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Under most conditions,

When men talk,

The words are the last thing they think about.

93020- 2

Amongst the collective, the concept of “progress” is a strange one, in that everyone believes they know what it is, while almost no one else does.

If brains could be seen to visibly put on weight then those in the city might discover a new measuring tape.


It is indeed a challenge to come up with advertising promos for an “anti-convention” get-together.

93020- 4

As applied to his own intellectual corn field, one man said he was now only dealing with the “tallest standing ideas.” He said he’d decided to use just the “cream of the crap.”

93020- 5

The trouble with having your head at one end and your other end at the other, is the lack of meaningful distance.

93020- 6

One man was disturbed when he discovered a definition of “civilized” to be “reclaimed from barbarism.” —

But —   after mulling it over a bit more, he came to the conclusion that it was actually a pretty neat idea, (all things considered.)


Another aspect of, “The Grand & Resplendent Balance Of Animation”:

Those who know what’s wrong with life — can’t fix it.


Question: How can you tell if cows are thinking or not? Answer: By whether they’re arguing or not.

93020- 9

Upon the quick and curious, it is not raining bombs and bad luck, but rather – seriousness!

“Run for your lives!”    
“I can’t, I am them.”


The life of a real thinker could be described as: physically stripped — mentally enriched.


Man is divided up into seven major groups — (Hey, you know that’s a joke, it’s just two). Anyway —

Man is divided up into two major groups:

Those who like to talk about nouns, goods and objects,

And those who want to discuss verbs, services, and action;

And it’s probably a good thing they don’t recognize this,

Or they might split themselves up into more than just two groups.


Only the sensitive — no, make that, “the stupid” — worry about laughing at life, even under the most mundane of conditions (for instance):

The law permits he who has been first attacked to strike back.


Sports: Observable, scheduled news.


If you want to be a writer, but can’t be original, you can always do, “Ah—shucks, reminisces” of your culture, or childhood; you can in fact, also do your life that way.


Although, you’ll certainly find it trying to let hormones run your life, you’ll have to redefine your notion of REAL troubles if you ever let them and neurons join forces and believe that in combination — they’re going to “help you.”


Under ordinary, collective conditions,

man is capable of two degrees of stupidity: He can himself be stupid — or,

he can become a critic of the stupid.


The weak always believe that somebody is watching them.

93020 -18

A man thought:

“If there was a difference between being weak and being dumb,

I guess I might have less to worry about. . . .             as if it really mattered.”

93020 -19

When you intellectually know how to take life apart, you don’t have to put it back together.

“Remember,” say the ordinary, “If it ain’t broke — it ain’t life!”


Because man can talk — he believes he can think.


“A little seriousness will go a long way.” “How far?”
“As far as you have to go.”

And, (not so surprisingly), a thinker said: “That’s TOO far for ME!”


Civilization: An invisible dance with super visible partners.


As watery waves batter fish, so does electricity, man’s cortex,
and normally both of them perceive the situation to be of external origin.

A real thinker ain’t got no walls in his apartment.


Amongst the collective,

Laughter is most commonly, “bloodshed made audible.”


The non-thinking have less to fear —
Is that actually so? Or just because they may not think much about it?’

Only in Independent Land do questions like this make any useful sense.

93020 -26

Man is the noun in life’s local sentence.

93020 27

After having taken an aerial photograph of his mind,

one man discovered that he didn’t have to have it reduced to carry it around in his pocket.


A man asked himself: “What are proverbs, myths, and the news, other than things intended to pacify man even when they seem disturbing?”

And an independent man wonders: “Where to find, ‘words-of-wisdom’ that make no sense, and ‘those-to-live-by’ which are intolerable?!”

A cosmic thinker has but one antagonist – predictability!
Which, interestingly enough, is the very ally that keeps the ordinary going.


Being mad at other humans — for being human: Life’s cheapest sport
and I do mean “cheap”. . . . not “inexpensive!’

Thinker’s Version: Same as above except change it to read: “Being mad at one’s friends for being human.”


Follow-up to a recent item:

If mortals did not believe that they owe somebody    — something, they would not so agreeably DIE!

93020- 31

If the herd claims some particular idea to be of great value, you might be able to grab some small nourishment therefrom if you act quickly, but you should go ahead and start walking it on over to the “Cow Patty Pitching Contest” area anyhow.


One man demands:

“Alright! — if there IS nothing ‘wrong’ with life, then why do I THINK there is?!”


There are -in fact,

Places on this planet where prehistoric-creatures still survive,
and places where beings from the future exist,

But it’s not where anybody’s thought to look yet.


Headline: “The ordinary of the world are like children, and it is up to the real thinkers to look after them.”

…(0h, that little item actually had it’s own heading, which I didn’t read –but I’ll just bet you can make up your own appropriate one.)

93020 -35

“Righteous wrath” is the process by which many people with old, rattle-trap cars get their oil warm enough each morning to get the damn thing started.


Genes never forget      — so if that’s all you are, look where that puts you.


Collective intelligence does not merely pander to

man’s lowest common denominator — hell! — it invented it:

930 20 -38

As long as you live in your physical building the elevators will always be running — but so what?

One man thought: “Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether people are actually complaining or not. Then thought: “No, it’s not — all you have to know is whether they were alive or not when they said it.”

93020 -39

It is the uncharted waters separating, binding, and containing “man-the-fish” that makes him civilized — not his own understanding.


If you hear someone say: “Listen! — they’re playing our song.”
And you turn and find it is not you speaking — forget IT!


The progress of thought does not seem easy to measure,
other than by the production of new technology. —-And that still seems somehow less than fully persuasive and determinate.

Who knows what a man truly thinks except the man himself?! –But we can conclude this: That everyone who speaks of what they know are not satisfied with what they know. We know this because they freely say so.

* A man with an atomic brain doesn’t have to duck under his desk during times of trouble. *

93020 -4 2

Trying to encourage other people to independently think,

When they don’t really understand what you’re talking about,

Is sort of like trying to get people to live who have no knowledge of death.


Anyone who could help you think independently would never be thanked for it, since it didn’t make any sense.

On a more specific, individual target –this is also why a real thinker is never all that impressed with himself.


Hippos’ll roll in mud,

Birds in dust,

And man–always in words.


One man had a bit of talent —

But he didn’t let THAT stand in the way of becoming ordinary.


And another of man’s favorite neural-network hymns was:

Keep On the Sunny Side — Always on The Runny Side.”


Out in the collective,

the purpose of proverbs and the like

is to tell men how best to get along with one another.

While in Individual Country, they would have more to do with how to get-along-with, AND think-for yourself.


Clumsiness will only come home to roost with the mentally ungraceful, in that life can trip man — but not the other way around.


One man’s kidneys got so weak that just as a joke, he changed their name to, “brains.”


Domination-is-domination, though men call it many things,
just as rutting-remains-rutting even after being dressed up as Cupid.

If even the most civilized of dummies
could translate what the ventriloquist says
into words more apt to birch brains,
they’d be shocked right out of their little cutesy suits.


The spiritual and cultural wisdom of the collective is akin to knowing how to treat bleeding —

which only occurs when you try and use the treatments.


One man found that he could think best when alone, but there was always somebody around;

Guess who it was?


Ordinary people: Six-thousand-year old minds in forty year old bodies.


If life — civilized existence of this planet –is seen as a kind of game—a “game of chance” even,
then a few secretly long for a new version of Bingo
wherein the numbers and letters involved become unstable and less predictable.

* Only an independent thinker has the right idea concerning uncertainty, anyway. *


Truth be known-and-spilled:

There is no metaphor for man, but man himself —

— and under optimum conditions — in an improved state.

93020 56

Modifiers: A firing squad without bullets.


Since the movements of the waters seem so unsettled and confused,
the fish assume the responsibility of establishing some sense of certainty by thinking of themselves individually as discrete, stable entities.

A sense of “I” can accomplish more sometimes than a score of rudders and lighthouses.


A long-idea–
that is, a short-idea (that’s been stretched)
has been stretched too far.


If you put one cow in charge of a bunch of others, what’s the first thing it’d do?
Answer: Get real-1-1, real serious.

…(But hey! — responsibility is a “heavy load”! —
Okay! but hey! — in a BARN YARD?!!)

Item: Some people expect too much of being civilized.
Item-Item: Everybody knows this!
Which accounts for the widespread inclination to cry out to outer space.


As a reward for some small effort or the other,
local fate told one man: “You will have a choice, you can either have your roof falling in, or your floors collapsing.

Take note; The more you comprehend,
the more prickly becomes the underwear beneath all fables and myths.

Okay, take another note: The more you understand,
the funnier becomes such words as:
“comprehend”, and “prickly.”

            . . . . (not to even mention, “myths.”


The civilized believe they are duty bound to struggle against ignorance — and always, “ignorance” as defined by the civil.

…(But how, or why would it be otherwise.)


“One man’s opinion” is quite -sufficient. . . . for one, dumb man.


An independent thinker: A man somehow, “thriving-in-a-morgue.”

93020 -64

One man started to keep a list of ideas he had which directly conflicted with others he’d had —

And pretty soon he had a list.

93020 6 5

An independent thinker: A man somehow, surviving — nay, thriving — in a morgue.


And lo —

One day life said unto man:

“Hey! — take off some of the edge!    —        get yourselves civilized a bit.”


For a real thinker, what’s worse than knowing you’re going to die? —

— Doing so without knowing about it!


At an earlier time (September 23, 4,678 B.C.),

Between regular bouts of eating, sleeping and screwing,

Some men up and invented the arts, science and civilization;

Then some of their friends came over and said: “What the hell’s all THAT stuff?!”

Thus — (tramp, tramp, tramp) –have things since then —
(tramp, tramp, tramp) tramped smartly along.

93020 -69

Check off one:

–           Man is a film, and life a bathroom wall.

–           Man is a film, and life a camera.

Check out time:

A real thinker is pregnant — with life’s child.


If a man ever individually knows enough,

He might be able to explode himself without the bomb squad being an-nee the wiser.


Fact: No man is truly civilized who has not forsaken the barbarity and disorder within him.
Fact: No man is TRULY…(etc., etc. — you know the routine from here.)

Footnote Fact: Just what the hell do men expect any way?!
Hormones can’t LEAVE home!           Where they gonna GO?!!


The mere existence of dictionaries is proof undeniable, that men cannot truly think for themselves.

A man who will seriously, “not likeone idea,
has the potential then to not-like a whole bunch more.


Man’s move from chaos to Eden,

The jump from jungle to city,

From barbarity to civility

Are all but lesser reflections of the great, grand leap of electrons from the silent limbic to the vocal cortex.


Those who run civilizations find it difficult to be certain what is safe to laugh at.


Looked at from atop one of those newly discovered mesas,
an independent thinker could be seen as:

“A privately held herd that won’t admit it.”


Whether some human endeavor seems operationally self-fulfilling or not is irrelevant, as long as men will discuss whether it is or not.

* When life made man, it threw away the template for, “Efficiency”. *


Nouns are adequate–verbs, effectual.

Life may see the collective as an object, and individuals as actions.


No man is younger than his genes, nor smarter than his ancestors — except a man who can think for himself.

* If you don’t have anybody — it’s a lot easier to be a hermit. *

93020 79

There are two kinds of ideas in life:

The safe, polite, starched-and-pressed ones, (like commonly cherished proverbs),

And the, rowdy, unpredictable ones — (like an independent thinker is having most of the time.)

93020 -80

And when to them, the time seemed right, many of the men whipped out their little weapons
to confront what they had long perceived to be their opposition;

And it,
being the model for the word, “nemesis,” (as distinguished from, “antagonist”), bothered not to laugh or not laugh
at the impotency of their instruments.


The following is a fact that is initially mistaken, but then corrected:

If you think the same things over-and-over you’ll get calluses on your brain!
— No, you won’t! — not if you’re everyday people.


Exposition Within City Minds and Confines:

You can explain the life of man through myths, and you can explain it through science; but the one thing you CAN’T DO is
explain the life of man.



“History is good for-one thing — a good natured laugh.”

“So where does that leave the future?”

“Put on your GIG-LIN’ SHOES!”


Independent intelligence: The “serious balloon” with the air let out.


A man who has the ability to repeat what he calls, “mistakes,” has the promise of ultimately becoming blind and pleasingly bland.

Life KEEPS the “Welcome Mat” out for the collective-of-mind. (While a real thinker doesn’t want anybody to “wait up for him”! —- cause he ain’t plannin’ on comin’ back home.)


The world’s most dangerous spectator sport: Thinking.


Amongst those who’ll go along with it — almost anything can be passed off as an example of human intelligence.


A thinker has nowhere to hide.

…Big deal! — he doesn’t need one!


Tip For The Exterminators: There is no cure for that without cause.


Man: The benchmark of man . . . . . well, he should be.


Under certain conditions, talk-talk cannot substitute for body-talk; but under NO conditions can anything properly fill in for talk-talk.


A rebel-without-a-cause

Might actually be a real rebel

IF no one knew he was a rebel to begin with.


Comment regarding, “Independent thinking”:

The mind wasn’t made to work like that.”

93020 -94

When you can think-for-yourself,

you can always have the last word! — WITH yourself. . . . . which is all that counts, anyway.

93020 95

A man thought to himself:

“Why can I so easily and apparently tell what’s ‘wrong’ with man, but not equally so, what might be right?!”

And tomorrow answered him by noting: “Because I haven’t gotten there yet.”


For personal, pleasurable, and profitable ballroom purposes,
an independent thinker can glide indefinitely across the floor,
entertained only by the sound of his own voice — humming in his ear.