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Institutions Keep Folks From Knowing What’s Coming Next


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#1044 Nov 2, 1992 – 1:15
Note by TK

Kyroot to :40. One purpose of human institutions is to keep them from the immediate realization that they do know what is coming next. Audio-only :15.

The News

...and Kyroot said: " Hi there."
92124- 2
..and Kyroot said:
Under ordinary conditions, men say that words HAVE a distinct significance Based ON their specificity;
They say this in hopes that it might come true.
92124- 3
...and Kyroot noted:
A certain man said: "Boy, am I pissed!"
Then. asked: "And just what is it you have to be pissed about?" And replied: "Being a 'certain' man."
92124 - 4
...and Kyroot said:
Everybody KNOWS what's coming next.
92124- 5
...and Kyroot added:
Even in	the dark, one way to tell the ordinary is that they pretend they DON'T.
And while never having to interrupt normal broadcasting, (noted Kyroot), Life brings you public service announcements.
92124 1
...and Kyroot picked back up again:
One purpose of human institutions is to keep humans FROM immediately realizing that they DO know what's coming next.
92124- 8
...this short item from Kyroot:
When questioned the doctor said:
"In healing people we have two main jokes -- I mean, jobs...."
...and this useful tip from Kyroot:
Information to help you repair your washer & dryer, or to unstop an unruly drain:
When things were slow at home,
One guy'd sit around and start making insulting comments until he came across one that HE took personally!
..and Kyroot noted:
A man, (acting as his own task-master - which for some is the only way to fly), said: "Self-discipline that's not fun is no fun."
...and yroot told about:
The rebels' motto that never ends:
If you get up at five-thirty, why not get up at five?
This is of course, coordinated and supported by the sister slogan:
If you sleep 'tit six, why not sleep 'til six-thirty?!
* Everyone has "back-up singers, but few people even realize they're	in the studio. *
...and Kyroot said:
Oh! --
Spearing of matters aeronautical:
One local reality,
In a last-ditch effort to keep some form of religion aloft and alive,
Told the creatures that now the only "sin" was in NOT taking life SERIOUSLY enough!
...and Kyroot said:
During their daily conversation one ole man told the kid:
"If you want a wider grasp on the distinction between secondary influence and primary power, then consider this:
In a political campaign, when a candidate presents his ideas and proposals, is he trying to make-a-point, or get-a-vote?"
...and Kyroot said:
Oh! - and speaking of still other things that whiz & sail in the sky:
At noon,
Standing high atop the tallest soapbox in speaker's park,
The man raised his arms and voice and theatrically declared:
"We ALL-L-L play our part in the Great Human Drama!"
And as he skipped and frolicked away, one man shouted back over his silly shoulder: "Not I!"
...and Kyroot expanded on a previous point:
A pie is not a pie until it's cut --
And the local does not exist until the universal is sliced.
...and Kyroot expanded the expansion:
A pie is not a pie until it's cut --
And the universal is not the universal until it is sliced -- -- Then it is the local --
-- And then it is the universal no more....but in your dreams.
* Related Definition Update:
A true neural artist: One who can put together a puzzle that others just imagine exists; and one who can construct a new model others don't even know about.
92124 - 1
...and Kyroot said:
One thing about riding the bus is that you never have to tell anyone: "Hey! -- save me a seat."
In secondary reality,
The collective never throws anyone off the bus -- ...Except when you die --
..Which is kinda what that IS, after all.
...and Kyroot said:
There is no explaining the make up of one's hormones,
And even less than "no", the constitution of their thinking.
...(And Kyroot kindly added:
Anyone overly distraught by this may reverse it and be doubly distraught.)
...then pretending to be carried away by the exhilaration of the moment, Kyroot went on:
There is no explaining the "nature of man" except by those who could do so --
And if they DID do so
They'd THEN understand why there's generally no "doing so" -Since no one can hear it IF it's actually did -- I mean, done.
..and Kyroot said:
Whenever this one mar	mind would have anything approaching an original thought,
He'd say to it-- "You're  almost back in my will."
...and a man said to himself: "God!, you make me laugh!" Then replied: "Well, it's about time."
A correspondent writes:
"Surely the revolution was the original model for the concept of: The Magnificent Nothing."
...and Kyroot said:
To set up and activate his own mental, "nuclear-chain-reaction,"
One man decided he should have ONE personal thought about EVERY single word
in his dictionary.
...(He says that even though he thought of it first, feel free to try it yourself.)
Query: What can be less costly than writing a check you know will never be cashed?
..(Local reality looks on such mental matters
As the "HEIGHT" of energy-frugality!...
...[Not to mention that it helps it keep its
super-cushy job!	NO-0-0!. not at all!
Then Kyroot provided a rhyme to help reveal
How the relatively simple minds of the collective
Can keep city civilization moving in ever more complex directions:
Men with small brains will go to great pains.
.and Kyroot said:
There is a unique & fascinating dance within man, and the ballroom floor is his brain stem.
"This is station WHOR providing tonight's music --
Broadcasting on both your electrical AND chemical dials;
And thanks to our secret and miraculous sponsorship,
You can never quite tell where we're coming from,
Or remember how you got your radio,
Or figure out why your mother told you to turn us off at ten and go to bed."
Those who can force the dance within, to merge with the one without, Never have to go to sleep.
A man stopped a rebel and said:
"You know what I think?	-
I think the purpose of this revolution-thing is just to fuck around with your nervous system. He looked to the right, then looked to the left, and added:
"Course I also think that's about the purpose of life itself."
...and Kyroot, (that sly ole historian), said:
"Great Literature" is what they used to call, "waiting on the next bus."
...and Kyroot offered you this reminder:
In meaningful areas, five words can say it all -- (as in):
The collective is a shill.
...and Kyroot said:
Two city guys were sitting on a bench talking, and the first one said:
The mind is like a potentially free-flying dirigible,
Temporarily tethered to parochial hormones and physical considerations."
And his pal dropped his head into his hands and moaned:
"Yes, and I sometimes feel as though mine is the Hindenburg,
And I'm in New Jersey,
And its 1937 all over again."
From a certain unorthodox view,
You could conclude that life ordinarily offers everyone
The intellectual "flight-alternative- of either: "Crash & Burn," or, -Sit On The Runway & Burn."
As far as a rebel traveler might fit into this conversation,
We'd just have to say that HE'D still have 'em looking-for-his-luggage even though we ALL know he brought none along.
"Crash & Burn -- Ya'll!"
A kid looked out his bedroom window and thought:
"What WOULD happen if you had just ONE bus filled with thinking people who DIDN'T take the ride seriously?"
(The kid smiled as he thought and looked out the bedroom window.)
One guy says: "They STOLE the whole idea of science from ME."
Item: When local reality would notice that the cats were about to come outside, It'd make the rain stop.
...(And that guy says: "SEE!, that's what they get for stealing the idea of Science from me! -- they get it all wrong."
...and Kyroot said:
An observer observes:
"Ordinary people seem to enjoy their hobbies more if they claim they are of Humanity-wide significance."
..and Kyroot said:
One day a rebel psychiatrist, (a little more Kyrootian "(ha ha,stuff"), thought: "As regards what ordinary men call 'guilt' ---
A revolutionist doesn't so much want to be forgiven as he does, not to be so stupid."
...(The night-shift guard at the front desk hollered out:
"Hey, somebody go wake up Freud and Moses and tell 'em to go back to sleep.")
92124 -35
Humph!', groused the cook,
"The educated continue to try and pass off THEIR excuses as 'explanations'!" "There, there," soothed the cashier, "They deserve some reward for being educated."
	 ("Still -- Humph!" groused the cook.")
And Kyroot presented: "The Unappreciated Progression":
Anyone who criticizes life -is normal; 
Anyone who criticizes life is wrong; 
Anyone who criticizes life is a fool; 
Anyone who criticizes life is normal.
...and Kyroot said:
In the fueling of the secondary machinery: Man is the fat he throws in the fire.
At a recent rebel public convention and self-help seminar,
(Mein gott! -	isthere no end to Kyroot's humor?)
A man in the audience stood and said:
"The more I grapple with this neural-revolution-thing, and the attempt to think always anew, the more it strikes me as like trying not to ever eat on an empty stomach."
One modern city's mind made this observation:
"The great thing about letting someone ELSE entertain you intellectually
Is that you don't have to entertain yourself."
But the better part of his brain unexpectedly muttered: "You call THAT entertainment?!"
...and Kyroot said:
To try and save the kid from fruitless fretting over why things in the secondary world don't work more efficiently - (when at all) - one ole man tried to explain just how
That singular realm operated by telling him:
"Economics, for instance,
Is a totally concocted affair invented for the sole purpose of studying Economics."
...and Kyroot said:
A certain man has written a new adventure book -- but all the action takes place in his head; ..He doesn't know what to call it;
...And he doesn't know where to sell it;
...And people don't know whether they want to read it or not.
92124-4 2
A man wrote to the Advice Doctor:
"My brain seems to operate at a different speed as to what my mind WANTS it to." He then wrote himSELF back and said: "WHAT?!!"
...and Kyroot drew your attention to this:
The singular grace and beauty of the world of words is that it had a specific beginning -- but now, no end.
...and Kyroot said:
In the everyday secondary world of ideas,
When you don't know what to do, what you do is -attack other men's everyday ideas.
A kid, (Not so much of a kid as he once was), looked at this, then said: "The mind we're given when we're born is like a Ferrari wrapped up to resemble a Volkswagen beetle;
They'll both crank up and run ---	but, Jeeze! --give yourself a BREAK!"
A viewer writes:
"What would happen if you said what you're trying to say just plain and direct, without any metaphors, or allegories and little stories?"
...(And the correspondent suddenly thought in response to his own question: "Jeeze! -- I better give myself a BREAK!")
...then Kyroot rapped you on the knee with his cute little rubber hammer,
Set your cute little, backless paper robe on fire,
And had the front desk prepare your cute little outrageous bill,
Then concluded your examination with this note:
When hormones start to slide down hill
They try to take thoughts along with them.
...and Kyroot said:
To try and put his own problems in more of a musical context, one man decided that henceforth he'd consider all of his personal questions to be, "country & western,"
And possible responses, "operatic."
(After we had all gone, under his breath he said to all of his own personal problems: "Take THAT!")
One guy's advice to his best friend,
(who turned out to be himself, and one other person): Have a spare hobby in reserve.
Kyroot stuck his head around the corner of the door to note that
A rebel doesn't actually need a spare hobby -- since it's not...(and he said you KNEW
how the rest of the sentence went).
As a private joke on, "Let's Be Publicly And Literately Serious Day" at school, one kid stood and recited these words:
"Sadness slips up on man like bad poetry on a rainy day." And damn if they didn't award him First Prize.
...(And all he could do was look out of the window and smile.)
This Zoo's For You:
Similar to a dog:
One man wouldn't "lay down with" an idea until he'd turned around with it 3, or 4 times;
Another man,
Similar to an inebriated tiger,
Wouldn't rest with an idea until he'd
Ripped it to shreds,
Chewed it unmercifully,
And called to the waiter: "Another round over here!"
The private manner in which a neural artist manhandles the notions of the collective gives fresh meaning to the idea of, "Pawing" something, that is, to: "Treat something with an unwelcome familiarity".
...and Kyroot said:
Just as each individual is a local version OF the universal, so is their mind the local noise the universal makes.
...and from Kyroot, (and his: "Who Else Did You Expect?!" files) this:
Unnecessarily Detailed Definition Number Two Hundred & Thirty-Four, (more, or less-o): Being Civilized: The up-to-date refusal to look plain reality straight in the eye.
Correlated Delimitation: Among the collective,
You appear fashionably-insightful and sophisticated
By aping the herd's latest myopia.
..and Kyroot said:
A guy finally realized, then told himself: "There's an over-night delivery system of energy
That makes UPS, and Federal Express small, slow potatoes	--- DREAMS!"
Even though "man, the-energy-transformer, never sleeps -- life REALLY never does!
...(And a viewer sits momentarily and ponders:
"Should that really read that way? or should it say: 'ENERGY never does'?!")
Subscript: The mind's concept of the two forces of "good & evil" would shift
If the latter would just appear to be more judicious and predictable in
its "nap times."
...(OR: Everyone can chuckle over their cheap brother in law --- When he's out of TOWN!)
...a viewer says:
"I don't appreciate you screwin' around with my mind --
...I enjoy it -- but I'm pretty sure I don't appreciate it."
* Pertinent Collective Moral-cum-Motto:
The mind is a terrible thing to tickle. *
.and Kyroot recorded:
When it came time to entertain the collective, the universal called out the local;
When it came time for the rebels to be entertained they could only look for other rebels.
...and Kyroot offered:
A side lesson, outside the main classroom:
Until the universal is cut, its parts can't be named;
And until its parts are named, man's mind can't come to be; And until that happens, you know what the story is.
...(and Kyroot said: That's why I LIKE you so much.)
...and Kyroot said:
Just out of ear shot, two realities were talking:
"You know, 'fear tactics' won't work on just ANY body." "Yeah", responded the other, "Just EVERY body!"
Up-Shot I: A man with no mind can not be frightened.
Up-Shot II: A man with no mind is no man--so anything past that is irrelevant - Darling.
...and Kyroot said:
A guy told his cousin, visiting from afar:
"Critics and city artists who entertain their existence
Do a dance together that is just absolutely DELIGHTFUL to see!	
....assuming that your tv's on the blink,
and your brother's borrowed your set of, "History's Most Fascinating Dictators" books, AND you don't have to do your nails that night."
...(The sojourning relative immediately comprehended that
The urban had raised cultural sarcasm to a level as yet unreached by his contemporaries back home.)
...and Kyroot said:
The polar-based energy that drives man's secondary world is aptly captured in the two competing campaign slogans: "It's time for a change," and
"There's no substitute for  experience."
...(The basic laws of culture and physics, conveniently wrapped in ten little words.)
...and Kyroot said:
The distinction between knowing what you're doing when you talk about life, and not knowing, is of little ordinary significance.
(Any doubt? -- check with local listeners.)
...and Kyroot said:
To save the people the effort,
One city went ahead and spoke for them by noting:
"News is news but NEW news is NO news."
A man over near Third Avenue described average human relationships as:
"A dance done with both partners simultaneously standing on each other's feet, periodically broken by interludes of discussing the relative propriety of the arrangement.
..and Kyroot said:
No matter their bravado & protestations to the contrary -- everybody does have "something to lose.": ....(Funny thing is, that from a more complex, rebel view,
Whatever it was is of no lasting consequence or else it'd never been so relinquished.
...[On a still wider, less personal scale you might note that: What's IN the loop can't LEAVE the loop.])
...and Kyroot said:
As the army of man marched along,
One row said: "We are overcome with disappointment."
And another declared: "We are overcome with pain."
Still another row announced: "We are overcome with worry."
And one more said: "We are fully -- or at least damn NEAR fully -- overcome, PERIOD!"
...(And with a hearty: "Hup, Two, Three, Four!" -- onward, life trod.)
...and Vincent van Kyroot said:
Only at the local level does thievery pass for originality.
...(And on cue, we all, acting as "ad hoc chorus," play our back-up part, and sing:
"Only here does thievery pass for originality -- just as it bloody should! -- Darling."
Then Kyroot lugged out: Definition Number Two Hundred and Thirty-Five, (more, & more, or less): The Neural Rebel: A revolutionist with no aggression.
More sweaty western lore:
One rebel cow puncher's favorite neural song was: "Don't Fence Me In." But as was SO OFTEN the case, (in those rowdy frontier times),
By the time he'd gotten around to discovering this particular ditty,
-- It was -- "Too Late!" 	
---- The local sheep herders had already cut up the open range into Irreversible parcels.
unrecorded historical suffix: Whenever a rebel rider realizes this continuing situation, he douses his campfire,
Kisses the wind,
And rides on off again, toward tomorrow's sunrise.
   Unrelated historical addendum: A revolutionist with a typewriter is like a
Cuckoo bird with a map to a secret dodo mine.
Two creatures from outer space were talking and one of them said "Do you realize that there IS no 'outer space'?!"

Men have little interest in
Realigning paradise,
Chasing Dante
Or visiting Augustine at home
If when they get there they find
Handel and Johnson sitting with a limp duck
While a photograph of Ibsen weeps in the background.

("If we must dream", said a voice, "Let us always dream of the impossible!"
And one of its heroic counterparts replied: "Ah, Great Horatio, what choice  haveth we?!")
...and Kyroot said:
An active rebel has no counterpart	---	except himself!	--- which is neither
good, nor bad -- just fact.
Someone writes:
"Dear Advice Doctor: Severa1 times on the Kyroot show I've heard him state that: 'All that need be said can be said in five words.' --
And my question is: Is there something especially significant in the number five regarding the number of words?"
Dear Sir: I'm not sure, sure, sure.
...and Kyroot said:
There is quite a difference in "being on the cutting edge," and BEING the cutting edge. The first is a common intellectual claim, the latter, a rebel's reality.
.and Kyroot noted:
Difference, and distinction are both spelled with a "D":
Some ordinary men speak for god	---	a revolutionist, for no body..
...and someone around Kyroot said:
The energy that runs the secondary world is so plain and obvious that Men had to start pretending otherwise to keep from going crazy.
-	Is that why you don't see any wild lions with mental problems?
-	Is that why you don't see any lions speak?
-	Is that why you don't see any lions attempting to socialize with man?
A man observes: "I don't like 'not-seeing-stuff' like that when it when it cause me to 'see stuff.'"
Well, Hey sir! -- If I were you I'D go ask for my money  back! -- (Just go over and speak to that nice puma over there in the
running shoes.)
...and Kyroot said that the following was for the few to file under:
"Use It, Or Learn To Treat Clichés Like The Parasites That They Are! -- (cha cha cha)":
One's personal, potential use of the revolution
Has a shorter shelf-life than mayonnaise in the Mojave.
A certain extraordinarily plain conversation went like this:
The aggression of a gourmet is not the same as that of the hungry."
"Do you mean that in a moralistic manner?"
are you? -- In training for the Dummy Olympics?"
* One way by which the collective remains necessarily dense and confused
Is by pretending that they are more dense and confused than they actually ARE. *
...and this further from Kyroot:
...pointing to the city, a rebel remarked: "Pretty soon it's ALL down hill."
...and in response, (pointing to itself), a city shouted: "HEY-Y-Y!!"
ITEM: The reason that men have to finally die is that they can't stand to live any longer.
92124 -78
...and Kyroot said:
Hormones are not a hobby!	unless you MAKE them so.
.and onward pressed the "mighty Kyroot":
Hormones are not a hobby	unless you're a normal, ordinary, civilized member OF the collective.
		(then shedding alligator tears, Kyroot added:
	In which case -- may the gods, and Roy Acuff have mercy on your soul.)
Additional Item: Religion began as an excusez moi, for being alive.
.and Kyroot said:
A certain rebellious ole man gathered all the kids and told them: "The only way to ever be a bigger fool than you are now is to take being routinely foolish -- seriously!"
Some time later one of the lads mused:
"Wouldn't it be just as correct to say: 'To take being routinely foolish -- PERSONALLY?!'"
He then rounded up his siblings and got them to join him in considering
The possible connections between:
'Taking something seriously,' and, 'Taking something personally.'
And even the possibility that they are NOT separate concepts.
Of course you could go ahead and ask your own ole-self if YOU could continue to take everyday life seriously if you DIDN'T take it personally,
And further-of-course,
The ole ever-popular, vicey versey.
92124 -8 1
A certain rebel mused:
"While sympathy-extended seems a form of nourishment -- inner-directed, it is suicidal."
As he sat quietly on a warm afternoon he began to dream;
And he dreamt of a place where you could pay someone to dismantle your nightmares;
But as he dreamed on he saw that in this place such a service would also destroy your dreams. (After that -- he was no longer sure WHAT to ever dream again.)
And suddenly! -- here at the bottom of this page, unexpectedly appeared	_a new:
"Kyrootian Definition": Dreams: A poor man's attempt to "think-more-than-he-has-to".
...and Kyroot said:
The revolution changes from minute to minute;
It is only the civilized world that is stable and dependable.
From the pages of the Kyrootian Street Journal: "More Direct News That Few In The City Can Use":
There IS a simple answer to all of the troubling questions man has about secondary life--- -- But one which NO one can ordinarily offer.
...and Kyroot said:
While sports became the way to determine who is best physically, and the arts arose to show who is most popular,
The revolution is for the rebel to prove to himself that he can think.
9 2 1 2 4 -8 6
...and Kyroot said:
With the collective: When the truth needs to be updated -- they update it!
With a revolutionist, the situation is much more dramatic,
and all-around fraught with fun,
and such inquiries as:
"Is that YOUR low-rider down on the corner?"
Through the auspice of the Kyrootian Press Service we bring you this news:
City research and polling, has once again shown that "happiness" is not caused by
Wealth, health, or social position.
Sidebar: Rebels have long known that happiness causes happiness, but have said nothing --
`since this cannot be proven.
..and Kyroot said:
Reflecting on  his past compositions, a rebel song writer mused:
"Funny -- but looking back, the words weren't all THAT important - though they WERE fun'.' ....(And later to himself added: "A LOT-T-T of fun!")