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The News

93083- 1.

Attributing to men, certain, “human attributes”
Is one-way men try to ignore certain specifics of local conditions.


Everything’s connected —
But only those things are REALLY connected that man’s mind SAYS are.

93083- 3

The dumb die young.

93083- 4

The dumb die young       and the simplistic never get much of a foothold to begin with.


The dumb die young — and the simplistic never get much of a foot-hold to begin with —
But to, “man-the-collective” — none of this is of any significance.

93083- 6

Genes, and the “environment-OF-genes”
Thus proves to be of little interest or consequence EXCEPT TO
The stray individual — here-&-there —     who non-aggressively attempts to
Separate from the herd and cut his own fresh, neural trail.

In Other Words: In the everyday, civilized, collective-world-of-man,
It really doesn’t matter much in what shape you were born,
Or into what particular conditions —        UNLESS you
Plan to become more than a man is mentally required to be.

93083- 7

The City: That diaphanous locale herein ethereal matters are debated
Just as seriously as those of true life and death.


An, Intellectual, Housekeeping Tip:
Finding it impossible to rid themselves of their roaches,
One family began painting all of theirs, bright, cheerful colors.

93083- 9

To fully enjoy the pleasures of civilization
You must take its invented subjectivity as being pre-established and objective.


Thus, spaketh one pater to the “crop of his crotch” — (A father told his kid):
“You can forget about ambrosia —
In the city, the intellectual, ‘food-of-the-gods’ is


Some, “Are You Sure It’s A Joke!?” news:
To the ordinary — everything’s the “set-up,”
To a thinker — everything’s the “punch-line.”


The Intelligence Of The Collective: Inaneness, brought to you courtesy of a group.


A simple mind can BE a happy mind as long as it never suspects it might could be otherwise.

And a rather contented viewer writes to tell us: “Why don’t you – SHUT UP!”


Safety Reminder:
Only serious people can be insulted.


One man notes:
“Now that I’ve gotten the door open, I can’t seem to get it back shut.”


And now an item taken from the convicts own, in-house prison paper — some:
“Hard Timer’s News For Those Doing, ‘Hard Time’.”
A civilized man is a sissified man.

Outsider’s Addendum: Not only are we all, “veterans” – but ex-cons as well.
…(AND — [as previously noted] -Hardly anyone is thereof aware.)

Over by the west wall, a thrice convicted, “paper-hanger’ sniffs and observes:
“Well, then if a dead man is no longer a, ‘civilized man,’
Then a dead man should no longer be placed in the ‘sissy’ category — what!?”

Fact: The human brain starts OFF as a soft, runny organ,
And men mostly just make it WORSE!


One kid,
During a summer break outing,
Just as he was starting to become less “kid like,”
Stopped and thought:
“Do grown ups really want, answers to their questions,
Or just new roller coaster rides to safely give them, fresh chills!?”

Above the entry arch at this one unknown university was the motto.:
Some Times We Thinketh That the Human Mind Is A TERRIBLE Thing to Waste on Most Humans.”

As they went through a new configuration, at very high speed,
A man turned to his sister next to him and asked:
“Do you think I may be about to have a real thought –
Or am I just about to throw-up!?”


Talk: The poor man’s form of entertainment — (and sometimes, food.)


One neat thing is that a man with a bad memory can enjoy the same thing more than once.
And a viewer writes: “Didn’t you just do that one several nights ago?


And yet another viewer writes:
“I agree with the viewer who wrote you before —
I too find that the word ‘query’ makes me a bit queasy.”


Instead of focusing on specific professions,
(Such as: reporting, politics, banking, and religion),
Let’s expand our little “quiz” by putting in these terms:
What could be more pathetic, repulsive, and preposterous than a
Serious” man who has no individual idea at all as to what might actually BE serious
About being a human, and being alive!?


Let’s take another run at a particular definition:
Talk: Just what it sounds like.


Now, for all you “environment fans,” some
News from the world of “fungiblecides”:
Every man is exemplary of every other man —
Except that a real thinker is indicative of no one but himself         and just barely THAT!


Another pretty good way to tell if you’re fairly civilized or not
Is to consider just how much your money; reputation, and possessions mean to you,
Which you’ve collected to make up for the “other stuff you don’t have.-

And a viewer asks:
“Well, is it possible to be just, ‘civilized’, AND be able to think also?” —
Well, yes — but it becomes a question of just what it is that you think ABOUT.


The simplistically-hungry go off on mystical quests,
While those who’ve “complexed-up” their own thinking have gone someplace else.


One man looked at the entertainment prominently available in the city and thought:
“So THAT’S how hard up their minds are for something to do.”


Religion: A child’s map of the universe.


For you history buffs,

Here’s a little-known fact concerning the unrecorded chronology of human development:
Civilization actually began on the day that local conditions gave a red bird a blue bird costume.

For his own wellbeing, and as a challenge —
One man forcefully removed the word, “secret” from his mind.


Well, I guess we’ve surely had our share of the “serious” news thus far — so, okay! –
Something a little lighter for the kids in our viewing audience:
A long idea is the same as a short idea — except that it’s longer.

Some time, later that same news day, a red bird observed:
“Whenever I’m in my blue bird outfit, I never know quite what to sing!?”

…Shhh-h-h’        was that we just heard, by any chance,
The audible reality of civilization itself!?

* Quick!               put the grown-ups to bed! *


Medical Update:
A man-with-a-tumor doesn’t have TIME to “ask questions.”

Philosophical Flash-Ahead:
Neither does one with an ordinary mind.


Near a city park,
As he looked down into the Well of Loneliness
Pondering the reflection of Heartbreak Hotel, —
And wondering how he came to believe that he was a
Stranger In A Strange Land, And yet could Never Go Home Again,
The man suddenly slapped himself and said:
“Snap OUT of it, old man! — My GOD! — Don’t TAKE IT so hard! —
After all — it’s JUST-T-T — ‘civilization-at-work’!”


One man says now that he’s begun to be conscious of how much of his individual thinking
Is nothing more than unrealized plagiarism from the collective,
He’s adopted his own private rejection of the kinds of things his mind ordinarily wants to say.

And to add a pinch of poetic irony, he has put the sentiment in these words:
“Quote the ‘maven’ nevermore. — Maven, my ASS!”


One man’s prayer: “God save me from Symbolism — from Metaphors, I can protect myself.”


A serious artist is NO artist.


Man is also sentiently unique to this planet in that
He is the sole creature who can, “die from both ends.”

— “Ah so! Mister Chan, but he a aliso the only one who can LIVE, likewise!”


Some Sports News:
The two teams, generally in championship contention over in this other solar system,
Are: The Red-Bird Silly Twits,
And: The Blue-Bird Serious Sorts.

And I — Skipper Reed — your sincere sports reporter –
Have no prognostication to make in this contest.


And returning again to our Definitions Desk, we find this entry:
Being REALLY Civilized: The attempt to “cure” being merely — civilized.


…Interesting idea, Vic, and here’s a related description:
Human Progress: Substitute for progress.


…Whoa!– nice story, Sherman, but try this one on:
Human Regression: Human progress as seen by the even less evolved.


Excerpt from the, “Thinker’s, Intellectual Discomfort Index”:
When it’s hot in the city — it’s hot EVERY where! —
— Leastwise, obviously, for those who live IN the city.

A viewer wonders:
“Could a real-thinker just be just someone who can both, ‘Live-in-the-city’, and NOT, simultaneously!?”

You could ask yourself this personal question:
“Does man live in civilization, or civilization, in man?”

….Or, instead of being shot out of a cannon, this performance,
You might inquire of yourself, this version:
“Do thoughts exist in man, or man in thoughts?”


Partisan Thinking: Non-clotting agents for bovine minds.

93083 -4 2

Under routine city conditions —
Men believe that they are just as important as ideas are.

…(Do I have to repeat this one!? —
Expand it — confound it,
And just generally, “pound the hell out’it” —
Or can we leave it at that, and you do your own proper part IN the news!?)

And a viewer says: “I got nuthin’ to say.”


The blood that drives a thinker’s brain is of a different mix.

93083 44

As men became civilized,
talk was intended s a substitute for certain homicides;
yet now — men can kill one another with words.

Channel Note: For any new viewers to our show, let me point out to you that around here –
Even that which may sound-like. — “bad news” — AIN’T!
…(See! — once you begin to intellectually experience this,
Is the way you can tell if you’re a “Real Viewer-&-News-Hound” or not.)


Now from our, “Allegory,(I THINK), Desk”:
Sports Reporter: A Theology Reporter who doesn’t have to wear a tie.

…Hey, that’s pretty good! — that makes me think of other such definitions
We could do about, Weathermen, Health Reporters, Financial Analysts,
And even just us plain, Anchorpeople —
                BUT        I think I’ll just let it slide.


…A tuba-playing viewer wrote in to object.


Do not look to galleries, libraries, or museums –
In a 3-D world, the original is writ in dust.

93083 -48

Do not look to galleries, libraries, or museums —
The original is writ in dust by individuals
Then daily reproduced by the unthinking movements of the herd.

9 3083 -49

Now for an item from our, “Foreign Literary Desk”
According to the mythology from this other galaxy,
The REAL, “God OF gods” — the supreme, ultimate, “big-time-one,”
Would be one with, “no shoulders”! — over which to EVER — “look back.”

I don’t know about YOU, (good viewer),
But I can also take that as a fair-to-middlin,’
Good-time-description of a
REAL, earth-bound, THINKER.


A dog said:
“The best thing about being a dog is, having a master,”
And immediately some cows, sheep, and men nodded their agreement.


The collectively held belief that one should always be trying to, “do better,”
 Is simply the certainty an individual has that he should “be more original.”


The final definition of any word or concept is — silence-on-the-matter.

93083 -53

Some good financial news for those living in the city:
Everyone is living on a “fixed income,”
But it really doesn’t matter much since there’s actually nothing new to buy over there anyway

And a man reacts:
“Well, kick me in the clavicle, and gag me on some Oysters Rockefeller.”

93083 54

“Name droppers” are those withOUT an intellectual name OF their own.
Heroes: Night-vision for fish.


And now another hilarious adventure with those two zany characters — Neurons & Hormones:

Neurons: Things that look for excuses;
Hormones: The things that MAKE ’em look.


And now a Team Report,
Brought to us through the combined efforts of our: Bio, Anthro, and Zoo ological Investigative Units:

Another remarkable distinction between man and any of the other higher primates is that
If he, (man), doesn’t HAVE a headache — he, (man), can GET ONE!

9 30 83 -57

Rather than verbally noting the more easily identified “extremes” of human activity,
Let’s hit a definition right down the old middle
For the good old middle-class:
An Ordinary Man: One who’s “half-civilized” — and half not.


The thing about the intellect at city level is that:
If you think you’re free — you are,
And if you think you’re not — you’re not.


Those who’ve worked their way up to “living in penthouses”
Don’t want to believe that there are men still toiling in the basement.


Question: Is there ANY aspect of man’s singular life that cannot be made to seem ridiculous?
Answer:               Are you KIDDING ME?’

93083 -61

…And as a public service — a follow-up,”Urban Survival Tip” to that last story”:
A, “man-with-a-question” coming at you, Is like a mugger with a bad bagel.


Only riders criticize the merry go round —
And only slower-witted cattle continue to look around for the source of “the smell.”

For the unexpected, and totally, unnecessary — “sake of clarity” —
We’d like to add that: Man, (mentioned metaphorically as, “cattle” in the above),
Does not “smell,” stink, or be in otherwise fashion — offensive;
The most subtle, yet direct point of the picturization is the
Normally unrecognized fact that any “questionable aroma”
Arises, in fact, FROM his acts OF criticism.


What do you call cows and sheep that live in cities? — Men.


Man’s most important job is to keep his genes going;
A thinkers most important job is not to think about it.


Okay — no more fooling around! -The final, the supreme, the ultimate;
“Scientific Explanation of Why EVERYTHING Works Exactly Like It Does”:

Because that’s the way it WANTS to!


The belief-in, “secret knowledge,”
Is the same as the certainty-that, one could be, “more original.”

93083 67

We are pleased to inform you that the only cure for, “being human” is to be MORE human.