Jan Cox Talk 1281

A Mystic Must Be Both a Believer and a Skeptic


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#1281 – 05/11:
Notes by TK

[diagram of spine] The level above the line-of-consciousness (LOC) = individual/willful evolution. The level below the LOC = collective/mechanical, unknowing evolution. The Mystic must be both a believer and skeptic to proceed. He is a True Individual; Mystic life abides ALL facts, collective and individual.

The News

The Myth Continues
Once, each person wondered what being alive was all about, but
then they began to think about it, and thus — most forgot about
it. ………..(Oh!, and oh yeah! — A few didn’t.)


Three Stages Of Realization
Life as a tragedy, life as a satire, life as it is.


The easiest way to track anything (including, goddamit, the
transcendental) is along the paths it has already been tracked.


As long as you talk about things, they’ll talk about you,
and thus keep you distracted from their true nature.


Is it that a mystic knows something that everyone else
doesn’t!? Or that he merely knows and accepts everything that
everyone else knows!?


Why This Kind Of Activity Is Always So Popular:
A Poem — A Humorous Poem
Because you can’t be converted to reality.


Riding with “life-as-it-is” is the true adventure of the
mystical knight.