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#1516 – 11/20/95: (?)
Notes by TK

Jan announces a SHIFT in focus and method: more responsive people are needed! The mind is to make other aspects of man do what they otherwise would never have undertaken. Men are born with an original nature, but their destiny is the mind’s striving to become other than that, ergo, personality.

The News

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Since his mind seemed to be his singular, individualistic attribute,
one man decided to try and bring it more under his control,
and to do so, he decided that he would try and remember this aim at all
times, and thus give his mind something specific to focus on.

After some years of struggle in this regard,
with some success,
one day it struck him! —
what was it in his head that would remind him to tell his mind to
think about a certain thing?

It was suddenly obvious to him that there was something more to the thing
that men call their mind-and-thinking than at first seems.

There are at least two minds (or one mind capable of two separate
operations) or the one mind men believe they have and then something else
outside of man that also contributes to the process of thinking.

As he sought to get his new bearings after this realization,
he was both delighted yet somewhat perplexed.


There are two manifestations of man’s nature:
the particular, individual nature with which each man is born;
and the enriched, realized nature that each man may attain.


This Thing — this Hunger, this Quest —
can be seen as a train or a carousel which some men will ride for a while,
and then leave
(some to even reboard later),
but the true traveler — the real mystic who is his own source of
directions — never departs the journey, but
day & night,
through hot & cold,
in times that are fat, and in those that seem lean, on he perseveres,
even when it may appear he is alone on the path.

Only he who is so driven and committed can be called a true seeker of
that Thing.


Everyone wants their life to be seen as being “My Life According To Me”
— the mind’s grasp at individuality.


Our “Notable Quotes Of The Day” (This time concerning the subject of talk):

“Listening to other people talk makes me nuts!”
“Listening to other people talk increases my uncertainties!”
“Listening to other people talk always gets me angry!”
“Since I quit listening to people talk I’ve lost almost thirty pounds.”


In one land, men believed there was a beautiful, mysterious, & powerful egg
to be discovered,
but, when it was, if you then tried to describe it, it would shatter & be


The mind’s main task is to agitate and arouse man’s other aspects into
activities they would have otherwise never undertaken.


One Man’s Deeper Reflection On The Myths Representing
The Great Hunger & Quest

If man is naturally to Eden born
and properly in Paris dwells,
then whence cometh these dreams of Istanbul?
— a place never seen, and on no map?


Man will ask,
“Is any change better than no change at all?” — and,
“Is any instability better than none at all?” —
and all such questions are, in truth, the same (which is):
“Any effort, any at all, willfully took, is superior to none —
and to just talking about it.”


Perhaps there’s someone in attendance who’d care for a more
“personalized” telling of an earlier-read item:
the primary job of men’s so-called “individual personality”
is to agitate and rouse the rest of him that doesn’t seem to
fall within that category.


The seekers of every new generation, before they discover The Secret,
concoct a new name for it.


As regards an item on a previous show which said that
“the reason ordinary people must think as they do is so that
the future can have a chance” — an extension thereof is thus:
if people did think to their fullest potential, tomorrow could never arrive.


Through excesses of the mind do men make themselves ill,
then turn to their mind for a cure.


While we speak of The Quest as a search for something new
that man does not yet possess,
the ordinary think of such matters in terms of a desire for something old ,
something they in fact once had but lost,
the something specifically being their original, true nature.

While this is understandable, and not indefensible,
those-who-know know that you can’t go back,
and that a more expansive, new “original nature” to a man is possible up


Every living mystic has within him the pollen of every mystic who’s gone


And now a little item for all the budding authors in our audience:
everyone has at least one work of fiction in them — their autobiography.


The seekers of every new generation, before they discover The Secret,
conceived of some new way to go about looking for it.


One Brief Telling Of The History & Destiny Of Man:

The forsaking of one’s nature at the urging of one’s mind.

…While this is certainly as lacking in literal validity as
anything else put in words,
it does nonetheless point in a worthwhile direction.


One man mused:
“Is the height of being civilized when you become at least a little paranoid
about everything?”


In addition to the observation that
“just because something makes you laugh doesn’t mean that it’s a joke”
is also the fact that
“just because something is absurd doesn’t mean that it’s not true.”


There are several forms of “being natural”:
the simplistic one is being natural with minimal intellectual dependency;
another is the more sophisticated form wherein men strive to be seen as
“being natural”;
and a third form is one, never noticed by the first two,
which someone has achieved through their own private efforts.


The Mind: The apparatus with which men fool themselves into believing that
they’re in control of themselves.


A man of any real understanding has no criticism for anyone else;
he uses up any such energy on himself.


The seekers of every new generation, before they discover The Secret,
feel as though they’re at a disadvantage compared to previous ones.


While activity such as this can be seen as rebellious and revolutionary,
it is unique in that it presents no threat to others.


Reading Tip: Don’t bother with anything that can’t be read as though
nine out of every ten sentences are metaphorical.


All men are born one thing
with the destiny of striving to become another.


The physical locations that some men believe are infused with supernatural
forces representing infinite enigmas
are nothing compared to the deep mystery residing within man.


From certain ancient, unpublished writings comes this:
Most who undertake the quest stop too soon —
but in doing so save themselves from going further than they should.


In one land it was believed that there was something extraordinary that
men could achieve in their lives;
though it was constantly talked about,
no specific instructions as to how it might be accomplished were ever


The nature of man’s mind is to be uncalm,
while the nature of the rest of him is otherwise.

There is a state possible whereby these two are merged afresh.


It is not proper to forsake your own true nature even in pursuit of the

…This does not deny the fact that you must struggle against what initially
seems to be your nature
so as to discover that it is not.


When a man with the true hunger runs across words directly pertinent
thereto, they can almost bring tears — happy tears —
to his eyes.


Okay — so’s to be as clear as possible, it’s like this:
although you can’t really lose your true nature, you can think you can…
or have.


Which do you reckon is the more important:
that a man-who-knows speak in such a way that others know what he’s talking
about, or that he speak in such a way that he does?


Oh —
all right, for those who enjoy the Contrary, Backdoor Approach, this:
The way to positively lose your own true nature is by
correcting others and attempting to help them regain theirs.


The seekers of every new generation, after they discover The Secret,
realize that all their concerns and speculations were irrelevant.


In a land where the actions of the ruler and the people are in accord, or
where they both refrain from action,
in such a place are no governmental intermediaries required,
no courtiers or ministers needed to describe the state of the nation’s


Looked at in terms of Knowledge,
the enlightened man is he who has struggled to learn all,
and who then proceeds to forget it.

The mind can feed ’til it’s full and bursts — but not man’s nature.

Something To Try

Take the idea
“if you need an excuse to drink, you’ve got no excuse drinking”
and apply it to being involved in this sort of thing.


What is the success of the starving, other than to no longer be hungry?
— and what be the achievement of the seeker of the secret, other than there
being nothing further he requires?


Looking out upon the uncharted seas through which all sagacious sailors plow,
the captain thought:
“If it is not ‘steady-as-she-goes,’ then she don’t go.”

A certain revolutionist once defined Liberation as
“The Mighty Stillness.”


The reason that men have the word “quandary”
is so they can describe where they live.


It could be said that the superior nature possible for the mind
would be one of indifference — supreme, complete indifference
to those things which normally occupy the mind.


A viewer writes:
“Why is your show called ‘New Intelligence’
when you so seldom talk about intelligence?”

Ah, Sir, but that that’s all I do talk about.


Knowing The Secret — as perplexing as it sounds —
is not actually a matter of knowledge.


Once the mind disturbs the sleeping world,
no ordinary man can put it back to rest.

But, Sir, that’s all I do talk about.