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The News

93052- 1

One man said: “Everything represents something else.”
And another man replied: “I don’t.”

93052- 2

All original ideas are “wild ideas.”

93052 3

And now to our Definitions Desk:
Science: An area wherein, with proper credentials,
Temporary lapses of lucidity nay not only be excused,
But can, in fact, pass for something else entirely.


The Mind, The Mind — Always The Mind:
Rabbits may come,
And rabbits may go,
But dreams-of-bunnies are forever.

93052- 5

If YOUR mind is too small a place to comfortably live,
There are several things you can try and do about it.


More Tips For City Living:
Fashion was created so that people could be in it.


Added Tip:
Seat those with modifiers in the rear of the bus.


After being educated in the city, one man looked down and thought:
“My brain’s wearing funny shoes.”

93052- 9

The ancients talk to you in your sleep     …and in your wake          …and in your bath…and in…


Man: The never-ending ball game.


Now this item from our, Theological Desk:
When life –(I mean) — when god,
Wants to use you as an example               …he’ll let you know.


A man with a bad memory can feel free to go ANY where;
Now do you recognize the reason for people’s normally, shoddy recall!?


Some places want to put a toll on alertness.

93052- 14

Dialogue Just A’Rollin’:
“Having garbage at least proves you’ve been somewhere.”
“It proves you’ve been alive and ordinary.”


Out in the summer yard,
With all of his ancestors, past, and memories,
One man said to his children: “When I’m done — turn me over.”


Beavers built a dam in one man’s mind,
And once this was discovered by his family physician,
He and several of his partners in the medical practice
Put up the money to turn it into a Broadway show.


Heroes, etc, Revisited:

To “be impressed” with another human is to be impressed by uncertainty.


After he’d been in the city for a while, an old friend asked him
If he had any hobbies over there, and the man replied: “Just BEING there is one.”


Some people feel abused by their body,
Others, more so by their mind,
But as of today — no American stage production has ever succeeded that had in featured roles,
aquatic rodents.


Proverbs As Road Repairs:
Every man “Has his price” — and it calculates to, “Being born.”


Common people act common — (which is nothing);
Common people think common — which is EVERYTHING.


After the some years necessary to begin surpassing his Hormones Station,
He started looking in the mirror each morning and saying:
“Skip all the introductory shit and get right to it.”


On the wall in the pool-side restroom at Zeus’ summer home, one man graffitized:
“We live our lives in public, but die our deaths alone.”
And when the Big Guy himself later came in to take a whiz, even HE didn’t understand it.


When a thinker’s sense of time finally gets rearranged
His dreams of the past and future engage in mutual consumption.

* The ultimate temporal expansion. *


When model airplanes break, kids use glue to stick ’em back together;
With men, life uses seriousness.


Some Words. That Passed Between a Man and His Mind:
“If you can’t think originally — don’t talk to me.”


Not individual men — but the race of man, is the paradigm for all notions of parapsychology
and extrasensory perception.


Everybody’s dancing as fast as they can  since the ballroom sets the tempo.


Mental alertness has little to do with ordinary living —
                “Take THAT!” you old brain, you!


Men In This Thing Called “Life”:
Cows standing around in a station,
Waiting for their train to be called, each believing theirs is the most important.

93052 -31

One fairly dumb city said to a thinker: “You’re trying to take all the fun out of life.”


Men have clothes and colors that’ll run even when they aren’t doing their washing.


One man said: “My mind is like a madras.”
And his friend asked: “Did you say, ‘mattress’? — m,a t,t,r,e,s s “No.”, said the man: “Madras – m.a.d.r.a.s.”


Condo Chronology:
In the basement they’re rolling and rutting over by the furnace;
Higher up, they’re engaged in edible underwear;
Some shadowy figures on the penthouse patio are doing something I can’t quite make out.

Truth In The News:
I actually can — but you don’t want to hear about it.


“Everybody lives in a different time zone”, Update:
Everybody inside of himself, lives in different time zones.


Local reality looked at man and said:
“What a pair! — what a wondrous pair we make! You with sixty years to kill,
And me with a life-time supply of rubbers.”


When jackals become metaphysical, they take as their symbol, the lion;
When lions become metaphysical, they take for their symbol, the eagle,
And when men become thinkers — far beyond the realm of the mere metaphysical–
If they had a symbol, it would be man himself.

A child   —             (reflecting well above his years)) — said:
“When I grow up, I want to be me.”
And his father replied:
“When you’re alive you have a choice:
Be you and not know it, and thus be dissatisfied,
Or be a thinker who studies such matters.”
And the child exclaimed: “That’s it! — that’s me!”


City Vocational Tip:
If you’re gonna preach, you’re gonna sweat.


One man thought:           “I know a bunch of people I’d like to never hear from again.”


Then there was another man who asked himself:
“Who actually owns my Communications System — me, or my hormones?”

                 …(silly man)

93052 -41

Joke Of The Day:
Man says: “I get the blues being me.”
And replies: “Well, don’t BE you.”
Then says: “I don’t get it.”


You can use your mind more-or-less as life provided it to you —
Tending it,
Feeding it well,
Giving it good exercise,
And making it gain or lose some weight — OR
Go off on a mental frolic of your own
In a liberating manner life doesn’t yet have on man’s General schedule.

93052 -43

One man wondered:
“Why in the world would someone call advice a laxative?”


People will laugh about anything…           that’s not important!


Inside the graduation ring he was handed were these words:
“Ancestors were made to die — so were you.”
He ripped up his diploma, and spat in the dirt.


City Nautical News:
Any ship, as an institution, that can “bring you in,” can also sink.


One man pondered: “Is there TOO much justice in the world?! — or is it just me?’


At first, animals didn’t mind being used in parables –
Until they realized how dumb and unoriginal men were.

93052 49

If a thinker doesn’t talk about his problems, he eventually doesn’t have any problems.

93052 50

While the city was drunk and asleep,
One young neighborhood did a private dance step and sang:
You can blow your nose,
You can rip your pants;
You can roll out your uncles,
And ring up your aunts;
You can do anything
That you wanna do,
But, uh uh, honey don’t
Think in your shoes.

— And just then the city woke up…           in the nick of time!


Sign of Intelligence In The City: Plagiarizing the famous.


One man wondered: “Where does a thinker go to become well known?” — —
And, being a thinker himself — knew the answer.


Saying that things are related won’t make them related,
And saying that things aren’t won’t make them not;
All-in-all, (for ordinary minds), a moot subject of discussion.


Dialogue whilst Dancing:
No man can be happy until he kills that which he loves.”
“Dip me Daddy — I just ADORE my uncertainties.”


A man who takes his mind off on a different and relentless journey
Is faced with the reality of his body just sitting there, waiting, and watching it all.


Looking at ordinary life in the city, the man said:
“That’s all well-&-good, but I wouldn’t want my sister to marry one.”
— The man was his sister.

93052 57

Give Local Conditions A Bow:
Under ordinary circumstances,
Ideas that make you think aren’t worth any more than those that don’t.

93052 58

Above the clamor of the hoofbeats was heard:
Head ’em off at the pass.”
“What if there ain’t no pass?”
Hey, we’re under ordinary conditions! — you know the answer to that as well as I do.


A child asked his father: “When I grow up do I have to have a conversation?”


Every time this one man would get the feeling that life was sneaking around his house,
Trying to spy on him,
He’d turn on the shower,
And start taking off his clothes as he sang:
“Oh, I’m a two-ton whore, and my name is Moore….

93052 -61

One mind’s new department was named:
“Long Metaphors For Short People & Brief Ones For The Over-Extended.”


“If it’s only hormones that can make you smile- — then what is it that makes you frown?”

“Did I say, ‘ONLY’ hormones!?”
“Well, perhaps not — but still, why did you wait so long to answer?!”


What others may have already thought means no more to a thinker
Than does the fact that someone, back in the kitchen,
Stirred up the eggs for the omelet he ordered.


Fact For Those On A “High Thought” Diet:
No one can feed your mind but you.


Brief men are happy men;
REALLY brief men are RE…           


From a Child’s Garden Of Weeds:
A sense of time,
A sense of time;
Can hobble, bobble,
Gobble your mind.


One man thought that if he read a lot of books he’d know a lot of stuff —             
He did — and he knew a lot of books.

…(The mind’s funny that way.)

93052 -68

Complex can be serious — simple can be serious — but never, point-blank-walls.


In one universe the watch-word was: “Shoot the man with a paint can.”


One man said: “Don’t make fun of people.”
And responded: “I ain’t people.”


A man’s mind is the only thing he can’t hide.


If you’re alive —
Life eventually makes you sing:
“I’m going down that road feelin’ bad….”
While thinkers are jogging along in the gully.

93052 – 73

One man thought: “When you get old — you get cold.”
And his brains said: “Hey Jack!    You talkin’ to ME?”

93052 – 74

If you think you can “out-smart” life — you’re in one category;
If you think you can — and CAN! —           you’re in another.


One man told his child: “If you go to the city — DON’T be, in specific.”


And now for: “Think About THIS”:

There are books, courses and sermons on the subject of:
“How To Tell If You Are Growing, Changing, And Improving.”


An ordinary hungry man can become angry at the sight of a parable
When he was looking for a steak;
A real thinker always finds the extra-literal on every menu wherever he goes.


Metaphors, ahoy:
Original thinkers are floaters in a swamp of quicksand.

93052 -78

One man was thankful even for small things –
Like for having similes instead of metaphors; …(Smells like a sinker to me.)


Cynicism: Crayons still used by those who wanted to be artists when they mere children.


Update of an earlier item:
Man’s mind is the only thing he can’t hide –
And yet the one thing people refuse to look at in themselves and one another.


Everybody lives on the farm –
Everybody IS in part, a farm.


Men will not ordinarily work with no known goal in mind;
Original thinkers, (me thinks), are not ordinary.

93052- 83

One man had a private, personal motto:
“I’ll have fun with my ancestors if they’ll have fun with me.”


Life told local conditions:
“Make those who know what’s going on leave town.”


Thinking more independently may be more just a matter of extraordinary persistence.


In the course of his unusual mental adventure,
One man undertook to use his own life as an example,
And once done with that — crumpled it up and tossed it away.


One man was brilliant on his own time, and ordinary on life’s.


A man’s true home is his intellect.


Men exist individually through comparison;
This is the ONLY way ordinary men CAN exist.
Why do you think I keep referring to the exceptions as, “original” & “creative”!?


Life told one man: “Don’t make me mad!”
(And I couldn’t make out what the man muttered under his breath.)


He removed the cork      …savored the bouquet, and mused:
I will live no life before its time,
Chance was the vineyard — I am the wine.


While along their unique neural journey,
Many come to passing conclusions that they shouldn’t converse with fanatics,
Argue with idiots,
Or respond to criticism.
The last paragraph
On the last page of
“The Thinker’s Secret Handbook”
On this one planet, FAR-R-R, far from here,
Says simply: “Don’t talk to ANY body.”