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#1511 – 11/08/1995
Note by TK

Self-reference reinforces the sensation of duality; so does entertaining any bad news.

The News

1511 95116 11/08/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


There was once a land where everyone was born yesterday,
but believed it happened today.
This gave rise to certain unanswerable questions.

– – –

And now for some Transcendental Vaudeville News:

It’s not only “mind readers” who know what you’re thinking.

There was once a man who refused to carry a timepiece of any kind.
…He said that when he did,
he always felt like they were “watching him.”


No matter what specific, local names men may give to their
feelings of estrangement,
their overall sensation is one of being somehow in conflict with the

Reflect one this, oh-ye-of-additional-stuff-crammed-in-yo’-skull! —
feeling as though you’re in conflict with your own natural surroundings —
what a trip —
what a gas —
what a trick, what a gag.
…(And the funny thing is…that it works.)

* * *


There was once a ruler who wanted to hide a secret treasure
for the people to discover,
but since his kingdom was split in half
he had to hide it in two places.


One man walked stooped-over for a while to try and improve his posture.

Here is an example of an idea that can be taken in two distinct fashions:
one, as an apparent criticism, if applied to ordinary men and their actions;
but two as a potentially useful tool if used by the exceptional.

…(This is in part why it’s so gosh-darn difficult in the beginning for
would-be mystics to find a dependable mystical-supplies store.

…[But — this is also why it’s ultimately so gosh-darn pleasurable
when the would-be-er discovers that there’s no place to look but to himself.

Well…just — gosh-darn it!])

* * *


For many years, one man believed he was beset by invisible imps and demons,
then he progressed to a point, instead, of seeing them as the food on his
table; his brother then told him he was crazy and should see a psychiatrist
who could properly place his problems where they truly belonged — in his
And all of this troubled the man greatly,
and he pined for the days when he was simply beset by imps and demons.

One reason that many dissatisfied people never stray far from home is that
they’re afraid they’ll be even more upset, someplace else.

…(Don’t you see how easy it is for life to keep men corralled
without the need for a physical corral?)

While laying in the floor, looking through some printed material,
a young boy stopped, look up to his father and announced:
“When I grow up, I want to be just like life!”

* * *


In at least one area do the simple elude the confines inherent in
their own description — conspiracies!
The simple always dream of being victim of conspiracies that are
of the most complex nature possible,
whilst if indeed there are such (similar to those they imagine),
they would in fact be quite simplistic,
as befitting the requirements of the circumstances.

…In fact,
beyond all that
would be an overall principle (to wit):
The great conspiracy is a simple conspiracy.
…Nothing more is needed.

* * *


Every time this one guy would hear repeated the old adage
“never send a boy to do a man’s job,”
his mind’d bristle up and say:
“You shouldn’t let ’em talk about me that way!”


On one planet with thinking creatures,
their history went like this:
For the first million years they all believed they were sick in some way,
and for the next million (up to the present that is) they stayed that way.

…(Yeah, I know what you’re thinking:
“God, aren’t we lucky not to live in such a place!” [Yeah.])


And now, due to popular demand (for the sake of clarification),
Today’s Mental Health Tip:

Wanting to “get better” is all the proof needed that you are ill.

– – –

On the main road to the prize, little counseling is available.

* * *


In every reality,
each time life drives another Adam from The Garden,
it gives him a secret map regarding where he is to go
…I say a “secret” map, though in truth it was not so originally,
but always turns out to seem that way to every Adam’s succeeding

Look not, intrepid traveler,
with two eyes to man’s recorded past,
and ponder for whom the future tolls,
for you are the genetic infinity of all realities, both now and for always
…and to the keen-of-eye is the secret map imprinted thereon.

* * *


One father had two sets of children at home,
and one group of them played upstairs all the time,
making a lot of noise and always moving things around,
while the other bunch stayed down in the basement and were all the time
startin’ fires and knockin’ things over.


Ofttimes this one man would go to bed with one person, and wake up with
another…but not often enough, he said.


There was once a mystical order of knights
who waged their search for The Holy Grail
based on physical maps and literal directions.

According to legend,
they finally got so good at it —
and began to get so close to it —
that they abandoned all maps and directions.


One day, at home alone,
a man shivered and said to himself:
“Is it cold in here — or is it just me?”
And his mind mused:
“No matter what the first part of such questions are,
the answer’s always the same — yes, it is just you — always just you.”
(But it tried not to muse this loud enough for the man to hear.)


A viewer writes:
“On your last program, you read a news item that said that
every time life just about had this one man cornered,
he’d commit suicide again —
well, I like the basic concept I perceive therein,
but not the man’s execution thereof, so I’d like to ask —
do you think, in my particular case,
whenever I find myself in such a relative position to life,
that instead of suicide I could maybe just
dye my hair…or…change my name…or something like that?”

There is a certain, quite commendable attribute of life which
usually goes unnoticed, and that is that life will
generally let you pay whatever amount you want to for
whatever it is you think you’re a’wantin’.

…(Do you realize that if things were any fairer than they are now,
you’d probably be even more pissed than you already are?
[A frightening possibility to ponder.])

* * *


Combined Hunter’s & Prey’s Tip

A trapped animal — if it doesn’t move — can’t be seen.

“Tally ho, young neurons — tally ho, I say.”)

* * *


The simple find fault with the body,
the more sophisticated find fault with the mind,
while the alert simply find fault with being either of the two.

…Why do you think their efforts are known as transcendental? —
and in fact the word being the superior synonym for “the future”?


One guy had a little song he’d sometimes sing:

duality comes,
duality goes
…but mostly it just hangs around all the time.”

…(He says he guesses it’s a blues,
as opposed to, say, an up-beat, inspirational-type song.)


One guy finally tried to make a deal with himself,
he said to himself:
“Look —
if I’m still here,
in the same place,
ten years from now,
you don’t have to speak to me
ever again.”
And his self saw no reason not to go along with this,
but also saw no purpose in it,
which is exactly what the man was hoping for.

While laying in the floor, pouring over some news reports,
a young lad paused, looked up to his father and asked:
“Well, if it turns out that when I grow up I can’t be as smart as life is,
you think it’s possible I might become as
smart as I am?”
And the old man replied: “Anything’s possible, I suppose.”

* * *


One rider on the mythical quest
(taking the idea of being a warrior to heart),
listed himself on his calling cards as: “The Ballistic Mallistic.”

…He says that besides the words having a nice ring to them,
he also finds them appropriate to any description he might actually make of
himself (that is): at first it might sound like it means something and makes
sense, but then after you think about it for a moment,
you’re not sure it means anything at all.


The ordinary say:
“I eat, I sleep, I breathe and daydream;
I help keep the race going, and do my recycling share in the food chain
— what more do you ask?”
And indeed, no more is demanded of routine man,
and to believe otherwise is to invite unnecessary agitation
…if you’re ordinary.


The final speaker at the recent Outlaw Medical Convention had this to say:
“The true cause of all weight problems and digestive disorders is
And after a momentary silence,
someone in the audience reacted:
“But isn’t that true of all uniquely human ills?”
And everyone there
was glad in fact
that they’d chosen to attend the
unsanctioned conclave.

…”Hey!” said one practitioner, “how else you gonna learn?”


Attempting to discover The Secret in everyday life
is like trying to find a needle in a needle stack.

…And a fellow says: “It’s about time we got some encouraging news.”


There was once a certain knightly order who,
when they were laying siege to a fortress & would run out of munitions,
would resort to hurling, at the structure under assault,
the bodies of any among them who seemed temporarily serious.

“What ho! young warriors — talk about your strong motivational factors!”

* * *


One student of such affairs,
after many years of study and reflection,
finally came to a day when he sat and considered the matter thusly:
“If it’s true that the prize, The Holy Grail, that real men seek
is not a physical object,
then it could also be that it is,
and that it is the seekers who are not physically real.”

Perceiving maps as distinct from locations
is as foolish as mistaking words for reality.

Discouragement — road work being done on the mental highway sufficient to
keep the simple on the road.

* * *


Mass Mythology Update

Ever since man’s imagined first flood,
he’s stood around awaiting the next one.

* * *

A gentleman wrote the Slash & Burn Doctor:
“Dear Doctor, are things going downhill as fast as they seem,
or, in fact, even faster?”
And the doctor replied:
“Dear Sir, there are actually two questions at work here.
One regards the matter of speed, and the other regards what you believe you’re
gauging. And what is involved is the fact that
the tempo of your mind equals the speeds you perceive,
and the things you perceive to be clocking are reflections of your mind.”
And the writer held his poor head while regretting that he’d asked.

As he lay on the floor, carefully studying certain self-proclaimed
“important metaphysical documents,” a young boy raised up his head & to his
father said:
“If it be — as I continue to read — that ‘the truth hurts,’
then why do I feel no pain as these pages I peruse?”

* * *


As he approached the new city, he passed a series of roadside signs,
placed some distance apart, which sequentially read:
“Thinking Equals Fear,”
“Thinking Equals Anger,”
“Thinking Equals Guilt,”
“Thinking Equals Discomfort,”
“Thinking Equals Uncertainty,” and then one that proclaimed
“Thinking Equals All Human Suffering.”
And he began to wonder just what he was walking into.


One guy scoffed at local conditions:
“Awh! I can hold out as long as you can!”
To which they replied:
but you better not let our cousin Stupidity hear you say that.”


Tonight’s Ponder Pod:

Would even promising mystics ever get actually involved in the mystical if
it didn’t start off seeming much more mystical than it actually it?

…It is of course your privilege to not want to think about or answer this
…which will of course reveal your response.

– – –

Only irretrievable weirdos are irretrievably attracted to weirdness —
the direct sighting of everyday life is stranger than anything
ordinarily imagined.

* * *


Man’s intellectual conflicts are not made to settle, but rather to produce
additional conflicts.


One father’s advice to the kid: “Save yourself some energy,
if you’re going to work in the dark anyway, go ahead and close your eyes.”

* * *

Some good news, I guess (if you live in the city):

A man with a bag full of cliches has as good a chance as anyone
of being taken for an intellectual.

* * *


All self-reference serves to reenforce one’s sense of duality.


One guy’s motto was “Oh, no you don’t!”
which was in response to life’s of “Oh, yes I do!”

– – –

Only the ordinary think of perception as being separate from ordinary reality.

* * *


One tale tells that when man became the creature that he is today,
local conditions dictated that he either be right- or left-handed,
which in one case would cause him to be mute but relatively happy,
and in the other, deaf and continually perturbed.

* * *

One man somehow ended up with the job of writing material for life,
and got so good at it that life allowed him to disappear.

* * *

The name of the other hot new band is:
Never Get A Mystic Drunk…Or Confused.

* * *


Every king — worthy of his title — rules over two realms.


The mind talks a good game, but instinct was born playing it.


‘Tis said there was once a knightly order who believed that
if you truly undertook to kill yourself,
at your very last second of life, you’d suddenly know The Secret.


The hungers of man’s lower nervous system can be satisfyingly fed,
but not those of his upper.

From thus comes progress.


They wanted to do a fictionalized version of one man’s life —
but he said it was too late — he’d already done it.


The mind does not operate in a world of resolvable issues.


Sci-Fi & Oh-My Update

Men waste their energy trying to construct a physical time machine;
the reality of such already exists in their own genes.

Religion: All You Need To Know

The blind worship — the sighted see.

– – –

Those still laboring with standard-issue minds
tend to either look too far away, or else up too close.

– – –

One man had so much fun with it that he declared:
“Even if the is no ‘life-after-death’ — I’m still comin’ back!”

Off-Line Note:
All forms of what men call “ignorance”
exist in their own particular “time zones.”


Twin brothers once decided to embark on a certain adventure:
they decided that each one would watch and study the other one,
and more specifically
the first one would watch and study the second one’s physical activities,
while the second one would observe and study the first one’s mental doings,
but just about the time they thought they about had it all up and running
good, their father called for them both to come on back in —
back inside of him.


For the sake of stability and orderly progression,
life periodically causes someone with charisma and a loud voice to appear
and whiningly reaffirm that ordinary consciousness is all there is.

– – –

And now for our “Interdenominational Fool’s Test”
(which consists of but one question):
Do you believe anything that anybody says?

* * *


Definition Relative To The Great Mental Whatever-You-Wanna-Call-It:

Sleep — a weak man’s temporary way out.

* * *


Most men are adequately entertained by the life of their body;
a few want more, and muck about pleasantly and harmlessly with their minds.
Then there’s yet another, even smaller, group
whose threshold of satisfaction is of such nonstandard height
as to require the implementation of additional, nonstandard approaches.

– – –

“Having Fun”: A Residential-Based Poem

You can frolic upstairs,
or cavort in the basement,
or — if you get real good —
go outside and play.

* * *


All kiddie warriors believe that the enemy is harbored within.


Whenever he’d hear the idea of there being some “secret,”
the knowledge of which would answer all questions,
this one man would think to himself:
“How can this be? —
Is there one food that a man can eat which will forever satisfy all hunger?”

On its face, it seemed so impossible — and irrational —
and yet,
he couldn’t shake the notion completely from his mind.


After many fruitful years on the trail of The Grail,
as he began to feel himself drawing close thereto,
a knight said to himself:
“Boy, that’s all I need — just when things are going well —
to actually find the damn thing!”


To try and get even —
one guy began thinking of mystics as being simply
…(Hah! — shows how much he knows.