearing the term “lose your mind.”


Far beyond all metaphors of Shangri-la, Istanbul, and Paradise
is that experience possible in one’s own head that renders
all exotic travels pale by comparison.

A more conscious man in some ways is like the original “stay-at-homer”
(but with a few added twists & perks).

* * *


Men explore new lands and travel to outer space,
not to make physical discoveries,
but to get away from home.

Some positive-based news (if you’re able to hear it):
Those who follow an established, consistent mystical system eventually
die on the vine.

What men discover, upon the demise of their mind (after it’s too late), is
that preferences are what killed it.

What better synonym then for “routine existence” than
“too late — always too late”?

And one man decided:
“As long as up’s near down,
true’s next to false,
and three leads to four — I ain’t comin’ back home!”


Men who measure progress by things you can see are only partial men.


Today’s Fairy Tale Update:

Mystics who, in their travels through the forbidden forest
leave a trail of personal bread crumbs, made a mistake.


Between Paris and Istanbul is an infrastructure connection
unknown to ordinary men.

…Likewise such between the stomach and the mind,
between life and man.


The simple all end up eventually playing in each other’s backyard.


There are different types of breath men take:
breath that feeds the body,
that feeds the emotions,
and that feeds the mind.


As relates specifically to the consciousness of those who seek more:
diffusion equals distortion.


To an expanded consciousness,
the distance between metaphor and reality is the same distance as between
not knowing anything and knowing something.

With the expanded observational equipment available to mystical scientists,
it can be seen that the expanses within the human brain are
much greater than generally believed.

To expanded hearing,
all attempts to describe what’s actually going on in life are bullshit.
…(And lackluster, at that.)

Expanded awareness accepts bullshit as an integral part of being a


Fiction: What local conditions think of when they think of man.

There was once a planet of symbolism…that became too, too literal…and
exploded all to hell!


At a simple level, even simple people know one secret of life, which is
simply to live.

…Are you so sure that The Secret is far different?


Although any wild animal would be more easily nourished in a zoo,
none seek out such confinement.

…A shame men’s thinking isn’t as insightful.