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The News


Though they wish to think—men will settle for being civilized.

…(In a sense, a waste — but it works.)


Let another person tell you “how to LIVE,”

And you might as well let them tell you “How to die” —

            which is what you’re doing anyway.


Reassuring Footnote For The Nervous:

Yes — you are correct —

The collective intelligence of man is supposed to tell you “How to live.”

93025- 4

“Reporting the news” is NO-0-0 easy task! — but it’s a damn sight easier than making it.

(This is one reason so many freshman Communications students are attracted to the areas of: Sports, Economics, and Meteorology, since they’re all exceptionally meaningless – AND beyond any possibility of reliable predictions.)

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And now,

From our, Architectural Desk:

Legend has it that a real thinker

can have more fun “upstairs” in just a second:

than “down in the basement” for HOURS-S-S — even, YEARS-S-S.


A man asked himself:

“What is history but an individual man’s memory writ large?!”
He pondered this, then replied:

“It is a man’s memory writ large and deoderized.”

93025- 7

It was hormones that first took things personally,

And that seemed to make neurons believe they had too also.

93025- 8

Personal View: If you “do nothing” you can believe that nothing happened.
Actual Local Law: If you “do nothing” — something still happens.

Men blink, as regards intellectual sight, so they will be sure and miss something.

93025- 9

Morality, sanity, and personal-opinion

are like the governor, gyroscope, and gas tank of the collective automobile.


Once he began to newly appreciate the energy that comes from accomplishment, one man began to daily hurt himself in small ways just so he could survive and overcome them.

This man may be a weirdo —
or he may know what he’s doing.


Within the universal rhythm are sub tempos;

This accounts for much of what you see.


Men who can feel better about themselves by recalling their cultural background, are never going to feel REALLY good.

93025-1 3

Serious men are suicidal men and the nice thing about it is

that they can fulfill their destiny without ever having to take any overt action.


According to one version, in one place:

After you die, god gives you your choice: You can either be dumb, or be serious — and that’s in the “BAD place”!

93025 – 15

A cow, gazing out over the open prairie, said to a chum:

“There is still nothing quite so vacant as the look in the collective’s eyes.”


Another Home Pregnancy Test:

If, “having fun”

Includes, “getting hurt,”

Then you — are “Everyday People” With a capital “E” and a capital “P.”


Genealogy: Corpses propped up at the kitchen table.


Update from our Science Desk:

Local nature abhors individual thinking,

and will fill any possible vacuum or opening with collective intelligence, forthwith.


Numbers Update: One man, hoping for at least a five,

asked for a recount, but it still came up only FORTH-with.

..”Now, back to you, B.J.”


Lo! — behind what yonder does further yonder lie?

You can kill more doorknobs with keys than you can with kindness.


Seldom can you see men who actually know what they’re doing.

…(This fact is tied directly to local intellectual requirements, and how they need to appear to their routine participants. …[It could be seen as an adjunct to the concept of “justice”])

93025 -22

To local eyes — only the struggle is visible.


Seldom do you see — men who actually know what they’re about.

93025 -24

One man gave himself a quiz:

“When do hormones speak the most for you — when you’re young, or when you’re old?” And decided the correct answer was: “ALL the time!”


Uncertainty has worn more different clothes than a fifty-year-old mannequin at Bloomingdales’s.


Note: At heart,

uncertainty cannot be directly seen as such

since it is the normal pavement for paced progress.


We kind of interrupt to bring you this fast breaking, “Twit’s Tip”:

It seems extremely difficult to properly dislike someone if you don’t first, “take them seriously.”


Only the promising dread non-practical ignorance.

Side-car: Even dunderheads wanna know how to change a tire if they’re headed on a long trip. (None but the thinker would find this analogous to their intellectual life.)


One of the unnoted purposes of civilization is to

cause men to believe that there is a difference between the “practical” & the “enjoyable.”

93025 -30

And lo — (even, DOUBLE lo) —

The day came when the gods declared:

“Let those without talent become–critics,

D J’s,


Financial Advisors, and everything else

needed to get this show-on-the-road!”

* Lo & Ho.*


After a lengthy survey of life,

One man decided:

“Rather than take the trials, uncertainties, and tribulations of life at face value, I shall hence forth take them to be a metaphor! —

A metaphor that will wear you down –grind you up –and spit you out like cheap phlegm.”

430 25 -32

Religious worship: Plagiarism and repetition: All dressed up with somewhere to go.
Education: A more subtle version of the above.


Collective intelligence: A Catherine Wheel for those short a tire.


One man heard the idea that: “Hormones never forget.”

Then encountered another that said: “Fools never forget.”

And he thought: “I never seem to forget! —

Perhaps I should go away and figure out which I am?!”


A community’s collective thought and reality acts not unlike a wooden-leg

for men with only one arm.

93025 36

Query: What would be more dangerous to community peace and order than a madman?

An institution that got loose from its moorings, and began to take its charge seriously.


To ever think-for-yourself,

you must first have a sense of rhythm, then you must have your OWN.


Reality changes SO quickly

That only the blind can keep up with it.


From our, Lit.History Desk:

Men invented the concept of “Fables” –

(Using animals in instructional stories as stand-ins for man.) –Because they didn’t have the time, or heart to look at things directly.

…Hey! – Getting civilized is a busy job!


A man with nothing to hide can laugh at everybody. …(Doesn’t mean he must — but he can.)

Okay, Genteel Version:
A man with nothing to hide can SMILE at everybody.

…(After all: The news is nothing — if not, “Something for everybody.”)


Since man has undertaken the endless march toward intellectual progress, he continues to take periodic, needed breaks for:
book writing,
and miscellaneous fist fights.

93025 42

The human mind — as genetically conceived –will run off of whatever energy is available. But this does not mean that that is the ONLY energy available.


Men who are about to say something that they don’t want to say, will often say: “Here’s what god wants to say to you.”


Handled correctly — trembling hormones can be used to clear neural sight.

93025 –45

There is no way to not be a participant in the overall, “theatre of life”

— but it is the local skirmishes one can avoid.


One man suddenly threw himself on the bed —

and gave himself such a thorough thrashing,

that even he was forced to ask — “Just who ARE you?”


It is acceptable sport to make fun of honored proverbs

since what you don’t know is that they’re already making fun of you.


A real thinker is like his own “in-house diviner,” who can,

without the aid of any objets d’magic,

interpret his own entrails, and read his own mind.

93025 -49

There is a reason that animals do not laugh — it’s because they are not serious.


One man looked at the collective side of his mind, then said to himself: “Lips that touch his shall never touch mine.”

Absolutely FASCINATING related maxim   — (fascinating!):
Chastity is to sex as ignorance and knowledge are to everyday thinking.

93025 –51

Show Biz, (kinda) Sidebar:

A man who will sit for an interview will stand for an enema.


Many people “follow” the news without having the least idea what it all means! — what’s your excuse?!


Ordinary education is a balm the collective uses to assure themselves that they –have indeed — progressed beyond mere, “superstition.”


Item: Men who can’t “think good” can become Language Critics.
Item: Hell — men who can’t “think good” can become almost ANYTHING!

“Okay you people — stand aside and let a REAL man through! —
…(And I’ll tell you when he’s passed — so’s you’ll know.)”


Being happy doesn’t count — if it costs anything.

Felicity in a thinker’s universe is sort of like a deaf man never dreaming of sound.


Men with no personal interest in thinking

are not particularly in favor of others doing so.

Another fine item from our: Department of The Understated.

93025 -57

Now from our, Mental Self-Defense Desk:

Getting mad at the snake is the oldest-t-t trick in the book!   (and it still works!)


If you will consider just how many possibilities there are in life — you will have considered too few.

(Yet another reason real thinkers aren’t much on countin’.)

93025 -59

When men first learned to count to one, they became conscious; when they got to two, they became religious,
And when they concluded you could add one to two and get a third number, they were then scientific.

(We repeat: This is another reason that real thinkers ain’t too much given to numberin’.)


A, “Get It Straight and Cut Down on The Needless Turmoil” tip:

Institutions are not “your” friend — they are THEIR friend.


While the ability to extract a tooth,

or rebuild a carburetor

may take your breath away,

to a dentist and mechanic — it’s “all in a day’s work.”

…(Much how a real thinker looks upon his routine intellectual demands. …[Notice I had the decorum to say, “routine,” rather than, “dog-shit.”])


A man pondered himself:

“If short information is the best information,

Then what should that tell me about the length of proper inquiry?

93025 -63

Thinking does not live by bread alone — thinking does not live by ANYTHING – “alone.”

93025 -64

Fairy Tale time:

In a faraway land, hormones suddenly were able to speak, and the first thing they said was:

” Purpose-of-Life?!     ” Purpose-of-Life?!

What the hell do they mean by, ” Purpose-of-Life?!?!”


Those with no rhythm don’t want anyone else to have any.


Collective Religion: The attempt to explain away — point-blank, in-your-face, facts.


Thinker’s Secret Stratagem:

If you’re faced with an unpleasant decision,

and life seems to say: “Okay, take a few minutes to decide” — DON’T!


From our, Poetry Desk:

Men can march,
Men can dance,
They can
Carry their brains in their pants;

But the svelte,
And the lean,
Add the flesh to their thinking machine.


If you turn off the sound in human life — you no longer have human life.

— There are no mortal, “silent movies.”


There are dulling narcotics available to the mind that do not have to be purchased.


Children believe the purpose of life is to live; Adults believe the purpose of life is to struggle; The old believe the purpose is to die,

And real thinkers believe the purpose is to live.


From our Biological Quiz Desk:

            Babies are born with small breasts and wankers,

            And with correspondingly small minds —

            But tell me — What is it that happens after THAT?!


A thinker’s foremost environmental concern is not “out there.”


Note: NO one actually “speaks” for real thinkers! — that’s why we must.

YOU must figure this one out — if you feel it needs “figuring out”!


A proverb that makes you immediately nod your head in agreement – is “having-at-you.”


Intellectual “hot spots” ordinarily prove too hot for the ordinary to handle.


The only “imperfect” thing in nature is sight that sees imperfection.


Consanguinity: A man who can intellectually see — is a happy man —

…(And even if he’s not –– he’s still happy to be able to see.)


One man would sometimes tell his brain: “Hey — put a rubber band around it!”


Ordinary consciousness: Digital sampling of the-analogously unending.


On a scale of One-to-Ten,

Humanity is about at the level of those capable of conjuring up scales.


Law Of Local Sequence:

The amount of time needed for one man to think for himself is always longer than his life time.


For men to think — the universal must become local — and then, “generalized” —
— sort of like white-wash on a blank wall.

There is nothing “magic” about real thinkers, they just have X-ray vision, that’s all.


The mind is a wondrous, though delicate instrument! — So much so that thighs and biceps drool with envy.


One man’s motto: “Only apply where applicable.”

93025 86

In the realm of real, independent thought:

There is nothing you can actually tell anyone else, much less, prove it!


As soon as he would think of something new, this one man would immediately try and think everything possible about it as quickly as possible. . . . .  usually within ten or fifteen seconds.


To see the obvious is not that difficult—to comprehend it, trickier.


The world’s greatest, “sudden enlightenment” is actually pretty gradual.


If “real thinking” is not about the obvious, then it is about nothing.


Hormones make lovers–friends make each other, “glad to be alive.”

93025 -92

From our, Let’s Be Blunt About It Desk:

One who cannot think for himself cannot be your friend.

93025 -93

For his own well-being, one man would not allow his own band to play his own favorite song.


Real friends share a secret rhythm.

Real friends make each other – glad to be alive.