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The News

93092- 1

There is a kind of elegance to the obvious             …once you face up to it.

93092- 2

The Wrapping and Ribbons: Those who don’t know what they’re talking about, grope for words.
The Gift Inside: It seems like everybody’s groping for words.

93092- 3

A History & Cry OF The, “Battle Cry”:

“I’m alive!”, he shouted, “Therefore I am!”; “‘Am’ WHAT?” someone asked;

“That too!” he replied.

A mind that can stop — can get off, and minds don’t want to get off.

93092- 4

Civilization: A business with no product.

Why do you think that governments are its highest achievement!?


“L” For, “Lo” — “L” For, “Lies” — “L” For, “Lo And Behold”:

Whenever he knew for sure that he wasn’t going home,

This one man would always ring ’em up and say: “I’m on the way home.”

…(Blessed “A” For, “Assurance” — [And Other Things].)


A man in the city said to a friend:

“I’ve decided I want to be a, ‘public commentator’ — what’ll it take?”

And his bud replied: “You just gotta make things sound worse than they are.” And the man asked: “How’s that possible?”

93092- 7

Cripples need cliches,

The uncertain — fashionable speech.

93092 – 8

One man told his mind: “Wake up and smell the coffee.”,

And it replied: “I don’t like coffee!”

And the man thought: “OR much of anything ELSE, as far as I can tell.”

A viewer says: “I have trouble distinguishing between my brain, and my mind.” And his mind said: “I don’t!”

93092- 9

To the come-hither calls of just past events, one man brushed them away and said: “If I was interested in nostalgia I’d go for the real thing — I’d DIE!”

93092 -10

Hormones have no honor.

Upon hearing this, a man looked around and said: “That alone, explains a lot.”


Another Excellent Example Of How Civilization Breeds, Builds & Grows:

There are people who are not so much “famous” themself as they are “kind-of famous” for being the person who cuts the hair OF someone truly famous, or fixes their toilets.

** More and more from less and less
Less & less from more and more,
And all combinations thereof.**

93092 -12

One man writes other people’s names on slips of paper, then drops them on the street.

..(He says it’s none of your damn business, why he does it.)

93092 -13

To think independently requires that you relentlessly — keep up the pressure! -And, old dear — it is you who must PROVIDE the pressure.

One man inquired of local life:

“Could I maybe, like just — have a choice? —

Like maybe I could either just: ‘Accept justice.’ -Or maybe: Swallow a live rat or something?’


Proposition: Don’t talk about those not present. Translation: Don’t talk about people’s minds.


One city observer notes:

“One advantage I guess of modern times is that now a man can become an electronic hermit.”

93092 -16

Habits — even, “bad” ones, by collective standards -Aren’t meant to be “abruptly broken,”

But rather — “strung-g-g out” —

Even in the processes of apparently stopping them.

                 (Not unlike – [I might add] — civilization itself.)

93092 -17

Hormones have no honor.

Upon hearing this, the man looked around — particularly at his own personal life, and said: “In this area that explains MORE than, ‘a lot’!”


A certain publisher,

Who was this year’s featured speaker at the Ecologists’ Annual Award Dinner, presented as his speech, this one sentence.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen: Doom-sayers are the only creatures lower on the evolutionary ladder than writers, and party-goers.”

By a show of hands, it’s already been decided not to invite him back next year.


As local conditions passed back through that certain city, on its way home,

It again took a quick reading on the general health of the people by shouting out to them: “Applaud — if you love to whine!”

93092 -20

As regards the, “Music of Speech,” a viewer writes:

“I may BE no Sonny Rollins, but I’m dumber than YOU are!”


The herd doesn’t mind individual cows questioning, or complaining about

The answers the herd provides — just as long as they keep turning to the herd

for answers.


…(Psst! — I just gotta ask: You DO KNOW that the herd is actually a “thing’; don’t you!?


Boom, Boom, Gloom:

The serious are destined to be critics!

93092 -24

Boom, Boom, Follow-up:

A critic is a happy critic.  Got cha!


Fact: A man with a “strong opinion” has a knife at somebody’s throat. Conclusion: Better his — than yours.

Even, “intellectually” — suicide should be a, “one-man sport”.


Tips For Bedazzling Boudoir Maneuvers:

Contraire to conventional wisdom-&-truisms —

A real thinker will ONLY lie in an intellectual bed that he has made.


Combination Feature for Gamblers & Warlords: Cut your past and you’ve “cut your losses.”

93092 -28

One, non-standard, civil financial ponderer

In his latest, non-printed brochure describes, “Success in City Enterprises” as having the “turd monopoly for the entire ocean floor”.

93092 -29

Music is a “mystery” only to the tone deaf.


A viewer contacts us to say:

“I AM pondering & thinking-about what you might be a’meanin’ by that twice-time used term — ‘The Heedless Horseman’.
Yes — just a’ponderin’ — and a’thinkin’.”

He prods me to now wonder

Who will be first to reflect on the implications of — “Taking merry go rounds to dazzling new heights! -If not into — totally new dimensions”!?

93092 -31

…And all of this hullabaloo

Seemed to cause one man to say to his sister:

“What need has a man with a burglar alarm for White-Out!?”

M.C.T.N.– (Might Care To Note), that:

Everything can be “corrected,” save death.

Should this make you re-think the notion that death is somehow a “mistake”?!?

…In this regard, the sister says, she ain’t talking!

93092 -32

As the child headed off for the first time to the city the father told him this: “Over there, it doesn’t matter much,

What you try to do,

But if you don’t try anything,

It matters then to you.”

93092 -33


“Hey — why talk about the inevitable?”

“You mean other than because you’re ordinary?” “Right-t-t!”


“Range News”– A’Movin’ This Way:

One kid told a calf buddy:

“The more complex things get around here, the more perverse it seems to the old folks.”


Habit is to the middle class as drugs are to bohemians.


In Re the Matter Of “Local Fate”:

Trying to help a man who IS going to drown can only make him go down faster.


Convo –(as in — “Convo-sation”) — Revisited:

“Hey — why talk about the inevitable?”

“To keep from noticing how obvious it is?”

“Right-t-t, dude!”


Dance is a “mystery” only to those with no rhythm.


Supportive Hint Number Six for The Civilized, Yet, “Still-Troubled”:

If you don’t act as though your individual life is somehow more important than you feel it to truly be,

There’s a distinct likelihood that it will not even be of what little significance it actually is.


“Okay”, says a viewer,

“I tried thinking about things I’d never thought about before — and I didn’t like it! Plus      —           I couldn’t DO it!”


One attraction of politics is that it is the only field a fool can enter, and immediately be taken seriously.

…and also: When a man gets power, he no longer worries as much about his intelligence.


The simple are easily challenged.


Definitions Desk time:

Rituals: Habits, “fancy-named”.

The question then becomes: What does a sheep in wolf’s clothes eat when only real food is available?


An old artist is no longer an artist.


In one sense,

A thinker is the only, truly, “self-employed”

In that he is the only one who will pay him to think,

And the only one from whom he will accept payment TO think.


Our Hymn For The Day

The crude and everyone else,
Lets- hormones get ’em down;

But none but the dumb, otherwise.


A Follow-Up To Another Recent Story:

Many who live in the city, live in mines —               that is: Underground.

93092 -48

One inanimate object said to another one: “Man! — can you believe the nerve of people!?”


After complaining & whining,

If someone tells you: “Welcome to the club.”

Be aware that you’ve been greeted by the world’s LARGEST social organization.


During a particularly friendly and frisky interlude,

Local physical conditions said to the mortal involved:

“Did you ever really consider how deeply intellectual awareness works on man in spite of the fact that it hardly actually exists!? —

Such as in the fact that without a consciousness of death there IS no death!?”


Internal Fairy Tale Miscellanea for Inner City Dwellers:

An “Eater’s Ending”: “And they lived metabularly ever after.”


Every real thinker is an artist of some kind.


How Generations, Come-And-Go, And Some Times Faster Than Others:

The more civilized the herd, the less regard calves have for their genetic elders.


One man had this hand-written note he took with and would show whenever he visited a branch bank of the Federal Reserve System, or the Philosophy Department of any major university, and it said: “Show me your muffins.”

One of them was less amused than the other.

Institutions’ sense-of-humor falls somewhere on an intensity scale between a dentist’s and a tax auditor’s —

A lack of the, “funnies” is partly what institutions are about, however.


Now for our feature of: “News That EVERYONE Likes to Hear About”;

Most really great thinkers are unappreciated, less than extraordinarily well-off financially, not particularly well-known, and not especially good-looking, or sexy.

…(See! — I told you you’d like it!)


A certain city man,

(Passing himself off as a “father”),

Said to this one kid:

“There are two ways to handle people who are critical of you:

One is to — compliment them on their clothes;

The other is to cut them. It’s your call -It’s your choice.

That’s how things ARE – ‘in town’.”


Diagnosis: All opinions are a form of attempted — “self-hypnosis”. Patient’s Question: “Did you say, ‘attempted’?”


Our Head Writer here at the News Show asks us to read this statement to try and make a certain matter, “clear”, (or at least, clear-ER):

“Although we present many reports and stories telling how there IS no, “Great Conspiracy” —        there of course — IS. Thank you.”


Song From The City:

I may be cripple, I may be lame;

In my pocket,

In my brain.

So! — I’m stupid,

And I ain’t rich;

I don’t care — long as I can bitch!

93092 -60

Finality, Revisited:

Remember this — No trip to the city is ever complete…   


At times as he’d watch his mind begin to wander off, this one man would ask himself: “Why go out to fun if you’re already pissed? ii


Battle News — From “Certain” Views:

Neurons grant no amnesty, and hormones can’t.

93092 -63

The, “Two Kinds Of People” Observer, observes for us the following:

“There are two kinds of people in the world:

Those who — when reading a sentence whose last word is to be emphasized -Will lower their voice,

And those who will raise theirs.”


Under a tree,

Under the shade,

And under his breath, So sang one man:

I’m the –Idiot son of an idiot son; No need to guess my lineage.

93092 -65

Fact: The muddier the thought and talk, the more efficient it is for city affairs.


“Hey —  come on”, said a Cheshire to a parakeet,

“What’s all this talk about cats-and-birds about, any way!?”


Meanwhile —

Sometime after the reading of one earlier news story a viewer faxes in this message: “Sirs: Regarding the item you presented that said:

‘Every real thinker is an artist of some kind.’ —

I want to ask you: Do you say that just to make me feel good?”

Dear Viewer: Did it?

“Yes, it did.”

See! — it worked!

93092 -68

Art is a “mystery” only to men with no talent -Thinking — to cows in a collective.


Complimenting hormones won’t help!


A short fact,

Is a happy fact;

Unless it applies to you!

93092 -70

We are indebted to a correspondent for the following idea:

“Being civilized is about like trying to become a hero on purpose — it hardly ever works.”


One thinker had a rather simple and direct attitude towards all habits: “Go to hell!”


Used technology is ugly technology.


The central intellectual by-product of everyday life, (by way of man), is — excuses.

93092 –73

One guy’s latest attitude:

“Hey! — if I knew what I was talking about I probably wouldn’t be agreeing with you.”


On this one world it was proposed that only the innocent be allowed to serve on juries, thus did all juries come to be composed of the living.


Any time he had to seek medical treatment

This one man always used a fictitious name — so, (he said), That if he died, the authorities couldn’t notify anyone.


One young Prince asked his old man, (aka, The King): “Say, Pops —

Which is worse —

To ask someone to, ‘pay you for counseling’, or to Stick your dick in their pocket?”

93092 -76 (B)

Alert! Number One Hundred & Four, (or so):

There is no such creature as, “useful advice” passed between people -…The exception being, (perhaps), among real thinkers —

…But then it’s no longer called, “advice” — now is it!?

93092 -77

Neurons see hormones dying and think: “My god! — who can I turn to now!?”

                 (This is the overall basis for much of man’s institutional life — You can identify the specifics.)

93092 -78

It appears that we have time now for one more definition of our old bud: The Neural City: Where the imaginary pursues the illusory.

Well, say, Jerrel, that reminds me of a related one:

Civilization: The magical transformation of:
Verbs into nouns,

Services into goods,

Actions into objects — and

The intangible made to seem totally otherwise.

Hey — well done, Pat!     —             relevant indeed! —

                 And I guess we have time to take just one more shot at the first one again:

The Neural City of Man: The place where everybody’s — SOME kinda guy.


Every generation, the collective devours itself;

In contrast — an individual thinker consumes his own mind.


The Rhyme and Warning of The Ancient Thinker:

Stick out your teeth,

Suck in your gums;

I’ve got a thought, and — H-e-r-e i-t c-o-m-e-s!

“So!”, said the raven to the albatross, “You ain’t talkin’ either!?”

93092 -81

Those unpredictable intellectual activities, unique to each individual thinker are more a matter of relentlessness than discipline.

93092 -82

The unsettling news is that: Without originality — nothing is possible, And the good news is that — WITH it — everything is.


Don’t drive on no ugly bridge.


Tonight’s the night for the annual re-reading of what is perhaps our most popular story:

Your genetics is my environment — and mine, yours.


Only the ordinary believe that they can change —

A thinker doesn’t deal in beliefs.

Face It: A real thinker ain’t much of ANY, “kinda-of-a-guy”!

Son Of “Face It”:

* Don’t drive on no UGLY bridge! *