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Without a Dual Nature, No Creature Would Ever Refer to Itself


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#1507 – 10/30/1995
Notes by TK

The “Three Stages of Gracefulness”—
(1) natural born grace;
(2) grace developed by determined practice;
(3) the loss of stage (2).

The striving for grace is a de facto confession of dual nature.

The News

1507 95112 10/30/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


There was once a man with a deep interest in the extraordinary and
plain things of life
who had a son who seemed to share his interest,
so when the lad was old enough to give an informed response,
his father asked him if he would like to be told all that the old man had
learned thus far or be killed now, while there was still time.


If (Again)

everybody starts out…wanting to be better (to be more conscious) —
then most eventually…give up —
then what the hell gives with mystics?…huh?…tell us that
(if you dare — I mean can).

* * *


The origin for man’s concept of “strained relations”
came from that naturally existing between his instincts and his thinking.


Once upon a time, on a faraway world,
was a creature who discovered a secret,
a secret so unexpected that when he tried to tell others about it
they thought it too strange to be true, and thus ignored it,
so he employed a different approach & made it sound not so strange,
but others then just found it boring —
so he tried a third tactic of making it sound much weirder than it actually
was and then — finally —
many of his fellow creatures took a likin’ to what they heard,
and he became a popular celebrity.

…I guess the moral could be: “A small price to pay.” …Right?

– – –

Once upon a time there was a man who said:
“That’s exactly why
I quit
talking to myself!”

* * *


And now for tonight’s Cartoon Feature:

There was once a man who pretended to be a mystic,
and a group of people who pretended to take him as such,
and in his preparations for the comments he would present to them
when they would meet,
he would sometimes not prepare what he would say,
and at other times not prepare even more.

A man whose understanding can surpass this point
does not need the word “pretend” redefined for him yet again.

* * *

A gent once wrote to The Fierce & Piercing Physician and asked:
“Level with me, Doc —
is there actually any such creature as a ‘mystic’
outside of ones own self?…potentially, that is?”
And the doctor replied: “I’m glad you threw in that last part.”

* * *


Without a dual nature,
no creature would ever refer to itself.

* * *

And someone in our viewing audience writes:
“You recently read a story about one knight whose personal motto became
‘fuck thought,’
but my question is — after that, what?”
Dear Sir: Without a dual nature,
no one would ask such a question.

* * *


One man’s head was transparent so that you could see his brain at work.
…(I leave it to you to conclude as to what benefit [if any] this was.)


There was once a mystery school that looked upon the awakening
as being based on the fact that everyone is born with the seeds within them
of a whole other person,
and that the awakening process is like that of a new generation
following an older, established one,
but accomplished in the span of one individual’s lifetime.


Though men commonly speak of the stresses they suffer,
they make no operational distinction between instinctive stress & mental
stress, and fail to note how the former is open to uncomplicated
alleviation, while the latter seems resistant to any conclusive relief.


Once any mystical school has enlightened its students as to the
school’s actual purpose — they burn it down.

Tomorrow’s lesson concerns how only the simple hear a telling of
Events Historical to be only about
historical events
and events that took place outside of some man.


Things were once arranged in another kingdom so that
only when a mythical knight was expelled from his secret order — only then
— was he identified as being a knight.

What better way to confound the ordinary mind than by apparently
giving it new information.

Upon hearing of the just-read, a lad turned to his father and said:
“Do you realize what this then means regarding the extraordinary knowledge
needed by those of the mystical hunger?”
And his father replied: “Well…no.”

* * *


Anything even close to real thinking at the collective edge
is always at least in part metaphorical.


Strange tales can frighten the simple,
but the unvarnished truth, even more so.


There was once a man who had two sets of children,
and the first bunch liked to cling to his legs to play,
while the other batch liked to climb up into his hair and frolic.

there surely once was such a man who
had such a brood.

Okay, try it this way:
Just what is a more-awakened man other than
one who can tell himself to
“get along now — go on outside and play.”

* * *


Superior understanding is never impressive for the simple reason that
it is never realized.

…(Not to try and diminish your fun,
but do you begin to sense a wider-and-wider,
a more obviouser-and-obviouser possibility to the basis of The Secret?

* * *

In lands where amateur knightly orders are permitted,
they always use one of two mottos available to them (either):
“Everyone taller than me is dumber than me”; or
“Everyone shorter than me is.”

* * *


For it to make sense of anything,
the ordinary mind must call upon evidence from others.


And yet another viewer writes:
“As regards your mention (several times now)
of how you can determine that a mystic is losing his edge
by the fact of him beginning to find the sound of the truth redundant,
may I ask you if redundancy is not the natural sound of the truth?”
And I must admit that this correspondent has about put a wrap on it.

And now time for Another Fine Tale:

There was once a traveler on his way to an extraordinarily exotic location,
and partway through the journey was suddenly given the choice of either
continuing the quite lengthy trip
or being able to come to the conclusion that
the destination did not actually exist.

…(“Hummmm…would you read that to me again?” — No.)

* * *


Only the simple believe that The Grail is real,
or The Secret a thing to actually be known.


In his continuing attempt to tame-the-mind,
one man has adopted an approach of refraining from saying what he thinks
for fear it will prove autobiographical.

(Adds he: “Try it — the least you can say about it is that
it doesn’t NOT work.)


Those of a dual nature who realize it not
are unable to conceal the fact.

According to intergalactic legend:
There was once a race on one planet who had the heartiest of laughs over
the fact of creatures on another conceiving of things always being
divided into sets of two.

“Danger — danger, Bill Hatchback —
It’s not nice to make fun of the natural run-of-things! …Is it?”

* * *


One guy never grew a beard because, he said,
he’s afraid if he did he’d never shave it off.

— Hey, are we talking about growin’ beards here,
or takin’ up thinking?”


When children hear of there being “a secret,”
they all say that they want to know what it is —
but is that really so?…
…Is not part of childish pleasures in the torment of not knowing?

One crosswalk guard offered this caution:
“God, but it’s tricky for a mystic to grow up
without actually becoming mature!”

– – –

Query: How do you spell the end of transcendency in eight letters?
— Finality.

* * *


A neophyte in a monastery one day approached the headmaster and asked him:
“Revered Sir — how can a student such as myself
know when he is getting close to awakening?”
And the wise one replied:
“Are you coming down with the flu or something?”


Another example of how the mind continually strives to make the facts fit
— or at least nearly fit — its standard expectations:
a headline that says “Jumbo Jet Crashes; Injures Almost 3 People.”


The Physiology Of Possibility

You can walk along without thinking — or
think along without walking. …(Sort of.)

* * *


Though not part of the general, mystical literature,
there was once a school that said there were two distinct ways to
produce a more-conscious man;
One way was to instruct him in methods to become more conscious,
and the other was to beat his present consciousness out of him.

…(Ho hum.
…And as always:
If you do not comprehend that this little yarn is about
one man and what occurred within his own head,
then you miss its real point.

…In fact, it seems time for “A New Definition”:

A real — and I mean real, real, real — mystic
is one to whom even the obvious has become
too apparent to be any longer of much interest.)

* * *


There was one knightly order who would accept no new applicant
who had not swallowed whole some other entire person.
…(Preferably himself.)


During a writers’ conference,
someone in the audience asked one author if the highly erotic passages
in his latest work were in fact autobiographical,
and he responded with a general, literary explanation by saying:
“A man does not have to be a murderer to write murder mysteries.”
And someone else in the crowd hearing this said to himself:
“That may be, but god, it’s horrible to think about that in regard to
those writing about the enlightenment.”

Out of desperation, men write fiction;
out of super desperation, they live it.


As he (in a dream) entered into the second, secret, inner ring of
the mystical monastery, he was greeted with a notice that announced:
“A slight weight gain, herein, is normal and to be expected.”


To help combat
the unruly rats
apparently addicted to his residence,
one man imported
a particularly nasty strain of fleas
which he forthwith set upon the rodents.

– – –

In worlds of even-numbered dimensions,
think not so much in terms of “combat,”
but rather of “retaliation.”

…(And one man glanced at his own thinking and said: “Now you tell me.”)

* * *


A Story From Outer Space

There were once some creatures who went from one planet to another,
and lived on the new one quite well
(at least as well as did its native-born),
but the day came when they got sick of being there.

End Of Story

* * *


The urge to “solve your problems” is not the mystical urge.


First voice asks:
“What’s the difference between
someone who knows-the-secret
and someone who simply doesn’t care?”
And the second voice says: “Why ask me?”
To which the first voice replies: “Who do I have but you and me?”
And the second voice thinks on this for a moment or two, then started to say
“So who cares,” but caught himself in the nick of time
lest he meaninglessly nick the pseudo-delicate nexus that
made the two voices one.

One man would sometimes leave his house with the intention of
taking a certain type of “lengthy walk”
which he attempted by never planning in which direction to head.
Such curious efforts have the capacity to produce a new internal
connection between man’s dual natures that is not faux in a fair reading
of that word.

* * *

After all: Who knows what a-man-who-knows-the-secret really knows?
…Since he never tells.

* * *


The itch to be “mystically admired” is not the true mystical itch.


If you recall,
we recently reported on a story wherein a certain man thought that
he had a tumor but it turned out to be just his head —
well, there’s a new twist to it:
It’s now being told of a certain tumor who thought that he had a man,


The yen to make up for your perceived weaknesses is not the mystical yen.


What’s a sure way to identify the simple?
They’re the ones who’ll accept simple encouragements and reassurances
then go on about their business as though they never heard it.

lest anyone believe that individual people are being picked on
through these comments regarding “the simple,”
remember this:
When the river rises inside a closed system,
everyone’s furniture gets wet — and
no one’s is wetter than anyone else’s.

…[Of course, by-the-old-even-more-complex-by,
this is precisely why those who understand anything about the
topographical layout of local reality
refuse to live where everyone else does.])

* * *


The craving to do “magic tricks” is not the mystical craving.


Its Anatomy

Nothing even resembling real thinking stands on but two legs.

* * *


The desire to “be understood” is not the mystical quest.


One man’s approach to health finally came down to this (said he):
“If I get sick — kill me.”
(And we are not speaking physical here, you know.)


The hunger to be the center of attention — even among a small group of
people — is not the mystical hunger.


Regarding responsibility for the many thoughts that passed through him,
one man began to refer to his mind as “the alleged perpetrator.”


Wanting to “save the world” is not a wanting for awakening
— nor is the desire to help others “find their way”
a part of the true mystical quest.


UFO’s And The Ageless Age Of Chivalry

One king said to his personal, private army:
“Look not to the heavens, nor the dark, distant woods;
the aliens are already here among us —
they are indeed within us.”
(And I suspect by now that you probably know what he was referring to.)

* * *


More Insider’s Info & Gossip

The common generic name behind all of the numerous public ones
applied to the many apparent mystical orders has always been:
Shut up! Dammit!.

Simplicity makes perfect — and even greater simplicity, greater perfection,
until all is silent —
and glaringly obvious.

* * *


From one view,
those not satisfied at all with their normal state of awareness
and who incessantly strive to escape it
are surely outsiders!
…and yet,
from another angle,
it is the ordinary who are the real outsiders,
and the mystics who are in fact closest to everyday life.


Life speaks one language to instinct, and another to the mind,
but the alert hear it all just the same.

* * *

Time for some Grammatical News:

Amongst one group of more-enlightened creatures,
they vanquished all synonyms for the word “synonym.”

…You see,
the awakened’s idea of “efficiency” is like Boom! Slap! Bam! and
Outta here!

* * *


To help protect himself,
when he heard of the possibility of those “studying themselves”
studying the wrong self,
this one man (instead)
undertook a thorough investigation of a small turtle he carried with him.

– – –

And now for some Music News:

The latest band to crack the top ten sound barrier
is a group going by the name of Never Embarrass A Mystic.

* * *