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The News

One man stuck his own I out! He said it deserved it!
Unless you’d prefer to be dead than dumb — you’ll eventually be both.
(Note: If “eventually” is too far away — try “now.”)
‘93004- 3
The partisan love their home town — that’s the only place they have to go.
To be serious about life excuses one from being intelligent thereabout.
The dense must exaggerate, and be exaggerated to. •
93004- 6
In that man confronts and conceives of both the local and the universal, consider: While the thinker is decidedly local — think-ING can transcend such confines.
Ordinary men know that information comes into their neural system via the senses, and realize that it is sent back out by way of their physique;
What goes on in there otherwise seems
Far too unpredictable to be similarly understood.
93004- 8
While this is congregatively successful — it tends to restrict the individual.
Independent Audience’s Energy Conservation Tip:
As soon as the speaker quotes anyone other than himself — feel free to leave.
The idea that, “Man just made up a lot of his problems,”
Is a comforting, (if meaningless), thought to many captives.
Due to its size and weight — collective thought is always local.
…(That’s not the real reason,
But it gets us off to what sounds like a fairly rational start.)
The denser the thinker the grander the forces to which he tends to swear his allegiance.
Insofar as the individual is concerned:
The herd doesn’t ASK for much! And the herd doesn’t OFFER much.
If there was some cosmic force — watching — and testing man -I can guarantee you this:
With those who try to think-for-themselves,
It’d check how often you’re pissed.
93004 15
A stiff man is a satisfied man —
. .(There’s not a single recorded instance at the prison’s furnaces of a stick of firewood ever getting up and leaving!)
9300 4 – 1 6
The “end of a man’s mental rope’ is where one axon predictably meets and greets another.
Partisan thinking,
Due to its limited power supply,
Is always local — never universal.
Small minds show — and if you don’t see them — you should be concerned.
A person has abandoned any independence of thought they may have
Any time they begin a sentence with the words: “There’s nothing quite so bad as….”
Advice: The means whereby men can throw-up on one another without them taking it so personally.
What life says man can’t do — those in the collective can’t.
The partisan all live in Localville — over on Genetics Avenue.
“Bad news” is all local.
(Really figures, once you think about it — huh?!)
One man asked himself: “Why is everyone’s brain the same size?”
And then replied to himself: “What kind of dumb-ass question is that?!”
You might as well go ahead and be done with it! —
You might as well go ahead and name your mind after your home town.
Con to Pro is “plagiarism” spelled with three letters.
Ordinary thinking: A firing range you’ve visited so many times that
You can shoot, hit, miss, re-load, run out of ammo, take a break–all without really even noticing.
Adulthood: When you can fire with your eyes closed and it makes NO-0-0 difference.
“Honey, I’m home.
“How can you tell, dear?”
“Cause I just asked if that was me — and I didn’t care whether it was or not. Ho-ney, I’m home-e-e.”
All “collective truth” is always protective of the collective.
Local reality is founded on complaints.
After all: What is the “first lever of being civilized other than the ability to find fault
Nouns: Crippled verbs; Thoughts: Thinking remembered.
Data comes in,
And data goes out,
and who’s inside to
thrash it all about?
What creatures but neural herd animals will yell at one another for being sick,
And excuse one another for being stupid.
In areas of strict confinement, you can’t believe anything “important people” say.
…(You gotta remember WHO they work for!)
“Well sure!” said life,
“I may be harsh and demanding,
But hey! — you gotta admit! — I make up for it by
Letting you be just as slow-witted and semi-conscious as you wanna be!”
Independent Thinking: The attempt to get ten million miles from your tires with OUT having a blowout.Only the seriously dumb can be “intellectually” frightened.
— Think about it! —- and if you can’t well-l-l…..
Question: What is worse than hormones aging?
Reply: Letting them tell neurons — “Hey, come on and join us.”
The operation at this one information processing center was such
That incoming and outgoing data overwhelmed the workers to the extent that they never had time to become acquainted and make new friends.
Man’s mind: This information processing center; New friends: Unallied thoughts.
To local thinking the universal always appears chaotic.
(Can anyone hear the past sounds of the human nervous system struggling to come up with the reassuring interim word “god”?)
Familiar neurotransmitters, and known axon connections
Are good solid protection to keep
Good solid citizens from ever having to
Ponder the apparent randomness, freshness, and uncatalogued mental potential right outside their own front door.
A land ruled by two kings is never free.
One prisoner said:
“I no longer care —
I am inoculated against caring;
I have re-died while here in confinement
And been re-born into a state of arrested animation;
I am now sans concern,
Without hope,
Fully grown, and finally home.
I am at peace and no longer care so l-e-a-v-e me alone!”
Sane minds run a railroad with a reliable schedule;
An independent thinker struggles to start an airline.
Definition At the Depot: Sanity: Doing what you’ve told.
93004 .40
People who think that certain shit is important tend to find certain shit important.
(Even when made aware of this they still find nothing significant about it.)
When a man who is trying to think-for-himself, gets angry enough to say “Damn!”
In response to the question: “Who’s dumb around here?” He’s freely admitting. — “I am.”
The increased vision that comes from new, nonpartisan thinking is a form of genetic space travel.
In axon affairs: Abandonment is not synonymous with death.t93004 44
Life arranges it so that all of the sane cows want to get away from the herd — But not enough to try.
If you’re your own father — who’s sins are you gonna pay for?! — who’s CAN you!
Cows who’ve been some where hate to come home.
(I trust you don’t find “hate” too strong a word.)
One man would mostly only think ill of other people when he was feeling bad.
Cows run in herds;
Men run in cultures;
A thinker runs just before sunrise.
Feelings are info! — and info short on the former commands little attention.
Feelings come in, and feelings go out, but who’s inside to sort it all out?
Clutching only local escape plans — even the rowdiest of prisoners offer no real threat.
If minds could start out able to directly see plain, point-blank-walls
They would never have invented color, decoration, architecture,
And all of the other enjoyable man-made condiments that make human life uniquely worthwhile.
(Do you begin to get it.)
A new, independent mind doesn’t send secret messages to itself.
A new favorite game among some:
Someone will ask someone else:
“What is the difference between advice, and bird droppings?”
The quandary, (of sorts):
Locally — Those who think the worst of man turn out to be the best of men.
To keep the playing field level, Life does not admit bumpy info.
What is perhaps the only thing even remotely dangerous an independent thinker could do? -Take credit for much of ANYTHING.
One man privately thought of his unprocessed thinking in the plural as, The New Whores of Babylon,
And in the singular as,
The Earl of Captivity.
93004 5 7
Local thinkers always pledge their allegiance to local forces. (That’s one way to stay where you belong.)
I guess sycophant does sound better than toady, but if you’re part of the intellectual collective that’s still what you are.
Close the door behind you when you’re through with that thought.
If men can believe that their captivity came about through chaotic conditions,
Do you see how this will free them from even considering certain systematic escape plans?
(Those who can see that can now go on to the vice-versa version.)
Announcement: This week’s “Stupidity Tests” have been moved from Thursday.
The collective never has a universal view — only fragments of local scenes; as many pieces as there are cows in the herd.
Books with no Intro, or Epilogue are too close to point-blank-walls.
…(Same with thoughts and sentences, Batman.)
The local is the “land of plenty ” if you call two plenty.
The way thinking expands in the collective
Is akin to a process wherein for
Every new championship runner that is produced — a previous one is shot in the foot.
Nonpartisan thought is the only procedure whereby -a man can kill himself without injuring himself.
All prisons are local.
93004 -65
All prisons are local — all viable escape plans, universally inspired.
The chief neurotransmitter connecting and closing synapses in ordinary brains is collective thought.
No one properly confined is EVER disturbed about being dumb.
(Ever wonder why birds aren’t annoyed by squirrels?)
Those suffocating to death have to find a way to get fresh air to the old neural connections.
93004 -68
Local reality is immediate reality
In that it is composed of whatever you’re immediately and effortlessly inclined to think.
All talk is entertainment —
And the forgetting of this takes some of the fun out of life.
Also note: Most people’s prime enjoyment in this regard is in their own speech.
9300 4 -70
Local thought is, by definition, limited — which helps explain its widespread popularity.
The basic ideas of religion & philosophy are SO-0-0 silly and dangerous that they had to become serious and safe.
Consequently: Any viable escape plan — to stay alive — must seem almost a joke.
93004 7 2
The local is always biased.
The local is always biased — always biased in favor of itself.
A universal thinker is disposed — disposed to nonpartisan thought.
What the independent minded specifically attempt is a kind of “unnatural, synaptic excitement.”
Anything less, is routine polarized thinking —
. .(and to some — as irritating as polyester to a sheep.)
The ordinary dream of travel between planets….
the independent of mind, between new axon terminals.
93004 —15
Insanity-among-the-collective: A weak attempt at independent thinking.
9300 4 —76
Examples, local — the universal, something else.
…(as a matter of fact — EVERYTHING else.)
93004 -11
The only form of space travel possible:
Moving between the periodic star-bursts strewn infinitely throughout the genetic universe.
…(As you might note: This constitutes time travel as well.)
The independent mind can scarce say, “I.”
93004 -79
“I” — the mother of all fuckers.
An independent mind is like a plane that never lands
A sentence that never ends,
And a 7-11 synapse that never closes.