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A Man With Just Two Ears Will Never Hear Anything


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#1509 – 11/03/95: (?)
Notes by TK

The dual nature of man is unique and natural to him, not a conquerable affliction.

The News

1509 95114 11/03/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


There was once a kingdom in which some of the people wanted to
learn the sport of Quickball,
and one day a stranger arrived who knew the game
and who offered to teach the interested,
but after he clearly explained the simple rules and moves,
he discovered that they were immediately adding thereto
and turning it into a hardly recognizable,
impossibly complicated mess.

But don’t cry for them, Venezuela —
unless they crucified Caracas before
a replacement kicker was signed.


In his early twenties, one man began building a doll house,
and by the time he was thirty, it had expanded greatly in scope,
and in his forties, the project had become a major part of his life,
but by fifty (thank god) he began to submit to the
natural aging process, and had less and less interest in completing the
If he can just hold on for a few more years, he’ll be dead, by god,
and won’t have to concern himself with it any more.

Ahhh: The end at the tight of the lunnel.

* * *


There was once a king who had three sons,
and the first one said, “My body is my best friend,”
and the second declared, “My mind is my primary ally,”
and the third son gave no attention to such matters.

And His Grace (being an ex-big-time-roller)
was fairly pleased to get thirty cents back on the dollar.


One way you can distinguish the awareness of one more aware
from those of mere normal awareness
is by the fact that people of the normal variety — regardless of what they
say — have no taste for things original.

…Oh, some of them display otherwise in the nonneural,
simpler, hormonal areas,
such generally going under the heading of “perversions.”

Yet another way (whilst we’re in this neighborhood)
that you can identify residents of expanded consciousness in the building
from the everyday tenants
is that the latter receive their most pleasurable shocks from
titillating stories
about things occurring in the
lower stories.

The glaring prerequisite for “more enlightened humor”
would obviously be that it doesn’t make you…well…
laugh in any way
in particular.

* * *


According to one legend:
At one time men were on the verge of overthrowing the gods
who retaliated on the “divide and conquer” basis
— not regarding the race of man, but each individual.


There was once a mystical castle in a faraway mythical land
which would periodically open its doors for all, who cared to, to visit.
— It never accomplished much,
but they did it anyway.

* * *

“Close the windows,” said one man, “it’s cold in here.”
And the ear, nose, & throat specialist replied something to the effect of
how patients should do some things for themselves.

* * *

The publicly perceived notion of the warrioristic ritual of physical
hara-kiri is a crude derivative of a mystic’s form of self-health-care.

* * *


Being entertaining above the physical, instinctive level
is a tricky task indeed,
but what’s even more ticklish is people realizing when they’ve
been so entertained.

(And to himself, one man said: “Is it any wonder?”)

Thus concludes another episode in the exciting series: “That.”

* * *


After pokin’ around,
and getting pretty clever,
this one guy tried to send life a telegram — collect. Hah!

…But life, being no street corner chump, before it would pay,
demanded to know who it was from. Hah!


One man sometimes ran on porkchop time,
and sometimes on salad time,
and others, on caffeine and alcohol time.

The clocks of half the world’s population are set by the dinner table.

One man sometimes ran on happy time,
and sometimes on angry time,
and others, on vague, low-level hum time.

The clocks of the other half of the world’s population are similarly set.

In one mythical kingdom were told tales of extraordinarily equipped knights
who rode not guided by the light of the sun,
nor by shadows of the moon,
and who only consumed those stuffs known to be of undivided nourishment.


Many who’ve glimpsed the outskirts of Istanbul,
and found traces of The Grail,
have tried to compare the extended state of intelligence
to man’s routine one, all to no satisfactory avail
…which is actually no real loss since
even if it could be done,
no one of routine intelligence could hear or understand it.

Now, A Fable:
The creatures of one little planet
(once in the grips of intoxication or something)
cried out en mass to the heavens:
“We’re tired of being soothed and placated.”
(Of course they quickly recovered and got over that.)

* * *


Sometimes as the villagers would leave the fields at the end of the day,
some would look up at the mystical, mythical castle on the hill,
and think that they wished they were there.
But soon they’d be home with
food, sex, and rest awaiting,
and they’d forget all about it ’til the next time they thought about it.

Those living in penthouses,
uncomfortable with their position,
are given to glancing with envy at the people down below.

– – –

The real reason that the ordinary are not permitted to develop a time machine
is that the simple would then actually try to use it.

– – –

The responsibility of those with greater sight is quite simple:
To see further ahead.
…(And of course not to run off at the mouth about it.)

* * *


The mystical quest starts off seeming quite extraordinary,
and off the usual paths,
but it remains such only to those who never travel far.

A man wrote to the great mythical king:
“Sire, is the secret unknown because of its extreme complexity —
or for some other reason?”


A viewer writes:
“Okay then, if man has a dual nature of instinct and the intellect,
and instinct can’t really run things all by itself,
and the intellect can’t completely overcome the power of instinct,
then who the hell is gonna control who?”


Once the ruler of one kingdom went into the credit card business,
he began issuing Public Service Announcements encouraging the populace
to keep all their billing payments current — for the sake of
their own credit standing.

Those who see any action taking place within a closed system
as being condemnably “self-serving”
lack any comprehension of how an apparently finite food chain nourishes

In one land, the people were tested by being asked
where their last thought came from,
and where their next one is headed.

…(Those who passed that test were then asked
where their last thought was headed,
and where their next one is coming from.)


If you call pigs to dinner and don’t serve slop, they’ll complain,
and if you invite men to a mental feast,
and don’t dish up what they were expecting,
they’ll often get downright indignant and storm off to join the pigs.

Query: Why don’t mystical restaurants provide doggie bags for their
customers? — ‘Cause there is nothing ever “left over” to take with them.

The private slogan of one knightly order was:
“When you care enough to ride alone.”

* * *


At the ordinary level, the simple do not pay as much attention to the mind
as do the more sophisticated,
who in turn pay too much attention.

And upon becoming privy to this fact,
a young boy said to his father:
“Papa, if this be so,
do you realize its significance to the thinking of the mystically inclined?”
And his pater replied: “Well…no.”

From the mouths of the elderly (sometimes by accident) slips the truth.
…(For all the good it does ’em.)

* * *

There is a lesser-known version of the local creation story which says that
when the first man first made the gods mad (and a little crazy),
as punishment they made him put on a Captain Sarcasm costume
which they intended to impose as a temporary penalty,
but got distracted with other matters and forgot to remove.

(Tough luck!)

* * *


The first time on Earth was heard the question
“is there some ‘method’ to this madness”
was when…well, I’ll bet you guess when.


Midway through construction,
one man stopped long enough to take a comprehensive survey of
how things had gone thus far,
and after some mulling over what he observed,
he announced that neither the weather nor the food served the workers
played any part in how things presently stood.

Caution Out There:

A man with no explanations to offer
can run the risk of being mistaken for a mystic.


Another Field Report From The Battle Zone

If you do not
plainly attack,
the simple have no idea what you’re doing.

* * *


In one city, the most common problem in residential buildings was
people upstairs playing their radios too much.


Some More Of Its Anatomy

A man with two ears will never hear anything…worth hearing.

* * *


A certain knight returned to his original homeland from the great quest
and discovered the local water polluted;
may I note to you that the water was just as it had always been —
it was he who just now noticed its condition.


One legend has it that all mystical tales pass through two sets of hands,
first, those of the tales’s actual author,
then through a second set whose job it is to
mangle and rearrange the story’s original intention,
and only then is it fit to be released publicly.

Now do you begin to understand why a knight’s library generally consists of
little more than a cracked mirror?


A man ran into the village shouting:
“Beware! beware! —
there are alien creatures here among you.”
But them all being from around there (and all), how could they tell?

Before anyone cries out that this “doesn’t make any sense,”
be forewarned that doing so is a bald admission that you are
terminally from “around here.”

…Come to think on it:
What might be the supreme insult to a mystic?
…Asking him: “Are you from around here?”


Every time this one man would walk past his mind’s construction site
it’d whistle at him and make suggestive remarks.
…How come (huh?) you can’t learn to reverse the situation, huh?


Heads Up! — Sad But So

Even if it was possible, a secret revealed is a secret ruined.
…(Okay, at least reduced….
…and I leave it to you to define “sad.”)

* * *


The trickster conductor on one scheduled mystical express
told the passengers that the easiest way to take the journey
was to passively — almost blankly —
stare out the window at the scenery rushing by
until it becomes an endless blur.

No traveler with any real mystical potential
has to ever be thrown from the train —
he’ll do it himself.


Only those operating at the natural level of consciousness
take consciousness for granted.


There was once a race of creatures who started out purple,
but eventually also acquired green,
which for some reason seemed to disturb them,
so they began referring to it as “orange”
and appeared to feel better about it.

The Local “Law Of The Land”:
A thing misnamed is a thing disarmed.

…(It is not understandable why so many of the mystically inclined
volunteer for overseas duty, and pray that they don’t
get to feeling any better about it?)


As punishment-in-advance
for transgressions they would probably commit in the future,
life condemned this one race of creatures to either having to
listen to an endless stream of myths and fables,
or else to a continuing string of mathematical formulas. Ow!


One man told his son: “My nerves are on edge.”
And the lad replied: “From years of neglect, quite probably.”

Health News: Ruin is not curable —
best undertake treatment now…while you’re possibly still alive.

Within one knightly order,
no funeral service or ritual was ever observed —
and for one simple reason.

* * *

The mystical dreams of butchers
always drip with blood.

* * *


So pondered one chap:
“If the universe is a balanced and equitable place,
then the gods must also have myths about man.
…But, Great Zeus! — what could they be?”


For his lesson one day,
the head of a mythical school so spoke to the students:
“If you search for the secret by looking up here at me,
or by looking at the world out there — you err.”
He then took questions, and was asked:
“What about looking into our own thinking?”
He asked if there were any more questions.


The real basis and history of mysticism
(the effort to evolve one’s own mental activity)
is quite simple —
so simple in fact that most tend to never give it any notice.
Thus is has come to be the entangled mess you see today.


…By the by, just a reminder that many of the stories reported here
which begin with “There was once a place…(etc.)”
refer not actually to some past time, but to some future one.


Above the instinctive, physical level,
the desire to “get well” is proof that you’re sick.


Once upon a time there was a man who was from another world,
but since he was also from this one,
very few people ever noticed.

Notice: Everyone is potentially also from another world.


While it can take man’s normal intellect many years (even thousands)
to construct a given structure,
it can be disassembled by a more alert one in mere seconds.

…(This is not to say that such a feat is of any value to ordinary minds.)

There’s one thing you can definitely say about a mystic.


Life In The Big City

When it thunders, cows still believe in god.

* * *


No matter what it is that individual passengers may believe that they see
out the train window,
they can still be easily kept in the dark as to exactly “where they are”
by simply always being told that they are anywhere but where
they actually are.

* * *

The simple are forever offended by being fairly described,
while a man holding a secret ticket doesn’t care one way or the other.

* * *

On a roadbed of greater dimensions,
what is said about you by others is of no significance compared to
your own act of self-reference — of any sort!

On the day that the king was to give him his personal charge,
and him begin the mystical quest,
one knight, as a sacred, memorial gesture, offered up to the sword of his
liege — his tongue.

* * *


The less one’s life’s
satisfyingly lead,
the more one’s want
to engage in self-reference.

* * *

T.I.B.T: Thus It Be That
all biographies of mystics must be frauds.
…(Praise be to Odin.)

* * *



Hear Ye, Earthlings, The Final Word Regarding The Matter Of “The Truth”

Those with two mouths can’t speak it.

End Of Transmission: Now — Back To It!

* * *