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It is unfair to call men dumb        but then again, there is nothing fair TO call man.

— “Taxi!” —


Then again —

There is no need for ordinary fish to know that they live in the water.


The collective doesn’t want to hear how life works -That’s why we have the collective, and have the individual.

All are part of the collective — but not all are individuals.

93007-. 5

Being civilized once is your responsibility — being so a second time, your privilege.


The intellectual herd must support itself —

Which is why its own self-congratulatorianism sometimes seems so transparent.


The thrill of the nonpartisan mind is like being a shadow on a battlefield.


Note that “experts” are always experts in somebody else’s field -Never one OT their own invention_ —

—             That’s a job for the nonaligned individual.


Cows with small minds

Can get through small holes in the fence

Which may sound neat — except that

Small holes in the fence do not lead to freedom.


Most thought is reconstructed thought.


Aches and pains,

But who in turn do THEY have to annoy?!

…(Hint: The answer starts with the letter, “V”.)


The reason that ordinary minds have opinions

Is so that other minds can agree or disagree with them.


A nonpartisan thinker continually asks himself:

“What is it that I can be proud of?” – No, he doesn’t! — it’s a trick news item! -Such a noncombatant doesn’t ask himself ANYTHING.


The collective has its own energy —

Its own necessary, functional energy —

But the collective’s energy is too in specific to be of Direct help to the individual minded.

930 0 7 – 1 5

With neat-time thinking there is no such thing as “low tech” -It’s just “operational,” or it’s not.


If the universe is alive,

If the planet is alive,

If the food chain itself is alive,

And if the bacteria complex blanketing humanity is alive,

Then why no general awareness that the collective body and mind of man is also distinguishably viable?!

Nature got the idea of symbiosis from watching civilization develop.

The herd acts greedy cause it’s always needy.


Technical mistakes in calculations

Don’t so much put off a nonpartisan mathematician since he’s not ON the way ANYWAY

to any data place

whose existence is dependent on answers exact.

930 0 7 2 1

Quick tip on “How To Get By In This Life — On This Planet”:

If a man can’t make the NBA — AND

His mind is not his outstanding attribute, then such a man BETTER be a woman!


Fame, collective–talent, individual.

93 00 7 -23

As he sprayed his house for insects,

One man consoled himself regarding the potential

Impending demise of roaches, etc., by saying to himself: “Well, I didn’t tell them to come into my house!” — …(He said this quickly so’s not to have too much time to

Consider the fact that other than the area of man’s mind,

The whole world is everybody’s house.)


Within certain areas of the collective mentality, words can be their own reward.

93007 25

Every hour in which the independent minded can see through, over, and beyond,

Some partisan thought

Is sixty minutes well spent.


Only the ign-o-runt are be-lig-o-runt.


A cow,

Here and there,

Spitting tobacco juice in church,

And humming Haydn at inappropriate times, does not an individual make.

* With those-who-think — there is a difference between rebellion & caustic-sarcasm.

The collective collects —

And the collective allows some to harmlessly wish they weren’t.

* If there’s one thing a true individual ain’t, it’s “harmless.” (That’s why they lay low, and are so seldom seen.)*


Giving the mind a choice helps keep it busy and out of trouble.


There is a kind of personal humor available only to those with nonaligned eye sight.

Partisan laughter is always aimed, “personal-specific”and weighed — and thus belligerent.

* Only minds with no vested-interests can fully give vent to good cheer. *


A man on a REAL mission, takes no one — those on faux ones, everybody.


Men who say that they don’t know much and then add,

But at least they know that they don’t know anything—don’t know much.


Under ordinary conditions,

Local affairs are run by the collective,

The same as a man’s mind is by what he THINKS he knows on his own.

* That is: A man’s individual intellect has its own version of the “Collective.” *

…(This not only explains a LOT — but TOO MUCH, as well.)


Amongst those who condemn religion are always some who wish they’d thought of it first.


As long as a man’s genetics have first call on him,

Before his individual mental activity,

The dead will forever speak to him  and he will listen.

9300 7 -35

Cows tend to be agreeable.


The civilized tend to be agreeable.


Is this supposed to be a HINT?!


One man paid his friends NOT to refer to him as a cow.

9 3 0 0 7 39

Life sure-e-e has gotten a lot of mileage outta man becoming civilized!


You’ve sorta got your choice:

You can either assume that other people are serious about what they do, and are thus idiots — and only you see through it — OR, assume they’re just pretending to be serious,

And that by you being upset by it — you’re the idiot — OR, realize that both possibilities have already come to pass, and hang yourself a hard right at Jupiter.


One ole chap of the sixty something crowd

(who had no kid),

sat himself down and said,

“The way I see it is that

one of the viscid vagaries of being a human bean is that

whenever you find something singularly ‘human’ that you wanna do, you get all tangled up in ideas about HOW to do it.”

                 (He later told a guy painting his house that he “loved it”

when he talked to himself like that

especially when he used

those big, spooky words and all.)


Just being pissed is no excuse for being alive.


The health of man physically — is the health of the collective:

The individual’s state mentally is more open to personal distinctions, and privileges.

93007 43

The nonpartisan mind is like the world’s most gregarious recluse, and out-going hermit.


A man with three radios — all always turned on, and playing at once -will always know what time it is —

Will never be tricked into attending some king’s coronation —

And will be mostly unable to ever forget what the “news” is really all about.

* Amidst a kind of self-generated chaos, some can find peace and order. *


Query:  Why should a man’s mind be of any less importance to him than a bird its feet?

9300 7 -4

The individual says to the collective’s Senate:

“I  come not to buy Caesar, but to bury him thrice.”

9300 7 7

Cows have each other — and the herd has them;

(Now is not the place to go into what the individual thinker might have….OR “who”!)


The collective is knowledgeable concerning what’s good for the collective — but little more.

93007 4 9

Many people in the herd believe that the

Human mind will be, “A great place to live” — IF they ever get it finished..


Individuals can be kind of frightening. — Which is why most people don’t want to be one.


Those who cannot see a mass, specific intelligence at work within the collective, will never see an individual one at play within them.

93007 .52

The collective is folk music—the individual, jazz.


The independent minded don’t tell others what to think —

Why should they?!          They don’t even tell themselves what to think!


Intelligence born of the collective

Can never escape from the collective —

(That’s not its job

-That’s not its place.)


Just because the collective is unaware of some specific something-or-the-other

Is no proof that such knowledge is beyond the reach of some individual, or the other.



In an individual sense —

You know what you’re doing

It doesn’t matter so much anymore, what you’re doing.


Talk is mostly about itself.


The collectivism of the herd produces a narcotic for the individual members.


The anti-individualism of the herd provides the narcotic needed by the herd.

93007 -60

Critics must circle the cities like vultures

While the nonpartisan soars free the whole universe like eagles.


Charts and graphs were made for the collective: No reliable figures are available on individuals.


All illness within the herd is local so forget it! (if you want to).


Within the collective is much acknowledged competition, also much unrecognized cooperation


The more civilized the herd — the more time it has to kill.


Another convenient aspect of being part of the collective is that

It’ll provide you with what will pass for being your “own individual style.”


Only individuals think.


Once he gets his place open — the individual doesn’t let no body in:

                no cows, that is.

A man with a friend lives twice.