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93108- 1
The ability to live while only half alive
Is a gift the gods have granted only to certain larva, and, you guessed it — man.

93108- 2
Understanding is to thinking as Miami is to hurricanes.
…Okay: Beaches are to waves as the mind is to consciousness, and lower summer rates. — Okay!?

93108- 3
No matter what they’re called —
All attempts at self-improvement are simply attempts at self-improvement.

93108- 4
The mind can be clever in the same way that a train can get started but then can’t stop.

93108- 5
A civilized mind is one which thinks about things that does not concern it.

An alert man is he who says: .”Even if crippled, I’d dance in my chair..”

93108- 6
In the band, one man halted and said:
.”I shall not go on with this until I know clearly, exactly who the enemy is!.”
and then sub-consciously shot himself in the temple.
The rest of the troops had a big laugh over this since
they knew I meant, .”un-consciously.” when I said, .”sub-consciously..”
Uh oh! — they just got an even larger chuckle over that one,
Since they easily recognized the attempt to cover up one lie with yet another one.
Well — Hey! guys! — gimmie a break! — it’s just civil realty we’re talking about here.

93108- 7
In the sense of, .”Now I’m getting somewhere..”
a thinker can do so while in bed, flat on his back.

…(You see, the solar system’s not going anywhere anyway.)

93108- 8
A man declared: ”Through my special methods I can put people into a trance..”
And from the crowd ran a child, who fell at his feet and-proclaimed: ”It is life! — it is life himself..”

Curls! Dead-Lifts! Wok Those Lats!
There is a type of mental exercise that requires only focus.

The future, and far-side of one man’s consciousness said to him:
”Call my number whenever you’re in town..” and the man was tempted to reply…

93108 -11
Any man’s mind can, within itself, make everybody else in the world look bad;
but then again, so can a lion– a zebra, physically.

A man said: ”I have numbered my thoughts, and colored my emotions –now what?” And something within him answered and said something;
Guess what it was, and guess what it said.

With hormones at the helm
The question of honor never arises.

A man asked his mind: ”Shall we play, ‘Question & Answer’?” And his thoughts replied: ”Why ask me!?”

Even after traveling many miles, for many years, it is still important to remember
why you began the journey.

Men with lard brains are given to composing maxims some times.

Sometimes is everyone’s favorite time of year.

All advice that men offer one another is food they’ve burnt and now won’t eat-themselves.
Don’t you just love thus time of year?

A man said: ”It is my job to mislead others..”
And someone noted: ”That’s no man — that’s a mind..”

Of what revelation is sequence if you already think in an orderly fashion!?

”He mythed,” called the umpire, ”He mythed it by a mile.”

Some believe that the Slaying Of Dragons is the slaying of one’s self;
Some believe that the Great Adventure is the discovery of one’s own self;
Yet there remain a few who see it all to be the struggle to supplant turmoil and confusion.

Conscious thinkers do not for legends good heroes make. (Nor do any who dream not.)

At the center of the mind is a clock —
— At the heart of consciousness is the longing to escape the embrace of time.

If a man realizes that he doesn’t have a certain thing,
He may then decide that he wants it;
But if he doesn’t already know what the certain thing is,
how’ll he ever know what it is!?

After observing his mind in action for a while. a man mused: ”Is what I’m watching entertainment, or an infomercial?”

The only human activity that is not obligatory in man is this.

What it is is,
What it is, and
What it is is,
Just your biz.

Once you know what you’re looking at it doesn’t matter much how you describe it.

A writer abandoned his efforts with the explanation: ”I cannot type on dirty paper..”

Using men as examples of human behavior is an easy trick, Dick.

A Doctor of Psychiatry said to a street corner commentator:
”It’s easy for you to tell the truth — you have no reputation to protect..”

Ordinary men need the concept of heroes since the whole idea of honor is so vague and elusive to them.

Everyone wants to be pushed around by some body.

A man thought:-
”Is the mind, consciousness’ 800 number? or consciousness the mind’s 800?!”

Human Existence: That local life form that makes perfectly good sense–
Until it’s named–and then must be explained.

A certain man remembered that certain experience thusly:
”I myself have visited the hot eye of the lard typhoon..”

Even if you can change external circumstances to apparently benefit your own internal condition — why bother!?

Little things mean a lot — to little people.

Only the simplistic,
Bother to be —
Opti or pessi mistic.

Each and every word hides something.

Simply being human is the supreme attempt at self-improvement.

Little things mean a lot — to little minds.

An Alien Legend from A Foreign Place:
As it turned out, everyone had it backwards: Life was just a puppet in a play man dreamed of.

A Tailoring Tip From Right Here At Home:
Any myth that does not come with two pairs of pants should be returned for a refund.

Abilities dreamed of are abilities missed — save one.

One man thought:
”When I had a terminal illness, much did I laugh..”

93108 41
On the Plains Of Hormones the concept of honor is like a virus from another world.

One man thought: ”I must be a metaphor — for I’m surely not myself!”

Once you understand what you’re trying to do it doesn’t matter what you call it -….except that until you can do it — it does matter.

Once civilized, after that, what man calls emotion is primarily lazy habit.

The First Law of local reality is: Just do what you can.
The Second is: No need to attempt more.
And the Third is: Don’t worry about it.
Note: If you accept such sucker laws then you’re the sucker.

Poetry In Motion: Age chasing those already dead.

There is a type of new sight that brings with it a form of selective deafness.

Another of The Unrecorded, Parallel Histories of Man:
As his soul shrank — likewise did his head expand.

The one alarm man cannot yet build is the one which his own mind will trip.

A man thought: ”I have the jitters, but not bad enough to do me any good..”

Everyone likes to be told what man is about — even those who think they do not.
(The above statement was the first runner up in the,”Lie Of The Century” contest.)

If man was intended to know what he was then chickens could quack, fish could fly, and ducks could swim.
(One out of three ain’t bad in anybody’s league.)

Critical thoughts and hostile emotions that are not necessary for physical survival are but hobbles on the hooves of a horseless headman.

A person pondered the question:
”If man can be in a different state then why is he not in a different state?”
And the answer is that were he not as he is, he could not ask such questions and grow.

93108 -53
One man’s secret code name was, Ramblin’ Jack Jack,
Because his real name was actually Jack, and he rambled in the land of Jack.

A more complex world is one that is non-partisan,
in the sense of how the term is presently perceived.

Thought needs no grease — and sarcasm paves its own way.

While asleep — he saw,
While seated, he yet stood;
While being man he struggled to be not, otherwise, but more so.

Men like to note that it is the noisy wheel that gets all the attention,
But a better telling of it would be to say that it is the wheel farthest from survival
That gets everything said about it.

To be civilized is to be a man in a costume who says: ”I am not in a costume..”

Mark it down to immaturity —
Mark it down to fear —
Mark it down to a lack of intelligence, but whatever you do
don’t mark it down.

A man thought: ”If I’m so smart, how come I don’t understand more!?”

A man thought: ”If I’m so smart, how come I can’t slow down!?”

A man thought: ”If I’m so smart, how come I can’t speed up!?”
— and a man thought, and thought, and thought.

Are obstacles to change without? or internally? —
Is our internal a product of the without? —
If so, then would not the without have to be a product of someone’s internal?
And if so — where does that leave the original question?

Nothing can adequately describe what you should do —
— You should just do what it is you should do.

Our brains are tied to
too many things.

Note: In the above you might do well to substitute something else for the concept of quantity.

Man is first and foremost — man;
He is second and foremost — man-incomplete.

A Conscious Man’s Motto Still Is:
First is survival — then comes thrival.

Strangling on words,
Drowning in thought;
Yet to swim we must float
Buoyed by god knows what.

A man with no aim has no center.
A man with no center has no focus.
A man with no focus wastes his time trying to get in and out of the wind.

But, What ho! — Sir Gallant-0 — with proper attention the wind is no more than, “the wind.”

The reason that people attempt to change —
— In ways both routine, and not —
Is that they coevally know that tomorrow will be just like today
and that it could be otherwise.

As regards inner space travel: You are either moving closer to the sun or else further away.

The correct name for “ordinary awareness,” (translated from the original Armenian), is: ”chump awareness.”

We’re not here to re-grade the highway, but to soup-up our engines.

93108 -70
The duty of all physical creatures is to exercise their physicality to the
Fullest extent possible;
— Same with man and his consciousness.

93108-70- (B)
The establishment of neo-consciousness in the mind
Is the setting up of a de-militarized zone.

Referring to himself and his own personal life, a man said:
” May I take all of this to be some sort of experiment!?” —
and with that, sailed far, far away.