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Ordinary Thinking Produces Blueprints for Blueprints


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#1046 Nov 6, 1992 – 1:28
Note by TK

Kyroot to 37. Man’s ordinary thinking produces blueprints for blueprints. Audio-only :28.

The News

92126- 1
…and Kyroot said:
Is it time to start all ready?! — Are we ON? — Are we ON?!:.
92126- 2
…and Kyroot said:
Man’s ordinary thinking produces blueprints for blueprints.
92126- 3
…and Kyroot said:
One guy told himself: “I’ve got my EYE on you.” And replied: “Yeah — I’ve heard THAT before!”
92126- 4
…and Kyroot, (the ole floor-walker), polished up his boutonniere and said:
Some men expect a lot — others, not so much,
But the first thing they ALL want to know is: “Where is the Complaint Counter?”
92126- 5
…and Kyroot said:
“Conversion” is not “thinking.”
92126- 6
…and Kyroot said:
While caught up in a wave of “truth in advertising” emotion,
The main media outlet in this one reality began referring to its news as, “Chump & Sucker News.”
92126- 7
…and Kyroot said:
There’s no such thing as garbage.
92126- 8
…and Kyroot said:
Even if they won’t admit it — a lot of people still do.
92126- 9
…and from Kyroot:
A Warning That Need Not Be Heeded:
Anything intelligent enough to run a full blown conspiracy controlling the life of man
Is also smart enough to keep him from ever correctly identifying it.
…and Kyroot made note of:
The holiest of holy rituals in one city was the annual pilgrimage to the bus station.
…and Kyroot said:
One guy kept his mailing address in a different zip code area than his brain;
He says for you not to “worry about it,” that HE knows what it means!
…and Kyroot said:
Clichés are life’s verbal way of saying: “Okay! — go ahead — punch me in the nose!”
A Kyrootian kousin said:
Life made life real complicated just as a joke.
…and Kyroot said:
For their “Being Born Present,” one local reality told the collective:
“If nobody pays enough attention to you — TALK about yourself, dammit! — talk about yourself.”
In the crowd, a non-routine father told his son:
“Never ask reality: ‘Exactly WHAT did you MEAN by that?'”
In one land,
A new-to-the-business god’s been trolling for followers by
Telling them that after they die they can come live with him for eternity, or a little while.
More, (said Kyroot),
Yes more, dammit — from the “Official Spotter’s Guide”:
Those who distinguish between being entertained & being informed are no revolutionists.
…and Kyroot said:
One guy told his mind: “Hey!, if you don’t have anything better to do
At least don’t do it on me!”
“Hey”! groused one old guy,
“If life had a’wanted man to have fun it would’ve TOLD us about it!”
Sit back now for, “Kyroot’s City Conversation Of The Hour”:
“If you don’t listen to what you say — and it don’t seem to matter —
What do you say to that?! “
…and Sigmund Kyroot laid down his notepad long enough to make this note:
Mood swings are what makes it possible for most men’ s emotional playgrounds to stay open year round.
A man pondered:
“The thing about primary rewards is that they have only primary costs,
While secondary ones are priced twice.”
*As reflected in ordinary men’s view that you — pay as you come, and pay as you go. *
…and Kyroot said:
In rebel lands of lambs and goo — it is always the third day that is the telling time.
…and Kyroot, (an old friend of one city planner),. noted:
A decision that’s without any controversy is a pretty insignificant decision.
(Listening to people talk can give you a tot of ideas.)
…one guy learned the most listening to himself think!
One lad ‘s latest effort is in describing Philosophy as an excuse to keep from looking at reality.
(The local mayor said: “Hey, don’t let that kid near any more institutions!”)
…and Kyroot said:
In the primary world energy can’t BE suppressed,
While in the secondary it doesn’t even exist until it is manhandled and passed about.

A chap who had previously considered life to be inordinately complex, vexful, and filled with needless conflict and turmoil,
Heard this and INSTANTLY understood the case.

OR: If “lungs could talk” they’d most likely say:
“Hey, folks! — Lighten up on us already with all the: In, out — In, out —
Jeeze — lighten up!”
…”Dear Advice Doctor: Is the primary world especially stupid, or am I getting it wrong?”
Sir: Not “stupid,” but SO quiet as to seem SO intelligent
That man has to BELIEVE it’ s dumb to protect himself.
Secret Mathematics: Some can’t beat too much of the revolution,
While others can’t get enough.

Life is funny, (and ofttimes, super considerate), like some times — like when it wants to
Get rid of somebody, it’ll just give ’em a lower number.

You know, a revolutionist can be funny, (and ofttimes especially considerate of himself),
Like — What EVER number life gives him, he won’t accept it.
…and Kyroot, (the part time roofer), said:
The universal is like a lust that is never quenched, and the secondary like’ non-stop screwing.
One guy finally told life: “Say, you don’t fool me.”
And life replied: Oh, yes I do!”

And the guy said: “Oh, no you don’t!”
And life said: “Oh, yes I do!”

And the guy said: “Oh, no you don’t!”
And life said: “Oh, yeah?! — Who made you SAY that in the FIRST place?!!”

…(and if the guy had any intelligence at all
he’d a been well-pissed by then.)
A guy told his son:
“Forget genetics and health: Those who can pretend the best live the longest.”
…and Kyroot said:
After listening to much, and trying to think of much,
One man went into the backyard and called up to the heavens:
“Okay, then tell me this: Who DRIVES the buses”?
And a voice from the sky replied:
“No! — you tell me: Who writes the songs?”
…(he went back in the house.)
…and Kyroot said:
One guy made fun of other people;
His explanation being that many of them were too much like him to deserve any better!
…and Kyroot said:
When he REALLY wanted to think
This one guy’d take his glasses off so’s he couldn’t see the ideas of others.

A man, (speaking for many men), responds:
“I just know darn well this is some kind of allegory — or something like that — isn’t it”?!

…a man asked an advisor: “Is there magic in numbers?” And was told: “Not if you ARE one.”
…and Kyroot at la Guggenheim said:
An artist who can’t smile whether he feels like it or not is no true artist;
(And of course it doesn’t count unless he does so on purpose.)

Anyone who can chagrin an artist is a critic;
Thus, most so-called artists don’t have to LOOK any further than to themselves
For their needed kick-in-the-stomach.

A chap says: “Art among the collective should actually have another name.” And someone replied: “It does! — it does!”
The commentator then revealed the part missing from most local scriptures: “And on the ninth day god said:
Let the dudes with the bass drums get in the back now and give the the rest of us a break!’ “
The letter says:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: If you really knew ‘what-was-going-on,’
What’da think you’d do then?”
And Miss E. replied:
“My guess is that you’d look for some others who did too.”
…and Kyroot noted:
For an additional cost, one man agreed to look at nude photographs of himself mentally.
“I always said that I wanted to meet any one who actually knew what life was all about,”
But then I told myself: “No you don’t!” —
— And that’s about where the situation stands.”
92126 4 1
…and Kyroot said:
All sickness, primary — all ills, secondary.

Thus do men write odes to heartbreak, but never to cancer. –
Under the working title of: “Life At Work”, Kyroot mentioned:
Given the appearance of a choice — men will take one.

“God, but it’s great!” said a city vagabond, (secretly dressed in a suit & tie),
“To be able to go where EVER you want, and STILL get to the same place life wants you to.”(And local reality BEAMED with pride.)
92126 4 3
…and Kyroot said:
One guy took pot shots at himself — but he didn’t care! — he knew he was bullet proof.

…(But – Hey!, the invisible are ALWAYS safe.)
…one man said to himself: “What do you want from me?!” And replied: “Are you talking to me?”
…and Kyroot said:
A certain archetypical “city-ite” vocally pronounced:
“I shall be publicly Great and Sublime, or I shall be nothing at all.”
And a rebel heard this and thought:
“As it happens, in private and in silence, we have much in common
As regards my embrace of my revolutionist efforts.”
92126 4 6
…and Kyroot said:
When it came to collective thought one man was a secret serial killer.
…and Kyroot observed:
A serious, successful man said: “Don’t make me laugh!” And life whispered to itself: “I wouldn’t THINK of it.”
…This week ‘s “City Maxim Contest” was won by this entry from a local resident:
A sad man is a happy man.”
Someone writes the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Since nothing is self-fueling, what drives man?”
Dear Sir: “Ever considered life?!”

Kyroot notes: As long as you believe some special emotions motivate man
You’re safe from having to look else where.

*The only reason that Mary & The Lamb put up with the goo field — well the two only reasons Are that: One: They understand what the field IS,
And: Two: They haven’t got a choice. *
A kid neuron coming indoors explained to its mama:
“But that’s not shit on my shoes — it’s goo.”
…and Kyroot said:
Some times when things were going a little slow in this one life,
Then life would suddenly whisper/holler in the creature’s ears:
“And now for your entertainment pleasure,
We proudly bring you the exciting adventures of – ‘Dead Man’!”
…(Critic’s Note: And a favorite where ever he goes.)
…and Kyroot, (that ole dock worker), said:
Some times when life’s about to pull in to make a delivery, it’ll blow its horn
And some times not —
— But that’s alright — everybody KNOWS what’s in-store.
More logos from the world of legerdemain:
The REAL Indian Rope Thick would be for the rope to go up half-way to the sky — and stop!

*The power of the local and the secondary is in their forever incompleteness. *
A “fed lion” is a fed lion– but one still hungry is something else altogether.
…and Kyroot said:
One man had a clock that’d run at some times — then not at others — And he let it go at that.
Another young person sent this letter to Miss Etiquette:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: Who do you think is the dumbest: Scientists, or mystics?”

The storms had ravaged and battered the ship for days on end,
And as the skies unbelievably became even MORE ominous,
The captain said: “A choice of only two choices is not my idea of a choice.”
…and Kyroot said:
A mind not amused cannot make U-turns, and is thus headed for heartbreak and tragedy.
9 2 1 2 6 -5 7
…and Kyroot said:
Do you feel a breeze in here?
Due to a reoccurring tongue problem,
Whenever this one man would try to say to himself: “You chintzy son of a bitch!”
It’d come out as: “I’m going to visit Chelsea.”
And thus he never got anything accomplished.
921 26 -5 9
…and Kyroot said:
One guy just had to laugh at people — not to their face —
but to himself in private….along with himself.
A rebel mused:
“The ultimate trick is to be able to think without the scaffolding —
Once you realize its existence —
And understand that you’d have never been able to think without its initial presence.”
…(After he’d finished this, his mind thought: “Gee!, that’s quite a mouthful.”)

In one guy’s dictionary, “mouthful” was given as a synonym for, “challenge”;
Later, whilst in the grip of a red-ass-fit,
He threw the damn thing away.
A young man recently wrote to the Advice Doctor:
“Can you learn more from time, or from spatial considerations?”
From the brief wooded area near city college was overheard this fragment of dialogue: “Oh, I am like an oppressed poet washed ruthlessly upon life’s uncaring reef.”
And another voice responded:
“Why don’t you just say you’re a whiney whale that’s been beached!”
Another brief episode,
From the brief woods,
Near city college.
92 1 2 6 -63
…….a rebel hangman, (and social observer), noted;
Where the ordinary might see a “trial,” the rebel might see a joke.
…and Kyroot said:
The unexplored difference man feels toward primary travails and secondary ones
is reflected in his admiration for physicians, and his disdain for attorneys.

*If there’s anything men hate worse than imaginary ills, it’s illusionary cures. *
…(“Hey!” said the mayor, “I told you to keep that kid away from here!”)
921 2 6 -65
One reality told its son, (who was planning to eventually take over the family business): “Trying to figure people out is a waste of time.”
92 1 26 -66
A man with a pistol also had a definition,
(YEAH!, that’s what HE thinks, but who’s gonna tell him otherwise?)
anyhow–his definition is:
The revolution: Drugs without drugs.

…(Okay!, so if you don’t understand it — YOU go tell him.)
Since it didn’t cost any more,
One youngish man came up with his own definition;
He says that a “real, rebel artist” would be a
“Gingerbread cottage secretly filled with the likes of
Hell, Hades, The Inferno, and several suburbs of Detroit.”

Beware of artists wearing badges proclaiming their artiness. *

A boy said to his old man: “What’s the use in being famous if no one knows who you are?!”
…then Kyroot, (that quirky ole sports announcer for life), announced:
Now here in the final game of the “Obvious World Series & Duper-Super Bowl”,
We have representing the West Team — the West Team:
…(and the crowd went wild… well,
as wild as men can get under such
bland, predictable conditions.
…[“Yuk!”, said the sponsor,
Just out of microphone range].)
After some study and reflection on the matter,
One man has come to this conclusion-as-definition:
“The Great Literature Of Man: His recorded ‘Bad memories.'”

*According to many city & historical reporting: “It’s HARD to be hopeful while alive.”
Thus it remains that several of man’s institutions suffer not for followers. *
…and Kyroot said:
A censor with an editorial pencil can produce more great art than a thousand young hot heads.
…and Kyroot said again: Are you sure you don’t feel a breeze?…
A letter addressed to the “Kyroot Show” says:
“Any brains that’d listen to the kinda crap you’re talking about AIN’T normal brains!”
…and Kyroot said:
A man of city-mind is governed by as many people as he wants to impress.

…and for his fellow roofers Kyroot added this note regarding the primary realm:
Tigers are only impressed by other tigers what can EAT them.

…(and after having fully covered these two common areas, Kyroot felt certain you could
“Take it from there.”)
…and Kyroot said:
No one likes where they came from which is why a revolutionist never goes any where;

*One chap says he now sees religion and psychology as invented homelands for man that are Much worse than his real one to help make him FEEL better. *
92 1 26-7 4
In the midst of the turmoil as everyone was re-setting their clocks one man said: “My name is Bernie, and I run on Bernie Standard Time.”

Over in Midway Land, when you left,
All you could take with you was either your Hormones, or your modifiers.
92 1 2 6 -75
A gentleman who’s been watching our programs thought along these lines:
“In Kyroot’s metaphorical use of the idea of the, ‘Ole man and the kid,’
Would a revolutionist then be: An ole man WITH no kid?
Or a kid without an ole man?
Or maybe an ole man whose kid grew up?
Or a kid who simply deserted the ole man?
Or maybe an ole man and kid who somehow merged?
And Kyroot noted: The one possibility he didn’t consider
Is that of — (and suddenly the phone rang, and Kyroot left to answer it).
…and Kyroot von Loom, (the last of the notable von Loom literary lineage), said:
Society wants art to serve the greater needs of the collective,
While the artist just wants to get laid.
On weekends,
One man’s mind would say to the ideas with him:
“I hope you don’t think I’m THAT kind of girl!”
And during the week his ideas would say the same thing to his mind.
…and Kyroot said:
Local reality told the collective:
“You may hide, but you can’t hide from ME!”
And they all replied: “But WHY would we want to hide from YOU?!”
….And there, (noted Kyroot), is yet another difference.
…Rather than the free uncertainties of the jungle “out there,”
Men will cling to their neural captivity here in P.O.W. camp
No matter HOW distasteful they SAY it is.
…some neurons in one man said: “I don’t WANT to be free
If it’s just gonna be me.”

*Question: What WOULD you call a “rebel collective?” — Nothing! that’s why you never HEAR of it.*
…and John Phillip Kyroot told this story from the land of symbolism:
One canine mind told another:
“Having fleas may not MAKE you alive, but they’ll make you WISH you were.”

The tuba player says HE believes that “fleas” in this little tale
Actually represent something a bit more abstract and neural in nature.
…(Ump pa pa! Ya’ll!)
…and Kyroot noted:
“The bondage of history” is what men call their intellectual timidity when they
Don’t want to call it what it is.

And again someone writes to the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Will becoming a revolutionist make me bold and brilliant?”
Dear Sir: No — just thinner and richer, like I told you before.
While his family was out of town, one kid crawled under the sink and thought:
“I believe I’ve about got it, (at least for my age):
The primary world is not a metaphor for anything
And the secondary for EVERYthing..”
….(He continued sitting there for a while, smiling,
And trusting that things wouldn’t spring a leak.)
…and Kyroot said:
“Fairy Tale Updated, (And Probably Ruint For Some)”:
In a peculiar way,
Life offers everyone their choice of either being, “Beauty” or “The Beast.”
…and Kyroot continued:
Although this is not actually “so,”
It darn near is if you take out the word “choice,”
And are then able to willfully ignore the implication.
…(Do note, that due to your delicate mental condition
Kyroot had the courtesy to say “implication” instead of “ramification.”)
…and Kyroot, (that ole professor and bricklayer sans mortarboard), said:
Men believe, for instance, that the study of physics is more serious and exact, than say,
The study of psychology;
This is so that one of them will seem more serious and exact than the other.
…and Kyroot said:
Over on one world, one guy looked around at how religion was being practiced,
And decided to start a new one to encourage more tolerance between believers;
He began by calling his church: “Hang Loose,” which met with scant success;
Then after briefly pondering the matter he changed the name to:
“Let’s All Be More Broadminded,” which also brought in few followers;
So after closing shop for another short reflective respite he returned with
An even larger operation, this time entitled:
“Let’s All Just Leave Each Other The Hell Alone.”
And just as it was beginning to really attract a following,
It killed everybody on the planet.
A correspondent says;
“In the secondary world if we could have a criticism that embraced rather than rejected,
We would have a different secondary world.”
…Kyroot added: And if gravity were sunshine….
…and Kyroot de La Kopernicus observed, (“Observed”! — get it?!)…okay, observed:
Just over in one of man’s sister universes
While the creatures can live without food for a month,
And with no water for a day,
They die within minutes without metaphors.

*Yes, the mind must be fed! — But who’s that strange looking waiter? –
And what language is this menu in?! *

You can always tell a revolutionist. —“How?”
He’s the guy who doesn’t eat where everyone else does. –
921 2 6 8 9
…and Kyroot said:
One guy finally thought:
“Being discouraged is no excuse for anything other than hating your hormones”:
…and Kyroot said:
In his private, personal pursuit of matters mentally-extraordinaire,
One man had but one simple guideline: “Don’t answer any damn questions!”
…and Kyroot said:
People who don’t know whether they’re actually sick or not
Don’t know whether to go to the hospital, or a game show.
The speaker in city park so stated:
“Man is like oil on water.”
And someone in the crowd asked: “And who is the water?”
And the speaker replied: “Curiously enough — man himself.”
…and Kyroot said:
Throughout history, and up until today,
Some people hear about the neural revolutionist activity
And come to the conclusion that a man can either live his life as he ordinarily would have,
Or else think about it in some peculiar way, and see what happens.
…and Kyroot said:
There was once a rebel army whose secret motto was: “Trash ‘Em, Trash ‘Em, Trash ‘Em.”;
The succeeding generation of mutineers were then faced with the trick of
Following this directive whilst also disposing of it.

..(Then Kyroot grinned like a deranged possum with a car load of George Jones albums
And said: “Sound fa-mil-lar? Huh-h-h-h?”
92126 95
An interested observer observes:
“Within this closed system in which we all live
It seems to me that the doing of the neural revolution would be
About as close as one could ever come to actually experiencing, ‘found energy.'”

After a suitable pause, Kyroot stepped in to note:
The above– another attempt to describe what this private rebellion might be like,
While not totally ill-founded,
Points up again the irrational, verbal-impossibility of
Such an activity existing under our conditions;
And yet,
When there IS a revolutionist — DOING the revolution,
To him it seems the most natural, plausible thing possible.