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To First Think, Life Teaches–Be A Thief


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#1411 – 3/15/95:
Notes by TK

The Ten Commandments = “do not take what is not yours”; this is the hub of civilization. But note that the first lesson of life is to be a thief, take for yourself. Thought is based on plagiarism; Transcendence is based on the wholly opposite of that.

The News

1411 95029 03/15/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


A man who cannot distinguish between thingsastheyare,
And the reflectionofthings,
Will never be able to separate thatwhichheknows
From thatwhichhewantstoknow.

* * *

Many times have city thinkers served up the phrase:
“The beginning of all wisdom is the knowledge of one’s own ignorance.”
 Which sounds fine…except they want to leave it at that.

“All aboard! good citizens,
Train now departing downtown Paris
For all points no further away than the immediate suburbs.
All aboard, you hear.”

* * *


Being alive is basically a serious business 
Only domesticated pets and man wag their tails.


Academic or Official History: mythical records with the fear factor removed.

Okay, we can be a bit more precise:
It’s not that men are fearful to recall their actual origin & background,
But rather that life has made them feel so.
..(Then you could ask yourself: “Why would life do such a thing?”)


The mind of one “Conscientiousconsumerofthingsrelatedtoconsciousness”
Would remind itself, whenever confronted with offerings of routine knowledge:
“Why buy when you can rent?”


After his first visit to Istanbul,
For several days,
One man could say nothing more serious than, “Yep,”
And began to muse about how many trips it might take before one could not
Speak at all.


Man is hormonally enthused  for a while,
And intellectually enthused for an even shorter while.
All of this takes place automatically,
Thus most people have no experience in producing their own excitement.


To first think, life teaches: be a thief.


Ordinary humor is funny in only one direction,
While the transcendental variety is not so constricted.

* * *

A doctor examined a man and said:
“You have a brain tumor, and it’ll cost a thousand dollars to operate
And save your life.”
And the man said: “But I don’t have a thousand dollars,
I only have this fifty.”
And the doctor replied:
“Oh, did I say brain tumor, I meant a hernia and fifty bucks is just right.”
And he grabbed it.

Yes  transcendental humor is not bound by normal restrictions 
assuming you can spot it when you see it.


At the Paris station of the Mystical Orient Express,
A man asked a seasoned, successful traveler to describe Istanbul,
And he replied: “Perhaps the most striking thing about the place is that
There is nothing to criticize about it.”


One day a man stood in the center of the city and declared:
“A man who thinks only the thoughts of his neighbors
Is not worthy of the name man.”
And in its full majesty and collective splendor,
The mighty metropolis sat on him.

* * *

To run a certain creation myth backwards:
‘Tis said that when the Garden began to beg Adam to return,
He said: “Watch it, Bub!”

* * *

Number one on today’s urban Top Forty is the song:
“A Hazy Mind Is A Satisfied Mind — And Don’t You Forget It, Bub!”

* * *

And as the young snake left home for the lure of the bright lights,
His father gave him this advice: “Over there, whenever you run out of
Intelligence, just act serious.”

* * *


Anyone who sees their life, prior to an awakening,
As an example of anything in particular,
Remains an example of all that is dull & lethargic in man.


While the allegory regarding “The Liberation of the Mind,”
So often used by some, could be likened to (to switch metaphors)
“The Final Arrival In Istanbul” (to use one of mine),
The route of graduallyincreasingfreedom thereto
Could be pictured as based on your own evergrowingoriginalityofthinking.

* * *

A man who never strayed far from his home, asked a lighting contractor:
“What is the one bad thing that can be said about original thinking? 
There must be one!”
And the contractor replied: “You’ll never know ’til you try it.”
And to himself the man huffed:
“And for morsels of wisdom such as that, you get seventy dollars an hour!”

* * *

Bytheby, one more time, oh my:
Least anyone ever be inclined to undervalue the agility of man’s
Natural born mind  just remind yourself of how,
If you note its normal inability to be original,
It will (without missing a beat, or working up any sweat)
Inform you of your error, and moreover,
Embrace its denial as part proof of its position.

Tis indeed hard to ever slay a dragon made up of your own reflection.


Graffiti in the men’s room at one mystical monastery:
“Anything That Can’t Be Summed Up In 5 Words Can’t Be Summed Up.”

“…Call Transcendental 5552947 for a really good time.”

And a viewer writes:
“Although you do sometimes approach being actually listenable, & sensible,
That last item is the very sort of thing that makes me hoping mad.”
You mean hopping!?  “Damn right!”

* * *

The sergeant in charge of civil defense for the dumb platoon noted that
There was no need to build a fallout shelter if you weren’t planning to
Fall in.

And a young infantryman said: “Once, I started to write you
— but caught myself.”


One day a man thought:
“I don’t mind so much the idea that, physically, ‘life just happens,’
But it does seem that it should…or could be otherwise, mentally.
Hummm…I wish there was someone I could write to about this….”
And The Doctor who knows everything thought: “Boy, I hope he doesn’t write me.”

950291 5

A man went to visit a mythical monk and asked him:
“If the awakening is not ‘serious’ in any routine sense of the word,
Don’t those teaching it have to present it as such?”
And the sketchy one said that was the best question he’d had all month,
And he gave the man a sucker…and additional time to
reconsider what’d he’d said.


Conventional Thinking: the collective bell on neural herds.


The ordinary mind cannot stay continually aware of the “mirrored reality”
Which exists parallel to all others it perceives
Without the ability of originalityofthought
 And this ability is not possible while one’s consciousness remains
Diffused and unfocused.
…Or in the language of the mirrored realm: too specific and focused.

* * *

Dining Car Quiz For Those On That Fabulous Express:
How can you spot a mystic at your table?
He’s the one who can have everything on the menu.

* * *


For those attempting that extraordinary, internal space mission,
Misplaced seriousness is the major cause of death  that is:
The premature demise of mental possibilities.


Today’s “Ha Ha Description”

A mystic speaking aloud is like a man cleaning out a closet. Ha ha.


The enlightenment is not for solving your problems 
the enlightened have no problems. Ha ha, again.


In an attempt to help prompt himself into new areas of intellectual activity,
This one man would, every day, stop at the corner newsstand,
And from the vast array of periodicals covering subjects from
Archeology, to dance, to farming, to mathematics, to sports,
To zoology, and so on,
Would close his eyes and select one,
And yet,
As soon proven by the (shall we say)
“Severely limited diversity” of his blind selections,
He was forced to totally reconsider his current conception of
Exactly what constitutes “ones eyes being closed.”

* * *

Some years back, in fact,
As soon as men were able to anagramatically make the new word
Neuron from the old one, hormone,
Someone apparently took the god Fate out back and shot him.

…And ten thousand mighty cities that were  and are yet to be —
Shouted, with their collective strength: “And good riddance!”

* * *


A more expectant man does not find he was entertained by any entertainment
Unless in some way his intellect was briefly ignited, afresh.


If thinking were a coloring book,
Then the few can color outside the lines and still make it look right.


Proverbial Wisdom: Bird droppings of past mystical eagles.


There is a magic to originalityofthought
Not found in any other activities of the mind.


Men began writing things down as they gradually stopped taking data
Directly from the air.

* * *

Every time he’d breathe, this one man would become a bit more enlightened —
Then he woke up and realized it was a dream.

* * *

A man asked a wandering mystic:
“Is the ability to laugh, about your search, proof of anything?”
And the one with bug stained teeth stopped his motorcycle and replied:
“Yes, it’s proof that you’ve yet to pass the stage of laughing.”
And as he roared away, the man stood motionless for a while,
Wondering whether he should be pleased, or not.

Nomadic Moral: Humor is a tricky thing! 
Especially when it ceases to be funny.