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The News

 93005- 1

The collective lives,


-and thinks the concrete —the independent-of-mind, the abstract.

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Civilization: The Prison of Safety for Escapees from Paradise.

Life promotes and civilizes everybody ONCE! — free of charge.

The would-be, nonpartisan thinker should, as soon as possible,

Switch even his most basic allegiances from nouns & objects to actions & verbs.

93005- 4

“Prison” IS a harsh word for “life”!            (But then again — so is life!)

93 00 5 -5

The herd can’t stop — and the cows can’t know it.


Men who take words seriously will ultimately choke upon them!

                (And if not — they’ll die of something else!)

93005- 7

Civilization simply described for those who’ve just arrived:

Civilization at full tilt is

One man commenting on the comments some other man made

Regarding something someone else did after they heard

The comments one man made about the comments some other man had made.

See — that was easy.

93005 – 8.

To the independent-minded — all advice is potentially suicidal.

…(“Suicide” is an awfully strong word! – Yes, but so is “advice”!)


Would-be herd leaders are like cows with performing aspirations, but no particular talent other than exaggerated bovine ones.

93005 10

One of the subtle messages all minds are sent

When they leave “somatic Eden” for

The first stage of “intellectual civility” is this: “If you don’t compare — You get nowhere.”

Even WITH his heavier brain — man was still only given two feet to carry him about ….(that’s all that was necessary.)


If you know how —

One way out of “imaginary confinement”iIs to ignore it and forget about it.


For sixty-odd years,

A man’s mind stays on the move;

Passengers wandering up and down the aisles of the same old bus.


Your liver is in tune with the collective’s liver;

Likewise, with your lungs,  heart, and kidneys;

Where else do you think this might lead?’


It’s easy to take bad news for granted.


The taking of government and social issues seriously

Is the moving from an old creaky prison-to a fresh new one.

* Such is the collective’s continual, “March to Freedom.”


Ask important people about how bad things are and watch their face light up.


Taxes are a fiscal version of the intellectual one of “The redistribution of shared stupidity.”

Do you think it mere happenstance that men run in the largest herds of all?


The ordinary–the civilized — all catch the 5:15 every day at five-fifteen.

* Such is sanity. *

930 05 – 1 9

Through man’s institutions, life tells him many things — but they’re all the same:

“Stay in line!”


The “good” news IS that

Nobody gives a damn whether you think or not!


An artist who will take note of the praise of philistines — is no artist.

Cows who heed the cries of the cow-punchers are cows indeed! —- And, “On the way home! — On the way safely home!”

(Look out Chicago — here I come!)


A land with two kings will never be free, but one with three — might be.


A nonpartisan thinker never wastes his time asking himself: “Is this particular something-or-other true, or not?” —

But rather, strangles and extracts from it something worthwhile far beyond such routine and meaningless, kiddie concerns.

* Only a big boy or girl can face plain reality! —

And only a large boy-or-girl-thinker would recognize it, if it climbed up their knickers at noon on Arbor Day. *


The challenge of thinking outside of your normal neural patterns

Is comparable e to trying to teach a ten year old dog a new foreign language!


Passengers with little bitty, teeny brains are always-satisfied with little bitty trains.

Note: Just because you can make something rhyme, doesn’t mean it has any particular significance!

Yes, that may well be

But it doesn’t mean it has any LESS.

Many things hide behind words –such as: More words, Thoughts,

More thoughts, and

More words. (And so on).


Logic For Some Already Off the Field:

To be free is to be lonely;

To be free is to have a whole new concept of loneliness.

Definition Quiz: What would be a, “charitable, independent-thinkee? Answer, Description: One who might pretend to be morose.


Cows like to get together in little groups and bunches

And laugh at all the other cows over in other little groups and bunches; that way all of them can believe that no one else is laughing at them! —

..(Which kinda makes your fan belt start flappin’ if you think about it TO-0-0 much.)


A young civilization,

(That hadn’t yet gotten around to the matter of “solutions”) has a number you can call however,

To see about becoming part of the problem.


“Old News” immediately followed by “New News Correction & Update”:

The dense always think it’s more difficult than it is.

EVERYBODY always thinks it’s more difficult than it is.

* The actions of a verb can determine the definition of the noun that executes them. *

Those who desire intellectual fresh air must ask themselves: “Do I want to be a guillotine — or a severed neck?”


Confession is good for the soul   —especially when you don’t have one.


The life expectancy of man continues to increase

So that he’ll have more time to be serious — I mean, to suffer – no—I mean to grow & expand.

On certain holidays,

One man would group his nonpartisan synapses into a traveling, Silly Choir, and go around to more serious areas of his brain,

And sing under their windows at midnight —

Just to annoy them — I mean, to remind them

Of the true purpose of celebrations.


Anything abstract annoys the philistines and other important people.

* The collective sees No reason for any thinking not conceived in personal example. *

The first stage of originality drove man from The Garden. A second, willful version leads a few to a new one.


In cows’ continuing feeble attempts at independent thinking,

The pursuit of the arts IS a step above simple insanity

                (so some say.)-

93005 3 4

And as long as we’re here —

A Near-By, Widespread Definition:

The Independent Minded: A most extraordinary cow! —

(And one which during some slaughter seasons

Brings as much as other stalwart bovines.)

Lips that understand the polarized captivity of all herds

Can then smile at all forms of pompousness and displays of humility; …(And when you get really good at it —

Your tongue can secretly grin about your lips knowing this.)

The entire head of one intellectual escapee,

took full measure of all its separate parts and declared: “All in all — a thoroughly good-time was HAD by all.”


A land with two kings will never be free,               

And one with three — might be;

But show me a place with more than that,           

And I’ll hand partisan thought its hat.     

93005 36

The attempt to “think independently” is like the world’s largest “private joke.” Not, “largest” like in a lot of people being “in” on it,

But, “largest” as in like so FEW being so — and them being so WIDELY-Y-Y spread apart.

* Biopromotable Info: The network of independent thinking is like an innocuous bacterium amidst man’s collective, cortical herd. *


If “shame” had any independent validity,

The religious, (for example),

Would be ashamed for having become seriously so — so late in life.

* The impotent champion celibacy, those with distended livers, sobriety. *

(“So — what else is new?

“Not much by me—how’s by you?”)

The fore-smell of death can momentarily make many lethargic synapses and axons sigh:

“We should have thought morel — we should!”


Cows are most happy at home;

The independent minded — trying to leave.


You have not left a place

If, when you departed, you packed up any regret.

93005 4.0

Staying physically alive is a solemn proposition —

But “seriousness of MIND” is an unnecessary form of stressful brittleness.

Children must be made to believe that kindergarten is “important.” But wouldn’t you think something a bit more “sophisticated” should be possible regarding young adults in college?!

The head of one herd stopped everything and announced:

“Okay — all you metaphors and allegories — OFF THE-BUS and OUTTA HERE!”

9300 5 -4 1

“The Balance” — “The Justice of It All” — Get your thumb off the scale:

The more civilized can believe that life is sometimes TOO much so, while the less can think that it’s not yet enough.

…(So what IS a cow with a nice smoking jacket,

Some good wine, and a neat CD collection to DO?!)


For the purposes of personal thinking —

The critiquing of other men’s’ ideas is akin to digging up corpses to commit murder thereon.

This certainly keeps civilization,

the mortuary arts,

and collective thought

alive and thriving— but little precious else.


When a man can think for himself

He always has a fire to lay in front of.

…(and if push-comes-to-push-IER — also, a friend to BE with.)

A nonpartisan sang to himself:

“Nothing will ever take the place of you but me.”


Even a city poet with nothing to say

Can write odes to having “Nothing to Say.”

* Just as with mans’ collective intelligence, The “Ship Of Civilized, Artistic State” can continue to plow the seas by firing the boiler with its own planking. *


You can stuff your bra —

You can have your pecs surgically enhanced —

But query: How do you inflate the apparent size of your intellect? And the answer? — By being part of the collective’s thinking.


Any feeling or opinion you have about yourself personally is totally invalid.

Note: A “news item” without a comment — is just a “news item.”

…(Some, who can think for themselves, find little difference.)

Gimmie the concrete–I’ll extract my own concepts!


As long as you believe that any possible escape and salvation will come from the herd, you’re as sane and safe as a cow can be.

You can always tell how intellectually torpid a man is If he is dumb enough to believe that

LIFE is dumb enough to

Commit suicide right before your very brown, bovine eyes.


The independent minded don’t want to be on anyone’s list.

(Second paragraph): Would it sound “better” — even, substantially “different”

If we were to put it rather: Why would the independent minded ever want to be on anyone’s list?

(Last paragraph): The context never changes the contents;

Or would the meaning change if we asked: Does changing the context ever alter the content? …(Now don’t go and lose your place — hear!)


You might care to note that all news other than Obituaries, is made up.

9300 5 –4 9

The dumb have all the answers.

9 3 00 5 —5 0

Cows with a philosophy are like travelers with train schedules which, when read — grease the tracks.


“Staying alive” -is every creature’s first piece of serious business;

With man, the second piece is in becoming mental, civilized and serious.

* It has long been felt improper for important people to appear publicly frivolous. *

93005 5 2

One time a group of men started out for somewhere new and one of them said:

“This is so unusual —

Perhaps we should make up a story about it

That makes it sound even more unusual than it really is so that ordinary people won’t think it’s so unusual.”

Even the sane have periodical snits of crying out for the “impossible”–but their peers understand it’s just a passing anomaly.

…(No such thing — with the independent-of-mind.)


Independent thought: Orgasms for the mind.

And the civilization-of-the-supreme-cows huffed and said: “We’re not at all-l-l sure — we approve?”

Words can prove anything, except where they came from.


Men make sacrifices as they are forced to.

“Hey! I’m forty years old now — throw some more hormones into the fire.”

(And certain of the gods somewhere — burped, smiled and were still much pleased with man.


A truly independent thinker might even put the strains on genetic allegiances.

9300 5 -5 7.

Men don’t like to be thought of as animals — which is why they changed their name to man.


Blues News You Can Use:

One independent minded man constructed a small, blade-loaded mechanism

That fit inside,

And any time he started to refer to the words of others,

It would unceremoniously —       “Take Another Little Piece of his Heart.”


The sane, civilized ideas one has, (courtesy of the collective), are the aborigines of one’s individual, intellectual homeland.

* Eden remains ideal for the intellectually timid —

But a real thinker has finally got to put on some clothes and leave

so that he can later take them off and be free and naked for a second, and willful time. *


Men waltz,

make love,

hold hands in friendship — all on the dancefloor of speech.


Question: If you could “set everybody free” — what would they pay you?

                 You mean besides maybe not KILLING YOU on the spot?


Amongst the cattle —

Trying to be a humanitarian is like trying to throw a leather jacket into reverse.


Dig it! — Assume it herd lovers:

Humans are just metaphors for cows.


The sane and civilized must act “serious”

Or else they’d all break out laughing and spoil the whole thing.

Cortexes with a neo area can tolerate all sounds — save one.


Come on! — let’s face it! —

“Cattle” is a pret-tee insulting synonym for man — but hey! — so’s “man”!


Accepting the collective’s thinking to be one’s own

Results in the individual mind sensing an ever increase in entropy and chaos; thus is a sequential sense of time born,

In that, things always seem to be going from


From, one-place-to-another,

And as always as always! —

From bad-to-worse,

Inasmuch as that’s the only direction apparently possible for everyday thinking.

As the Congregative Train

Whizzes by on the way to



Six FlagsOven Hades,

Few passengers have any interest in

Watching out at crossings to see if

Any encouraging faces might pop up,

Silently pointing off in some more promising direction.


Inside of a nonpartisan head is like the world’s largest, “Outdoor Party.”