Jan Cox Talk 1031

Anything in Secondary World Can Be Replaced by Seriousness


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The News

92111- 9
…and Kyroot said:
Even Great Deeds, described, can sound treacherous.

…and Kyroot said:
A man sitting near the front window down at the Ole Sorehead’s Bar & Grill
Says that last night he dreamed that to higher evolved creatures in the universe,
Human thoughts were like “urine specimens”;
(He expressed some gratitude that he awoke before this “went any further.”)

…and Kyroot said:
Anything in the secondary world can be temporarily replaced by talk — permanently, by

…and Kyroot said:
One uncharted basis of the dread of death is in man’s resistance to have
His “I” separated from the “Not-I” of the rebel equation.

This after dinner definition from Kyroot:
Civilization: The turning of processes into things — things into processes.

92111 – 14
…and in response a gentleman offers up his view on the same matter:
“Civilization,” (he says): “Being damn near ‘nouned’ to death.”

…his little brother later added: “Don’t forget the modifiers.”

92111- 16
And Captain Ferdinand Magel-root stood on the bow and declared:
“Only real DUMB planets have just a north and south pole!”

92111-1 /
After they translated that note you found under the floorboard it turned out to say:
“A rebel’s mind is like a hurricane having tea.”


…and Kyroot said:
Art begins in the basement, but is hung upstairs.

…and Kyroot said:
Creativity owes more to hormones than to any of the fancier things you’d probably first guess.

Man’s secondary intellect ripped off its cape,
Grabbed the microphone from the announcer,
And growled directly into the camera:
“When I get my hands on the obvious I’m gonna stomp it into oblivion!”

921 ’11- 20
…and Kyroot said:
Growth is dominant and never repentant;
Only the crumbling submit to remorse.

A Kyrootian Klue to “things in the city”:
The less meaningful it is — the more organized it must be.

…(Why do you think mans’ institutions are so institutionalized!)

…and Kyroot said:
If the ordinary are handcuffed to their past, the revolutionist has the situation reversed.

Just to be sure — one old man punched the kid and said:
“You DO understand that thoughts are necessary food for the nervous system, don’t you?!”

“It’s the game!, old chap! — it’s the game!” cried the rebel coach,
“Trophies rot.”

And now,
For a Kyrootian Update for all of you getting our private monthly newsletter:
The reason that, “The world’s big enough for everybody,” is that everybody CAUSES it to be.

…and Kyroot said:
The psychiatric notion of “talk therapy” arose from the construction of the first
elevator shaft.

An ole sorehead told his neighbor:
“Everybody actually speaks in a code …….as if that makes any difference.”

Thrilling Theological Upgrade: Hell is where you live next door to yourself.

Upon being apprised of this sectarian notation, the ole sorehead’s cousin reacted:
“I be thrilled — but not enough, however, to move.”

Another ole sorehead down the street says:
“I had to abandon religions with all their talk about being ‘born again’
Once I realized that intellectually I was still PRE-partum any way.”

(The Ole Sorehead’s Lobby contacted us to say that they felt they were presently being Upstaged metaphorically by buildings, and that although they didn’t understand why —
They still of course, just standing firmly on old burr-brained principles — didn’t like it.)

92111- 29
Okay, (said Kyroot, never being one to give up without some kind of fight)
Let’s try it again — like this, this time):
Intellectual happiness is being a deaf farmer with cataracts.

…and Kyroot said:
The Majesty of oneself rules over a movable kingdom.

From Kyroot — The Second Verse: To what is creativity a threat?

An assistant to the manager pointed out:
“As concerns how things are important in the secondary realm:
Some things are ‘extremely important’
And some things are more extremely important than others.”

A certain city observer observes:
“Graft, fraud and bribery are what makes the secondary world possible — that along with a
Constant re-naming of the ‘Water Diet.'”

One man wrote down the history of his mind as follows:
He says at first he called it The Great Scream Machine,
then The Mean Machine,
then The Dream Machine,
then The Scheme Machine,
then The Machine,
and now he says he just calls it, “Great.”

921 1 1 -3 5
(A little city gossip while we wait):
One guy said: “It’s FUN-N-N to think you might be dying.”
…(He later said it was probably about time to re-do his definition of the word, “fun.”)

As the two lads skipped rocks on the city park pond one of them said:
“If birds had binoculars their aim would improve.”
And the other replied:
“But if elephants could fly, what assistance would they require?”

Moral: Drop it, or get out of the way.
Moral-Moral: Shit, or duck.

Later, the lads’ father said: “That’s one of the grand things about having two ‘I’s.'”

For your Method’s File – another rebel’s tip from Kyroot:
Speak of events — not actors;
Think in terms of activities, and not you — the self-referring,
“personal-point-of-view” watching them.

9 2 1 1 1 -3 8
And yet another breath-taking episode in that Certs-crushing action-packed series:
“Believe It, Or Watch Professional Wrestling!”:
Everyone else says they want to know — but don’t;
A rebel does, but doesn’t say anything.
Next week in this same time slot we’ll be temporarily replaced by the new show:
“Go Figure, Or BE A Professional Wrestler!”

A viewer says:
“You don’t fool me’
…You’re just trying to trick me into thinking in some kind of new way
…That I can’t quite identify….
…But still…….

92111 -40
And now a story, entitled: “Modern Times Are Just As Modern As They Can Be”:
A man moved up on a deserted mountain top,
Then one day life knocked on the door and cooed: “Is anybody HOME-E-E???”

“What is it that I really seek?” thought one man, “To change, or to change my expectations?”

…and Kyroot remarked:
A chief told his son:
“The successes of the city and the achievements of the revolutionist are two different things And there is no useful way by which to compare the two.”

As the afternoon got cooler a man sat and thought:
“If destruction never apologizes then why does attempted positive change do so?’

The upper areas of one man’s nervous system told him:
“You can watch that Kyroot show if you want to,
But don’t start asking ME questions like that!”

…and Kyroot said: Rebel thought is so light that it is hardly adequate for carbon copies.

Someone writes:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: Are the dynamics of men trying to ‘help one another’
Related to the dance dogs do with fire hydrants?”
Dear Sir: Is that any kind of question to ask a LADY?!

…and Kyroot noted:
Morality is the diffusion of primary passion.

The man across the table stated:
“Without friction man couldn’t swallow, screw, or sleep.”
And this so irritated the other man across the table that he stayed up all night.

9 2 1 1 -4 8
While attempting to explain to his son how thinking worked,
His father stamped his foot on the ground and said:
“Take a hint: You don’t think our home planet is round just by accident, now do you?!”

…and Kyroot said:
Most people find a magnet with three ends confusing, and will switch channels.

…and Kyroot, (sitting in for the mayor), said:
You KNOW you’re civilized when mere death won’t do,
But rather must be “death-with-a-funeral!”

From the “Alarming Annals” comes this, “Morality Play In Two Acts”:
For attempted spite, this one man died;
Then to REALLY piss ’em off — he came back!
*De End *

A priest, a politician, and a philosopher, over after dinner mints,
Were privately discussing the question:
“If you construct your own world do YOU also have to live in it?”

92 1 1 – 53
Whenever one man would look at himself and his fellow rebels, he would smile and think:
What are secret ‘best friends for?”

…and Kyroot said:
The heart of man’s intellectual responsibility is to feed the future,
And in this regard it is not so much a matter of him ‘learning from mistakes”
As it is him deserting today as soon as night begins to fall.

A fellow at the bar mused aloud:
“Who is dumber? — the candidate, or the electorate?”
And the bouncer thought:
“It continues to surprise me how many bad dancers wanna bad mouth the band.”

(Reminder: Those who criticize help subsidize; And:
All back-biters are underwriters.)

“Yes”, gaffed the Large One, “I may not can paint, but I can spit!”
“Ah yes!”, agreed the Small One, “And FINE spit it is!”

…and Kyroot said:
The new guitar in town,
After surveying the scene,
Told his kid:
“Around here, if you can play licks — you can think.”

…and someone noted:
A man who can live in multiple time zones simultaneously
Understands fully that justice is universal — indignities, local.

…and someone asked:
But aren’t you just describing the revolutionist mind again?!

When it came his time to take the podium this one chap stood and so cited:
There’s nothing atomic
Not finally comic.”

And upon returning to his seat someone said to him:
“What you just asserted regarding the primary world
Would only be so in the secondary;
You surely knew better — why did you do it?”
I couldn’t come up with another rhyme.”

…And thus — (tramp, tramp) — does the poetic world of man — (tramp, tramp) —
March forward — (tramp, tramp) — just like a dazed proctologist on stilts — (tramp,

The rebel lifer told the incoming city recruits: “We don’t take credit cards — of ANY kind!”

Just as the sun peeked over the horizon,
The man threw open his French doors,
Stretched to full height,
Sighed deeply and said:
“The really great thing about being-alive is that
You’ve got your choice — you can like it or not.”

…and Kyroot said:
Everyone lives a parallel existence,
But if you ever begin to think of it as that,
It becomes relatively meaningless.

…and Kyroot said:
Doing the revolution is like quitting whatever job you have now
And trying to go to work for a company that nobody knows the name of
(and trying to KEEP it that way)

9211 -64
The Philosopher of the Ole Soreheads Wandering Tribe
Sat down by the campfire and shared with his fellow travelers this insight:
“Good news is such-h-h a drag.”

…and Kyroot said:
Even though a revolutionist is obviously a physically local creature like everyone else,
His thinking must certainly be otherwise.

9211 1-66
Then Kyroot unveiled, “A Legend Never Told”:
When men initially tried to understand what was going on, they failed — and most gave up.

A Kyrootian Kaution:
Stupidity can always mistake itself for what it thinks it seeks.

…and Kyroot inquired:
If being sick is an acceptable excuse for dying — what then is its connection to living?!

City Rhyme For Today:
“Institutions have DNA,
Its name is man — what’d you think? “

And someone in the vicinity of Kyroot’s office sent over this to be read on the air:
“An Unexpected And Totally Unnecessary Mental Health Tip:
“All psychological problems are caused by seriousness.”

…(And the totally unavoidable corollary:
And serious people can’t seem to help it.”)

…there’s one chap who keeps. track of his own state of well being by this method:
He says that as long as he can spot ideas more foolish than his own, he knows he’s alright.

A bit of intellectual erotica: One man propositioned himself.

One day a city and a man’s nervous system got in an argument;
They both claimed that the other was a metaphor for themselves; …
(Boy! talk about a couple of bozos!)

9 2 1 1 1 -4 4
Okay, some romantic lore: Every man’s greatest love is habit.

One guy’s advice:
“Hey!, you wanna be famous? — imitate somebody famous!”

…(Boy!, talk about your bozo advice!)

More from “Kyroot’s Unaccredited History Course”:
Before the brain came along the stomach only ate out of fear.

9 2 1 1 1 – 7 7
An example of
How the life of the secondary world protects itself:
It’s almost impossible to show a man with no sense of humor that he has no sense of humor.

“I’ve been thinking about some of what you’ve been talking about,” says a guy to Kyroot,
“And the way I see it is that if men didn’t make out like there was more to their mind
Than there is — there wouldn’t even be what little bit there is now.”

9 2 1 1 1 -19
…and Kyroot said:
One of the striking characteristics of the secondary is its ability to ignore the obvious.

…and Kyroot noted:
In the city,
When it comes to problems,
There are those who’ll talk about them, and those who’ll offer to treat them,
But only a revolutionist is actually interested in CURING the bastards.

9 2 1 1 1 – 8 1
…and Kyroot said:
No thought ultimately counts, but individual.

9 21 1 1–82
A man who’s been watching these programs has this to say:
“Now I don’t know which upsets me the more:
Finding out that those I thought should be serious about what they do in life, aren’t — OR, Discovering that everybody else IS!”

Another of “K.’s Helpful Hints”: No one is as silly as he who takes others seriously.
…(And Kyroot admitted: I know this can be uncomfortable,
but everything non-serious always is.)

921 1 1-83
…and Kyroot said:
There are two levels at which men may see and state the obvious:
One is rude and disruptive,
While the other was the inspiration for the Submarine Service.

…and Kyroot noted:
A revolutionist plays along-with the city’s sense of order & propriety — but that’s ALL.

In the early morning woods
The rebel looked down at his reflection in the pond and reflected on himself:
“If life is a tournament then you realize what this means?! — Inner Urban Warfare, my friend.”

And from our viewing audience comes this letter:
“You don’t fool me! — This neural revolution thing is just one more attempt to
Keep from dying!”

One ole man said: “Dumb people are happy people.”
And the kid cried: “I want to be happy!”
And the ole man replied: “It may be too late.”

The Blunt Man said: “Let’s be blunt! —
The antidote for EVERYTHING — whether you care for it or not — is silliness!”

The Look-Out Man leaped up and said: “Look out! —
What bulls do to cows, man does to himself …..and vice versa!”

… and The Understatement Man states: “Being a revolutionist is an education in itself.”