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As Long as You Believe There Is Only One Solution, You’ve Lost


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And speech became known as, “the power of reason.”
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Life is an electronic fish bowl.
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In quite an indirect way,
Many people in truth do say:
“If we don’t TALK about prison — maybe it’ll go away.”
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A rigid mind has a great deal at stake.
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The literate of limited intelligence are wont to debate “culture.”
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If you do discover you’re in a kind of prison,
And become even more upset than you were previously, you my friend, are now a captive twice over.
On a rugby field — how could you ever tell men in striped jerseys otherwise. *
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Contempt Definition for Civilization: A velvet cell with all the modern electrical conveniences.
Brains are not immune to solder, nor minds to leaden philosophies.
Prisoners are just schooled to count to two.
A man not in conjunction with his own thinking
Has something more dangerous than shoe laces on which to trip.

Moral: If you’re ordinary and can’t do anything about it — you can’t do anything about it. …(Why sweat the heat if you’re already in the desert.)
An independent mind can be defined in its inability to stop.
Those who believe that “the end is near” — are near their end.

Thinking man: The only creature who can potentially raise himself from the dead.*
Just imagine what you’ll be able to think about after you discover that knowledge is not the “truth.”
The body has no sin;
The body has no shame;
The body could, “Go down with Moses,” and never even THINK about the Promised Land again.

This is why man has a mind — whether he LIKES IT, or not. *
Rigidity IS its own reward.
Prisoners must believe that theirs is a more complex life than it actually is.
The ironic is the inevitable — misspelled.
To be routinely civilized is to often let the facts of being alive
interfere with the acts of being so.

Note: Nothing has changed: This is STILL why man has a mind,
Whether he individually is turning back flips over the situation or not. *
Almost everybody is smarter than an independent thinker – In that they all know that things are not as simple as they seem!

Exaggeration and willy-nilly emphasis helps make life tolerable. *
Once you do wipe your mind clean,
You discover that most of the words you knew were misspelled to one degree or another.
A balance is maintained by denser minds believing in their superiority.

Were it not for this arrangement — many balls would never begin,
In that no one would feel comfortable asking for the first dance. *
Captives long accustomed to the dark
Begin to believe that light has but one source and is always pin-point in its exactness.
Criticism stops thought.
Partisan thought stops thought.
If other prisoners’ words make you mad — you’ll never learn to think for yourself.
Men’s cells get decorated with brain stains.
Man’s every day, “human problems” act as mental versions of circadian clocks.

How can you tell if you’re “Getting somewhere” unless it’s obvious that you’re not.
The backbone of civilization is not composed of the flexible.
Independent thinkers don’t merely “walk away” from their problems,
But rather from partisan thinking which is the basis of all human difficulties.
*Note: All ‘straight-forward-facts” are not all THAT straight forward. *
There is something about the whole concept of a greater independence-of-mind that severely annoys some people.

Test: Wanna guess who they are? *
Humor in the hands of the ordinary
Is often like a heat seeking missile —
With the humorist being the greatest source of immediate heat.

Whenever they drop their brush,
City artists will take a deep breath,
Bend over,
And try their best to temporarily believe in karma. *
Those who believe that their captivity can be traced to a single specific source
Are then harmlessly liable to adopt a philosophy of escape based on concrete theories, and rigid rituals.
Anything that any man can think,
By dint of the local laws of physics,
Is from the outset — partially invalid

Human thought survives only by being partisan and two legged.
No matter how bad the study — there’s nothing unusual underway.
Whenever an independent mind hears life count to two, it will,
With no further consideration —
Just on general principles —
Immediately go to three — if not four.
Prisoners have heroes in their dreams of some having escaped.
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Ordinary thinking: Running ever harder and faster to get ever further behind.
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Few prisoners care to hear a prophet not as annoyed as they are.
The invisibility of independent thinking is that it doesn’t want anything from anybody.
No matter what’s being discussed, prisoners think they’re being talked about.
Prison is a noisy place.
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All thoughts are –a f t e r –after — something or the other.
Who is the dumber: Those who won’t consider the obvious — or those who do?! ..(Sort of a devious attempt to keep your tap shoes sharpened.)
Fact is: Any one making serious comparisons between himself and others is beyond the pale of independent thinking;
…(but keep those shoes shined and sharp-edged all the same.)
It may be that
Men are made to believe they have a greater potential than they actually do just so they’ll make some effort at all.

When the bombers started to run out of fuel
They began sending up whole fighter squadrons of the term, “It may be” — to the terror of some,
and the delight of others,
Detailed plans for escape from unspecific prisons are at best, useless.

Man’s collective captivity is no more explicit than is the individual’s intellectual version. *
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To “think in real time” is to see a point-blank wall clear and quick enough to think–
“There’s a point-blank wall.”
Nonpartisan thought is necessary for non-hostile humor.
If you do accept the fact that mentally man is imprisoned, and then believe he is so for some particular, human reason, you’ve removed yourself one further step from the cell door.
A man who can think independently
Now has one less thing to worry about, and one new one.
Neural belligerency is blinding.
Once a year on this one world,
They’d turn the prisoners loose for a day but they gave it up
Since no one ever went anywhere.
Point-blank walls are unpainted:
Life only decorates the side ones — the ones intended to distract.
In one sense,
Independent thought is all width and no depth–
Which is alright,
Inasmuch as the deep profundity which ordinary men believe is necessary for life is an illusion any way.
To be alive
Is to be injured —
If you’re insulted to think as you do.

Thus: There be NO way out — and just about every way imaginable. *
Partisan Thought: A metaphor for thinking.

Admission: Too simple to be remembered for long. *
For ordinary purposes,
Man is no more “intellectually imprisoned”
Than he is physically confined to eating nourishing foods.

Moral & Punch-Line: Having to say and think about this IS the punch-line. *
For the sake of potential, one man deleted about half of what he wanted to say.
To think independently
You must be able to think on one foot -then on the other —
Then on both —
And then while jumping up in the air.
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Note: Life still doesn’t stage mental contests, or hold intellectual exhibitions;
What is it waiting on? — Well, who knows! — why not just answer for yourself
It’s hard to crawl out when you’re stiff.
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Save your sympathy for the serious.
One man broke up all incoming info into the three categories of either:
Positive, Negative, or Neutral,
And then pondered privately what was revealed.
An independent mind is always thinking more than it is saying.
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The apparent disparity between truth & error is rendered irrelevant by the admittance of the bird knocking on your bedroom door.