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The City Holds People Accountable for Behavior, Not Thoughts


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#1034 Oct 7, 1992 – 1:22 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :39. Rules that protect civilization do not necessarily protect a Neural Revolutionist individually. 

The City holds people accountable for behavior, not thoughts; not so a Neural Revolutionist. // Audio-only :22.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
To make himself feel more up-to-date
One man would periodically run commercials between his thoughts.
…(True, “in home shopping,” he called it…whenever he wanted to call it something.)

…and Kyroot said:
Yet one more way to determine that the secondary world is quite alive and a’thrive:
……The man who discovered tetanus still steps on rusted nails.

92114- 3
…and Kyroot said:
It is ordinary minds that believe they have just discovered the present — for the first time-again.

92114- 4
…and after a dramatic pause, (Yes, that one just then), Kyroot added the “Added Edition”:
It is ordinary minds that believe they have just discovered the present
For the first time again,
….along with its ties to the past, and lack thereof.

92114- 5
…and Kyroot said:
So as to encourage exercise,
One writer kept his best ideas across the room from his typewriter.

A viewer says: “I know darn well you’re just trying to tell me something again.”

92114- 6
Now for one of Kyroot’s ver-popular, ever-expanding, always-delicious,
And fiscally-free-from-inflation, “Double Barreled Tip-er-roonie”:
Only the simple are laughed at . . . . . and ignored.

“And I just LOVE it!” said a highly complex gentleman in the rear.

…and Kyroot said:
Without the two poles of energy running the secondary world
There could be no jokes, proverbs, criticism, satire, or irony.

…and Kyroot said:
One map waited until he literally no longer had himself before saying:
“Well, now you won’t have me to kick around any more!”

(Jeeze!, what a weird, right-on dude!)

92114- 9
…and Kyroot said:
Some years ago,
Some who came up from the basement to higher floors
Came up with the maxim: “Grow or die,”
And the revolutionists later properly translated it to: “Think or die.”

What’ll get you by below’s gotta stay below. — Look out! ‘up there! –“Heads SUPER-up”!

The thing about one land knowingly existing in simultaneous time zones is that
Every hour’s the right hour,
And each minute of equal validity.
*Look out, up there! — Comin’ thru! *

…and Kyroot said:
One man who laughed at rituals actually had some of his own. . . . . but he laughed at them as well.

…and Kyroot said:
One weekend,
When this one rebel had no special plans,
He allowed himself this thought:
“The revolution: The Mighty Beast That Never Forgets! (since it never notices!)”

921 1 4 2
And —
A lady in the balcony sends along this question:
“Does the revolution ITSELF exist? — that is:
Can there be a revolution aside from revolutioNISTS?”
My Dear Madam: Can man picture a pig herd without mud,
and the lofty aroma of fresh hog-doo?!

9 2 1 1 4 3
…and Kyroot said:
That great music publisher, Life,
Began to commission “love songs” after murder started getting out of hand.

One rebellious lad liked to think that at
Certain auspicious times in his thought-play
Life would whisper to him: “You got a SMART-T-T mouth.”

…and Kyroot said:
The fake rebel preacher and faith healer had his equally ersatz congregation
Sing twenty six songs, give two hours of testimonies,
And took up a collection twice;
Then he led them in their sacred “call & response.”
He began it thusly:
“Is the revolution a new way to live?”
And they cried back: “NO!”
And he asked:
“IS the revolution a new way to think?”
And they shouted back: “NO!”
And he finally called to them:
“Is the revolution about ANYTHING in particular?”
And once again they replied: “NO!”
He then took up three more collections.

…(I say all of this was “fake” because I don’t know what ELSE to call it.)

92 1 1 4 – 15
A viewer writes:
“I’ve watched your show;
I’ve thought about it,
But tell me this: At my, age,
Why would I WANT to be disturbed?!”

A fellow observes:
“Just as the dumbest woman can manage the cleverest man
So too can the primary world handle the secondary when push-comes-to-shove.
And, oh yeah”, he adds, “Its pushing is of world-class quality.”

After hearing our last show some hormones said: “But we’re doing the best we can.”
And some brains replied: “But you heard the man say “that wasn’t good enough up here!”

…and Kyroot said:
One man had extreme headaches until he got rid of his head.

A psychiatrist in our audience writes:
“Some of my colleagues wanted me to write you and ask if you weren’t concerned that
Some of the things you say could potentially damage the thinking of your ordinary viewers;
I did not want to do so, but at this very moment they’re watching me
So I’m pretending to write this.”

Yes indeedie: One man had extreme headaches. *

One ole man told the kid:
“Being middle class is proof-reading your life.”

(No viewer wrote to ask if this was meant metaphorically, as regards thinking. )

921 1 4 -1 3
…then Kyroot detailed:
Safety and stability: Extreme stages of a lack of variety and vitality.

And a city responded:
“I don’t like that SO-0-01 much
That I’m going to see to it that darn few of MY people ever hear about it!”

…inserted, urban item:
That just mentioned city
I believe is the same one that several years back
Came up with the home-town-slogan, (or perhaps it was a warning?!), for its citizens:
Get Out Of Debt And DIE!”

9 2 1 1 4 -*2
…and Kyroot said:
One man used to sing to himself. . . . . until he realized he was tone deaf.

An observer notes:
“It seems that many who originally had a hunger for the revolution
End up believing they’re interested in something more specific. . . (which the revolution ain’t).

…and Kyroot, of archaic tongue, said:
Without originality
A man can safely a critic be.

A correspondent says:
“I begin to suspect that in the city
Those involved with activities that make men either laugh or cry
Are at heart pursuing substitutes for being a neural revolutionist.”

Every time he’d look himself deeply in the brain-eyes this one guy’d say:
“You’re SUCH a push-over.”

“Dear Advice Doctor,” opens the letter,
“Do those die who don’t know about death?”
Dear Sir: Do those write who can’t spell?!

…then laying the correspondence aside,
The Doctor looked directly at the wall and said:
“You people know full well by now that
Some-&-many mortal requirements can be
Quite handily met with OUT knowing
What-they-are, or what-you’re-doing.

…and Kyroot said:
To stay in the running, one man learned to think like an imbecile.

While its back was turned,
One city decided to allow men to display some talent so long as it was
Plagiarized, crippled, or fake.
…(And those in front, with the extra large pom poms,
Leaped about and led the crowd in chanting:
Come on gang,
Let’s -Go, Go, Go!;
Come on boys,
It’s-Faux, Faux, Faux!”)

…when those in the basement want to be original
They can only do so from the waist down.

…(Which, once you understand it,
Accounts for many things listed in textbooks of
“Sexual Pathology”….[and other interesting works of fiction].)

“There are too many parts in me for me to settle down.”
How old are you?”
“Twenty one.”
“Ah, relax!”

A viewer writes:
“Dear Kyroot: I was going to write to you and say:
‘Dear Kyroot: I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.’
But then I went ahead and answered myself for you by replying: ‘So what!’
Thank you for taking the time to let me say all this.
Yours So Kindly”, etc.

…and Kyroot said:
Whenever he’d go into the city this one man carried bullet holes along with him.

…and Kyroot said:
One rebel’s secret motto was:

Circumstances are everything–circumstances are shit!

…and Kyroot said:
No one with ANY thing the LEAST bit better to do wants to hear about the revolution.
…(That in part, is what cities are for.)

Underground, Penthouse Tip:
Rules required to protect the city may not do you any good personally.

One guy’s motto was: “Eat a lot — sleep a lot.”
…(He says we can GUESS whether he’s a revolutionist or not.)

And this inquiry into Miss E:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: Does EVERYBODY have some mildew in their basement?”
…(Miss Etiquette pretended to be TOO genteel to answer this one.)

…and Kyroot said:
One man used to sing to himself until he realized how bad he was.

…and Kyroot said:
Here’s a fairy tale from far, far away:
Once, in, a make believe land
There was a man who had a tv show like this one,
And one day a viewer wrote to him and asked:
“Is there any PURPOSE in being a revolutionist?”
And the man replied: “Yes, if you’re an idiot.”

** Far, far away — in a make, make believe land. **

…and Kyroot said:
The collective knowledge of the herd is to assist the individual in NOT having to think.

One singular ole man told his seditious son: “Once you know what-to-do
Don’t ever let anyone else tell you what to do.”

Two guys in the city talking and first one says:
“Individuality doesn’t count for much in the primary world of the jungle.”
And second one looks around and says: “Doesn’t seem to much around here either.”

…and Kyroot said:
Some times when his thinking wasn’t gettin’ at anything,
This one guy’d have his mind say to him,
(In a good-natured, pseudo-accusatory tone),
“Why you old sly devil you! — I know what you’re REALLY getting at!”

…and Kyroot said:
As regards the dual worlds of “Acting, & Thinking-Of-Acting,”
Civilizations will hold man responsible for his behavior, but not his thoughts;
The culture a rebel constructs for himself however, is not quite so lenient.

92114 4 2
In his dreams,
A man found himself in a strange village,
And as he explored its quiet streets,
He passed a shop with a sign that read:
Used inspirational Aids For Rebels.”

…and Kyroot said:
To escape the routine irritants and executions,
This one man lived by a “double standard“: His, AND His-Own.

…and Kyroot said:
Even when it wants to be free, the ordinary mind can’t even speak of it properly,
Such as it declaring that: “All men should be free to do as they please;
As long, of course, as it harms no other man.” —
— See, they can’t even TALK about freedom without conditions.

And one guy says: “Well that makes me so mad I could spit!”
And his partner replies: “Why not instead become a revolutionist thinker?!”
And the guy says: “Oh, well can I do that and still spit too?”

*There’s NO one who can be quite so dissatisfied as a good loyal company man. *

Conversation Number Two For Today:
“One guy’s thinking took a ‘back-seat.'”
To what?”
“Name it.”

(Chap near the dumpster says he hopes there ain’t a “Number Three.”)

One man’s thinking began to get him so high that he considered
Turning himself in to the narcs — but then thought: “Naw — I’m too smart for that.”

Your Quiz For The Day: What the hell did that MEAN?
…(And of course like ALL dirty, unfair questions — those who KNEW didn’t answer!
…they’re too SMART for that! – Ney, Ney!)

A man in the audience asks: “I seem to have gotten lost in that one;
Could you repeat it again from the beginning?”

The man explained it thusly:
“All of the great talents of history who didn’t know what they were talking about would eventually talk about themselves.

(One man attempted to feed Herodotus to the squirrels.)

…and Kyroot said:
In the name of fairness —
And for the sake of equitable distribution within the condo —
Life gave some of the tenants their choice of songs, and occupations:
You could either have: “Raining In My Heart,” or,
“It’s Leaking In My Kitchen,” and either be a poet, or a roofer.

“Hey”, said one solar system to a pal, “You know one of the great things about humans? –
Some of them are NEVER satisfied’
….But you know what’s even BETTER?! — NONE of them are!”

…and Kyroot said:
Another day in the weekly quiz game of “Who’s The Smartest?”
Who can forget the fastest: Hormones, or your mind? — Quick!

One fellow’s Entire-Being made this comment:
“I don’t care for it when you ask questions that tend to
Bring on an increased awareness of my fragmentation.”
(As it was leaving, it said it wasn’t going to play any more.)

One man said: “Don’t ask me — go ask your mother.”
And he replied: “I AM your mother!”
And he said: “Well I TOLD you not to ask me!”

Smelly, (that’s what they call a “Moral” on this planet),
Smelly: Learning from yourself is like masturbation — with the fun taken out.

9 2 1 1 4 -5 1
…and Kyroot said:
One man with a really bad voice used to sing to himself….til he realized he was tone deaf…
and it didn’t matter!
…(And a little bitty feller thought:
“Is this the story of one man and his voice? – OR -The history of EVERYBODY and their THINKING?!”)

Another viewer of our show says:
“Some times when I do try and think in a new, freer, revolutionist way, I get frightened —
And I’ll suddenly think back to how I ordinarily think, and think:
Hey, compared to THIS — what have I got to be frightened OF?!'”

And that previously mentioned city returned just long enough to say:
“I don’t like this one ALSO enough to keep it away from MY good subjects!”

For eight years, (+ or -),
Unbeknownst to anyone,
Whenever he was asked how he’d like his coffee,
No matter what he actually replied, he’d say to himself:
“Cream and sugar, or any other way you’ve got it.”

Historical, or otherwise, footnote:
For thousands of years men have thought to do this — but not a lot ever do so.

This letter in to our colleague:
“Dear Advice Doctor: Would I prefer to be rich, or warm?”
Dear Sir: I am not so easily tricked:
You want me to respond by asking whether you’re poor, or cold —
And I Sir — shall not oblige.

921 1 4 -5 5
…and Kyroot said:
EVERYbody’s a dance team.

In a later scene a chap mused: “The trick’s all in the emphasis.”
And the ingenue replied: “Yes, that, and making sure you have the right size bullets for
your pistol.”

One guy’s mind said to him: “Hey man!, what do I look like — an ACROBAT?!”

…and Kyroot said:
If we called the energy that all men have to live by;– “seriousness”,
Then I’d have to say to you — not to use it all up on external matters,
Or in being serious about their impact on you internally.
_(Oh yeah, and also in just not being serious about
Anything that you ordinarily are.)

Okay – you say you’re not satisfied — not yet satiated —
you say you want more bang-for-your-bucks —
Okay – tell you what I’m gonna do — I’m gonna give you another — YES, another definition:
Seriousness: Lack of variety.
…(A man nudged a duck: “Say, Ethelbert, I certainly don’t like the sound of what that might Indicate regarding how the ordinary world ordinarily progresses.”)

A middle aged man with a limp asks:
“Would being a revolutionist be sort of like being a ‘smart ass,’ with the smart-ass removed?”

92114 -5 9
…and Kyroot noted:
One man didn’t give a rat’s ass — but — (and here is the important part)
He never let on,
And he didn’t really,
And he only applied it to one distinct segment of life.

A woman in our audience sends up this note:
“On your last show you said that knowledge is the monopoly the mind gives to thinking,
But wouldn’t this also be true for stupidity?”
Yes indeed: A monopoly’s a monopoly’s a monopoly.

And a nearby city said: “It’s a good thing no one knows this but you and me.”

After he died one man found himself at the gates of a place that had a large sign
That proclaimed: “Original Home Of Groover’s Syndrome.”

…(He later said it was a great relief to not be just “routinely” deceased.)

A gentleman raises this point:
“The more I think about it the more I am sure that we are MORE than mere animals.”
(And you know — he’s right!)

After hearing this a man asked:
“Do you mean that the statement itself is inherently correct?
Or that the way in which the man presently stated it is a valid observation?”

…(And Kyroot noted: You know, if I do say so myself,
Some times I believe our addendums are getting better and better. ____easy and cheap for ME to say.])

“Kid,” said the ole man to the just-named,
“Don’t ever ask: ‘Is it too late to ask?'”

** Concern for city time is a sure sign of a variety-deficiency. **

921 1 4 – 6 4
The following correspondence recently occurred around here:
“Dear Miss Etiquette”:
“May I get right to the point?”
“Is the revolutionist also an idiot?”

A viewer writes:
“My brother, who watches your show with me,
Claims that Miss Etiquette is just the Advice Doctor in a dress.”
Dear Viewer: What kind of lace does your brother wear on his panties?

92 1 1 4 – 64 – B
Theological-type tale of the day:
After living a life as prescribed by his city’s religion,
Death presented him with this choice of rewards, (it to him said):
“You may either meet and spend eternity with the mightiest of earth’s past kings,
Or with any of the great artists you may favor.”
And the man said: “How ’bout you just leave me the hell alone?”

One guy’ mused : “We’ re all, ‘Dancing-in-the-dark.’ “
And his other half replied: “Yeah, but a rebel’s got a lightbulb in his closet.”

One chap’s attempted, “Aphorism Update,” (said he):
“So you say I contradict myself —
Very well then — I contradict myself! — but little it matters! — for I contain much! —
for I am a fat person!”

(Perhaps someone should call Bartlett and tell him to get the branding iron hot.)

Just as a robin sang,
The speaker in city park declared:
“There was once a man who lived EVERY day as though it were his last!”
And a guy with a banana push-up in the crowd thought:
“How many times can you COMMIT suicide?’

One rebel thought:
“If you’ve GOT to be captured,
The trick is to be in solo confinement! . . . . .with yourself!”

Alter call: No man is ever more of a hermit than when he is finally at home.

…(A well dressed penguin stepped out from behind the Iconostasis
Carrying a collection plate, and wearing a sign that said:
“If you get the above you may give again, again, my friend.”)

921 1 4 – 6 9
In preparation for the eternal weekend
One man offered up this description:
The revolution: The re-winding of history — and the breaking of the clock.

This, from one of our interested correspondents:
“My sister and I like to discuss the possible origins of things,
And we’ve recently fallen into the dispute of whether
Metaphors come out of men, or men out of metaphors?”

A young lad with a cap pistol and a bunch of buds took aim:
“Would thou seeketh stardust at a K-Mart?! — Bang!, bang!”

921 1 4 – 7 1
More of “Kyroot’s Extremely Dangerous Info,” (only of course, if you try to use it,
or figure out what it actually means.):

The city will tolerate whatever YOU’LL tolerate.

As he waited for his soup to get hot,
He looked at his feet and thought:
“One way to push the intellect into new-world realms is to
Have atomic consequences from matchbook efforts.”
…(And of course he realized that you gotta MAKE it happen.)

A viewer notes:
“I don’t think some of the people in your stories are real.”

…and Kyroot said:
There is an undiscovered “4-D” explanation for everything’. . . . . . (and for what there’s not, there’s a 5-D one.)

…and Kyroot said:
One man eventually became a native of no where.