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Theology of Psychology


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#1066 Dec 23, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. The three phases of psychology:
1) theology of psychology;
2) psychology of psychology;
3) physics (science) of psychology.

Re above:
1), men have always recognized man has two minds, is subject to two forces, one worldly, e.g., “conscience”, the other unworldly. The supernatural (god, evil spirits) is invoked to describe and explain human existence and behavior.
2) is Freudian-type analysis invoking psychological subconscious as descriptive/explanatory vehicle; explains man thru man vs. thru god.
3) is attempted explanation/description of man beyond the first two.

Polar-based, electro-chemical energy seems like two minds, two forces in conflict. Everybody is born w/ two minds; one of them is objectionable, regressive, and incorrigibly so, yet it forces the other to unending attempts towards its rehabilitation, to compensate for it. The Neural Revolutionist ignores it, doesn’t take it as himself.

The News


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…and Kyroot said:       

     As long as you don’t know anything you can believe whatever

is handy.


     Everyone is born mentally overweight.


     Men of limited, but predictable, vision run the world, and

they invite you to join them.  You do so by either accepting or

rejecting their offer.


     Everyone is born favoring one leg or the other.


     The more grave and grandiose the scheme, the smaller the

minds it is meant to feed.


     Common is the energy that entertains captive minds.  If no

tv is available — they will watch a clothes dryer, or even other

people think.


     Those who forget the, “One foot in a bucket of slop

principle” are doomed to always limp.


     Men with little piss-ant mental lives must cautiously guard

them….(also their related reputation and good name).


     As regards man, “the-thinking-potential creature”:  We’re

all on a trip, but most are going nowhere.


     To take gravity, rain, denseness, and limited vision

seriously is to take YOU seriously.


     All men have two minds, and for certain purposes, one of

them is not worth a damn.


     …and Kyroot noted:  The Pattern Expands:  The dumb must be

serious — the serious, defensive.


     No matter how distasteful their discourse, the ordinary will

pay to hear their ordinary condition described, but not so

regarding what they might could be.


     …and from Kyroot:  Query:  What is probably the easiest

thing in the world to hide?  Query-Crusher:  How dumb you really



     …and Kyroot notes:  Cows with their own kind never have

cause to be ashamed.


     Pride and self-pity are understandable outgrowths of men

initially realizing how dense other people are.


     The reason mental “life boats” seem unfulfilling in life is

that half the passengers are pushing them away while the other

half try to pull them alongside.


     A one-eyed man is a satisfied man — pleased with the

comfort of his limited sight.


     …then Kyroot described:  A part time neural rebel:  One

who can swim some — but not past himself.


     A sharper mind might come to think of man as mentally having

a “right-brain” and a “left-foot-in-a-bucket-of-slop-brain.”


     In their secondary lives the dumb always feel defensive.


     And from even further away, an extended bumper sticker: 

Pesticides Don’t Kill People — Periods Do.


     …and Kyroot pointed:  Who but the blind are properly

qualified to direct the blind.


     A man not mortified and outraged at his everyday denseness

is not capable of any real embarrassment.


     …and Kyroot defined:  The dumb:  Those who believe every

idea has two sides and one worthy of defending.


     Imitation is the sorriest form of anything — especially



     Each time he touches the cell walls a man reaffirms his



     The dumb are easily insulted — on a variety of counts.


     A man is truly only captive when he neurally takes sides,

and becomes defensive.


     …and Kyroot asks:  What is more pathetic than a normal

mental cripple?  Answer:  One who once got up and walked.


     Dogs lick sores — the captive, their defensive positions.


     A naked mind won’t run — and the first clothes it’s given

are too small and meant to last a lifetime.


     The most striking example of antithetical concepts to a

rebel mind should perhaps be between the notions of “neural

independence, and defensiveness.”


     Things that are a dead giveaway to an independent mind are

just dead to others.


     Only the foolish talk of freedom — an intelligent man

thinks in terms of neural non-alignment, and relative



     A man is truly only dumb when he takes his dumb thoughts to

be his thoughts.


     Part of life’s own protective mechanism:  Making freedom

easy to talk about, and impossible to achieve — and mental

independence unworthy of note.


     The captive’s standard response to offers of freedom is:  “I

don’t like it.”


     The ordinary are protected by their blandness — the dense

by their denseness, but one striving for neural independence must

shun all safeguards.


     Being “neurally common” is its own form of captivity.


     Things with no routine “rhyme or reason” can “call up” an

alert mind in the middle of the night.


Bumper sticker spotted in another reality:  Guns Don’t Kill

People — Hormones Do.


     Neural peace comes at the expense of defensiveness — the

value of which to some is nonexistent.


     The mentally independent will not plug into a routine wall



     To be nonaligned and mentally free is to be as free as a

human can be.


     A rebel mind does not take the noise of electricity to be

the sound of his stereo.


     Some would prefer to die alone in the virgin neural forests

than to wait out existence in the company of the ordinary.


     To spirited minds — nonaligned ideas are like “music to the

ears” — even when they’re not sung.


     Rather than the gradual, peaceful death of captivity, an

independent thinker would prefer to be shot, point-blank between

the eyes.