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The News

At the ordinary, civilized level,
Part of neurons’ responsibility — (vis a vis, hormones) —
Is to make just everyday existence seem more complicated than it physically is.
…(And what better description of civilization could you ask for.)

93100 -53
The king can execute you,
And the priest can make you feel guilty,
But of what use is a thinker to the crowd?

Partisan Thought: Two-ply condoms for the mind.

All men see clouds,
The ordinary see them as either natural phenomenon,
Or in times of calm — metaphors,
While thinkers see them as both! — all the time! — simultaneously.

93100 -56
Until you can think afresh for yourself
You really have no idea just how boring ordinary explanations of life actually are.

If the hormonal life of mankind is like a gigantic armada of cruisers, battleships & destroyers,
Then his neural one is like a fleet of submarines
Or, you could see this the other way around.

Serious-discussions-about-everyday-affairs equal, debates-over-mirages.

A civilized man without ritual and mental habit
Is like a racing ship without a keel ….or else maybe like a potential thinker, maybe.

The simple are always in the midst of some explanation or the other.

93100 -61
When originality is your navigator,
Creativity, your skipper,
And your own mind your berth —
You need not then give anyone else a wide one.

Thinking that doesn’t constantly renew itself is not real thinking.

A Neural Sailor’s Law Of The Intellectual Sea:
When your latest dinghy becomes large enough to be a cruise ship — abandon ship!

To live your private life in public is to spill your guts,
And to “spill your guts” is to eventually have no guts.

Thinkers In The City — Thinkers On The Farm:
When eagles debate pigs – neither flies.

Note: In this regard — pigs don’t know, so pigs don’t care.

93100 -66
What could be more pleasurable to the blind than to see!?
And to a thinker, than to — think more!?

Plagiarists never get it right.

93100 -68
While the mind has nothing to truly fear
It remains the seat of man’s greatest fears.

Trouble In Paradise: (A poem):
Before man — there was no paradise;
After him — trouble!

93100 -70
If you do it right —nobody really cares what a thinker does.

“Help!” cried a man’s mind, “I’m the victim of a ‘drive-by-shooting,’
And the license plate on the car said: “The Public.”

93100 72
Some Shouting News
A man with something truly to shout about, doesn’t shout.

In neural endeavors, self-reference is always a form of self-destruction.

Humility for monks — silence for thinkers.

Stress: Givin’ civilization the bad rap.