Jan Cox Talk 1066

Theology of Psychology


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#1066 Dec 23, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. The three phases of psychology:
1) theology of psychology;
2) psychology of psychology;
3) physics (science) of psychology.

Re above:
1), men have always recognized man has two minds, is subject to two forces, one worldly, e.g., “conscience”, the other unworldly. The supernatural (god, evil spirits) is invoked to describe and explain human existence and behavior.
2) is Freudian-type analysis invoking psychological subconscious as descriptive/explanatory vehicle; explains man thru man vs. thru god.
3) is attempted explanation/description of man beyond the first two.

Polar-based, electro-chemical energy seems like two minds, two forces in conflict. Everybody is born w/ two minds; one of them is objectionable, regressive, and incorrigibly so, yet it forces the other to unending attempts towards its rehabilitation, to compensate for it. The Neural Revolutionist ignores it, doesn’t take it as himself.