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The News

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To hear men talk about life — it is a truly melodramatic affair, much more so than it looks.


Although the collective mind speaks of facts it ultimately deals in facsimile.


Fools fret over kings, and children worry about priests; and every day they all dress up and play “civilized.”

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Mans’ intellectual world is as stout and as fragile as the minds that concoct it.


One person thought: “I don’t need any children — I have me.”

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From the freshman course, “Obviousness 101”:

Man cannot be compared to anything else because he is incomparable.

(“Blatantness 202” has been indefinitely suspended.)


The closer hormones come to the eyes, the harder it is not to stare.

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The collective doesn’t like to hear itself described in an unauthorized fashion.

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One man said:

“I’ll tell you exactly when the troubles all started. — They started when the first person began saying there was some connection between what a man thinks and his behavior.”


A working mind

That will

Take the time

To explain itself to other cows

Is observably moved and satisfied regarding its bovine condition.


Life finds safety in “duplication of services” — hence, collective thinking.

* An individual is nobody’s redundancy.


Nobody wants to be “helped”! -Which is part of the beauty,


and blabbering excitement of it all.


Caramel conundrum:

If a man is not critical of life, how will he ever learn to think? And if he is — how will he ever get free to actually do so?!

(Bonus bon-bon: Unanswerable questions don’t represent much to a nonpartisan mind.)


One man thought of his own life as being in two distinct segments: Those times when he was home — and those times when he was not.


The ordinary mind cannot know any particular thing without saying that it does.

Does this have any significance? Why was it bothered to be said?


Few men know where to look for info about being an individual other than in the collective – This is because there are none.

                (Well, too few to bother mentioning.)

930 1 -17

“Hey!”, said one man,

“I could be just as serious and concerned as everybody else! -In fact — it’d be REAL-L-L easy.”

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The only genetics pertinent to the independent minded is their relationship to themselves.

93011 -19

Talking about the obvious — and seeing it are two different things.

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For a would-be thinker,

The telling of personal anecdotes proves one thing — that he’s still not a thinker.


Physical herds live off blood — intellectual packs, off anxiety.


The existence of the physical universe,

And the movements of the heavenly bodies

Were taken by men initially to be metaphors for their own minds

Until one man realized: “Say, that star over there is larger than my brain.”


Worrying about death can soothe many a transient annoyance.


Collective thinking is nothing BUT proof, while the individual variety is incapable of same.


As they waltzed, they spoke:

“How long! — how long I wonder, can man continue to berate himself?”

Thus far — for six thousand years.”


A head can be a small place in which to live.

9 3 0 1 2 7

For an independent thinker,

If the name of life is not “fun,”

Then it’s still going by its maiden name.


There are,

Amongst the civilized,

Those who say that men can think TOO much…

9 3 0 1 1 – 2 9

Rituals of whatever nature are evidence of a lingering savagery.


A head can be a small place in which to live, but never too BIG for an individual thinker.


No thought is original if it refers to the past even minutely.


Thanks a lot, BRAIN!


One man thought:

“If I don’t look in my mouth my teeth won’t hurt.”

The appointment book of the collective is set up in such a manner That this type of thinking cannot be scheduled.


Everyone is automatically civilized once

Those who never go any further always suffer therefrom.


Another page of, “Questions and Answers”:

Question: What is perhaps the easiest act possible for the intellect?

Answer: Attacking the intellect.

Question: Why is this?

Answer: There is no verbal answer to this.

Question: Thank you for your time and assistance.

9 30 1 -3 6

People with shaky vegetables erect the strongest fences around their gardens.

Even spit glands and the rectum have the right of self-protection.


Trying to make sense of nonpartisan thinking is indeed a fruitless task.


Practical Info for The Individual:

Collective brain cells don’t get old, they were born old.

Potentially related datum:

Is there anything worse than becoming dead?


One man normally went with his first idea — he said it was a cheaper date.


Man’s invented, intellectual world brings along with it its own serious baggage,

and any time it wants to, it’ll make you carry it.


Personal anecdotes and I-based examples

Are to original thinking as used Kleenex is to nasal health.


Item: One man finally made one comparison too many.

493011 -43

On the human planet,

There is a matter of “upkeep” regarding darn near every-old-thing.


A mind on “auto pilot “ is a luxury the individual can’t afford.


One man said: “Starting with me — I’ve HAD IT!”


Civilization minus collective-thinking: Eden sans snakes.

There remains however,

That concept of a second maturing wherein the scene could be described as one of: “A new paradise OF the snakes — FOR the snakes–and BY the snakes.”

In a land where ’tis: “Reptiles, reptiles, all is reptiles!” Opposition and intrigue become as irrelevant as last year’s shed skin.

93011 -47

Since the entire intellectual world is of his own making, what book need any man but a dictionary?!


The collective is gathering evidence on everybody.


Men with larger somatics than psyches like to exaggerate their importance.

(How do you think religion ever got started?)


An individual can think & behave individually as long as it presents no threat to the collective.

This does not necessarily represent the final statement in this matter as per a real individual’s view.


The tracks of the mind are laid out in such a way that if you ask a train where it is going it will reply:

“I do not know — I cannot know —

And it is not my responsibility to know.”


The collective are made to believe that there is constantly

Something to be excited about, even when there’s not;

With the individual, it’s just the opposite — except it’s not really the opposite, and what else is new?!


Life will let you pay in advance for info it never delivers.


There is always someone to see the fallacy in the argument- -always!   As long as you are alive,

life is alive,

and the mind of man moves onward.


Being civilized once is like living with life — being so a second time is like finally getting married — to yourself.

930 1 1 -56

It is difficult to come up with anything original, working from within the collective, since all of the materials therein are recyclables to begin with.

9 3 0 1 1 —57

One day,

After calling himself all together mentally,

One man surveyed the scene and said:

“I was going to take this opportunity to apologize for all of the past,

But now after seeing who showed up, I’ve decided           – To hell with it!”

93011 58

History: Predictions after a car wreck.


In the world of the independent thinker,

The streamlining of ox carts into sports cars paralleled the reduction of paragraphs into sentences.


In his house,

One man had a Suicide Plant;

Every time he’d try to feed it — it’d try to kill itself.

(P.S.: It wasn’t really a plant — but he did keep it in the house a lot.)

93011 61

Imaginary problems have only imaginary solutions — real problems have none.


Things obvious

To those in a plane, wont’ be so to

Those on a train.

Also, men are pleased to believe that in the area of sight are things extremely relative; there is little relative in a point-blank wall.


Words: Wear out the regulars    —           preserve the special.


The collective can’t make good eye contact.


When one man heard that people go into relationships because they find others who can offer them things they can’t give to themselves, he decided to just go ahead and offer them to himself.


A conversation between two people who could actually think for themselves:

“Just consider: If it weren’t for metaphors, we couldn’t speak at all profitably.” And the other person didn’t even bother to reply.


Thinkers who are individuals are truly rare —

But if you think they’re scarce – just try to find a collection of them!


If it wasn’t for blood and hormones most people couldn’t even think at all!


The wars were eventually waged in the skies —

And for ammunition, the collective could send up only tracers.

930 1 1 -70

It’s not nice to slip up on a dumb man.


A real thinker never thinks the words, “In my opinion.”


When the cry goes out amongst the collective:

“Everyone raise your hand who wants to..!.” —

Most will hold ’em high long before they hear the rest of the sentence.

* Vet Note: Cows’ brains are tied directly to their feet. *


The mind believes there is NO betrayal like intellectual betrayal.

…(This of course, is another “trick” news item.)


The thinking of the collective

Will benefit the individual

On the day when fleas suddenly say: “We now understand the origin of dogs.”

9 30 1 1 -75

More of the “Profitable Actions For The Individual”:

Don’t think about other people’s hormones.


…and make little mental note of your own.


To save you the effort — the collective has already defined you.

93011 -78

A Verse:

We dance with ourselves; we dance with the dense. Don’t be redundant,

My friend — old friend.


The individual truths of collective thinking are always individually exclusive.

Which is another reason real individuals can’t breathe inside the collective.


The obvious cannot be analyzed.


And as the new day began to break,

As always, the various armies took up their positions on the opposing bluffs and hillsides; one legion under a banner that proclaimed: “Happiness Through Action!”

Another host whose battle cry read: “Happiness Through Passivity!”

And yet another whose standard said: “Happiness Through Suffering!”

And one more multitude who waved a streamer that declared: “Happiness Through Ignorance!”

* What a beautiful day for a conflict; what a glorious time for a joust. *

93011 82

A sermon with no punch line makes the herd uneasy.  Individuals have been known to smile.