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The News

Just for the sake of
And appearances,
This one man continued to hold back from saying about half of what he wanted to.
Those with nowhere to go are always wanting to go somewhere.
93003- 3
The balance and justice of “existence-within-confinement” is such that none therein can see it.
Your choice is: Listen to what life says through the collective, or learn to tune yourself in.

A, “Mr. Electron’s Household Tip”: An A/C motor won’t run on just A, or C —
No matter how neat
Either may be. *
A Ponder: Is this why even “bad news” doesn’t seem all that bad to A nonpartisan brain turbine?!
A man without the will or intelligence to struggle
Will always see who probably — who could-have — put the chains on him.
There is always one more step beyond seriousness — seriousness of every kind,
Of any time.
(Beyond certainty is so many additional steps that it’s ridiculous to go into them.)
It is common in confinement to
Find certain men who are so spastic and uncoordinated that they cannot even manage to do a simple two-step,
But who then establish complex schemes of choreography for others.

Everyone is aware of this —
Everyone goes along with this —
And everyone finds it privately disturbing —
Which is why everyone doesn’t care to think about it! *
93003 -14
Okay — let’s think about it:
Who else but cows are suitable to lead a bovine herd!
Everyone’s hips resemble their mama’s — everyone’s mind, the atmospheric conditions.
The warden,
(Dressed up to look like every important person who ever lived),
Said to the prisoners: .
“If a ship is not actually ‘sinking’ why the hell try to jump overboard?!”

Important people tend to talk like that;
All important people work for life. *
Those who long meditate on the differences between what a man feels and what he thinks run few risks of their cell door ever coming loose and falling on them.
Expanded Edition:
Although life is like an “electronic fish bowl,” it once was like an electronic fish pond.
93003 – 1 9
Being “independent of mind” does not simply mean that one is
Free from the hold of warring faction A, or its counterpart, B —
For to be in the land of such conflicts precludes any possibility of liberation.
93003 -20
Make No Mistake! — Offer No Substitutes:
As long as you either accept what the collective says is so, to be so —
Or else as long as you reject it either way — you are not thinking.
Make No Substitutes — Offer No Mistakes.
Slipped-In Secret Message: What real thinking is can’t be described to ordinary minds.

Moral: So THAT explains it! *
Anything that you worry about will happen- to you — like getting old, getting sick,
getting dumber and more sure of your rigid self.
The civilized believe that to be so is to not let hormones take precedent over thought; but only the independent thinker knows this to be so — AND
Comprehends its value — or lack thereof.
9300 3 – 2 4
A, “Promised Land” already reached is no longer much of a promise! — OR of a reward, to some.
One of the benefits of being-grown and educated is that
You. are no longer responsible for the upbringing of your mind.
Herds are held together by hormones and emotions — men by hormones and thoughts.

Note: Should you wish to make any further comparisons based on this information, do so on your own time. *
If those accustomed-to, and agreeable-to, captivity
Actually wanted to know anything interesting
They’d ask such questions as:
“Okay —
If we’re not controlled by the gods,
And we’re not driven by the ‘sins-of-our-fathers,’
Then just what IS going on around here that I might enjoy hearing about?!”
A man’s own neural synapses are like,
Water between fishes,
Punctuation among words,
And uncertainty woven into the shaky fabric of truth & error.

In a land where it is always “open season” on similes —
Many independent thinkers keep summer homes. *
Letting notions-of-you
Continue to run free in your brain is
Carrying the concept of “Juvenile Day Care” a bit too far.
93003 30
“Suspicions Validated” (for those who had them)
And for those who didn’t “Suspicions Supplied”:
The attempt to loosen one’s natural neural connections can, in the beginning,
Seem quite stressful.

“Assumed Rewards Validated” (only for those who definitely don’t require such): The butterfly of the stress-cocoon is damn near unrecognizable. *
Logic, Math, & Rhetoric Revisited (even-as-always, sans invitation): The operational-reality resting above, below and just beyond All concepts of “opposites”
Far exceeds any normal notions of:
Imaginary numbers,
And all interpretations of such words as,
But, however, and, nevertheless.
While it is true that everyone’s local reality is the official spokesman for life, are you positive that the ears you’re sporting are the only issue available?
Many soap operas and movies were fashioned after real life.
….Many captive minds find comments like these totally un-funny — (much less, revealing)
Those civilized but once,
Believe that to be so is always in part — to suffer;
Such is the life-of those who live where hormones and neurons do battle.
Never tell anyone your schedule — and if you do change it; …and if you don’t have one — change it too.
If thinking were like sex,
The ordinary variety would be like doing it in the dark,
With your eyes closed,
Wearing three overcoats and five rubbers.

Moral: Who needs a “moral” after THAT?! *
Life will kill everybody! — but why let it strangle you for breakfast every morning?!
It is sort of fascinating how specifically focused and confined even an educated man’s attention must be to remain as neurally captive as is the norm.

When the degree of force required to keep a man’s mind imprisoned is finally seen, many people involuntarily go — “Yuk!” *
Prison graffiti: Those who don’t see the joke — Eventually have a stroke.

Gee — it must be great to die and be grown and that be the end oi it. *
Calling something other than what it is — IS, At its least consequential, euphemistic; at its most — indicative of progress.

Pigs are still pigs because they don’t know what else to call themselves.
93 0 0 3 4 0
If you listen to life speaking through the collective, you’ll always have something to worry about.
The independently inclined always feel insulted when Hormones over run their mind.
9300 3 -4 2
To be IN the area of a warfare
Requires that you eventually become a belligerent partisan yourself — …Or else get shot
…Or alternatively, become the poster boy for Imbeciles Anonymous.

Hint: I suspect that that’s hint enough for those who know how to use their feets. *
To those seeking independence the serious minded can be of little assistance.

Those calling on the aid of gods, experts and other inmates
Are still confused regarding the gravity of the components in prison wall mortar. *
9300 3 -4 4
The “miracle of life” is not that you were born but rather in the possibility of
von resurrecting yourself mentally
from the graveyard that IS the first stage of maturity.
Shock-proof synaptic bridges represent sanity in the city —
— (Shall we all sing together: “And the independent want to MOVE-E-E….”. —[I KNEW you
knew how it went])
93003 4 6
In allegorical wolf packs,
Certain would-be leaders can gain dominance to
Slyly attacking the whole concept OF “leadership”!
Now you might think that even a wolf should be too smart for this,
But remember this is just an allegory,
and herein even such higher-level mammals –(lacking thought) -can’t possibly be as slow witted as man under similar conditions.

Some of you might like to think-about-this — AND, Some of you not. *
When both the audience AND the performer get-up and leave,- you may be on to something.
Captive’s Unlisted Secret Motto:
If it DOESN’T “feel good” — you still might ought to do it.
(After considering such info as this,
Is it any longer curious why life
Apparently keeps so much hidden from man!)
No independence of mind lurks behind a tongue that will tell you everything it knows.
Side Order: “Everything” that an ordinary mind knows is hardly worth knowing -….(unless that’s all you’re up to).
Just as reality works for life — so too does collective thinking day-tabors for it.
It is interesting to intellectually gnow-up beyond the first, minimal level in that after that there is little in the way of “looking back.”

Some prison dictionaries have the word, “interesting” listed under a different word. *
Those who will tolerate being told how “wrong” they live their lives — much less, enjoy and believe they benefit therefrom —
Are pretty poor candidates for independent thinking.
The better a man can see, the less he should take credit for.
Strike, & Update: The better a man can see the less he should mention it.
93003 -55
Notions of social, artistic, and academic rewards
Were thought up by the herd as it once began its great, and glorious, collective move.
93003 -56
The, “thinking about oneself,”
And,”nonpartisan thought”
Are sufficiently antipodal to explain prisoners’ addiction to self-reflection.

In a more liberated land,
Toasters do not dream of browned bread once they grasp the nature of electricity. *
93003 -5 7
Even if you can’t shut-up — you can quit being serious about it.
If you live with the collective, they always have the right of Eminent Domain over your thinking.
9300 3 -5 9
What causes some to believe that it is definitely a move forward
To get in a prison where all of the prisoners will
Readily, and continually declare that — “Yes indeed — we ARE imprisoned!”

Within the general areas of confinement,
There was not at least the “illusion” of progress — well well…. …There wouldn’t even be the ILLUSION of progress! *
A nonpartisan thinker measures progress by the degrees of silence.
Harder to fight than wrinkles and cellulite is “hardening of the neural network..” …(Success in fact, along this line is somewhat deviate.)

Query: Are the mentally independent prepared to be anomalies-in-their-own-home-town? *
In the company of other captives, there’s no one to give you a “Wake up call.”
The best laid plans of rats and philosophers
Have little to do with any possible agendas of the nonpartisan thinker.
(For the more conservative minded,
“Agendas” can be filed under the heading of, “Unbelievable Belly Laughs”.)
First Stage Civilization: Hormones jumping through hoops.
Second Stage: Neurons performing the same feat.
Topography Liberated:
Would Paradise be,
Where all minds are free?
Yes, as seen from below;
At its own new level – No–neo captivity.

Thus, cannot even an individual man’s unexpected real progress interfere with the collective’s illusionary. *
Those in-town,
Who believe in a mentally-conceivable-god,
In truth believe they are smarter than life,
And anyone who believes that is in no wise need of any additional information.
9300 3 8
How can a creature_
Unknowingly with two minds, not feel in conflict!
Making fun of humans is easy sport—for sub humans.
9300 3 -.68
The street lay-out for Manhattan should not be the neural-pattern for a New Yorker.

One-way-streets, limited-access-highways,
And cul de sacs,
Shouldn’t show up on a nonpartisan map. *
That at which you cannot secretly smile — smile, not smirk–is your captor.
One reason that many enjoy the idea of science is that they manage to believe that as technology expands so likewise does their mind.

The collective is always slapping itself on the back loud enough to cause many individuals to take it personally.
9300 3 -7 1
Are all mental colours mixtures of but two — or should we ponder the matter of binary sight?

Some prisoners concern themselves with the nature of broadcasting,
While others think it more profitable to question the quality of their receivers; meanwhile —
The nonpartisan are out somewhere trying to set up their own pirate radio station. *
Nobody knows what the independent minded really think.
93003 -73
An observation followed by a comment is not the-same as one not.
(the independent minded knew that already. . . . I think?)
An individual whose thinking is not securely “locked in”
Runs the risk of himself becoming so physically at the hands of the collective.
Neural captives enjoy beating up on one another in meaningless mental games; A nonpartisan thinker has other fun fish to fry.
To less confined, growing minds,
Neural-rigidity replaces immorality as the Prime Villain.
Drawbacks Confirmed & Admitted:
Once they escape from their cell,
The independent minded realize that if
They NOW ever “quit thinking” — they’re a dead-man!

“Drawbacks Confirmed & Admitted,” now returned to their correct name: Jokes and Pokes.
Shall We Be Serious?! May We Talk Sincerely for A Moment?
One unimaginable “drawback” to nonpartisan thinking IS that there IS no drawback.
Now do you see why we CANNOT be “serious” and “sincere” about all of this!

Moral For Cell Block B: To stay misled regarding the gravity of man’s mental life is to ultimately end up with more excess baggage
Around your hips than just fat. *
Descriptions: Being of civilized mind: Imposing patterns where none before existed.
Being of re-civilized, independent mind: Straightening out this mess.
An independent condo’s wiring is pretty direct, basement to penthouse.
Hip Def: A man’s natural mind: Talent without an agent.
The more upset a prisoner is the less need there is for actual chains.

Cows may be in captivity, but at least they’re dumb enough not to be smart enough to know about and then suffer over it. *
To fight the herd is to stay with the herd.
93003 -84
A nonpartisan thinker could be described as the “World’s smartest warrior,” In that in fact, he is SO-0-0 clever that no one even knows he’s a combatant.
The question of, “Being responsible for your own thoughts” never arises with the Independent of mind.
9 3 0 0 3 -86
It takes an actor to ‘knowledgeably talk about independence with a straight face; and even greater actors to listen and benefit therefrom.
93003 87
Serious advice is for idiots: both coming & going — giving and receiving.

Wait’ll the collective hears about this! — No need! — they won’t! *
Figuratively speaking:
Independent thinking has only one enemy in the world everybody ELSE’S thinking.

Metaphorically noted: A liberated elk has no grudge against other elk — just the herd. — — And even that’s just a metaphor!*
To be free to think is – (don’t say you weren’t warned!) too be free not to pout.
One’s sex does enter into it.
93003 9 I
Past a certain point — searching for “metaphors for life”
Becomes like striking little matches to get a better view of Chicago burning down.

One thinker’s motto: I will face no point-blank wall before its time.
One P.B. Wall’s response: I don’t have a watch! *
One difficulty in attempting to follow directions from the independent minded is that they are prone to point with three or four fingers at a time.
Life: That silly creature that knocks at your window and then says: “Ah, there’s no one there.”