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Rehabilitation is Circular


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#1362 – 11/16/1994
Notes by TK

The highest aspiration of individual men is to get away from what they are, i.e., self-rehabilitation. Nothing exists in the mind to derail it from its pre-programmed circular track. Attempts at same take the form of pain and sorrow as spurs to remember to be mindful.


1362     (94115)    11/16/94  Copyright J. M. Cox 1994

A guy told a crowd that’d gathered:
“The true power behind science is science,
Same as royalty behind the throne, and force behind the army.”
He paused, giving a quick glance around, then added:
“And if you don’t ‘get’ that,
Just wait’ll you have a real good runin with life!”

As told in the tradition of a certain mystical group on another world,
The core concept of their approach was based on one brief statement
Made many years earlier by their founder,
When one day he stopped dead still and said:
“This is not me.
It is me,
Yet it is not me!”

As soon as man was conscious - and thus awakened 
The first thing he did was go to sleep,
And thus began his “big public works project.”
And next to the main road construction was erected a sign that read:
“Pardon The lnterruptions…Ruptions…Ruptions…
This one…That one…Now this one, now that one…

One man looked in the mirror and said:
“If you think that what happens in life
And your reactions to what happens
Are two different things
Then, my friend,
I fear you yet not know what real thinking is.”

Several hours later, as he was passing the mirror, it spoke and asked him:
“Would you repeat what you said to me earlier?”
And the man complied:
“If you think that what happens in life,
And what you think about what happens
Are two separate things
Then, dear friend,
You do not yet understand what real thinking can be.”
After a momentary silence, the mirror again spoke:
“That’s not exactly what you said the first time!?!….”
And the man shrugged what seemed to be his agreement, and also his insouciance
To the perceived distinction.

Update cum Correction: The simple will not inherent the Earth 
To the more complex always goes the next generation.

A certain marriage counselor,
As he sat in his office one day
Pondering the sexual attraction between people,
And their subsequent relationships,
Was suddenly struck with this rhetorical consideration:
“Why would couples stay together if,
After their physical needs are satisfied,
They do not each, beyond that level,
Grow and spiritually benefit from the company of the other!?”

Later, driving home, he almost ran his car off the road as it further hit him
That this could also apply to a man’s mind and the things it thought about.

The Mystic’s Eye Chart…& Everyone Else

The more conscious do not see different things, but see things differently.

…And the doctor reminds you that this, like everything else, has its limits

One day a man took his son aside and said to him:
“Children talk to god  the awakened, to life.”
He seemed to reconsider what he’d just said, then added:
“It’s not so much that they talk to life as it is that they listen to life talk
 With no comment of their own.”

Quite often one man would remind himself that:
“Reality is no one’s private property.”
The next step (should he find it)
Is to realize the same about thought, to wit:
“What we each and all think is no one’s private property 
Especially the thinker’s!”

As regards the nature of man, life, and even the mystical,
Everything you’ve ever heard is true.

A man climbed high atop a hill, and shouted out: “The inevitable sucks!”
And suddenly the irritated voice of the inevitable shot back:
“So what d’ya plan to do about it, huh!?”
And the man sweetly replied:
“Oh, nothing 
Just being able to say that was quite sufficient.”
(Under his breath adding: “Seeing what choices I got.”)

The mind of the awakened is a “soft” mind 
It is hard at the core, yet still, a soft mind.

One guy decided to make “A poisons list,
A compilation of all the things detrimental to becoming more conscious.”
He began the list with anger,
then drugs,
then selfpity,
and added entertaining & criticizing popular ideas,
then reading,
then added serious personal reflection & contemplation,
And then suddenly got the shock of his life.

Culture: The only digestive system that operates externally to the
Organism it serves.

Coming in from school,
A kid told his father:
“Down the street I ran into a monk I’ve never seen around here before,
And I stopped to talk to him about the kinds of things you’re interested in:
Like the ideas of ‘awakening to some new level of consciousness.”
And when I mentioned this to him he said that right that very moment,
If I knew which way to look,
I was close enough to the state to touch it with a nineandahalf foot pole!?”
And the old man sorta’ scoffed, “Get outta’ here,”
Then seemed to think better of it, and asked, “Where is this guy?”
“Oh, he jumped over a building when he left me.”

A man came and stood before the door of a certain mystical school & declared:
“I am not what I appear,
And I am not what I think  I am me!”
And from an upstairs window a monk responded:
“But you’re still what you appear.” And the man thought for a moment,
And replied: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

The awareness inside
A more conscious man
Is like a restless snake
In the body of a dove.

It is also like a dove
In the belly of a seamless snake.

The danger in suggesting to someone else how they should proceed
Is not in then fretting over whether they follow your advice or not,
But rather in now having yet a new reason to think about them at all.

In the understanding of those who’ve once been more awakened,
There was an “evil force,”
It would simply be time 
The belief that one can, and perhaps will, accomplish it again, later.

The Higher Spatial Reality Of It All

Consciousness uninterrupted is consciousness expanded.

The BedTime Warmth Of It All

Thought, shivers  consciousness, a blanket.

Another View From Station Level

The attempt to purchase a ticket does not assure you will ever get there,
But if you do not try, you will never even leave the gate area.

Regarding The Use Of Pain & Sorrow As Tools In The Attempt To
Increase Consciousness

You don’t have to wait for something “bad” to happen to you,
Something already has 
You think!

Shortly after he once “got it,”
One man was thus struck:
“The great thing about this is that it is forever, right now! …right here!”

To be “more conscious” is firstly to be more complex,
Then nextly, to be newly simple amidst the increased complexity.

It takes an extraordinary awareness to recall the real history of man.

The kind of “mindfulness” so many mystics like to speak of
Is actually a state of kinda’ having nothing on the mind.

The billboards along the roadside on the way to the New Land
At first seem to read: “Stuff, Stuff, Things&Stuff.”
Then later: “Symbolism, Parable, Metaphor, Allegory.”
And later still: “Paradox, Absurdity, Irony, Uncertainty.”

If however, you press on far enough,
Another set of signs eventually appears
Which are invisible, nonphysical, and for the few, the final word,
And they say: “Stuff, Stuff, Things&Stuff.”


A young mystic hollered: “I’m off on a trip!”
And an older one responded: “Not if you think about it, you’re not.”

Moral: Wow!


There was once — and always is —
A man who determined to devote his life to
The pursuit of the Great Special Enlightenment,
And was of such a natural born turn of mind that he impartially studied,
Then began to use, every mystical method to this end, that he could find.
Then after many years of effort,
He pushed it to such an extent that he came to realize
That all of the various approaches
Were in fact one.

Conclusion: Wow!

One man’s private, internal sloganeering regarding his own consciousness was:
“Let it roll!  Let it roll!”