Jan Cox Talk 1514

The Mystery of the Mystical Is at Night— Its Reality, in the Daylight


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#1514 – 11/15/95: (?)
Note by TK

There are three approaches to the mystic quest: physical, emotional, mental.
Emotional, e.g., prayer and good works.
Mental—Zen type.

The News

1514 95119 11/15/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


As regards trying to do something extraordinary with that
elusive, unstable, floating activity singular to man
and apparently centered in the head
(known variously as The Enlightenment, The Awakening, The Liberation, etc.),
there turns out to be two main ways people generally attempt to approach it:
they either try to “think about it,”
or else try to “think about it a lot!”

…(And from any ordinary view,
it sounds reasonable enough,
given the perceived circumstances.)

Manufacturer’s Caution

Whenever one-who-knows speaks of things as being divided into twos,
be advised that he is speaking symbolically of a much more complex reality.

* * *


First voice — “Ever since man began to talk,
the main thing he’s talked about has been himself.”
Second voice — “Does that include those more conscious?”
First voice — “No.”
There was a pause, then the second voice added —
“I was about to ask if then
everything we hear of a personal nature about mystics is spurious,
but I guess you already answered that.
…Plus, who should care?”


In Re The History Of Man On This Planet

The true history of man has yet to be written,
and will never be so
by the ordinary.

* * *

A certain artist once wondered:
“Which is the most important, my painting or my frame?”
And the answer is always the same:
“It’s the question of talent.”

* * *


Over in another solar system is a gigantic machine hidden behind their sun
which secretly fuels the mental life of the thinking creatures living

…(It’s possible that I could tell you something similar
regarding life in this one,
but something is stopping me…
well, not exactly “stopping”…more like “severely threatening.”

…[By the way: If you think human simpletons are easily offended,
there’s another “certain entity” — really close by —
whose reactions in that regard
make the mortal variety pale in comparison.]
…[Not naming any names, mind you!])

* * *


One man looked deep down in himself and thought:
“Why does my brain talk to me, but not my liver or lungs?”
And even though they might know the answer,
his liver and lungs didn’t answer…
and his brain said: “Kinda gives ya’ sumpin’ to think about — don’t it?”

Children are often told that: “Nobody likes a smart alack.”
Which only has any potential influence
before they become familiar with their minds.

* * *


It is impossible to study the enlightening process without
studying it through a system,
and it is impossible to study a system without confusing it with the process
— do da, do da.


The high-water mark in most men’s lives is actually four in number:
the first is when the mind fires up and one becomes conscious;
the second is puberty, when hormones kick in a one becomes sexual;
the third is maturity, when both mind and hormones have reached their peak,
and one begins the gradual descent to death;
and the fourth, of course, is death itself.

* * *

A certain anesthetist once mused:
“Compared to the ordinary,
is the natural EEG of one more conscious a flat line?”

* * *


After momentarily forgetting the sing-along words to their game of
hopscotch, two kids, instead used this conversation (said the first):
“What’s the difference between a mystic and a philosopher?”
And the second kid replied:
“A mystic don’t need no books.” So the first kid asked:
“Then what’s the difference between a mystic and a priest or shaman?”
And the second kid answered:
“A mystic don’t need no relics or talismans.” And the first kid asked:
“And what’s the difference between a mystic and a king?”
And the second kid replied:
“A mystic don’t need no subjects.” And the first kid asked:
“So what’s the difference between a mystic and a warrior?”
And the second kid replied: “A mystic don’t need no bullets.”
And the first kid asked:
“Then what’s the difference between a mystic and everybody else
I didn’t ask about?” And the second kid replied:
“Same as I already answered, nothing — there is no real difference,
only that which is illusionary and can be talked about.”


One day one man pondered:
“If I didn’t have a mind, how’d I talk to myself!”
And a dog lying nearby punched himself and said:
“Did you hear that?”


One man finally arrived at this position:
“If everything in life is a metaphor for the drive for greater
consciousness, then what is there possibly left to talk about
under the guise of it being of any specific significance?”
And, after a brief silence, his friend added:
“I was about to note that,
that being the case then,
anything ever said by mystics must never be taken at face value,
but I guess that’s already self-evident from your comment.”


One man concluded that the real challenge to the mind is
to be able to study something without being critical of it,
and this could not be more correct than as regards the study of the mind.

* * *

A certain actor once pondered:
“Why is tragedy so much easier than comedy?”

* * *


Anyone can feel the call of the mystical when they’re sick.


Surveying the literature and realm of the childish mind,
one young lad one day paused to ponder:
“Are all our dreams of superheroes but reflections of the
future potential of everyday man himself?…”
And after a bit more rumination, returned with:
“And is this also the basis of history making past everyday men
larger-than-life, heroic figures?”
He then turned himself to pursuing this whole subject as regards how,
more specifically, his own thinking dreamed of him.


As, when any particular physical exercise begins to hurt,
you alter the way you’re doing it,
so too, when your mental activity is not bothering you,
alter it to do so.


Just released statistics reveal that:
“Well over 90% of all mystics who persevere in their efforts past middle age
do so on their yet held belief that
something most spooky and mysterious still lies ahead.”
And a man, upon hearing this, pondered it for a moment, then said:
“I was tempted to comment that if this be correct
then it would account for certain temporal anomalies
visible in the lives of those who pressed on
with motivation other than the one noted…
but, I guess, to what end?


According to a certain tale,
there are intellectually active beings on one world
whose conscious sense of self is not confined to their head.

…And a nearby star nudged itself in the ribs and said:
“Did you hear that?”


First guy says:
“It sure is disheartening to be ordinary!”
And second guy says:
“Yeah, but not half as much as being ordinary and acceptive of it.”

And a viewer writes:
“Who can I write to at your show
to tell you that I’m not going to watch you any more?”


A Tip Regarding The Clothing Of The Neural:

If indeed you are “coming apart” — it will be “at the seams.”

Note: This is not merely a warning for the routinely “fashion conscious”
or your everyday seamstress, but rather
potentially useful information for those engaged in (shall we say)
other kinds of construction activities, in that it points specifically
where to look when things appear intent on decomposing and

– – –

Everyone has a weak spot:
regarding the body, it’s in the genes;
regarding the mind…well, no one really wants to get into this.

* * *


A viewer writes:
“Okay then,
if fake mystics take illness as a metaphor for life,
what would real ones use?”


Why not put the matter of useless, distracting self-reference in a simple
If you’re not thinking about greater awareness, you’re thinking about you.


As he looked down at the plot before him, a man thought:
“A true friend is loved as much in death as he was when alive.”
He wiped an eye,
then looking upward, further thought:
“I’m glad I can’t say the same for my original mind.”


If everyone alive and conscious is like a hurricane without a stable eye,
then the more conscious are like hurricanes that are made up mostly
of an eye.

And a viewer writes:
“Not only do I dislike metaphors and symbolism in general,
but I specifically despise any which tend to make me feel personally
P.S. I just thought, is it possible to have a meaningful allegory
that doesn’t produce such a first sensation?


You can make your stomach warm by eating spicy foods;
there is also a consumption possible that will heat up the head.


Written on the wall of the handball court at a certain mountain monastery:
“The great thing about being a young mystic rather than an old one is that
a young one doesn’t know any better.”

…(Beneath it, by the way, you could see where
more than one old and young mystic had started to add their own comment,
but seemed to think better of it in mid sentence, and left them all


All You Need To Know About The Literary

There is one book that will tell you everything you need to know — life!
— and it is printed in one particular place — you genes! —
and it is readable by one specific function — increased consciousness.

A man wrote our Complaint Department saying that
while attempting to expand his consciousness,
he made his liver explode….
(And I don’t think I want to ask him exactly what methods he employed.)


Your Muse For A Monday

Is the secret something you actually “discover,”
or something you sort of “merge with”?

* * *


The ruler of one kingdom announced that he wanted to find
the most conscious man in the land —
but he wouldn’t come forward and identify himself.


The speaker so spoke:
“A man with too much to say is like a rifleman with too many bullets.”
And a voice in the crowd countered:
“But how can a rifleman, whose job it is to shoot, have too many bullets?”
To which the speaker retorted;
“It’s all a question of what he’s shooting at.”
And the voice in the crowd said:
“And I suppose that applies to both of the men you mentioned?”
And the speaker said: “I suppose.”


Those who believe that their personal history
is of any personal pertinence,
vis-a-vis the attempt at transformation & regeneration,
will never know.

And a viewer writes:
“Sometimes what you say is far too unclear,
while at other times it is far too clear.
As of yet, I remain uncertain as to which of the two I prefer.
Sincerely….” etc.


Men who, deep down,
realize full well
that they’re never going to be any more conscious than they are right now,
are given as compensation the ability to enjoy worry and mental suffering.

…(I tell you again:
Anyone who thinks life is not fair
has simply never seen a seesaw from afar.
…[See: To be able to do so IS a higher state of consciousness.])


When it comes to talking about the mystical there are two available
approaches: one is to talk about it directly;
and the other is to talk about everyday life,
extracting pertinent examples therefrom.
And since the first is not possible, what are ya’ gonna do?…
…I just did it.


A man wrote The Midway Doctor and asked:
“Dear Doctor, are the operations of the normal human mind more like a
a roller coaster,
or a test-your-strength machine?”
And the Doctor replied:
“You left out the guess-your-age booth.”


Whenever men just about had this one mythical beast figured out,
it’d change into something entirely new;

whenever men just about had this one mystical system well in hand,
it’d turn into something freshly ungraspable.

There’s a real good reason that no one really likes real mysticism
‘cept real mystics…(and even they are loath to let on.)

– – –

Just as those on board began to sing
“sailing, sailing,
over the bounding main,”
the waters became their voice and the silence of reality swallowed itself.

…(Well, like I said: It’s no wonder this kinda stuff is so gosh-darn
…[Now, if we could only get a blind man to see,
a deaf man to hear,
a lame man to walk,
and everyone else “up-a-thinking” —
why, we might really be on to something!])

* * *


A man wrote to the
I’ll Try Not To Be Too Discouraging If
You’ll Enclose A Little Something “Extra” For Me In Your Letter Doctor
and asked:
“Dear Doctor, will knowing the secret keep you from getting sick?”
But the doctor had to ask the man whether he meant physically or otherwise.


The visible history of mysticism is the invisible history of genes made


Another way by which you can be certain that you’re still reasonably
ordinary is if you can listen to what the majority of your fellow men talk
about as being important, without either giggling or grimacing.

– – –

In all your major cities it is prohibited for the collective to be foolish.

There is good reason the more conscious are always in the minority,
and it has nothing to do with their number.

* * *


Life told one guy:
if the sun gets too bright,
all you’ve gotta do is whine.”


A man wrote The Now You See Him, Now You Don’t Doctor and asked:
“Dear Doctor, if someone becomes conscious enough, do they disappear?”
And the doctor had to ask if the writer meant physically or otherwise.

– – –

Query: Why would someone go to all the effort to travel from
Paris to Istanbul and then get off the train with the
same crumbs in their lap that were there when they started the trip?

* * *


Life told another guy:
when it all gets to be too much,
all you gotta do is blink.”


As per a certain legend:
There was once one mystical school
that, should you get inside the front door,
you’d be immediately faced with a large sign that announced
“we do not talk about the mystical in here,”
which allegedly was a would-be student’s first test,
and, if he passed, his final one as well.


People from other worlds have different blood,
as do those from other time zones.
So how come you still got that old kind?

* * *

A man with no plans or preparations at all
at least
has a dog’s chance!

* * *


The power of myths,
men say they feel,
is only sustainable as long as
you can’t see behind them.

– – –

As the real Lao arose in the morning, he said to his shadow version:
“Make up the bed when you get up.”

* * *

The mystery of the mystical is at night —
its reality, in the daylight.

* * *