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The News

93062- 1

From another view — the height of stupidity would be for an ordinary Man to
Think enough to figure out what’s going on around here,
And thus — constructively — destroy himself.


The less you know the less it costs you to be serious and certain.


After life had declared locally:
“Let there not be enough thinking-energy to go around.”
It added:
“But let there be fashions and fads to compensate.”

93062- 4

After some portion of his life had passed
Before his alert eyes,
One man developed this secret, personal slogan:
We are what we are,
And there’s nothing more to it.
We are what we are,
But for me that just won’t do it.

What he did after that — is not included in this report.

93062- 5

The under-civilized smell funny ….so do the overly so.

93062– 6

One man said:

“In heaven, no one can be a critic who cannot first reasonably perform
In the area they plan to deal with.”
And another man responded: “Did you say heaven, or hell?”


Q: Why don’t merry go rounds jump the track?
A: Because they don’t think they’re supposed to.

93062- 8

The original inspiration for the concept of, “Not having anything to lose,”
Came from the first men who took full measure of their natural intellectual abilities.

Historical myths make past men look better than they were…      for very good reason!


The herd must always believe itself — not some stray.


Although it can be pleasurable to talk about thinking,
Even think-about, and dance-about thinking,
A real thinker’s real joy is in thinking.


A man with a “philosophy to live by” is not only wandering about in the dark,
but is carrying around some dark with him.


Update Of a Previously Reported Story:
The machinery of thought is not made to “roll backwards,”
And thus we have a new definitive description of the, “Ultimate, ‘No-way-out.’ “

93062 13

A viewer asks:
“But once you’ve mooned life, and life’s mooned you — what else is there to do!?”
I do understand your question sir, and you could then try to narrow down your focus
To just flashing-the-ole-fanny to local conditions.

…(Pst    Shhh — it appears that he’s really thinking it over.)


And now for all of our little boys & girls, this tip from Captain Justice:
“Everyone is a piece of meat.” — and this is not part of just your sexual education.


Uuuu — nice feature Ted,
And the Captain also left this item for all of our adult viewers:
“The crude do find humor in crudeness.”


Men invented punctuation since, once they begin to talk, they never know when to stop.


The collective thought of man is always absolutely, “sure” for the temporary moment —
— A free-lance thinker has another fix on it.


One man confides:
“When I was a child my father told me to remember that
No one would ever treat me as seriously as I treat myself —
And I believe had I paid greater heed to this advice
I would not be as serious as I am today.

                or at least not as bitter.”


Not only is there no way out of partisan thought,
But for the ordinary mind; there is no way IN if it is NOT so.


Since men know they can’t be responsible for what they think
they’re pleased to become followers and employees.


Anything — “I’m sorry, but did you say, ‘anything’?” — Yes, anything;
Anything that the collective mind of man can think of is already out of date.


One way to consider what real understanding would be
Would be to think of it as the area where the simple meets the complex
— — and where the local touches the universal.

Also, you might note,
A workable definition of, man.


One day, while strolling through, and surveying its fiefdom,
Local conditions in this one place stopped and pondered:
“Why — even, HOW is it that these creatures do not realize that facts are never stable?
That reality is multi-headed and omni-directional;
And that the serious are stupid, and that idiots are the ones employed by their gods!?
In fact — how come they never seem to realize much of ANYTHING?” —
It rubbed its eyes a bit then concluded:
“Of course if they DID — I guess I’d be out of a job.”

As a caring, and conscientious reporter of the news,
I must personally add that local stories such as this one ARE difficult to understand–
IF you continue to mentally live-around-here;
… See, like always — THERE is the hair-raising-justice-of-it-all.


At first, life treats everyone gingerly — until it discovers just what you’ll put up with.


The technical distinction between real thinkers and the ordinary variety is that real thinkers don’t want no baby sitter.


Everything that the mind can describe and dissect
Is like chopped liver is to a herd of healthy cattle.
Hey — but you didn’t say -what the first part of your comment was compared to.”
Hey — if you don’t immediately see that on your own — why should I waste my time?


The Civilized: Those who fear a fatal hang-nail.

93062 28

And now from our Entertainment Desk a bit of music news:
The hottest breaking record of the week is a number entitled:
“Tick Tock            …It’s Toxic Shock,
My Mind Is On The Move Again!”

Performed by the band with no name — on the label with no depth.


Lots of apparently reasonable people will vigorously pursue quite impossible quests! —
— How else do you account for the continuing good health of man’s institutions!?


Being not yet fully matured by local standards,
A young child stood by a tree and thought:
“Why might it be that all of man’s kings and gods so
Strongly dislike laughter whose cause is unknown to them?”

And somewhere across a wide field from there,
A man stopped to think:
“I will scoff not at my ole self before the proper time.”
And commenced immediately to sit on his pocket watch.


Consciousness is alertness           …alertness equals need.


Cows and sheep will only bunch up and follow someone if the someone is serious!
Think about that– next time you start to dream of being a great leader of men!


When you stand too close — everything seems to kinda  …run together.

When local conditions has roll call every morning, it tells all the civilians:
“Keep those ranks straight and tight there, troopers –
Shoulder-to-shoulder — right next to yourself.”


If “not-having-to-think-for-yourself” weren’t so cute — would everybody still enjoy
Petting it so much?

..(0kay, who’s going to thank me for saying, “not-having-to-think-for-yourself ” instead of, “stupidity”!?)

93062 35

One man insists:
“Hey — don’t try and tell ME about evolution       …not ’til you’ve met my cousin Mooney;”

Fact: All local laws are based on the anecdotal.
Fact de la Fact: So too are the exceptions.

Bottom Of the Page Fact: Civilization and all other manifestations of human thought
Are alive and quite well
As long as men are still talking about them;
Be it from a pro, or con position is of no importance,
Only that the discussions continue.

“What we need are more facts, Wilbur.”
“How true, Oliver, and when that’s not possible, additional autobiographical accounts
will do.”

Well, how-true’ yourself, ole Wilbur — how true yourself.”


The Collective Intellectual Evolution of Man:
Adding additional horses to the
Same old merry go round.


What could be sadder than hormones aging? —
Letting ’em drag you down with them.


Among the simple, you must be complex — while amongst the complex you must be simple.


If you shill — you must appear stupid.
All real thinkers really work for themselves — at least in secret.


One of life’s secret orders to local reality:
“Whenever you get too many originals in one place — run some of them out of town.


Everyone who can think-for-themself heads a cult              …of at least one.


The speaker summarized:
“A man’s ‘personal life’ is usually the thing most intellectually important to him personally.”
And a chap in the rear of the hall stood immediately and cried: “I want OUT of here!”


Human life is like nothing you can compare it with — which is why everyone tries.


One mind thought:
“I do so love the idea of education           –I only wish it would work.”


The universal Is —           the local is discovered. —
A thinker is          —           and men wanna be.


At city level: If a thinker’s a threat, he’s no thinker.

…(Yeah, I kinda thought you’d like that one too.)


Dialogue Adrift:
“Why discuss the obvious?” —
“What do you think it’s there for!?”

“Thank you! — we have your number, we’ll call you back if we need to hear another reading;
Thank you! — now send in the next act.”
But that was ‘man’, T.J. — there IS NO, ‘other-act’!”


Another View — Another View of It:
He who would locally, be a “real thinker,”
Has a choice:
Either be a corn stalk in a field of cows or,
Be a cow in a field of corn.

Neural Teeth: Use ‘em, or lose ‘em.