Jan Cox Talk 1187


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The News

3100 -75
Plain-talk, and, point-blank-thought mean nothing ’til you’ve been through the otherwise.

What then — (you could ask yourself) — is the intellectual life of man?, a debate? a dance? an endless tug-of-war?

93100 – 77
While the fear of physical suffering can be worse than suffering itself,
The dread of stupidity is in a different league.

If you don’t think about “being alive” — you’re not civilized,
And if you think about it too much — you’re too civilized.
What’s a poor creature to do!?

93100 -79
In the neural streets of the city,
No one much cares to hear any explanations that don’t make Someone mad.

A man who lives only on hormones is a beast;
One who lives solely on neurons is a wimp;
And one who lives on a little of both is civilized, and forever, mildly uncomfortable.

It’s simple — You can’t think while looking back.

A man finally said to himself: “Do you have the least idea
How little, ‘thinking’ has to do with
How you feel — how you live!?”

93100 -83
One of the passengers-, — as he sat —
Feeling the cravings of his empty stomach,
And observing the state of his aroused sex, thought:
“If I could ever get my neurons to get as excited as my hormones, I’ll bet you I could move to a better seat on this bus.”

93100 -84
All routine knowledge — begs the question.

Since: To “survive” is to struggle and compete,
And to “think” is to do so additionally,
What then is the intellectual competition of a real thinker?

The civilized, neural life of man is not all that different from his feral, hormonal one –
And the denial of this — (in part) — is what keeps men civilized, and mentally distracted.

Savory News:
A thinker’s mind is his own — feast to go.

Once men can speak and think,
Everything they do is an excuse to keep from — plain-takin’, and point-blank-thoughin.’

One man’s song:
If we “Are what we eat” then,
I eat me.

One of man’s favorite pastimes is listening to himself talk;
A thinker — himself think.
Beyond that — who’s to guess!?

On his celebratory, birthday-death bed,
The man who had been the king’s priest, philosopher, counselor, and closest confidant,
Said to him: “I told you it wouldn’t work.”

A kid in a pilot’s brain, sang:
What’s to hate!?
What’s to fear!? It’s all in the past—
It’s behind me now.

93100 93
If you personally
Aren’t actively involved in the attempt at – intellectual life-extension–
you’re merely dying.

Tairy Fale Time:
There was once a thinker who looked around at where he was and said:
“Why did they send me here?! — so far away from home!?”