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The News

1526 95131 12/13/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995


There was once a sun,
but, having no planet in orbit about it,
it was not aware of its central importance.

Then it got some planets swirling around it
and became aware of its central place of importance.

Now it wants to be free of the satellites and be alone once again —
to become “god-knows-what.”


To merely survive, animals are engaged in continual warfare —
so too seems man in his intellectual realm,
but, in his case, with whom is he actually struggling and competing?
I know that it appears to be with the ideas of others,
but even our dumb animal brothers know how deceiving appearances can be.

– – –

It is claimed that each man mentally marches to his own drummer —
but who ever ponders the source of the beat?

* * *


There was once a man who undertook a long, mysterious journey,
and departed with a collection of books,
the number of which he could barely carry with him,

and along the way he discarded a few,
and picked up a few new,
and always they seemed to serve him well,
and gave him something to specifically focus on.

But a day came when he dropped them all,
and just began looking at the scenery —
and the trip took on a fresh, lighter feel.


The professor asked the class:
“How comes it that man believes he can live in opposition to himself?
…Can he actually do so — or does he just think so?”

– – –

Men attribute great power to the mind —
sometimes they overestimate it,
and sometimes they underestimate it,
but never do they see what’s really going on.

* * *

Through most of his adult life,
one man cherished — and carried with him —
something his mother said to him as a child:
“Get out, and stay out!”

* * *


A man asked a mystic:
“Is there a danger of counting only to two?”
And the mystic nodded yes, and the man further asked:
“Is there a danger in counting only to three?”
And the mystic nodded yes, and the man went on:
“Is there a danger of counting only to four?”
And the mystic still nodded yes,
and the man hesitated reflectively for a moment, then asked:
“So where does the danger in counting end?” And the mystic replied:
“Nowhere — the damage is already done once you start counting.”

…”The reason,” explained the mystic,
“that all of this seems so difficult
is because of how hard it is for the mind to look at itself —
and the reason it’s so hard for the mind to look at itself is because
it can’t.”

One man evolved this motto: “Never ask a mystic anything.”


When one man heard a song entitled
“Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,”
he refined it into
“Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Better,”
and, upon further reflection, further refined it to read:
“Anything I Think, I Think I Can Think Better,
And My Body Finds This To Be A Hoot!”

— Music During Wartime —

* * *


Another Of The Transcendental, Chemical Formulas

Without the porch, there is no traffic,
and without the traffic, there is no porch,
and if one of those is true, then the other one can’t be,
and yet they both are —
so, get back in the car!…Chump!

– – –

A viewer writes:
“You can no longer fool me! — I have taken myself in hand!”

* * *


In the animal world, the aggressor is always hungry;
in the mental world, always stupid.

Now although the above is correct, it’s only a partial telling of the
total correctness (which is that):
All aggression is based on preference
(in animals the preference being to survive),
and in man’s mental realm, preference seems based on the same,
but in this instance, the food it’s fed provides no actual nourishment.
Weird but true…like so much of what distinguishes man from beasts.


As per legend:
There was one mystery school which taught that there were
five stages of enlightenment.
The first stage was where you wondered when you’d become enlightened,
and the second stage was where you wondered if you had become enlightened,
and the third stage was where you wondered if you had lost it forever,
and the fourth stage was where you wondered how to keep it all of the time
now that you knew what it was and how to do it,
and the fifth stage was where you wondered how you could have possibly
become dumber now than you were when you started.


One man became convinced that it’d be beneficial if he could stop
thinking about his thoughts as being thoughts,
and think about them as mere physiological impulses
same as run his heart and lungs
…but his thinking wouldn’t cooperate.


A man sought out a mystic and asked him:
“If a man believes in God, will it keep him from ever discovering The
And the one-who-knew replied:
“Believing that anything exists
separate from the one doing the believing will.”

A ship will forever feel itself in peril,
as long as it perceives of itself being some distance from shore.

While an alert mind may immediately find this metaphor revealing,
it has an even deeper, more obscure story to tell,
one involving the mind and its feeling of total dependence on thought
for its survival.


A visitor from another world, who was recently here observing things,
got his biggest laugh upon hearing the term “mental health.”
…You see,
he comes from an area of different dimensions
where anything that has an opposite can’t actually exist.
…Leastwise, seriously so.


One viewer writes in to say that he’s sick of hearing about it.


To be alive and conscious is to “ride a train,”
and while everyone on board looks sometimes out the window,
and sometimes into himself,
only those on the mystical trip do both simultaneously.
…Which, as a matter of fact, is the minimum requirement to be on the trip.

that’s the neat thing about walking this path:
No matter which foot you step on at any particular instant,
it’s not the correct one,
and no place you step is the right place.

…(“Can sure keep life interesting,” chimed in one chap,
“if, I guess, you equate ‘interesting’ with ‘frustrating.'”
…Well, ignore him!
there’s always a sorehead around.)

One man thought:
“Being human’s not so bad…if you don’t mind the sound of traffic.”

– – –

And one fellow mused:
“If man’s ‘thinking life’ is like a train ride,
then each man’s mind is like an interminable, inescapable roundhouse…

* * *


One man received his degree from that well-known city bastion of
higher learning, Screw U.,
which maintains an open-door admission policy
affording equal opportunity for all to become
pigheaded, educated, opinionated, and sophisticated,
so as to be recognized as a peer by others of similar talent and

And a viewer says: “I told you I was sick of hearing about it.”


To accept those methods proclaimed
as appropriate the mystical aim
to be physical in nature
is a childlike assumption
(such as believing “the struggle against desire”
to be one of opposition to the wants of the body —
which is foolish since they are plainly necessary for its survival —
rather than seeing it as a mental effort designed to reveal the
irrelevant and illusionary nature of the mind’s desires
in the form of preferences).


…And still motoring along,
we find this excerpt from our “At Least One Loose Lug Lexicon”:

Important Current Events — A synonym for The Redundant
(which itself was originally a cleaned-up
version of History.)

…Okay, keep moving….


The myths of mystical knights off on great adventures in foreign lands
are for those who can’t initially bear the confining sight of their own
inner cranial area.

– – –

Children prefer playing soldier rather than philosopher — which is normal
— but those who would actually experience the grand expedition cannot
remain as internally immature as everyone else.

– – –

A man once pondered:
“Is there some unrecognized, higher-dimensional mathematics
regulating the life of man, even in the area of the mystical,
so that even there,
before you can speak of potential improvement,
you must first clamor on about the sorry state of present affairs?
— even when it’s known to not be so?…
like a troupe of neural acrobats engaged in an unseen balancing act?”

…Might indeed man’s mental arena be like a circus under the direction of
a ringmaster committed to the inter-tent equality necessary to maintain the
show’s operational status quo?…and are mystics like armed intruders
out to “do in” their own major-domo. (Well, it’s hard to fire someone
you didn’t hire.)


For an alert man, the drawback to living in the city is that
all dwellings have both a front and back door.

– – –

No ship with two holes in its hull will ever sink.

…And no mystic worth his salt will stay on such.

— Sailing During Wartime —

* * *


In truth,
prayer and meditation are unrecognized attempts to
turn shotgun blasts into single bullet firings.

– – –

In the animal realm, diffusion’s the name of the game —
apparently likewise in the intellectual world of man
…although mystics have their own idea of what constitutes mental


Upon first encountering the phrase
“in the land of the blind, even a one-eyed man is king,”
one guy thought:
“I ain’t pokin’ out one of my good eyes for nobody!”

— Insight During Blackouts —

* * *


A monk at a mystical monastery told an incoming group of neophytes:
“As dreary as it may sound,
the starting place for this miraculous journey is wherever you are right
now.” And as they all groaned and shuffled their feet, he continued:
“Worse yet — that’s where it will always be.”

…(Groan, shuffle.)


One man wrote a book which he entitled
“The Mind Is A Mighty Hunter — Always Pursuing Shadows,”
but he can’t seem to get it published…
guess he keeps trying in the city.


A man who’d been a life-long, serious student of The Mystical Thing,
one day, as he sat in his extensive library, looked about him & suddenly
“Now I realize —
all of these works are but substitutes for
cookbooks and pictures of naked women.”

…Hey, nobody ever said it was difficult and complex!


As he had more and more personal experience in the matter,
one man began to reflect on its possible descriptions (reflected he):
“Is transcendental knowledge actually knowledge beyond and outside of
ordinary knowledge —
or is it knowledge more inside and at the core of ordinary knowledge?”


The Mystic’s Ode To Mental Joy

I go to bed weary,
I get up weary;

I b’lieve I’ll start sleepin’ alone.

* * *


In his desire to bring his everyday thinking patterns under some control,
one man decided to give them a name,
and hence personalize them, and perhaps make handling them a bit easier,
and he decided on the name: “Gimmie A Break Will Ya, Hubert?”
…But it did no good.


A man who’d been on The Quest for some time
and who’d gained some understanding of what it was actually all about,
one day said to himself:
“While there’s nothing sad or discouraging you can say of this activity,
there’s also nothing particularly pleasing or encouraging
you can say about it either —
so I guess it’s no surprise there’s hardly anything you can say about it.”

…Well, no,
not unless someone’s just recently discovered a number between 2 and 3
which has no connection to either.

– – –

As he began to gradually awaken, one man thought:
“I am now but a fraction of my former self…
ahh…the sweet aroma of success!”

* * *


One man spent many years learning to focus his attention —
only to discover it was the wrong attention.

One man spent many years learning to focus his attention —
only to discover that it wasn’t his attention.

One man spent many years learning to focus his attention —
only to discover that he misunderstood what it means to focus.

One man spent many years learning to focus his attention —
only to discover that it couldn’t be done!…
leastwise how he’d gone about it.

– – –

One man gradually developed a guiding principle: “Never discover anything.”


To believe that enlightenment is something to be added on to consciousness
helps keep consciousness “just as it is.”

— Super Stability During Stability —

* * *


Gracefulness, Aggression, And The Normal Life Of The Intellect

To think, the mind must always step on someone.

* * *


Being a human entangled in the mystical search is like
studying a puzzle for fifty years,
only to discover that the puzzle doesn’t exist!
…and that fifty years is nothing.


Perhaps it is “the strong who survive,”
but it’s the weak who drone on and on about it.


In Re Mental Nourishment

Anything thought more than once consists of empty calories.


A man wrote The Captious Doctor, inquiring:
“Who is actually at fault, the mind or the thoughts it has?”
And the doctor replied: “So, it’s down to that, is it?”
But the writer, having both a christian and given name, didn’t get it.


Graffiti on a monastery wall:
“The Mystical Quest is merely the highest form of mental entertainment
known to man.”


Another distinction (and not just one of verbal cuteness)
between a mystic’s thinking and everyone else’s is that
the latter believe there are questions to be answered,
while the former knows that there’re not.

…(It don’t come much plainer than that!)


More graffiti on another monastery wall:
“The difference between a ‘mystic’ and ‘followers of a mystic’ is that
one of them ‘makes it up’ while the others ‘eat it up.'”

…And a viewer writes: “Please say that’s a joke!”
— Okay.


Perhaps the greatest thing about The Secret is that
it is the only thing a man can know, about which there is nothing you can