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The News

93114- 1
When one man’s mind realized what he was trying to do with consciousness
It told him: “Hey man! — save yourself some needless sweat!
Just slap a new name on it and forget it!”

Of thus, are the Indexes of history books proudly composed.

93114- 2
Life requires no commentary! —
But now that it has man, it’s sure gonna get it!

93114- 3
The simplistic pay homage to their genes,
The sophisticated, to their culture,
While a few just want to tear up their old bus ticket completely.

P.S. If you’re either simplistic, or sophisticated,
Don’t bother to tell me that, “you don’t get it.”

93114- 4
“M” is for, “Maxim,” and also, “Mis-Cue”
A passionate “mental-life-of -man” is a thing of beauty, and a joy not realized.

“Caution class – and be very careful in your travels –
Remember that all dirty words rhyme with one another!”

93114- 5
While reading a tome regarding, “mental matters, extraordinaire,”
A lad ran upon this line:
“If you do not complete the journey, ’tis better if you never even begin.” And he said to himself:
“Transcendental-hair-balls! — would it not be better still if
None of us had even ever thought about it!?

On some worlds, the qualitative question of, “better” remains open.

93114- 6
Show Biz and Life News
Those with the least talent make the most to-do over their name.

93114- 7
Going past the local neighborhood of morality, a man suddenly thought:
“Having-fun-at-someone-else’s-expense’ is not the problem! —
The challenge, (in truth), is how to have some at your own!”

93114- 8
Only no-eyed men in a 3-D world say: “I don’t take no shit off life!”
Where do they think refuse is put in a closed system!?

If you are the sort to suspect that this piece of info could be used In regard to how you believe you operate your own internal,
Mental land-fill —- you’re correct, Mr. Eco, you re correct.

93114- 9
Rather than deal with the matter of consciousness,
one man developed back problems.

Is Credit Not Due, Where Credit Is Due!?:
Who but man was intelligent enough to conceive of the idea of gods!?
“Ethel — honey!? — what does that have to do with Iower back pains!?”

They say that to know Buddhism you must know Buddha,
And Christianity, Christ;
So where does that put, knowing you!?

93114 – 10- (B)
After he’d reached the age of local maturity
One man began going by the name of, “Hey, You Cheap Whore!”
He says he might as well, since that’s what life’s gonna end up calling him anyway.

Lit News
Metaphors write themselves.

Re The Matter Of: Survival, Survival, & Post-Survival Survival:
Would you prefer to be comely, or conscious?

As they whizzed down Highway 49, on a fun-filled Friday night,
Buford unzipped his head and hung his brain out the car window,
Explaining that he was, “trolling for new ideas.”

Or, as the consciousness-of-Eve said to the mind-of-Adam:
“Yuk! – that’s disgusting! — put that thing back in your pants!”

History waits for many things but getting laid’s not one of them.
(you have to do that one for yourself!)

Even if the birds do not understand the cats’ original purr
They may later do a quite similar imitation based firmly thereon.

A man stopped and looked at himself,
And at his fellow mortals,
At his home, this planet,
Then back to the book in his hand, as he repeated the word he’d just read:
“‘Refugee…refugee’..what a curious term,
And stranger yet: ‘refugee problem’ —
How can it be called a problem when it is the native state of us all!?”

The Serious Crimps Of Sequential Chronology
Fun flies when you’re having time.

Some have said that the problem with the mind is in its attachments,
But note, that without something to “latch on to” — there is no mind.
…(This is a free country, make of this what you will.)

A chap writes to complain:
“I do not like hearing the insinuation that man lives in a kind of trance.
(Forgive me if my handwriting is illegible, as I wrote this in my normal state).”

Plagiarism: Everyone’s mind’s middle name.
“Don’t listen to him Alonzo, I read that same thing in a book last week.”

The-Routine-Acceptance-Of-Plagiarism: Yet another way life keeps man in check. “Alonzo’? Hey, Alonzo….are you still there’?

Post-survival cannibalism answers to three names: Stagnation, Stability, and Progress.
Hey, ain’t cha just gotta love a reality that can take one idea
And use it not only as itself, but also as its own opposition,
And its potential future as well’?
….Is that not why those-who-understand, so cherish man!?

Super Science News, (remember I said, “Super”)
The human mind is a self-correcting system
In that it’s hardly ever wrong …or so it thinks.

The non-spiritual — to continue their charade of spirituality -must have spiritual heroes.

Concluded one man:
“The worst thing about being of ordinary consciousness is that you must
Continually try and ‘explain yourself'”!
Added moi:
When this alone becomes “cosmically unbearable”– you may be getting somewhere.

Creativity News
There is no such thing as an “original philosophy.”
There is original thinking, which can lead to point-blank-consciousness,
Which in turn can leave waste products that others turn into maps.

The myopic can easily take dwarfs with giants growing out of their backs
to be some original life form.

Within sixty-five years, sixty-five-year-old eyes are likely to see
The local landscape as static —
Which is why the few must forever look far away …in a secret direction.
…(Okay, if not “secret” — then, unlikely.)

Each day,
For one man,
Began always with the words: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly….”

A Brief Tour Of Our Equity And Mental Courts:
Fair’s fair,
Unless you’re a bear,
Then justice is a matter of,
“Who’s on top?”

Life told a bunch of people: “Look, just settle down! —
Find yourselves a good, fake, ‘passionate hobby,’ and pretend that it works.”
(told a “bunch” of people, eh’? )

Epistemology News:
If there is anything a person really and truly, and absolutely knows — they can never prove it.

And this, from the school’s class schedule update:
“Tomorrow’s, ‘Search for The Truth’ has been cancelled.

In his relentless search for the terminus of knowledge,
One man began forcing himself to mentally rhyme, “logic” with “maggots.”

Real mysticism is a one-man affair –
Which is why people correctly mistrust cults.

One Man’s Lyrical Lament
I can stop myself from smoking,
Keep myself from drink;
Can even verbally, “keep my peace,”
But can’t control my think.

Behavior–even “bad” behavior,
thus remains a more popular hobby than awareness.

One man,
Put his own hand,
On his own knee,
With the plea:
“Oh, neural potential!
Wilt thou sleepeth with me?”

Two beings from another world were talking and one of them said:
“You can tell the size of a man’s passion by the size of his awareness.”

One man’s consciousness said to his mind:
“I do wish you wouldn’t undress in front of me.,”
And the mind replied: “Why? — does it make you horny!?”
“No — disgusted.”

Life doesn’t much care what you do individually just so long as you
Abide by the general rules and stick to the main highway.

Now here’s yet another way to determine if you’re adequately civilized
Without having to spend a bundle:

If you can’t tell the difference between your brain and a brain tumor –
without professional assistance.

The local is to the mind as the universal is to consciousness.

One man’s mind one day said to him:
“Would you care to know what I think about what you’ve been attempting
To do regarding your overall consciousness?”
And as he struggled to turn and walk away, the man replied,
“Most assuredly — and when you have the time, why don’t you write it down
And mail it to me
And be sure and write outside on the envelope: ‘Constructive Criticism Within’
So’s I’ll be sure it gets delivered to the, ‘proper place’.”

One man spent most of his life trying to get his attention.

The motto of this one planet is:
“Post-Survival, The Only Form Of Pure Fun Is — ‘Talk’!”

“Hey, Ethel, honey — where do you wanna go on vacation this year?”

There is a rhythm to physical life — even so, the mental one,
But in the latter case, most people prove to be somewhat, “club footed,
Spastic, tempo-deaf, if not downright, “dead on their feet.”
…”Well Jeeze!, Mr. Welk, why not give us the cerebral blues!?
Why don’t chu! ….or else maybe Mr. Astaire’s phone number?’

93114 38
Being a “critic of life” is surely one of man’s highest callings! — since it is also his most futile.

Waking up every morning, wondering what to do about your mind & consciousness
is the burden of but a few.

Tip: If you continually re-paint a burden, its weight will change from day to day.

Secret info that does not either frighten, or confuse the ordinary sure ain’t secret enough…or informative.

After he was old enough to have some understanding as to what was going on,
And to realize what was apparently expected of him
Regarding his inherited position within the collective,
One man looked around him and said:
“Well —
I’ve been hired and wired,
But not inspired.”

One Person’s Observation
I’ve been fucked, and I’ve been loved,
And can tell no difference between.
… Hey, don’t look at me! — life made ’em think it!

Dogs take scheduled medications given them by humans as being
Some form of ritualistic initiation;
Men, lacking such visible masters, apply religion to themselves.

During the festivities at one city’ s annual “Celebration of Things Kinda Mental”
One man pointed to his head and exclaimed:
“I may be full of shit, but at least it’s my shit!”
And everyone laughed so heartily that life threw a pie at him.

Most men’s philosophies are either an attempt to explain away something
They dislike, or else to rationalize some failing they have.

If you’re not harsh with your mind it won’t be harsh with you.
“Hey, didn’ t you read the same item last week, except it said,
‘Objects’ instead of, ‘your mind’ — what’ s with repeating it!? “
You are correct sir, but the Mind Lobby weaseled its way in.

When the rigors of reoccurring bad times would get to be too much for him,
This one man would respond by standing in his front yard,
And screaming at the top of his voice: “I demand to speak to Claude Bevens!”
..(He notes that with the continuing increase in liquor taxes,
And the distance from his house to the nearest church,
This has proven to be a most cost-effective approach.)

Believing you’re a humanitarian,
And that your goal is to become ever more charitable,
And your purpose, to serve your fellow man,
Sure can save you a lot of energy
….and make you miss a lot of instructive fun.

First is man’s potential for consciousness — which is silent;
Then comes the mind — which gives consciousness a tongue;
Then, for a few the possibility of another consciousness,
which is again, non-verbal.

Question: How can there be any possibility of anything new within
a Closed system?
Better Question: Why would a closed system allow those within to even
conceive of such an idea?
Mental Note: Note, that those who make the questions,
can make, “lesser questions” — or better questions;
Therefore — why not make your own!?

93114 -50
News For Artists
Although philistines may run the world
They don’t enjoy it as much as you would if you did.

A man pondered:
“If we are tied too tight to our mind,
Then is the mind still lashed too closely to our genetic past?
And if so — what the possible hell can we do about that!?”

Yes, boys & girls — what the possible hell, indeed.

If there is some form of collective practice that will awaken a man’s
Full conscious potential,
There are some who want it so bad that they will not therein participate.
…(If you can understand this, Buddha #1 would be proud of you, dude.)

93114 -53
Just as a cliche’s not a cliche if you have to explain it,
Neither is new info taken to be actual knowledge by the collective
If you in some way must reassure them about it.

Life does expect one thing from everybody! — and that is that you die in your sleep.

This month’s tubular, Top Forty tune from the mouth of one mortal:
Stunt my growth,
Cramp my mind;
I am man,
Hear me whine!
— Ah-o-o-o-!

All truth is bullshit — all bullshit, someone’s truth.

Inside of every wolf is a coyote;
Inside of every coyote a cat;
Inside of every cat a bird,
And inside of every bird, a wolf and that’s the truth.

Idiots fight for principal,
The ordinary for profit;
Where does that leave us!?

Life announced to one man: “My act is totally unrehearsed!”
And the man replied: “Rats! — I’s just gonna say that!”
Some Sporting News by Way of Definitions
Life: The only foot race in which the race conquers the contestants.
Man: The only contestants that life allows to believe otherwise.
…(Otherwise: What things always are.)

And Now, Some New Info By Way Of Inquiry
Which might better lead to new consciousness: A mind stable? or,
On a ramble?

Those who cannot comprehend the present are continually inclined to
Draw a parallel between now and some past period.

Historical data proves nothing about today,
Except that those wielding it are know-nothings.

If the future can be discerned,
It will not be so by those forever looking back.

Man’s mind and his consciousness reside in two different time zones

People who need words, or a philosophy to “live by”
Have only partial lives, like everyone else,
But they want to be sure they keep it that way.

Face it! — all myths are just myths!
…(But, Hey, Mister Civilization, so is everything else.)

At no great risk,
Can you, with anything, dance part-time …except with yourself’ …
and to music like this.

News About News
The simple love to hear about danger —
— The more complex — possibilities therein.

When everyone’s dumb — no one’s dumb;
Life keeps everyone dumb.
. . . (Singers may now turn to whatever damn hymn they’d like to.)

“A History of Mirrors,” or else, “A Mirrored History”
Every few years one man would say to his consciousness:
“Where have you been!?”
Then every few months he’d ask: “Where have you been!?”
And then every few weeks he’d say to it: “Where have you been!?”
And eventually, every few days he’d ask: “Where have you been!?”
And finally, every few minutes he’d remember and say to his consciousness:
“Where have you been!?” — and beyond that,
I will offer no further descriptions for you to reflect on.

One day, while out drinking beer in the sun, life said to some people:
“Hey, you can talk about me all-ll you want to.”

One thing leads to another,
But not genetically, a father to a brother!
…Unless we’re speaking of mental DNA,
And of those totally unsatisfied by
Routine family life.

The jolt should be —
To realize that man could sail on the open seas,
But is mainly confined to submarines.

Mythical Motto of One Legendary “Homo Alertus”
Grow, or grow old.

News A Few Might Use
Try and remember this: Life is not your enemy,
Life is not your friend;
Life is life’s friend — and,
That about wraps that one up!

And now an item more suitable for general consumption:
The mind needs drugs.

And, oh yes — Consciousness needs more consciousness.

And so we let the matter end,
By noting life has no best friend –
But hey! — it’s got you,
and you do too.