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The News

93088- 1

Being partisan takes no practice -Neither does being ordinary,
Routine, Every-day, Hum-drum & stupid!
…or anything ELSE that —
(May-god-have-mercy-on-us) — comes “natural”.

93088- 2

One man said to the older, more settled part of his mind:
“If you’re going to try and keep up with how, and what I’m now thinking,
Rather than me doing a running translation/explanation for you,
 You do your own simultaneous commentary that reminds you:

It’s all just as it seems’ —
and at NO time — EVER lose sight of the ‘wall’.”

93088- 3-

The Reality Of Mortal Morality Conclusively Noted:
What is goodness and righteousness but power!?
                — power unique;
 The ability to exercise what men dream of as being certain –
“Manly talents” — via the intellect.
The full realization of this would be, “True Morality”.
Thus it is that if there is any real “terror” to man
It is not in his potential! —
Not in his potential to ultimately execute
All of those powers singular to the human mind,

But rather in his eternal, natural inability to do so.

931088- 4

A man thought: “It’s getting harder to take the ‘serious’ seriously.”
Arid still another man mused: “If it weren’t for ‘punctuation’, I’d be home by now.”

93088- 5

The secret son of a secret sun sang this little song:
Thinking, thinking, All is thinking; Everything else is, Simply dreaming.
The real, inalterable reason earthlings’ myths, legends and religious dreams
Can’t be, “seen-in-reduction” as:
Is because no one wants to!

                (Least wise,
Bad enough
To do anything extraordinary about it.)

93088- 6

A man without potential,
Is not a real man.


A man without potential,
Has no real tomorrow.

93088- 8

Living in herds
Is one method whereby
Those with no originality seek to submerge the fact.

93088- 9

Anyone who tells you they don’t, “lend out their brains”, Is for sure, no real thinker.

** Use it! –
Lose it! — or,
Never have it in the first place. **
After watching our show,             
A viewer says:   
“After watching your show           —             I just — ‘can’t go on’!      
Of course I never could! —           
But before now — I never REALIZED IT!    Thanks, bunches!”


Tell me — How can man be a suitable object for censure!?:
Hormonally — he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing! —
And Neurally      — he’s not SUPPOSED TO!
Only a man who tries to think more than is necessary,
Has any right to ever feel guilty —
— And of course — by his own actions, he’s already gone beyond this possibility.
Further down the midway, a cookie-butcher hummed to himself: “If justice was any sweeter,
Sugar would be passe.”


A Child’s Garden Of Tips:
Only the dumb will settle for being normal.


Allegories, Fitfully Mangled & Manhandled, As Well They SHOULD Be:
The unanalyzed desire for, “permanent, stable answers”
Is like the ship-wrecked searching for a totally deserted, and devastated island.

Arid “down below” —
The folksy oarsmen begin to sing that old folksy, rowing song:
“Oh —
I gotta plan,
You gotta plan,
An god’s chillin got a plan; And when we get to heaven -Believe it or not —
We gonna
Have mo’ plans than ever -Ever,
Ever —
Gonna have more plans than ever.”


How Biology Expands In Man:
Man is the only animal that will not only stop and turn around To watch a burning pile of shit,
But will change directions so as to step in it.


Rule # 1, (or 2, perhaps): If you don’t like it don’t look at it.


Of ALL the creatures -On this WHOLE planet —
Man is the ONLY one who will —
Both physically AND intellectually              go on blind dates.

A certain lion,
Who periodically tries to, “take-up-thinking”, thought:
“A creature who doesn’t get ‘accused’
Will never amount to much.”

And one kid told his own kid:
“Even if you don’t ‘get it’                —           SAY you do.”


When you’ve got to pay for something any way -And then you struggle against it —
It just makes it cost more.


Though unwritten —
City, “Intellectual Ordinances”
Require that everyone keep their mind, “On a leash”.

“Well, thankfully”, sighed one man,
“At LEAST they don’t make you, ‘clean-UP’ after it!”

Telex: If you let them tell you what to do in one area —
You’ll let them tell you what to do in all   —
And that, (kind, communications-fans), is how:
Herds, institutions, civilizations — and other various forms of foolishness -GET started.


How Neurons — Still Running On A Strong HORMONAL-Mix — Tend To Make You Look At It:
The past is “serious”! —
And the present – (if indeed it does actually exist) — probably — MORE SO!

But, Razor-Thinkers — as always:
When the crude attempt to so-Physically speak,
They always in part — MIS-speak.


On his make-believe, private headstone, one thinker mentally inscribed this living epitaph:

My body may rot,
And my smile may fade,
But my mind’s gonna boogie forever.”


The Royal Priest asked the Minister Of Finance:
“What do you call a mystic who can ‘think’?”,
And the money-muser replied: “Shh! — don’t let His Grace hear you talking like that!”


To suit its own purposes —
One set of local intellectual conditions updated an adage for itself:

“A man convinced against his will
Is fine with me — is fine with me.”

Power comes in all flavors —
And while they taste like Neapolitan — they’re all Vanilla.


And now I believe that Lionel has a definition for us — don’t you Lionel!?
 Yes, thanks Mort, I do — and here it is:
Today’s, “Activated Thoughts”: Bubblegum for tomorrow’s POTENTIAL.

“Ahhh”, ruminated one reclining man, “I shall riot! —
Before it is time,
And it is —
(Friends and neighbors) —
Alll Ways-s-s      TIME! “


More actual: “Anatomical Anomalies”:

Instead of having a “right and left” hemisphere to his brain
This one man had: “This side”, and the, “I-Told-You-So” side.


Do Not Ask: “For Whom Understanding And Logic Tolls”

The quicker the herd — the faster it moves;
The quicker the herd — the more likely it’s being run by some individuals.
…(I told you not to ASK!)


A Backyard Song For Hormones & Neurons:

Sings the latter:
Rolling in the dirt can
Make you happy,
But a muddied up mind can
Make you sappy.

“Would you listen at that Irving! —
I’m telling you the truth —          
they just don’t write ’em like that anymore!”,
“Sure they do, George, it’s just that everybody’s EARS keep on a’changin’.”


How Life Naturally Provides Psychological Counseling For All:

Everyone’s born — immediately feeling like they, “can’t go on!”

Both local conditions,
And thinkers-of-note
Knowlingly nod when the former says:
“What’s good for me is good for everybody.”

* A hard lesson to learn —
One impossible, for the routine. *


The Instructor explained it thusly:
“In physical conflicts,
The reason the combatants are referred to as, ‘Armed forces’
 Is to distinguish them from neural ones, wherein,
The adversaries are NOT so equipped.”


One race fan has concluded that the starting gun for, “Progress” hasn’t been fired yet.


The Rhyme of The Ancient and Eternal Man

My mind-mouth connections is like the Beak of a pelican,
Whose oversized bill can hold
More than his betty can;
In seconds my Pips can make plain
Matters entirety unknown to my brain -And I’m
Damned if I know why the hell can.


As he began to privately explore new areas of the woods, one man thought:
“Words sure are noisy    —
And they weigh a lot more than I ever realized.”


The dumb want help —
                the dumb need help.

And on top of it all, a real thinker thinks:
“Rather than remain dumb — I’d rather not have ANYTHING!”
…(“Hey!”             threw in local conditions, “That can be arranged TOO!” …
And the thinker thought: “Don’t you WISH!”])


Another Page — Another View:

Myths, dreams, and religious allegories are
Tomorrow’s nightmares as lived through man today.

An unusual child thought:
“A simple map is a dangerous map.”

* The reason our galaxy’s large and complex Is so the cartography never stays still. *


A Kind Of, “Rule Of Thumb” For The Greasy-Fingered:

If your thinking won’t eat everybody else’s thinking alive! –
Then your thinking’s no better than their thinking.


One man attempted to “make friends” with the inanimate objects around him —
And they laughed at him behind his back.


How Science Fiction Might NOT Be Fiction After All:

There already IS such a thing as a, “Time machine” — man’s mind! — hold it,
 I’m not finished yet —
— Only problem is             — it only runs backwards!


This two-way communication,
Recently between us and a viewer, (beginning with the latter):
“Is, ‘Intellectual-rebellion’ the proper term?”
“Then what is?”
Still         — “No”.

Now on to our Quiz:
How many viewers do you guess, “get it”? —
How many civilians do you figure “KNOW-WHY” they act civilly?
…Do we have with us any “Advanced Contestants,”
Who might care to take this line of inquiry
On into the area regarding “The Stupid”, and “Stupidity”?               (Yeah, I thought not.)


One guy advertised himself as: “Perhaps the Most Intelligent Man Alive”,
Admitting that, “Perhaps” is an awfully-y-y big world —
But then further adding that his mind is — •perhaps — even larger.


More — Employment News:
If you can think —           every day’s pay day.


In a confrontation, one man asked himself:
“You don’t really think that I’m ‘sub human’, do you!?”,
And responded: “No — just substandard.”


Without a sense of originality — everyone’s the same       everyone’s a cow.


One man finally asked himself:

“Just WHO do you think you ARE?” — and couldn’t answer.


Some New Wrapping for A Thinker’s Potential Birthday Gift:

When you set the new part of the woods on fire — you’ll know it.

Those who believe that the word, “fun” has been defined with finality,
are “full-of-it”!  —             and I DON’T mean — “fun”!


Those who take city life seriously
Will inescapably take themselves seriously, mistakenly so.


Few are those
Anxious to pay someone to
Set their woods on fire.


Another Way To Tell If You’re A “Real Thinker”, Or Not — Via, “Self-Examination”:

If your own mind is NOT your favorite form of entertainment —
Then you’re probably     (well, I’m sure you can finish it from here!)


Few be those
Prepared to pay someone to
Set their woods ablaze.


Here is one man’s personal principle in a certain, shall we say, “area”: (We now quote him directly):
“It is my policy NEVER to engage in ANY business, or commercial transactions
In which there are ANY conditions, restrictions, or limitations of any sort.
And — No! — I do not care to define with any more specificity,
Just what I may include in the term: ‘Business, or commercial transactions’.”


A New Myth:

Tis said that on one world,
One day, civilization was suddenly seen for what it was — and it perforce, disappeared.

93088 -49

Bent Hint:

Many people attempt to “dramatize” their lives,
Just so’s it’ll seem more dramatic.

Hey! — don’t say that I didn’t tell-you! — BUT, If LIFE should ask —
Don’t say that I DID, either.


The difference between a domesticated rabbit and a wild hare is that
The latter’s ears stand up straight —
Same, neurally, as the difference between the ordinary and an independent thinker.


For ordinary minds — “Living-in-the-present” is strictly an illusion.


One man has a verbal maneuver he uses on real serious people
When they seem to suspect that he is not taking them seriously enough! —
He will suddenly look quite sincere and intellectually-apologetic and say:
“Oh! — I didn’t KNOW you were being serious about it.”


“Tis true”, admitted the doctor,
“Fear, can immobilize a man
But so can, ‘being alive’.”


Every morning,
At the crack of dawn,
One man would look at himself in the bathroom mirror and say:
“Okay — if you’ve got anything better to do — DO IT!”,
 And his reflection would often counter with:
“Did you say anything better to ‘DO”, or to, ‘BE’!?”

Boy! — I’ll tell you! —
Some guys who live with themselves have ALL-L-L the fun!


And —
There was also this other man who,
More times than once,
Said to himself:
“It should be quite plain to you by now that I do NOT do, ‘interviews’!”


Then there was yet this other man — who,
Rather than getting entangled in a prolonged dialogue — would,
 First thing every morning,
Give himself just a fleeting glance and say — “Bill me!”


So as to keep the other children from feeling ill-at-ease, and left-out,
The strange dance instructor told them:
“It’s nothing special — it’s just the, ‘Intellectual Boogie’.”
                 (But she lied — and she knew she lied.)


Family wisdom passed from one father to a son:
“Never fail to take into account the, ‘X-Factor’! —              even if you don’t know what it is.”

930 88 -59

The, “Get-Down Guide of Poetry” told the travelers:

“If the —
‘Roads that diverge in the wood’,
Do not diverge within you,
They do not — (dear friends) -Diverge at all.”

Scientific Corollary:

Those without, “much-of-a-chance”,
Have no chance at all.


The terrain doesn’t change           —           just the maps.


There are these things known to thinkers as:

“3rd, 4th, Even 5th, ‘Steps-Removed-From-Reatity’ Explanations”.


The living terrain,
Does not so much “change” — as does one’s
 Knowledge of the lay of the land.