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The News

93050- 1

One man told his mind: “Okay, pick out a subject — any subject….”

93050- 2

The less you understand the more it lends itself to systematization.

93050- 3

If you allow yourself to be intellectually ordinary,
There remains the constant threat of the past tracking you down and killing you.

93050- 4

One man got so sick of philosophies that attempt to explain the nature of man,
That he adopted one related to birds instead.

93050- 5

Civilized, City thinkers who claim that to understand the basis of the relationships that
Bind men together, “We must dig ever deeper in our study” — do not want to “DIG”, however,
IN the pertinent area.

(The trick salami you see hidden herein is that if they DID start to take their pursuit INTO these certain areas to which I hint, they would begin to BE less civilized FOR their efforts.)

* You gotta slice-it-thin to win. *

93050- 6

City Fact: Repetition is sanity.
Thinker’s Fact: Repetition sucks.


There are two main categories of fun possible for ordinary men:
One is, “getting into stuff,”
And the other is, “getting out of it.”

93050- 8

In the privacy of his own mind, one man shouted out: “I’m surrounded by the ordinary!”
He immediately followed this up with a yell of the obvious corollary: “I am alive!”

93050- 9

Past a certain age, and stage-of-effort,
It is easy for prisoners to mistake, “wearing out” for breaking out.             ….(So watch it.)


Alertness is to the body as alertness is to the mind.


‘Tis been said that a man’s wants should exceed his reach,
And is further so that man’s symbols must surpass his understanding.


One man — (or maybe it was a woman    — you’re the viewer — it’s your choice!) —
One person confided to themself, (or someone):
“Look, if I’d a’wanted to be moody I’da give myself hormones to begin with.”


And now to our, Definitions Desk:
Ordinary Thinking: The world’s most comforting straightjacket.


There is not even the appearance of any importance to human life without seriousness.


Here’s a verse news item that I heard some people didn’t want reported,
But my contract here’s about up any way — so, what tha hey!
It concerns what was reputed to be the secret slogan of a small band of
Intellectual rebels over on another planet, and it went like this:
There’s nothing BUT the fight, and the
Fight doesn’t count for anything;
 It’s all the same to us —
There is only the fight.


And now for some more from our, Fact Desk:
Some people who don’t know what they’re doing intellectually will not admit it.


One man suddenly came up short-or-so, and thought:
“Wait a minute! — If everybody else is crazy then where does that leave ME?!”
And immediately realized he’d left his road map in his other suit pocket.


One Sign of Progress on One World:
The belief in an “unconscious mind” instead of a “god” — since you can’t see either one.

93050 -19

Just “being alive” winds up certain clocks in a man;
An independent thinker must learn the judicious use of a well-placed hammer blow,
And insertion of wind-up keys not normally intended for the purposes he applies.


Consistency: The I.D. Card of the ordinary.

…(0h, okay — of the sane and civilized as well.)


Another news item relating to, “One man”:
One man locked a box up in his brain —
He says it’s preferable to the alternative situation that was extant before.


And now for some good, money saving tips from our, Frugal Financial Desk:
Only the ordinary can long afford to BE moody.
(Oh sure, I know that everyone can actually afford it, but I’m still telling you that a real thinker CAN’T!)

03050 23

Ordinary thinking must see half of other thinking as foolish and dangerous.
…(Even electricity can’t run on just one leg.)


Another example of how, “Facts Get All Strung Together, (& Stuff)”:
Thinking caused men to become serious;
Serious men caused civilization;
Serious men run the world;
Serious men are nuts.


Just so he wouldn’t feel left out and all,
One man, with an assumed air of confidence, confided to himself privately: “I AM a cult!”
…(He then thought he felt somewhat better.)


Question For a Monday, (or even a Thursday, even):
What do intellectually boring people have to talk about other than themselves!?


Animals wage the silent wars — men the verbal ones, primarily concerned with verbal disputes.
(“Gads!” reflected one man, “If life were any more just, fair and well balanced
I think I’d GAG! — Ye gads!”)


The witless are artless.

….(So watch it.)


After having lived on this planet for a whole bunch of years,
And having tried, on several occasions, to do some really serious thinking about things,
One man now holds this view:
“Anyone who says that, ‘There’s more to human life than meets the eye’ — should be
 PUNCHED therein!”

93050 -30

To think is to dance —
To be intellectually ordinary is to do so to the limited rhythms of hormones.

Does not Caruso deserve a more interesting back-up than a bongo player?


Alertness is only useful if you’re going somewhere later.


Conversation worthy of report on an important news program such as this,
(Since we’ve momentarily run out of things to report):
First man asks:
“What is the most important ‘tense’ to an ordinary man?”
And the second man says:
“The past tense?”
And the first man replies:
Then the second man tries:
“The future tense?”
First man still says:
So the second man ventures:
“Okay — the present tense?!”
And the first man responds:
“Nope, nope, nope! — the TENSE tense.”

…(And the second man kicked dirt, spat and yelled: “Ah, damn! — shit!”)


Rituals: Pray time excuses whereby the un-civilized can appear TO BE SO.


The hungry want food —                the cold, warmth & clothing,
The neurally crude even long for mental sustenance;
Those already intellectually active, who want to expand their abilities and operations,
Continually are confronted with the unannounced risk of being like the naked, who,
In seeking suitably, brief, direct and functional attire,
End up owning, and saddled-to a chain of clothing stores.


With his check book in one hand, and a gun in the other, he looked in the mirror and said:
“I’m closing OUT this account.”


Regarding our commentaries on the news, a viewer sends along this note,
Concluding in verse:
“Dear News Analyst: Thus far I have heard you say,
‘Don’t let your hormones rule you,
Don’t be captive of your mind’;
It staggers me to contemplate
What you’ll say NEXT time!

— What’s LEFT?!


There are two classes of Dumb People on planet Earth: First there are
The ordinary, everyday, rational, sane and decent people who say and think dumb things,
And then the even dumber, who criticize and argue with the first group.


Standing out alone,
On the edge of a high grassy cliff,
Overlooking both the restless sea and the peaceful city,
One man cried out to himself and the sky:
“Oh — I am a bridge
A continuum —
I am an unfinished work of art, forever ‘in-progress’ — Oh,
I am an idiot.”

Later, back in his kitchen at home,
After knocking back several tail glasses of a nice, young domestic Chardonnay,
He turned to his dog and said: “I am Hubert — hear me roar.”


Self-Fueling At Its Best:
The Human Intellect: The more it asks — the more there is to BE asked.


Tale Time, (Fairy, or otherwise):
Once upon,(or about) a time,
A man who had undertaken the pursuit to expand his own mental life for his own pleasure ‘& etc
Came to a point finally of considering the remaining aspects of his day-to-day existence
In this manner — (considered he):
“Instead of an ordinary, ‘personal life’ perhaps I begin to prefer simply the
Company of other real thinkers & livers.”


Everybody lives in a different time zone.


Since it absolutely didn’t seem to matter one way or-the other –
On washing day this one man would iron his socks.
….(that’s the kinda guy he was — I mean, is.)


The restless ship of civilization seems somehow steadied by the use of symbols.


Noticing the daily astrological column in his newspaper,
One man stopped reading long enough to ask his mind:
“By the way — what sign are you?”
And his mind replied: “A ‘Stop’ sign.”
And the man muttered: “I’as afraid of that.”

93050 -45

No thinking – no superficiality;
No thought         – everything IS superficial;
No intellect — NOTHING is superficial;
No mind-of-man — no concept possible OF the transcendental.


Having a particular thing to say, one man thusly went on and said it:
“I have met my condition, and it is me.”


Everybody wants to believe that everybody else probably knows & understands more than they do —
Everybody that is, but a real, original thinker.


One man’s motto was: “Chill out!”
And it worked so well that he’s having his left cerebral hemisphere’s name
Legally changed thereto.


The dead are on your trail…or vice versa.

(It’s got to be one or the other.)


The “Ultimate Judgement of Man” (if there be such),
Will come from life itself, via human hormones,
So you may just as well ignore whatever the mind presently has to say along this line.


Once the very last drop of mortal, intellectual seriousness had been wrung out of him,
One man said: “Phew-w-w.”


Fresh ordinary thinking is based on old ordinary thinking — cannibals dining. on cannibals–
Go someplace else to eat.


Tip, (if you can use it):
Everybody’s nervous and jittery in one way or the other, so just forget it.


Another great thing about non-standard, personalized thinking is that
Short-cuts count just as much as long-cuts,
And full-versions count for no more than condensed ones,
And only the thinker himself has ANY idea of just what the hell he is doing!

                (which is all that’s necessary.)


Insider’s, (quote), “Note”:
As regards these non-standard news casts and the subsequent analysis:
Minds that can fire themselves up, understand quite well what’s going on here.

…(The man doing the later analysis made me read this.)


For optimum results — operate optimally.