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#1510 – 11/06/95: (?)
Note by TK

Two kinds of suffering: physical and mental. Duality = conflict

The News

1510 95115 11/06/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


There was once a land in which
all of the creatures were born with a nonphysical limp;
now in such a place (you should realize)
one can never learn to walk properly, relying on the game leg.

…And yet…
…and yet: Men here attempt the same
as regards understanding and their natural mind.

* * *


From our Piggyback Stack O’ Facts:

Fact — only the simple believe that they’re persecuted.
Fact-Fact — only the simple are persecuted.

– – –

It’s easier to hit an elephant with a single red bull’s-eye painted on him
than it is one covered with electronic schematics or mathematical formulas.

This is why many seek for the ultimate refuge in the acquisition of
knowledge, yet why those so unperceptive to do so fail to therein find such.

And a lad asked his dad:
“Does that mean that we should just give up?” And received the reply:
“To answer you properly, I would have to know what it is
you have in mind to ‘give up.'”

And after the flash of the initial shock had waned
(from the old man’s response, which was so often the case in their
conversations), the kid glowed to himself as he thought:
“Ah, my dear papa! — never gives so much as an inch!”

* * *


One day whilst in the momentary grip of some piquish feeling of guilt,
one man stormed out at life:
“Hey, don’t point your finger at me!”
And this caught life so off guard that it then accidentally stuck him in the

There was once a race of now-extinct men whose motto was
“Leave Well Enough Alone,”
but who never got a clear grasp of just what constituted “well enough.”
…(Oh well.)

* * *


A man once asked:
“Why does man think there’s such a big deal about thinking anyway?
No one ever talks about what a big deal breathing is,
or digestion, or elimination.
So why all the talk just about thinking?
Hummmm…you know,
if I was just a little smarter I’ll bet that
I’d find something fishy here!”


As part of our continuing coverage of alternative sciences in other
realities there is a recent story from one which says that they have now
made a final determination as to the single, root cause of all
“psychological problems.”
— The mind! —
That’s right, nothing other than the mere existence of the mind.

…(It’s items like this that make these reports from other worlds so
interesting [don’t you think] —
stories about things that could never happen here.)

* * *

In their efforts to escape the hounds,
some foxes came up with the idea of disguising themselves as hounds,
while the extreme few amongst them conceived of dressing up like fox

* * *

Simple people are simply fooled — the more sophisticated, even more so.

* * *


Two guys talking, and first guy says:
“Ordinary people wouldn’t recognize something original if it bit ’em on the
And the second guy said:
“Yeah, I know what you’re pointing at,
but you could also say that in a way they do recognize it,
and that’s why they feel they’ve been bit.”

‘Tis a poor mother’s ear
whose son will not — when necessary — rip the hearing aid therefrom.
…”Come along, Hubie, don’t you be listening to things like that…that.”


Each man is born with two clocks to tell him when “time is running out” —
the first one, he doesn’t hear when it goes off,
and the second one he does, but by then it’s too late.

“Don’t you just love-e-e it?”
“Yes — that too.”


To try and get even for not being more conscious than he was,
one man decided to start believing that it was not possible.

(Of course if he’d a’really wanted to twist-the-blade, what he should’ave
done was to go ahead and experience greater awareness a couple of times,
and then mostly never do it anymore,
and then, all the time, think about how he’s not doin’ it any more.

– – –

Now for our Cartoon Feature of the night —
A slick mystic’s pitch should be:
“Okay, if I’ll teach how to not suffer, for say a hundred bucks,
how much is it worth to you to teach you how to suffer even more than you
do now?”

* * *


Oh there’re:
drugs that’ll make you smarter,
drugs that’ll make you dumb,
drugs that’ll make you sleep,
and drugs that’ll make you run.

There are:
drugs that’ll give you visions,
and drugs that’ll make you blind,
but there
ain’t no drugs
in the whole wide world
that’ll strip the shit from the mind.

No — that’s no job for mere pharmaceuticals —
that’s a job for…well…something else, for sure.

By the way: You newer viewers might be pleased to know that for a most
reasonable, small fee we can send you the correct answers, responses,
conclusions, and proper punch lines to all the
“leave us dangling up in the air” type of items (such as this one)
that are often read on the show.


Cows and sheep are in a collective dance, and know it not —
and in one sense dance all the better for it,
whilst men are in one similar to the beasts, and in another also,
but in not knowing of the second one, men are not “the better for it.”

If the deaf could hear and the dumb could speak,
then who’d do the parts of the deaf and dumb? Huh-h-h?


And now a brand-new feature entitled: The Trouble With Questions.

The trouble with questions is that if you answer one, you may answer more.

Be sure and tune in next time when we’ll be introducing another new segment,
this one entitled: Keep It To Yourself.


If we set aside for a moment all physical ills and difficulties,
then just where is the basis and origin of human “suffering”?

…(Don’t like to think about it like that, do you? — and why’s that?)


The teacher one day told the class the following story:

“A king once sent word to a reputed mystic who lived up in the mountains
high above the castle, that he would give the wise one anything in the world
he wanted if he would tell him ‘the secret of life.’
The conclusion to this story is contained in the pop-up book you’ll all find
on the shelf under your seats.”


One day, one man finally tracked life down to a dusty crossroads,
and as they sat there, the man clutched his hands to his breast and said to
life: “I am so full of questions.”
And life thought:
“I’m not so sure that’s what I’d call it.”

Yes, a new, more intense mystical version of the well-known legend of
“The Great Croker Sack & All The Many Bounties That Would Not Therein Fit.”
…(Course that’s the cleaned up title.)


A small creature once went into a large animal trap
to get the food put there as bait at the opposite end of the open door,
and, due to its light weight, was able to pass over the mechanism used to
trip the closing of the door without doing so,
but, after eating the food, it looked around and
suddenly realized its precarious position.
The creature, now on the far side of the device across which
the weight of its original passing should have tripped and closed the door,
became frozen with fear and could not even attempt to exit the trap,
being held captive now simply by the awareness of what could happen
should it try to leave.

Does anyone find this story sounding a ring similar to the situation
normally found regarding the captious conditions between what a man has
become accustomed to thinking and the difficulty of exploring areas new?

* * *


A Civilized Man’s Form Of Something New To Worry About

They want to dig up the parking lot next door and plant a forest.

– – –

Whoever first said “if it’s not one thing it’s another”
sure had the mind in mind.

* * *


The only way to stay alive after the normally ordained age of death
(maturity) is to continually be striving to give birth to yourself.

– – –

Life gives everyone life and
twenty years of free education,
after that, it’s up to you:
either living death (that is routine comatose consciousness),
or it’s-up-to-you time.

While rummaging through the ancestral archives,
a boy stopped at one spot and asked his father:
“Why was our family motto once ‘Give Up’?” To which his elder replied:
“Because that is what we once did…
…way back when we were a normal brood.”
And once again the lad was warmed by the knowledge of
just how far his particular lineage had strayed from the well-worn genetic

* * *


To play the mystical game requires two — yes, a minimum of two — people:
First you must have someone who says that they are a mystic,
and then at least one more relatively warm body who’ll say they believe that
the first guy is a mystic.

“Jeeze!” mused one fellow, “but were not all the rest of
human affairs that simple.”
— Ah, my good man, but day R.

“Hi, wanna dance?”
“Thought you’d never ask.”
“I know, but until I did, there was no dance.”
— Ahhh, my good man — how simpler can it be?

* * *


Why not take a lesson as regards your attitude toward your own natural
thinking from the world of commerce wherein
if a manufacturer has a product of no exceptional quality
he’d often label it “Special Edition.”


The speaker to-podium took, and so addressed the waiting audience:
“The simple give too much emphasis to the body and not enough to the mind,
while the more sophisticated get it the other way around,
and if you think there’s a third possibility to all of this, you’re right —
but I’m not going to tell you what it is.”
And someone in the crowd
was so offended by this turn of events
that they hurled up onto the stage
the apparently unconscious body of a local marriage counselor
(although it was impossible to be absolutely certain).


A man once sought out a mystic and asked him:
“Is it what men don’t know that disturbs and destroys them?”
And the wise one replied:
“Not so much that as it is what little they do know.”
And the man went: “Oh.” …And left.


There was once this species of creatures
who could only be captured by you talking to them about yourself,
and them listening thereto.

The was once a chap so disoriented that he mistook his mind for
some sort of creature.


Only the simple believe that life is a myth, a metaphor, an allegory;
those who “know life”
know that life is life.

And you could say “well, what else is there to know,”
but yet…it can take a lifetime for even the most attentive to fathom this.


In the nonphysical realm: Being well
has nothing to do with
wanting to be well.

…(Anymore than does a real mystic to
those who say that they’re a mystic.)

* * *


A man noted:
“I do not enjoy killing insects who set upon me,
and neither is their biting of me motivated on their part by
any search for ‘enjoyment’ —
they simply do as they must, under the circumstances,
and I, no less.”


Anywhere there is duality, there is conflict. Anywhere!

– – –

In one fashion or another, ordinary minds see this situation as being
somehow unnatural, while the more conscious know better.


The head of one mystical school announced that his motto was:
“Sleep sucks.” And someone said:
“You’re speaking metaphorically, right?”
And he replied:
“Sleep sucks.”


In the beginning,
those who want to be more conscious
have little interest in life but that,
but if they persevere,
their horizons can expand in ways never previously imagined.


There are three possible stages of a man’s development:
It begins with the natural,
then to the learned,
then potentially to the mystical which totally transcends the first two.

* * *

And a brief revisit to an earlier noted health question:
Trying to solve the “problems” you think you have in life
is not any part of the mystical quest.

* * *


Lifeless systems can produce only lifeless results.


One way you can distinguish between those of ordinary intellect
and those of a more conscious bent
is that the former want conclusive answers to their questions that are not
too-o-o-o conclusive.

…(See, that’s why mystics have so little real interest in
sleep and death and stuff like that.)


Now for the
curious case of one man who for many years was concerned over
how poor was his memory of the tragedies in his life,
only to eventually begin being glad that it was not any better than it was.



According to one legend
(of even more dubious validity than the ones I usually make up — I mean
relate), there was once a mystical school which,
after it had taught its students fully
how to see life objectively and without the effects of any personal
feelings, would then instruct them to (and I quote):
“Go on out in life now & tell ’em what you really think about ’em!”

…(The last time I told this one I was swamped with inquiries regarding
where one could find such a school like that.)


The simple worry a lot —
and they’ve got a lot to worry about.


It’s rumored that the head of a certain mystical school is quite upset
over stories being spread around about him by some of the students
that claim he does go to sleep at night.


Every time life just about had this one man cornered,
he’d commit suicide again.