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No matter what you “call it ” — it’s still the mind.


Civilization can cause hormones to do strange things.


No matter what you “call it”–     it’s still the mind.

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After a quick study of the people running the project, the man thought:
“Well — you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a rocket scientist.”

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A complete man is a happy man — unless of course they completed him in the wrong way.

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In the privacy of his own mind,
One man would be sarcastic with himself only whenever he was unoriginal in his thinking.

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From afar, institutions look serious–from up close, they look stupid.

Thus, announceth all of higher rank: “Stand back!”

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And now for another fine example of: “The Laws Of YOUR Universe, On The Job — In Action”:
Simple minds think on simple matters.

And a viewer writes:
“I appreciate the form in which that last story was presented — that is: “The descriptive Title came first — and THEN the item itself, rather than the other way around. (I’m also pleased when it works that way in my own life.)”

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Many fear they’ll be “done in” by their own evil—few, their stupidity.


Whenever collective thinking would try and enter this one family’s home,
The father would direct the young ones to:
“Let ’em in the side door — away from the gene pool, if you can.”


A herd is no friend of originality. —
— It’s not supposed to be              —
— But that still doesn’t alter the fact that it’s not.


The way most people look at it is that —
Hormones are free, but neurons cost                      … or is it the other way around?


The man explained:       
When I suddenly look up,
From the corner of my eye I see the shadow of a stranger in my bedroom.”
And the Doctor dismissed it by saying: “Ahh, it’s just an optical trick.”

And the man thought: “Well,       hell — so’s everything else.”


One city told the people: “Go to pieces on your OWN time!”
And they replied: “But we don’t have any time of our own.” —
so it gave ’em some.


Some, “Wise Words”:
If you, “don’t wanna think” — stay home,
                Hey! — thanks a lot — wise GUY!
No need to thank us sir, it’s our JOB to help! —
                Well-ll….not so much to “help” actually, as it is to SAY that we will —
You do grasp the difference don’t you? — Good.


And One man said: “I may be dumb — but I’m fashionable — and that’s all that counts! —
                 around here.”

“And always remember,” his teacher said, “Never start a sentence with the word, ‘And’ __
It’s outdated, passé, gauche, and totally un-rad!”

And the city agreed: “Flunk that chump!”

And meanwhile, over at the dictionary desk was discovered this entry:
An Independent Thinker: The world’s first truant.


For his, Daily Ponder, last Tuesday, one man took this one: “What do atoms want to be when they grow up?”


Neural “Hope & Faith” Clarified for Your Listening Pleasure:
The desire for water to run up hill in front of YOUR house.

Hey! — what are institutions FOR!? — Hey! hey!, hey!

                (Hey, I didn’t hear institutions mentioned in the first part.)

Announcement: Institutions don’t have to conform to proverbial expectations.
They can, for instance –(if they so choose) —
“Walk REAL-L-L REAL-L-L softly,
And carry an INVISIBLE stick!” —
— One that can knock the shit out of whole civilizations.


In his own sophisticated defense one man said:
“I may be simple — but at least I’m not complex!”


And then one man pretended to BE an institution —
Just so he could get better water & sewer rates.

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Then, over in another jurisdiction,
There was this man who pronounced to his own mind:
“This ain’t no democracy –
This ain’t no republic —
This ain’t even a tyranny!             this is just ME.”

And now this item from our trusty, “Spotter’s Guide”:
Another way you can identify him is that an independent thinker
Never takes himself in for — “repairs.”


One day, one city announced:
“Hence forth —
Any one old enough to have a bed will have to make their own,
AND be responsible for whomsoever sleeps in it.”
And before EVERYONE had fainted, or gone mad, added: “It was JUST a joke!”


And now a feature for all of the mystically inclined in our viewing audience:
The mind is SO clever
That when it wishes to conceal something within itself,
It will tell men that it is actually secreted in a near, inaccessible cave
On the other side of the world.

* Tricky little devils–       those mind things! *


Herds think of “togetherness” as everybody tramping through everybody else’s shit.

But — Hey! — that’s why they’re “cows,” and men are just faux so’s.


Okay then —
Let’s pop back over now to the Definitions Desk for this entry:
The Standard Human Intellect: Disneyland of the brain.


More Unscheduled Info Regarding How Hormones & The City Actually Work:
All “Peace talks” are doomed to failure — since peace has nothing to do with “talk.”


A partisan is never original.


Collective people can be happy people, ’cause they don’t have to KNOW any better.


Criticism: The collapse of originality.

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While delivering a sarcastic attack on
Employees’ claims of job-related “stress,”
This one man had a seizure! —
— And Captain Irony said: “I told you I’d get you!”


Literary, (And Life), Definition Time Again:
Editor: A critic with worn out hormones.


…and, meanwhile:

A dumb kid once asked his equally shaky old man:
“Do critics ever become artists?”
And an hour later the codger replied: “Do the dead ever live!?” —
(And the kid kicked him square in the codger holders.)


A Three Eyed View Of Matters:
If you’re sufficiently original you won’t have TIME to criticize.


If you’d like to maybe get an idea of about where man presently stands
On the wide road life is taking to somewhere,
Consider that when a man dies, his obituary lists the number of children he had,
His business, the churches and organizations to which he belonged,
And any honors and recognitions awarded him by his peers,
But it never notes, “What the man thought.”


When the city decided to take a bride, he named her: “Inhibitions Everlasting” —

                (And she proved dazzling.)


One sport in this other universe is to rush up to ordinary people and ask them:
“Is the mind for the purpose of, ‘reaching conclusions,’
or for, ‘thinking’?”


And off in a mortal world a man wonders whether man is already thinking as much as he should be ….that is — what if he already is fully “up to speed”?

And off in an original world, a real thinker realizes that the modifier,
‘Fully’ can be erroneously used for the words, ‘properly’ and, ‘acceptably’
And still get by, and still convey what was intended to routine minds.

93077 –36-B

Time again for, “It’s Actually Quite Simple”:
It’s actually quite simple–
If, intellectually, you’re not original — you’re a shill — a low-down, sorry shill.

                (I regret to be the one to tell you this — but it’s true.)


Medical Simplification of A Previous Story:
In the city you gotta be BLIND to see.

93077 -38

Whenever local conditions would tell this one man to, “bend over,”
He’d often respond by saying, “Could you repeat that please.”
And conditions was always more than glad to oblige.


How Hormones and Neurons Can Work Together:
Those with a simple mind,
Will generally have a
Simple behind.

“Pa pa, is that why it’s difficult some times to tell whether people are upside down or not?”

The preceding stories were brought to you courtesy of the Slick Oil Company,
Whose slogan is: “Sex Don’t Play Favorites — Sex IS Its Favorite.”

“Pa pa, is that why it’s so difficult some times to distinguish hormones from neurons?”


Creative people are happy people —
— And even if they’re not — they’re too busy to realize it.


Whenever he was between jobs, this one man would say that he was a “Philosopher,”
And when he had work, he couldn’t even spell it.


Creative people are happy people —
— And even if they’re not — they’re too original to admit it.


One man said:
“I’m sick of your fat, ugly face.”
I leave it to you to determine who he was speaking to.

93071 44

The Independent’s Treat:
If you try to impress anyone but yourself with your thinking, you’ll foul up your thinking.

Another reason, kid, that you don’t see awards given for “Just Thinking.”


The king of a sideways land, so directed:
“Let the men with titles sit on the just painted horsies.”


A viewer asks:
“Is what I call the, ‘environment’ – particularly in the psychological sense –
The same as what you’re calling, ‘local conditions’?”


93017 -47

Some aspects of “being ordinary” wither with attention — some flourish.

93077 -48

A man asked his doctor:
“The matter seems clear enough regarding hormones, but tell me,
Do neurons wear out, or do they get burnt out?”
And the doctor replied:
“Hey! — what d’ya want from me!? — I’m just trying to run a clinic,
and make an honest buck!”

93077 -49

Certain aspects of being a human are negatively impacted by lack of attention — some, not.


During a heated disagreement one man finally declared,
“Well after all — ‘success’ and, ‘satisfaction’ are JUST words!”
To which the other participant replied: “Well hell! — ALL words are, ‘just words’!”


T.D. — T.D.T. — Tandem Definitions Time:
Ordinary, Collective Thinking: The beginning of all sentences.

Original, Individual Thought: …Well — I guess you get the general idea.

S077 52

Another quick stop at the Definitions Desk:
A Point-Blank Thinker: A dash — in the world of semi colons.

And for emphasis — one chap shot himself.
                 (Well — I guess you get the general idea.)

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The religious believe there is a struggle between good and evil;
The scientific think there is a struggle between truth and error;
The ordinary feel there is simply a struggle between them and life,
While a thinker sees only the struggle to think.


Originality is to simplicity as complexity is to simplicity.


One task of human institutions is to try and keep things simple.

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Concerning the question of, “Retaliation” — ask yourself:
What IS it that you can “do” to your mind that it cannot DO-0-0 to YOU!?


If the life of the collective is primarily one of fiction,
Why ever consider your participation therein any more than a harmless pastime.


Another selection from our, “Comparisons Chart”:
Hormones – silent and serious;
Neurons– noisy and claiming to be.

Conclusion? — You be the judge.


In the facade-of-city-seas,
As he went down for the pseudo, “third time,”
One thinker noted:
“I may be dyin’ —
But I’m not cryin.'”
— (and many of his own, inner neural pals silently spurred ‘im on.)


Hot Off the Presses! — A fresh Entry from Our Latest: “Thinker’s Guide to The City”:
Collective Intelligence: A plethora of complaints — a paucity of originality.

“I say, Old Man —
Are you trying to tell me that the proper response to all human complaints
Might be — ‘originality’?”

* Well —             I say! I say! *

93077 -61

But a viewer objects:
“It’s not possible to HAVE any thought that is actually ‘original’ — now IS it!?”
No sir, now that you’ve mentioned — it’s NOT! — it’s not for you.

* Well   — I say! I say! *


Only those with no spirit worry about losing it —
Same with those with no mind.

93077 63

One man says that “the way things are going” —
He thinks that weather forecasting should be turned over to plastic surgeons.


An independent thinker IS the wood in which all paths diverge — only to join again,
Along with the discovery of new ones.


A significant component of the responsibility of institutions is to
Stalwartly wage impotent battle against the inevitable — against, change.


Shilling is perhaps the ultimate anathema of originality and individual thought.


A viewer inquires:
“Based on your usage of the terms
Just what is the difference between a,
‘Nonpartisan thinker,
An independent thinker,
A real thinker,
Or an original thinker’?”

Think about it, sir.


Declared one man:
” ‘Quibble’ is not in — My dictionary! — Nay!– It’s in my mouth!”


One city sincerely assured its people: “Originality’s no, ‘big deal’!”


Do Please Note:
Relying on the collective to learn you how to “think good”
won’t ever learn you how to think good.


One man’s private reminder to himself was:
“Diaphanous, dammit! — diaphanous!”

93077 72

Life is not a “puzzle” to be solved by the human mind — until there IS the human mind.
Thus, in one sense, a real thinker doesn’t so much,
“Figure out,” or “solve” life,
As he does something else.


If collective thinkers ever get around individual ones they tend to think:
“What in the world have I stumbled into!?”


Though there is no warmth to the human brain
There is an exception as between real thinkers.


Being original is not merely being dry in wet conditions.


Being original is not simply being wet in dry conditions.


Being original is in transcending conditions.