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The News


The dense know everything!       —

A fact they will sometimes cleverly disguise by saying: “Aw, I don’t know anything.”


Anyone who can count to two, can count to three, unless you’re just ordinary.


The severity of a man’s allegiance to any group, collective, or institution will help determine what chance of real individuality he has.


Advice — okay, a HINT — A SUGGESTION, all-ready:

Never go sailing in a guy who’ll tell you what kinda guy he’s not; it’s a boat pokin’ holes in its own bottom.


The independent-of-mind can damn-near starve to death around here.

Part of the herd’s health is based on the fact that cattle therein can survive by eating the droppings of other cows.

The independent-of-mind can damn-near starve to death around here.


People will say that they would like to intellectually “be an individual.” -They will subscribe to this so long as they believe they will

Have to take a number and get in line,

And that they will surely die long before they could ever reach the front.

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From The Department of Additional Information:

Asphalt is to dirt as advertising is to thought; both — paving the way to future progress.

Thus — another item from: The Department Of Additional Information… .(Thank you).

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Repetition: The intellectual brand on a cow.

Predictability: The same.

Consistency: More of the same.


Those as smart as their fellow-man got little braggin’ rights.


To have a mind is to have a choice. You can choose this,

Or you can choose that.

What a mind      -What a choice.


The news reports generally delivered to the collective

Usually smell as though someone had pissed on part of the page.


As long as you accept neighboring cows standing on your foot as proper — if not downright beneficial,

Then you’ll never be without a “dream” —

Such as the dream that you may someday actually become an individual.

The way that most men know that they are “thinking” Is by the fact that they want to say, “Ouch!”


Those not enamored by the idea of “greater intelligence after death” man always presently avail themselves of

Drugs, technology, and even more immersion in “follower-ism”..

* Life sure has a little “something for everybody” –(though a few find it TOO little.) *


One guy thought:

“I hate it when I just feel good accidentally, and don’t know why!” He later realized that those were the only times he did.


A man whose mind can be upset can be imprisoned and kept there with no further effort.

* Lovers of fun and freedom don’t even bother looking for cell doors.


Remember: Intellectually speaking — the collective is your friend.

Remember: If this is true in your case — you HAVE no real intellectual friend.

Remember: ‘Tis GOOD to remember some stuff and not others.


The warfare between the barbarians and the civilized,

Between the philistines and the talented,

Between the crude and the educated,

Between yesterday and today — the warfare continues! — but who gives a damn.

9 3 0 1 0 – 1

Cows don’t like to be talked about! —

Oh, they don’t mind it regarding their good looks–but nothing else!


In this one universe

The cost of being cocky and of being uncertain was the same,

And the bouncy thing about it was that

Those who took either course all ultimately thought the price was too high.


Being humble is a waste of time—if you have something to be humble about.


Men with small minds are anxious to share.


Nobody likes a smart ass! —

So life fixes it so that-those who ever even BEGIN to suspect what might be going on usually soon turn into smart asses.

* If you really want to see life “In action!” -exemplifying, “Efficiency As Poetry” —

You don’t have to “take a number” and stand in line. *


Most bad dreams are caused by telling people what kinda guy you are.


Expanded Exploration of The Intellectual Choices Commonly Available to Man:

You can either: Have the lights on — or you can have the lights off, and you can furthermore be either:

Pleased or displeased about the presence or absence of light.

Ofttimes an “expanded explanation” can make a situation seem more attractive & promising, whether the actual conditions have changed or not.

* Those who underestimate the power and genius of the mind — don’t have much one. *


A cow with a ticket is going somewhere whether it thinks so or not.


The movement of the herd is always trampling out’ a message. Can you hear it? —

Can you hear it?! —

— Why SURE you can!     You just never THOUGHT about it before.


If you think a thing often enough — it will become your friend. — Who needs friends like THAT! —


A man with rats in his mind

Is hard pressed to put out effective traps,

Since most such devices are designed by the Pro-Rodent Society.

93010 –3

How about:

At the physical level, everybody knows that they are properly a member of a collective, but regarding the intellectual, will vehemently deny it. –Even though they know that the mind can no more be free of the body than a cow can from the herd.

How about that?

99301 – 3

Collective Intelligence: Truly, the world’s LARGEST “floating crap game.”


To the slow– “Actions speak louder than words.”

To the more civilized: “Words speak loudest.”

But for the independent minded, there is something to be heard that is Even more piercing and subtle.


Man divided the intellectual world up into different arts, disciplines, sciences, and fields of study Because it was his right! — he invented it!


When you let your first-born mind tell you what to think, you’re taking directions from the dead.

* Those already dangerously ill most respect the departed. *

* * A mind still alive don’t really take much shit off anybody! — Including itself and its ancestors.**

*** A mind finally cut loose realizes it was its own grandpaw. * * *

Case closed!       Turn out the lights! — and the last one to leave, roll up the genetic-sidewalks when you go.


And a corollary for such small-town news:

There is a form of neural suicide that starts with a different letter than. “S”, and is not really suicide at all.

Last one out,

don’t forget,

throw the switch,

You grand and glorious–son of a bitch.


If a man feels closer to some group than he does to himself — he doesn’t have much of a self..



Still using the two old-brains don’t like to be told what to do! -Oh yeah! — we all know that they really do,

But still, everybody says that they don’t!

Additional: “Question Sans Good Seat”:

Why would ANYBODY “sit still” — willingly, knowingly, joyously, just to be told the obvious?!!

Answer: Where ELSE are you gonna hear it!


Remember: Hormones never forget! —

But a man who can think can tell them: “Shut the hell up!”


One cow got so smart that the herd ignored him.

* An organically-grown hermit is not the same thing as a hermit. *


Taking a slight step back,

One man placed his hand on his pocket and said: “Don’t fuck with me! — I have a MIRROR!”


Even if an independent thinker also is left with but two choices,

At least they’re two NEW choices.


Another, “Sad but True” item,

(For those of you who still enjoy hearing the word, “Sad” said aloud):

There is usually little to be gained by

Trying to help hogs in ways not obviously porcine.


One Thing About It: A “Man on a schedule” always has time to be behind.


One reason that many things are intellectually popular amongst the collective is that they

See no visible alternatives.

*_If there is one secret talent the independent-of-mind possesses,

It’s the ability to see in the light!                —             To actually spot what’s there. *

All right! — all you people stand back! — Give the wall some room to breathe.”

…(Hey! Talk about your unnecessary admonition!)


Everything ever said fed someone for a moment.


Believing in the mystical-&-magical can SURE save a cow a LOT of grief!


A man who will make predictions

Will later gladly step on your foot

Without the additional inconvenience of apologizing.


After getting a taste of nonpartisan thinking

One man mused: “This is like nude mud-wrestling for the mind.” -And after pausing long enough to scratch his chin, added: “Naw! –it’s even better than that!”


Intellectually, the collective will always cut themselves some slack— since that’s all they have.

93010 -50

Civilized cattle are those who have their leather jackets “professionally” cleaned.

* The hide of a beast determines its thoughts. *

…(As regards that last comment:

There continue to be reports of certain creatures

Who somehow are able to “skin themselves”

In some manner they apparently find agreeable and profitable.)


A choice is your friend   — if it is YOUR choice.

93010 -5 2

The last piece of good news to many is: “You’re going to die.”


Some well-bred cows do not care to hear themselves referred to as such; as a matter of fact:

The more well-bred they are, the less they care for it.


The ordinary cannot abide having where they live described.


One man decided that when he grew up, he wanted to be just like himself —

But once he did — he then decided that he wanted to be like anybody BUT himself;

Then, realizing the inaptness of the situation — decided to grow up an additional time.

* Anything a man does worthwhile — he does on his own time. *


Conversation-us partially interrupt-us:

“Fame amongst the herd is a fleeting thing.”

“No more fleeting than the herd itself.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Conclusion of said conversation.


A routine mind feeds itself by its own routine speech and thought — (if you call THAT “eating”!)


Originality is a train ticket with no cash-value if you’re riding in the cattle car.


Life insists that you become civilized and “settle down.” But it doesn’t say that you can’t “FAKE IT”!


Life’ll take almost ANYTHING from a man as long as he doesn’t get mad about it.


A cow with a non-bovine friend has an advocate and confederate, twice over.


Thinking that’s actually going somewhere doesn’t have to engage in self-reference.


When the feral became civilized — when man became conscious, only then did he realize his nakedness;

He then clothed and covered himself with the intelligence of the collective.

* Regardless: The independent minded STILL want to “get away” — one more time -Find a brand-new garden of Eden, and get naked all over again! —- — This time for REAL! *