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The Mind You Get for Free–Consciousness You’ve Got to Pay For


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#1501 – 10/16/95:
Notes by TK

Consider: why did Life allow Socrates to “disrupt” Greek life with an anachronistic message for nearly his whole lifetime when Jesus was only allowed 15-20 years?

The News

1501 95106 10/16/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


In one universe,
to keep things on schedule, in order, and running at the right speed,
life would periodically send around to worlds with thinking creatures
someone to tell them that if they tried really hard
there was this secret they could discover — which was not true —
oh, there is a secret, but hardly anyone’s ever gonna get to it.
Neat, huh? — well, after all,
life was responsible for the world’s very first motivation course.


One man decided it would be good to spend time looking out into the heavens,
and thinking about the enormity of the universe —
but for some time the main thing it did was remind him of
how small his mind was.


On that Great Mythical Express (one Monday),
a man grabbed the passing conductor’s sleeve and asked:
“Does not persistence — or at least patience — count for something?”
And the uniformed one replied: “Make up your mind.”

On that Great Mythical Express (one Tuesday),
a man grabbed the passing conductor’s sleeve and asked:
“Does not persistence — or at least patience — count for something?”
And the uniformed one replied: “Ask me again, next time you see me.”

On that Great Mythical Express (one Wednesday),
a man grabbed the passing conductor’s sleeve and asked:
“Does not persistence — or at least patience — count for something?”
And the conductor replied:
“It does serve to keep the easily distracted — distracted.”
And the man was suddenly not so sure he was glad he “axed.”

Oh that Great Mythical Express!
It runs every day of the week,
every minute of the day,
every day of the year,
of every day you think you have.

* * *


More Apparent Distinctions — (If In Fact There Actually Be Any):

The mind seems always in motion — consciousness, not;
the mind seems always searching — consciousness, not;
the mind seems always disturbed — consciousness, not,
and the mind is always making distinctions while consciousness
is not.

Okay, all you interested ones out there: Who you gonna vote for?

A man once wrote a mystic and asked:
“Is there actually any difference between the mind and consciousness?”
And the one-who-knew didn’t have the heart to write him back.

Meanwhile —
back on another world they have a motto that says:
“When in doubt — stay in doubt!”

* * *


One man heard noises… …and guess what?


When it comes to matters of survival,
men survey life, not through the senses, but by instinct.
Should not he have some similar approach regarding things mental?


There was once a man who was born with an internal partner
who he faithfully carried around with him for most of his life,
until one day something extraordinary struck him,
and he decided to ditch the chump.

Health News

A disease too familiar
no longer seems an ill.

* * *


The Use Of Ritual In Dealing With The Young

Were not the location of Mecca specified,
who would know in what direction to bow?

* * *


One man reflected on his past… …and guess what?


Due to the increasing annoyance they caused him,
one man threw away his television set —
then chucked out his radio —
then tore up his annual movie pass —
then canceled all his magazine subscriptions —
but then, after all of this effort,
realized the true source of all his annoyance,
and simply abandoned the thinking that life had so graciously provided for

…(I threw in the “simply abandoned” part just as a little humor.)


Simple people feel that something is important if enough other simple people
say that it is.


The Use Of Belief In Dealing With The Young

Were not the Kingdom Of God described,
who would know what they were falling short of?

* * *


In the never-ending struggle between rug mites and ceiling spiders,
the latter continue to recommend, to the former, vacuum cleaners
as a means of “clearing ones head.”

A major arrow in life’s quiver of safety procedures is: overkill.
…(Too bad more men can’t withdraw therefrom
a lesson regarding the operations of the mind.)


For a certain trip, one man built his own personal car,
which worked well enough,
but he later adopted a new transmission.


One man decided that he wanted to be an actor… …and guess what?


The less an activity’s basis is structured, orderly, and systematic,
and its objectives clear and precise,
the more it tends to issue exact schematics, flow charts, and progress
reports, and identify specific goals and obstacles thereto.

Just look at all public forms of the mystical quest.

Jazz Version Of The Preceding News Item

To get people to board a train running on tracks not yet laid
requires a certain use of (shall we say): extraordinary reassurances.

Trips to nowhere need all the help they can get.

* * *


One man’s mind entitled its autobiography “Life Behind Bars” —
to which he huffed: “It was just my forehead.”


The Use Of Hope In Dealing With The Young

Was not a Promised Land promised,
who would ever leave Egypt?

* * *


The simple always feel put upon.


If instinct could talk,
it could tell the mind to “ease up!” —
that it is not as responsible for things as it imagines —
but since instinct can’t speak,
the mind has somehow got to come to this realization on its own.


One man complained when he thought it justified… …and guess what.


Standard psychological surveys of man are like an unanchored, floating
chess game played in the wind with pieces made of tissue paper.

No models constructed within a system
can picture the fullness of the system.


Man: In The Standard Edition (A Poem)

Looking, looking, always looking,
never seeing, but always looking;

listening, listening, always listening,
never hearing, but always listening;

thinking, thinking, always thinking,
never gettin’ it, but hangin’ in there.

Man: In The Standard Edition (Others Reputedly Available)

* * *


All physical pleasures are simple —
which seems to have made men settle for the same mentally.


One day, one man suddenly turned to a mirror, seeing all he’d become thus
far, and said to it: “You’ve got twenty minutes to get out of town!”
And when that proved insufficient, he gave it another twenty…
…and then another…
…and then another,
until what had begun as a wickedly wonderful undertaking just
fell-the-hell apart.

If you think you hear them call out your train more than once
— forget about it.

* * *

Some of the people waiting on the platform began to collectively chant:
“Drugs, drugs, we want drugs!”
and were given reassurances — which served the same purpose, and
satisfied completely.

An Individual’s Travel Advisory: Don’t let someone else determine
your destination.

* * *


On this one world appeared a tall, wondrous machine
which towered over all other life on that planet,
and which seemed to have constructed itself from the bottom up,
spending many years in the construction of its lower regions,
and once they were functioning at peak efficiency,
it turned its energy to the addition of higher areas to its structure,
which appeared ultimately to take full control of the entire operation —
but it was an illusion! — a most awesome illusion,
for it was a real illusion.


The Use Of Discipline In Dealing With The Young

Was not sitting directed,
who would ever take note of fidgeting?

* * *


The simple tend to whine and complain.


There was once a man who had a flesh-colored melon which he carried with him
and for a long time it seemed quite important to him —
but he finally ate it.


Another uncomprehended difficulty men encounter in their attempts to
spread the social, benign order of civilization
is that such things as compassion, consideration, sympathy, charity,
and thoughtfulness are instinctive — not mental.


When one knight finally received his personal charge from the king
— and a most unexpected one it was —
he hesitated — then said: “I’ll have to think about it.”
And his liege mused: “‘Tis already too late for you, my lad.”


One man announced his intention to change… …and, well,
you probably don’t have to guess on this one.


The simple just love-e-e bad news! —
and the really simple live it.


At one mystical school,
if you flunk out but are current in your tuition payments,
they will give you a parting lesson you may use — if you choose —
in your return to everyday life (which is):
“How To Still Appear To Be A Mystic To Others — Just act real serious
about it.”

When it comes to “wastin’ time” — life doesn’t deal in it —
for after all: Nothing from nothing still leaves you-know-what.

* * *


One man said: “You know,
it’s highly suspect, if not downright self-accusatory,
to laugh at another man’s looks.”
And a friend replied: “Yeah, but worse still — at his thinking.”


For the first three-quarters of its life did one sheep struggle to learn
to sing, only to spend its remaining years trying to forget about it.

* * *

And now a brand-new feature: How To Spot Fresh Info.
Well, the easy way is that it is annoying the first time you hear it…
assuming you get some grasp of what it implies.

There was once a man who decided to ignore certain cars in traffic —
he got better at it and decided to just ignore all traffic.


Men love to honor the dead…
since they’re not quite sure what to make of the living.


The Difference In Cost

The mind, you get free — consciousness, you gotta pay for.

* * *

A certain man thought:
“If comparisons could be made prefect, I could
be more alert,
have clearer sight,
shut more-often up, and,
once-and-for-all, derail this friggin’ train.

* * *

There is an old tale that tells of a time when life became extremely angry
about something done by one of the jungle beasts
and threatened the creature that should he ever do such a thing again,
as punishment, he would be made to think.

* * *


One day a man said to life:
“I wish you’d quit having me watched —
I’m no threat to you,
the only danger I could possibly pose would be to myself.”
And life,
not wanting anyone
to be any more
paranoid than they already are, gave no reply.

* * *

And one chap thought:
“If there was any ‘justice,’
I’d tell everything I know.
…(Instead of just letting it dribble out in pieces.)”

* * *


A fragment of a document found in the ruins of an ancient mystical school
seems to say that the great journey is “serious-as-a-plague,”
and right here it becomes unclear as to whether it says that the journey is
“serious-as-a-plague right ’til you’re getting to the end of it” — or
“right until it’s starting to really get good.”
…(Take your choice, I guess.)


It seems obvious enough that the simple are never creative
— at least to everyone but the simple.


“The more,” mused one guy, “that men live by the head over instinct,
the more do they rename things, substituting a new one for the original,
such as ‘dining’ for eating, ‘lifestyle’ for survival,
and ‘romance’ for sex…hummmm….
So what is the word ‘thinking’ a substitute for?…”


Knights who know not yet where the journey leads
must be given directions, destinations, and assurances which are in fact
ultimately meaningless.


Medicine As Practiced At Another Level

A man sought the counsel of a mystic and said to him:
“If I tell you how it hurts,
will you show me where it is?”

* * *


The Use Of Philosophy In Dealing With The Young

Was not a future life offered,
who would take note of this one?

* * *


A simple system always seems safe.


Were not the collective so easily satisfied,
the few would have even slimmer pickins’.


When one man heard a speaker proclaim that
the keeping of anger can harm you mentally, spiritually, socially,
and physically, he thought,
“One of those possibilities interests me.”


There was once a knight who believed he was guided on his mystical quest
by a raven perched on his shoulder,
but as his journey progressed,
he began to more and more recognize his dependence on the mount between his


A man pondered:
“Why do people say they ‘think’ something when what they do is believe it?
— and why do people say they ‘believe’ something when what they do is feel


Life must love sycophants — it made so many of them.

* * *

And now this feature: How To Get Along In Life

Kiss up to it mentally…same as everyone else does.

* * *


Regarding The State Of Search And Inquiry

Exactly what is “stupid knowledge”? —
knowledge that, should you have it, still wouldn’t do you any good.

Related Lab Experiment:
To check this out,
next time you’re on a public version of the Mystical Express,
strike up a conversation with the person beside you
and ask them what sorts of things they’re interested in learning about.

* * *


One man challenged his mind to a memory contest — no contest!

One man challenged his mind to an attention contest — but no contest!

And one man challenged his mind to a planning contest, but still no contest.

Then one man challenged his mind to a contest in overall consciousness,
and it begged off, saying, “Jeeze, I’ve got this excruciating headache!”
— and no wonder!

Viewer’s Advisory: If you ever learn to converse with your body,
for sure, don’t ever try this.

* * *


On the train,
as one man walked from his sleeper to the dining car, he mused,
“Trying to become more conscious without fully understanding what you’re
doing has got to be the funniest thing in the world…
if not the most pathetic,”
and suddenly lost his appetite.


Instinctive tensions are easily relieved,
but not, apparently so, mental ones —
why does not man retrieve a lesson from this?


According to legend — there were once two trains that ran to
the mythical city of Istanbul,
and on one, no talking was permitted.


In a certain mystical school, the head monk told a group of younger ones:
“It’s all right to think — just don’t do it too much.”
And one of them asked: “But what is ‘too much’?”
And he replied: “See, you’re doing it already.”


One knight,
being a champ in his own hometown,
would not leave —
thus his search for the Grail was limited.


One day, one man said to himself: “Can I ask you a personal question?”
And he replied: “Only if it’s REAL personal.”
(And just about then, his handwriting began to change.)


A man who kept homing pigeons, showed to a friend a new acquisition;
“This,” said he, “is a wondrous species,
a bird who — no matter the most unexpected of circumstances —
never gets lost.
Should he become somehow even temporarily disoriented,
he emits a high-frequency signal back to home base so that he may be traced,
and should that fail,
with the falling of darkness, he puts out a distinctive glow so that
he might be located,
and failing all of that, he issues a particular aroma that will
always lead you to him.”
And with some amazement his friend asked:
“What is the name of this bird?”
And the man replied: “I do not know.” And his friend further inquired:
“From where do they come?” And the man replied:
“That I do not know either.” And his friend then asked:
“Well, where did you get yours?” And the pigeon keeper replied:
“Oh, I found him.”

…And with additional bemusement, the friend reflected on
the similarity of this to the nature of consciousness.)


One man had a ministroke! —
but he stayed at home alone so much that he didn’t really notice.

…(An additional impetus, might I suggest, to do more “you-know-whatin’.”)


When it comes to the routine relationship between the mind and awareness,
the normal law of Supply And Demand no longer holds.


For a long time, one man attempted to “stay on his toes,”
’til he finally thought:
“To hell with my toes! — let ’em look after themselves.”


Fear will cause men to do many things —
but should taking up The Quest be one of them?


Tonight’s Pseudo Dire Warning

If you don’t stop thought, it’ll eventually stop you.

…(Afterthought: “Pseudo,” my ass.)

* * *


Rather than run the risk of being trapped on the wrong train of either
instinct or the mind,
one man laid his pecker on the track so’s to force a final decision,
but he wants you to know that this act was metaphorical —
just as I’m sure you wanted to know!


One man could take a metaphor and talk about it until it made
perfect, comparative sense.
…Which is to say that he could explain it ’til he killed it.


Now for tonight’s: Big Question

What is the primary cause of human irritation?
— That’s correct: Being left behind.

* * *


A request for the truth to be reaffirmed
is a request for it to be postponed.


In this other reality, they had their own version of The Mythical Orient
Express to carry would-be mystics from the mundanity of Paris
to the transcendency of Istanbul,
but in their case, it was a partial fraud in that
you never actually arrived at the proclaimed destination
but were placated nonetheless by the interminable journey apparently

* * *

Once upon a time was a man who “knew too much for someone’s own good,”
and guess what happened to him? — they threw him off the train! —
for which…he was enormously grateful!

* * *


Consciousness extended is not dependent upon mere thought.


In his beginning (same as everyone else),
this one man didn’t worry about anything;
then as he was growing up he began to experience numerous vague worries,
and by the time he reached adulthood, he was worrying about several areas
quite specifically, which also seemed by then
to be of major concern to most other people;

but then this particular man went a bit further
and undertook to worry about a certain nonstandard item — to wit:
the discovery of The Secret,
which indeed gave him a whole new sensation of just what “worry” could be

Then, after many years engaged at this intensified level of worry,
for reasons he did not reveal,
he reverted back to his beginnings and ceased to worry about anything.


One knight,
in his passion to have the prize,
rode off east —
then out west —
then went north —
then rode south,
all the while attempting to do some sort of “something” about his thoughts,
until he finally adopted the position: “Fuck thought!”
…And on he traveled…just traveled…and nothing more.


And now this late-breaking news regarding: Riding That Train

One man started out serious — but got over it.

* * *

If it takes nerve to undertake the mystical quest,
it requires even more to know when to change course.

…and on he traveled…just traveled…and nothing more.

* * *