Jan Cox Talk 1248

Middle Names for Life: Gradual, Perpetual, Successively Sequential


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#1248 – 02/23: 
Notes by TK

Never speak of any accomplishment: kill the past.  The mystical is what Life has no need for people to speak about, discuss, think about.  Life’s middle name: gradual, perpetual, successively sequential, dragged and strung out.  The older generation “murders” the younger by civilizing it.  There is no such thing as “learned behavior” at the survival level. 

Cortical intelligence is endlessly inconclusive; thus it seeks the abruptly conclusive (e.g., time zones as categories of a gradual perpetual process of the sun’s motion) and believes it finds it while finding just the endless dragged-out pursuit of same—c.f., quitting smoking by cutting back on cigarettes.