Jan Cox Talk 1508

3 Stages of Being: the Natural, the Learned, & the Transcendental


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#1508 – 11/01/95: (?)
Notes by TK

The natural, the learned/acquired and the transcendental are the three stages of being. Whichever dominates fosters “love” in the other.

The News

1508 95113 11/01/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


The Court Story Teller one day told this story:

“Shortly after man left the silent Land Of Nod
and settled in the one of Super Nod,
someone came up with the idea of becoming more mentally alert
and consciously aware,
and, believe it or eat-another-poisoned-apple-you-chowderhead,
there were some who fancied the notion
and accepted it as valid and doable.

How — oh good people — could some have gone so wrong?”

His Grace,
upon hearing this tale told,
was tempted to promote The Story Teller
to the higher rank of Official Court Liar
whose (you might be interested to know) actual title
(though kept secret) was:
The Official Public Liar In Charge Of Making Up Stories To
Cover Up Certain Things That The People Have No Need To Be Worrying About.

(Hey, is that sweet of His Grace, or what? —
…[and you don’t have to be in touch with royalty to know the answer to
that…all you gotta do is check out your own routine thinking processes].)

* * *


A man approached the proprietor of a certain store and said to him:
“I might be interested in shopping here — what are the prices?”
And the owner replied:
“Cost is not the concern here,
what you must be aware of is that you can only purchase two things at a
And (as weird as this condition may sound to you and me)
the man didn’t even seem to notice.


One man developed the ability to look in and see what was going on
inside of people’s minds,
and after this quickly proved to be most redundant and boring,
he pushed his talent to the point of finally being able to
peer into the actual mental activity of those more-conscious and
enlightened — and, boy, then talk about boring!…

* * *

The prince of one knightly band decided to institute military training
for the would-be warriors,
but instead of bows & arrows,
he issued them ballet shoes and kits of hair-care products.

“Just how in the hell,” asked the assembly foreman
at one human manufacturing plant,
“do you expect a creature to run on just two legs without looking funny
and going around in circles?”
But no one in the local design department cared to field the question.

* * *


How Life Handles The Local Traffic Flow

Vehicles with just one ignition system require no directions be given,
while those with more complex wiring need additional attention,
so, that being the situation, here’s how life handles it:
It doesn’t say anything to the first group,
and what it does to the second, they but partially hear.

There was once a modified, light pickup who wondered as he waited at a
light: “Is this how we’re actually kept in our place? —
by being told what to do and accepting it as the only possible thing to do?”

There’s a legend that’s told over in a certain mythical junkyard
which holds up the notion of a more-conscious car simply being one which
will not stick to the paved highways.

There was once a proud weekend warrior who said:
“Trying to buy me off with ‘faint praise’ won’t work —
’cause faint praise is all I deserve!”
…And just think: If he understood what he just said,
he wouldn’t be a mere dabbler.


In his lecture regarding the nature of intelligence, the speaker had this to
say: “What the mind normally believes it knows must have outside
— Well, hell — outside origins, for that matter!”


When poked,
cows will moo,
if that’s what other cows are doing.


One city had a morning and afternoon paper,
and the earlier one reported complete stories,
while the later published only simple statements of fact.

Are you aware that in some areas, morning is several thousand years
ahead of that evening? —
and in others they seem merged? —
and in still others there appears to be no such division?

Residing in the head in some realities
makes real mathematics
real difficult.

“Testing — one, two, one two.” —
“Test successful — you passed.”

* * *


A knight one day came to the mythical king and said:
“Sire, how should I best prepare for the great quest —
through physical training, or mental?”
And his liege replied with an inquiry:
“Do you plan to ride on your body, or on your mind?”
And the warrior went away satisfied.


In the way in which life has arranged normal, mortal affairs,
certain types of men are more famous when dead than alive,
and even more so their ideas, popular.

…(And a small pride of backyard mystics simply beamed upon hearing this.
…[Which might further hint to you the reason for the
widespread fascination (amongst the dilettantes)
with the idea of martyrdom
(at least in theory, if not personal practice).])

* * *

There was once another universe which had its own form of reality,
which one day finally said to one of its creatures:
“Look — just what’ll it take to get you to shut up?”
…(Some realities are touchier than others.)

* * *


When he went to bed at night,
one guy would turn on the radio
to try and drown out the radio that was already on.


Once upon a time there was a mystical school which taught that you could
try to become more conscious by either trying to, or by forgetting about it
— but
not by merely one or the other — and not simply by both.

* * *

There was once a king with a most-wondrous kingdom
which he decided to divide into two separate kingdoms.
…(And don’t ask me “why” he did — he had to, that’s why.)

In The Land Of The Mind:
Rulers come,
and rulers go,
but mostly they’re just an illusion.

* * *


The Upset Dynamic Put To Its Fullest Use

Get the jump on ’em before anyone else can say anything and exclaim:
“Upset? — upset? — me, upset? Yeah, I’m upset!”
Then just watch their faces! Yeah.

Note: This should only be done in public — never at home alone.

* * *


And yet another version of Earth’s creation myth
tells that man was originally created with four legs,
but as he grew, and increasingly annoyed the gods,
they began cutting them off, one at a time, until he was down to but two.

The only people who search for something
are people who believe they’ve lost something.

* * *

There was once a man who learned more by accident than he did on purpose.

* * *


Those who believe they read the history of the great mythical quest,
read but one part of it,
the part identified as such,
but there is also extant, and just as readily available,
another history of this extraordinary endeavor but which is not seen as
such, and not so labeled.


Right after one man had accidently spilled something on a second man,
the second man unintentionally stepped on the first man’s foot,
and the first man said: “Well, now we’re even.”
To which the second man replied: “No, in our case, I think it’s more a
matter of us being odd than even.”

The Mal-Expected Mathematics Of The Inner Dialogue…Maybe?

* * *


The simple like to think of themselves as unique in quite simple ways —
which is part of what keeps them simple.


In a modern city was once erected a striking new building,
a building so tall that it needed searchlights installed to help protect
lights were placed up high,
and lights were placed down low
(but they were mainly placed up high, since down below was blind anyway).

That’s right — urban architects:
Ask not for whom the blueprints make no sense — ’tis for thee, they don’t.

– – –

There was once a certain mythical knight who,
amidst his great adventure,
stopped in a village and attempted to speak to the locals about
some of the extraordinary things he’s seen and experienced in travels.
And this knight was none other than Sir Stupid.

* * *


There was once a man who was born into this reality, not as a man,
but as a bird —
a bird that was trapped in an attic.

(I don’t generally indulge in relating fables of a sad nature, but, hey —
it’s just a fable — an overcoat for facts too chilly.)


Men can feel threatened in two distinct ways:
They can feel physically threatened, or mentally threatened.
A man who can use the mind as it can be used
can only feel threatened in one way.


Being pushed for time,
one man asked if they would go ahead and write his autobiography now,
and he’d get famous and deserving of it later.


Once upon a time there was a king who had three daughters:
the first one was naturally beautiful and knew it,
the second was not but made herself so,
and the third one never thought about it.

His Grace (an ex-center-fielder) was delighted to be hitting 330.



The simple always ask “what’s for dinner?”
while the more-complex provide their own.
…(Like it can be otherwise?…)

* * *


The closest the mind ordinarily comes to a “satisfactory conclusion”
is an unsatisfactory nonconclusion.


There was once a boy who swallowed something wondrous that lodged in his

– – –

There was once a boy who swallowed something wondrous that lodged in his
head; some say this was the origins of the illustrious firm of Wedgewood.

– – –

There was once a boy who swallowed something wondrous that lodged in his
head, but this particular lad did not let it go at that, but rather managed to
shake the thing lose and get it distributed over his entire body.

If you ever swallow anything wondrous and exceptional,
don’t let it get permanently lodged in but one part of your body
(which will always be the head, in case you hadn’t already guessed).

* * *


The ballet instructor said to her students:
“Today we will take up dancing-without-thinking.”
And a young ballerina thought:
“I am in the wrong class,
or else I heard what she said backwards.”

does life give everyone two lessons;
it is only by your own payments that you may avail yourself of a third.

* * *


One day, in one land,
a mass of the villagers stormed up to the mythical castle
waving signs that read:
“Just What The Hell Is Wrong With Man As He Is Anyway?”
And in his compassion-for and understanding-of the common people,
the king refrained from pouring boiling oil down on his own feet.


Keeping Track Of The Game

The losers always complain,
the simple always lose,
just look to the various factions in your own mind
and score it from there.

* * *


Writings From A Monastery Wall

“There are two basic categories of mystics:
those who wanna be but aren’t quite yet,
and those who are and don’t much care.”

…(I guess ’tis good we can’t put any more stock in cheap graffiti than we

And now, Query Time:
Query — How can you tell a real mystic from the armchair variety?
You can upset the latter by setting their chairs on fire, that’s

* * *

To try and get even,
one man began describing mystics as simply being those who are so
super insensitive to normal concerns
that they merely appear to be something out of the ordinary.
…(PS: If you can silently accept that as a possible “point well taken,”
there may be some promise to you yet.)

* * *


There was once a race of people whose idea of punishment in an afterlife
was the notion of dying, then awakening into a new world of nothing but
dualities — no, not like this one seems to be —
I mean a place where it’s really true!

Upon hearing this historical account,
one contemporary man mused:
“Well, we didn’t miss anything — we have our normal, two-sided brain.”

* * *


After many years of strenuous effort,
one man was able to stabilize his awareness to an unusual degree,
then after some years he was able to turn away from his awareness,
and let it run its natural course while he went about certain “other


There was once a forest that was populated only by reptiles and birds,
and while the former went silently about their business on the ground,
the latter flew and sang.
…What? — you think this is some kinda fairy tale I made up? —
you think you live somewhere other than there?

Come on — shape up!
Who but the knowing want to go to the ball
dressed as anything other than a
yellow-tufted alligator?

* * *


One man urgently faxed life:
“The facts! — the facts! — just send me the facts!”
…(Does this story actually require a punch line?”


Whenever he wanted something from it,
this one guy would address his mind as “my good man”
(which worked about as well as you probably imagine).


The Criminal Law In Eight Words

If you have to defend yourself — you’re guilty.

* * *


While out on the great quest,
a knight stopped by a stream and, as he drank, thought to himself,
“We are born with our lungs, our heart, our liver, & other physical
processes knowing all that they need to know to function fully and properly,
and as has become obvious (at least to me)
likewise is the situation with our thinking and consciousness.
“So,” mused he further as he sipped,
“exactly what is it with that such as I am attempting by this adventure?”

* * *

There was once a land wherein myths, legends, and allegories were told,
and, in their particular instance,
only in alternate months were morals thereto added.

* * *

Minimally adequate knights can remove their helmets —
but only the few, their heads.

* * *


Things finally seemed to be getting so out-of-hand even around here
that life appeared and pleaded with one particular man:
“Will you please shut up about it?”
And the man replied: “There, there.”


And now: How To Tell A Real Piece Of Mystical Writing From Mere Frauds

The fraudulent pieces always come to an end.

Oh yeah —
and then there’s this
really little-known version of the creation story
which says that when life drove the first man from the
original garden of silent bliss, he shouted out after him:
“And take all those twos along with you.”