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93012- 1

“Remember,” said the axon to the synapse, “It’s the ornaments — NOT the tree.”


The best combined efforts of the collective’s thinking helps get the individual to kindergarten.

93012- 3

Remember: To be civilized is to be safe! (Well, at least as safe as a living dead man can be.)

93012– 4

Local Reality turned to man and said: “Shall we dance?”

Homo humblius nodded his acquiescence,

And L. R. added: “Shall I lead, and we take the ‘negative approach’?”


A mind on a budget will think on a budget.

93012- 6

Citation from “Introduction To Genetics: Summer Quarter ’93”:

The past will drive you crazy!  Especially in the future!


There is no ultimate freedom from the herd —

But there is liberation from accepting the hoof beats of the many as being the sound of your own thinking.

93012- 8

To check on his progress,

One man would,

At odd times,

Call himself up on the phone to see if he still recognized his voice.

93012- 9

“Hey gang, wanna play ‘History’?”


“Okay, wanna know how collective intelligence — I mean, intelligence, began?”


“Okay, men all got together and said: ‘Let’s hold hands and play serious pretend.’”



At the individual level, the purpose of thinking is thinking — NOT proof.


What’s a greater trick than making an elephant disappear, or sawing a person in half?

Keeping squinty-eyed, pissed, aging hormones from setting up camp in your brain.

For every question there IS an answer;

“Yes”, agreed one mature man, “And I increasingly find them irritating and unacceptable.”


Talk: Man’s greatest comfort.


One man thought:

“If life is NOT a parable for something other than itself, then why are graves dug DOWN and not UP?!” —

And he could not answer himself.

* Useful symbolism will slap you in the mouth ’til you don’t want no more. *


“The fashion in mental hair styles this year is (fill in the blank).”


Excerpt from, “The Aquatic Field Guide & Spotter’s Handbook”:

Page 147 —         third paragraph, under the heading of:

Sure Means Of Instant Identification: A ‘civilized’ fish is one who blames the water.


Collective civilization: A train that within one life-time, apparently goes nowhere; whose schedule is being constantly announced, withdrawn, and passionately argued over.


Since they FLY — and on an uncharted airline, at that–

The independent minded aren’t too concerned with the collective’s land travel arrangements.


Minds that take a lot of crap are frequently given to stating: “I don’t take a’ lot of crap.’


On Mondays, one man would reflect on what it was like to not be his individual self; then on Tuesday he’d ponder what it might be like to actually BE so;

Then on Wednesdays he’d go back to mulling what it was like to just be part of the collective; And then come Thursdays he’d return to ruminations regarding individuality; and when Fridays arrived he’d repeat his Monday-type efforts as he just WAITED for the appearance of the weekends at which times he’d temporarily suspend all such efforts.

Some would surely have a name for this — but they would all come from the collective.


“Man, Livestock, and Romance: A Poetic Reflection”:

Men fall in love;

Cows fall into ravines, break their legs, and suffer awfully.

Thus concludes this short episode of cynicism and sarcasm for those in sore need of such.


Within each necessary cycle of the mind breathing in — and breathing out, the possibility of criticism exists.

One man deserved an award for his ability to “understate.” But no one could ever get close enough to give it to him.


One heading from the course outline of “Philosophy-In-Flames & Other Turmoils”:

Adversity has many names, but they all begin with “M.”

(This bears naught on the fact that they each have different mailing addresses).


For his birthday, one child/man asked that he be given “parables without punch-lines.”

* Some people want to grow up faster than others — some, slower; the independent-minded want to mature sideways. *


Message to the perceptive dead on their way out–just before they become terminally so:

The serious will HAVE the last word.

Whilst rolling about in the depths of certain grave matters,

One man suddenly pulled himself up more than short, and said to his sodden thinking:

“I’da wrote you a Thank-you-note,

But I wasn’t sure if ‘asshole’ was spelled with a hyphen or not.”

930 1 2 -25

Essay: “Reflections Regarding the Relationship Between Intelligence and Humility”:

Why does not the hippopotamus laugh-at, and scorn the worm? Because the hippopotamus is too STUPID to think of it.


Men believe that nefarious acts come with their own avenging angel,

And crimes carry their own ultimate reckoning, all of this based not on morality or religion,

But on the fact that the energy that runs life here is A/C, and that you can’t have A without C.


Forget the ads — “The World’s Greatest Omelet” — is a real thinker’s brain.


There are those who still believe that there is a difference between a man’s brain and his mind,

But these same men do not question their kidneys every time they have to pee.


Thinking off of the collective’s menu is not real thinking

Unless you call eating somebody else’s leftovers “gourmet dining.”


An individual’s version of a “Creation Myth”:

Before man was formed — that is, prior to when he could speak —

All was not merely “dark and chaotic” — but all was obvious — and that wouldn’t do.


There is no “short-cut” to understanding — only a doted cut.

Wall-ee, wall-ee,

on the wall;

who’s the pointest blank of all?

* Many a man’s reflection will not speak to him if he’s looking right at it. *

One man thought: “Being alive has taught me many things,

But not enough to make me want to STAY here.”


Extract from the extracurricular course, “Theology and Beyond — WAY-Y Beyond”:

What does a liver believe?


A man pleased to be a member of any group Is a cow branded, “safe,

trustworthy, contented, and bamboozled.”.

Man’s mind is so tied to his feet that even an astronomer’s universe is no larger than his impacted molar.

* Only those who want to think,

want to think beyond the bounds of normal propriety and hat size. *


Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow and one man proclaimed: “May my mind be like an explosive, restless forest!

Always active — forever growing!

May that this be so! —

(And if I keep hanging around here — may that I should LIVE so long!)”


Every night,

Just before retiring,

One man would always remove the word, “embalm” from his bedside dictionary.


Item from the avian world:

Wild birds will always “make themselves at home”! Why? — Because they ARE at home.

(One man almost grasped a mental lesson from this during a rain storm.)


In a certain peculiar way,

On the physical level,

Some find it profitable to be unattractive;

Who’s to shudder on behalf of unborn neurons

To contemplate the possibility of this on the mental level?


Collective intellectuals: Occipital lobe leeches–mental back-parasites.

93012 -40

Patting his pocket ominously, one man gave himself five minutes to get out of town.


Most news items seem to be about people, or else people wouldn’t pay much attention to them.

(Another man came dangerously close to learning something about the mind from this just as a high-pressure area was moving in.)


One question on a quiz from, “Rhetoric 103”:

Q: What were the “first words” to go into human dictionaries?

A: Serious words.


(Don’t shoot your bovine broker until you hear this):

Amongst the collective — when a point-blank-wall talks — NOBODY listens!

One man told his brain:

“When the price hits half of where we opened — SELL!”

And his mind replied: “So long as we stay sane such a thing is not possible.”


There are two distinct parts to man except they’re not distinct at all.


One athletic man has a special pair of shoes, only in which he will do his serious running; he says he would like to get something equally as distinctive for his mind,

but that he doesn’t even know if such is available.

And even if it is — that he’s probably too dumb and busy to ever find it.


The obvious will say: “Dance? — who ME?!” and pretend it hardly ever comes here.


Just as a bumbling felon – will attempt to conceal one crime by the commission of another, so too does the collective intelligence of man move from fact-to-fact, truth-to-truth.


One man,

Who could almost actually “think” — every now and then —

Would often say to himself: “How come everybody else is having all the fun?!”

…(“Every now and then” – eh!)


A conversation:

“What is the easiest thing in the world to fake?”



I can’t agree.”

“Al right, how about I put it like this:

What is the largest game of pretend in which everybody ‘plays along’?”

Yeah! — okay — I can groove with that.”


To those who desire the greatest amount of intellectual pleasure possible, the difference between being part of the collective mind,

And of developing your own,

Is like the difference between fog, and the landscapes it obscures.


As he read through the dictionary, one man found himself many times over.

93012 -52

The idea of attributing “individual characteristics” to men was indeed a clever ploy.

93012 –53

A mind that cannot answer its own questions, either has rotten questions,

Or IS a rotten mind.


Custom is reason and logic to the dense–habit, safety to cattle.


Whenever this one man would have difficulty thinking he’d jar himself back to reality by saying: “Moo-o-o!”

9 30 1 2 -5 6

Cows can’t actually BE insulted! — which is why they have to pretend so hard TO be.


Thus, did one man address his slower, routine brain cells: “Hey! Just watch me and do-as I do.”


Thinking: Keeping the mind off-balance.

Real thinking: Rocking a blind man.


Definitions were MADE to be broken.


With the collective, ignorance is an illusion — but not so much so as intelligence!

93012 -6 1

Psychology From the Stockyards:

Cattle can be helped to die peacefully by being reminded—right at the end–

Of just how unfair life always was.                           


Dumb people don’t like their home addresses given out.


A man who will take a metaphor personally — and THEN — “not care for it,” is like a cow that will eat a thistle, and then cry out:

“Great god a’mighty! — what the hell is this?! — and do I like it, or not?!”


“Enjoying life” is NO sport for amateurs! — Wrong! — it most certainly IS!


Abstract from, “Sophomore Evidence 201“:

A man who quits talking is dead.

93012- 66

Slogan For an Individual:

Without the collective, I could not breathe–WITH IT, I cannot think.


The ambrosia of independent-thinkers is the feeding to their minds OF their minds.


The obvious has nothing to teach the collective.


If some men were not greater than they think they are, and others did not think they were greater than they are, then none could be as great AS they are.


From, “Jazz Appreciation: Advanced Level”:

Once you have faithfully DESCRIBED a point-blank-wall, what else is left to do but take up the sax?!

93012 71

A mind that can think non-belligerently in the midst of the collective is like a wind tunnel put in a swarm of bees.


There is only one true harbinger in life    —           thinking.

93012 73

Everybody’s principal neural patterns look just like their facial profile; and although this cannot be physically proven at the present time, pottery fragments recently unearthed at Site # 417 do lend some credence to the theory.

* Facts are a terrible thing to waste! — hence, none are wasted. *

The reason that man’s mind is so pliable,

And that his dictionaries are so extensive and always expanding is so that archaeologists won’t run-into zoologists and merge themselves into the oblivion of obviousness.

** Facts cannot only “never-be-wasted” — but can never be stunted as well. **

Man’s mind rides a wondrous horse! — the likes of which even IT cannot imagine.