Jan Cox Talk 1266

Mystic’s Inner Mantra–“Shut Up”!


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#1266 -04/06/1994
Notes by TK

Getting to the “big experience” involves stopping the inner commentary.  Human suffering is commented-on suffering.  Ceasing the outward commentary is only the beginning; inner silence is the key.  Practices (e.g., meditation, follow the Ten Commandments, et al.) are general outlines to eliminate outright hindrance to the mystic experience; they become confused with same by the natural working of the nervous system. 

Two primary approaches: reduce stimuli (i.e., monasticism); 2) seek over stimulation (i.e., the mystical, e.g., “self-remembering”).  All commentary is absolutely deleterious irrespective of content.  The Mystic’s inner mantra: SHUT UP!—inwardly directed at the internal dialogue.  All staring is commentary.