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After Primary Needs Are Met, What Drives a Man Is Fear


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#1029 Sep 25, 1992 – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :33. After Primary Level World needs are met, what drives a man is fear. // Audio-only :10.

The News

92109- 1
…and Kyroot said:
There is no substitute for creativity — except being ordinary.

92109– 2
…and Kyroot said:
A man without both heroes and hostility has some promise.

92109- 3
…and Kyroot remarked:
One guy says that ordinary thinking is just like commercials
In that somebody’s always trying to get you to buy it.

92109- 4
…and Kyroot said:
One guy would sometimes string himself along just to SEE what he’d do.

92109– 5
Little known Kyrootian fact:
Airplanes were originally quiet and didn’t drone,
But then got to listening to passengers talk about themselves.

92109- 6
…and Kyroot said:
The prime example of self-defense is sanity, and ordinary thinking.

92109- 7
..and Kyroot said:
History ONLY impresses the dead and those partially so.

92109- 8
…then Kyroot, (speaking for that part of history that cannot speak), said:
The smaller the mind the larger the monument.

92109- 9
…and Kyroot said:
Taking the affairs of man seriously can save you from otherwise additional irritants.

…and for some reason Kyroot said:
One man discovered that the universe was in his head! — nah!,
I don’t MEAN in some metaphorical, or crappy allegorical way!…

…and Kyroot said:
Anything you can’t laugh at is your superior . . . . . . not counting yourself . . . . cause
everything’s superior to that…

92109 – 12
…and Kyroot said:
With the city’s unrestrained encouragement, the king sat and plotted:
“Once all of my power is consolidated — who will I kill first?…”

A man walked out on his balcony and said:
“What’s the point in BEING human if you can’t have a little fun?!”
And a guy in the next apartment thought:
“Who but a human would ever SAY that?!”

The curator professed: “Art improves with age.”
And a visitor thought: “So too does ignorance.”

…and Kyroot noted:
One day,
While in a hurry to get somewhere,
The local god of this one place told some of the creatures:
“If you don’t like what’s going on just change the definition.”

Down the road’s a guy who harbors this verbal picture:
He says that human existence is like this gigantic, packed dance,
And everybody’s afraid the ballroom will catch fire at any minute.

A man suddenly exclaimed: “My brains have legs!”

…and Kyroot said:
As the laws of goo-field physics continue to expand:
Every morning when he would awaken this one man would begin to count: “1,2,3,4.”
And the next morning: “2,3,4,5.”
And the following morning: “3,4,5,6.”

…and Kyroot noted:
To dislike something you must localize it;
(Such as an article in a religious magazine: “Why Do Colleges Promote Atheism?!”)

…then Kyroot remarked on some: “Logic That Was Locked Out”:
Only the serious get anywhere in life;
Only those who get somewhere in life can be embarrassed;
Only those who can be embarrassed can be serious enough to rattle the gate and yell:
“Let me in!”

One rebel hooked up his answering machine to his screen door so that
If you knocked on his frontal lobes with an unwarranted delivery
The recording would sound just like a real ferocious dog inside saying:
“He’s not here just now — and at the sound of the tone — even if he were, he wouldn’t be.”

From our tv audience comes this letter:
“When I first got cable I played around with the remote;
After watching your show I think you’re playing around with MY remote.”

One guy said- “Hah! — I can be nice if I want to!”
And life said: “Hah! — so can I.”

(If life could talk out loud most people’d say: “Would you please-e-e shut up.”)

…and Kyroot said:
The engineer told the conductor:
“A man with nothing-to-lose will often claim he lost it around your house.”

9 2 1 09 -24
From the files of “Malicious Medical Mythology”:
On this one world,
Just as soon as everyone was born,
Their local reality would slap ’em and say:
“Okay, get out there and intellectually dislike other people! —
— It’s either that or I’ll give all you ‘five-inchers’ a six-inch circumcision.”

** Thus all went well in the land, and the creatures lived suitably erect lives. **

…then, before turning out the lights,
Kyroot read this annotation of the above story:
The transfer of secondary energy is NOT a genteel affair — which is why the civilized believe it MUST be.

Another”History Of Certain Carnival Rides” — I mean of,
“Dogs Turning Around And Around Before Laying Down” — no, I mean of,
“The Mind Of Man” – yes, I believe that’s it:
First guy says: “Everything’s an optical illusion.”
And the second guy says: “Then if that’s so then nothing’s an illusion.”
And the first guy thinks about this for a while, then replies:
“Okay, but everything that’s not now an illusion is STILL optical!”
And the second guy was “had” bigger’an shit!

Thus concludes another chapter in the history of:
Things That Look Funnier The More You Look At Them.”

…(And, oh yes:
Your local reality asks me to remind you that
Any of you who DON’T find this amusing
Should go home and jump up and down on the bed
While playing with scissors.)

…and from Professor K.:
A Short Survey Of Humor:
Those who live in the basement laugh at plumbing;
Those who live upstairs laugh at plumbing — while feeling naughty and guilty;
Those who understand the complex situation of human life and habitation have it even better.

As he cleaned up around the chair the barber said:
“A man with no ills or complaints can drive everybody else crazy.”
(Sweep, sweep),
“Course a man with no ills or complaints COULD be fakin’ it.”
(Sweep, sweep, sweep.)

(News flash for your neurons only: No one ever knows who the world’s greatest pretenders are.)

A person mused:
“When I first heard of the revolution I thought it sounded like sacred music;
Then I thought it was like opera;
After that I thought it was more like soul music,
And then began to think it was a comedy album;
But now I am almost certain that it is some kind of futuristic party record and travel guide.”

…and Kyroot said:
The Official City Physician noted:
“In many people viruses still respond more favorably to antibiotics
Than they do to concern and affection.”

“The Contemporary Wise-Man Of The Supermarket” spake to those who would hesitate and listen:
An ancient slogan, or motto is like a wart — and if you have much faith therein, it’s like a real BAD-D-D wart.”

…and Kyroot said:
Instead of going to college and majoring in Neurology,
One guy told his married sister:
“The way our family thinks is like taking shots at an old icebox out in the woods.”

Across town a man thought:
“Why save and freeze my sperm NOW?! — I’m so old I wouldn’t go out with me even if I asked.”

(Thus is the future of coming generations assured along with the continuing brisk trade In target pistols, pornography, and cable tv.)

Abstract from, “Rebel’s Lit 901”:
Philosophy is a substitute for Science;
Science is a substitute for Science Fiction;
Science Fiction is a substitute for Fiction,
And Fiction is the note you bring from home explaining why you weren’t in class yesterday.

*** Brains are the only thing’s that can write their own excuses. ***

…(Although he couldn’t make the Intellectual Team,
One guy said he’d STILL like to at least be a Cheerleader.)

…a religion in another mental galaxy believes that after you die
Words become brittle and dependable.

…and Kyroot said:
One internally rowdy chap wrapped up his month by thinking:
“Anything that’s not my fault is obviously my fault.”

The safari leader whispered to all with cameras, and minds poised:
“I trust you people can recognize a real wrap when you see it!”

Kyroot’s “Psycho-Bio Update Of News Not Yet Fit For The City”:
Crocodiles entertain NO psychological problems because they can’t be made to take things seriously enough.

(The manager of one cable station that carries these programs looked at the ceiling & wondered how many people actually watch our show just out of spite.)

…curious item:
Why are there statistically fewer answering machines in basements than higher up?

A person once thought: “Why spit on the person you’re dancing with?!”

…(And that prior noted annotation returned to remind the rebels in the audience:
Although the transfer of needed human energies is NOT
A genteel affair — still! — come on, folks!”)

A correspondent writes us to say: “You can forget about notions of,
‘Intellectual curiosity,’ or, ‘artistic satisfaction,’
For after men eat, rest and are sexed,
The only thing that drives them after that is FEAR.”
(He invites us to consider this from any angle we choose,
And refute it — IF possible.)

Would you all like to join me now in singing that grand old
Professional wrestlers hymn:
Shall We Gather At The River, And You Can Kick Me In The Liver.”

…and Kyroot observed:
The so-called, “delicate balance of life” is a local phenomenon.

Guy says: “The nature of life can’t be explained.”
And his partner says: “Sure it can.”
And the guy says: “Okay: The nature of life SHOULDN’T be explained.”
And his partner says: “There’s no reason it shouldn’t.”
And the guy tries: “All right: The nature of life doesn’t WANT you to explain it.”
And his partner and life proudly patted him on the back for a job well done and completed.

…and Kyroot said:
The chieftain told his eldest son:
“Men with no soul want a system to live by.”

Looking at it through certain holes in the fence
You could conclude that secondary progress can be measured either by
How many times you change horses on the merry go round,
Or how often, your underwear.

A kid kicked the cotton candy concessionaire in the clavicle and asserted:
“The god-all-mighty, grandest thing about intellectual improvements is that
If they don’t help you at all it doesn’t matter any way.
Wheee!” he yelled, as he skipped away, poking out at every serious thing he saw.

…and a viewer has this comment:
“It would seem to me that even home-made parables would be much better set in
Scenes of chivalry, heroic derring-do and spiritual adventures
Rather than amidst sawdust, roller coasters, and carny folk — Ugh!
Just what kind of fabulist ARE you any way?
and where is all this headed?
. . . . . Perhaps I’ll just return to the main gate and ask for my admission price back
except I don’t remember actually paying to get in here in the first place….

…and Kyroot noted:
One thing that life DOESN’T have to tell people is that:
“If you don’t WANT to know how dumb you are — don’t-t-t think about it.”

…and Kyroot said:
As the people waited for a plane, the bus was re-invented many times over.

And a feller rubbed his chin:
“You know, come to think on it: If progress WAS what people imagine it is
We’d never get ANY where.”

…and Kyroot noted:
One man used to need mental help — now he IS it.

(Inasmuch as men cheer the gods in their imaginary games — who do the gods root for?)

A viewer writes: “The other night I dreamed I knew what you meant.”

…and Kyroot said: Only fools are interested in things that can never be known — I’m sorry:
Only the ordinary are interested in things that can never be known — no, wait,
(Said Kyroot, pulling himself up to full street-level height), I’ll get it right this time: Only the extraordinary, and wise are interested in things that can never be known.

…(It appeared that the city attempted to reach over and pat him on the back,
But K. was out-of-there and too quick for that!)

On the wall,
Down the hall,
Was writ:
“Only the stupid survive”;
“Only the serious survive”;
“Only the humble survive”;
“Only the successful survive”;
“Only the religious survive”;
“Only the uncaring survive” — “Ah hell! — only the everybody survives!”

(The old village calendar-maker smoothed out a stitch and said:
“The mind grows so slowly that one man’s life time is not long enough for a real man.”)

…and Kyroot said:
On paper, everyone can look into the depths-of-reality.
(“You might look at it like this,” noted a disinterested by-stander,
“If muscles or stomachs could think men wouldn’t be IN the position of having headaches.”)

A Short Survey Of Human Existence:
One man thought that life might be playing some kind of trick on him,
And believed that after he died he’d understand what it was.

…(What a concept, neighbors! —
What a “Mail-yourself-a-letter-bomb-and-then-move” concept.
Life would be PROUD of you, one and all — Yes ‘sir!)

The canoe guide noted:
“Even though you can marry your cousin and end up on the porch with a demented 5 string, Life don’t RAISE no fools!”

And a beaver on leave mused: “If you say something of interest, real plain and
Straight forward, it sure does make it hard to understand, now don’t it.”

A correspondent writes:
“My brother says he’s figured out what the revolution is:
He says it’s like digging into a baked Alaska to find a peanut butter sandwich;
. . . . my brother LOVES-S-S peanut butter sandwiches.”

The city attempted to comfort some of the wounded:
“There, there;
And remember — the alert are never fully satisfied.”

…(Several of the citizens lay there, tossing this around in their minds & then thought:
“Man it’s HELL to be wounded AND confused!”)

** One feature of city assistance is that you never have to express your appreciation. **

…and Kyroot told of:
A myth over in another galaxy says that there was once a revolutionist apartment building; And that on the outside, it looked all right — but INSIDE — was another matter!

The final line of the story says the myth is a lie —
— And even if it weren’t, it doesn’t know what it means any way.)

An ole man told the kid:
“Those who believe that god, their conscience, or sub-conscious is talking to them,
Make interesting conversationalists if you enjoy talking to tips-of-icebergs
whose every word is too-littlle-too-late, and like that.”

(Rumor Of The Day: One ole man got his kid ready for city life by killing him in advance.

Kyroot said to himself out loud: Now that’s not a nice thing to say in front of
All these nice people who may not
Take it all so nicely.

…(The problem with metaphors over several days old is that
Men begin to take them seriously.)])

…and Kyroot noted:
Standing in front of the mirror the man said:
“Do you know WHY charity-begins-at-home?! — Huh? – You ever think about it? —
You know WHY?!”

After this one man had begun to understand more than he once had,
He one day looked around and said:
“I’m not sure I have to STAND for all of this!”
And a powerful, invisible voice replied: “Are you SURE-E-E?!!”
And he said: “I SAID I wasn’t SURE!”

On some fairgrounds the rhetorical drives more bumper cars, and merry go rounds
Than Sony has generators.

…the Royal Priest asserted:
“One thing for certain: You CAN’T argue with god!”
And the king’s head P.R. man said:
“Hey!, don’t let fatso hear you say that!”

This letter:
“Miss Etiquette: Is it possible that people know more than they know they know?”
“Dear Sir: Even if this were possible how could it be possible?!”

…and Kyroot said:
Over in another reality,
Whenever this one guy’d get upset he wouldn’t do anything about it.

…and Kyroot said:
Birds build nests to stave off chaos.

…and a viewer writes:
“What I really enjoy are the Kyroot maxims and truisms that are OBVIOUSLY not true
For THEN at least, I can be CERTAIN that they mean something else!
….(I am correct in feeling like this?? )

…and Kyroot, that old party-master announced:
If you can make your BLOOD have fun — YOU can have fun!

(Upon hearing this,
Some were even less elated than their systolic pressure right after an orgy.)

…and Kyroot said:
Over on this other planet
There was a one-man religion that believed that
After you die if you act real silly they’ll leave you alone.

The prince asked: “Why does religion begin with an ‘R’?”

A “Rebel Fable” from the archives of Kyroot:
A man looked life dead in the eye and declared: “Don’t make me laugh!”
And life replied: “Well, now — that leaves me little choice. . . . .

…and Kyroot said:
Whenever he was frightened or confused
One man would rap on his noggin and say:
“Hey, in there! — I wanna talk to the BOSS!

A guy says:
“What I want to know is:
Will the revolution really make me change, or just not care?”

And Kyroot imaginarily replied:
Only the real dumb, & the real smart would ask such a question.

Then just-for-fun,
Kyroot offered up a sapien’s speculation for September:
The guy on the highest ledge probably wouldn’t spit, toss rocks, or yell at you.

…then, according to Kyroot, an imaginary viewer writes in:
“Boy!, this revolution-thing must REALLY-Y-Y be serious
For you to so much make it seem NOT so!”

…(And under his breath Kyroot muttered: “‘Imaginary’ my ass!”)

An Ole kid told his kid:
“I still don’t think you’ve got it: Puppies are cute — men are funny.”

The Prince asked the Court Philosopher:
“When will the revolution become popular?”
And the C.P. replied: “When planes land at bus stations.”

…and Kyroot said:
One great city pronounced:
“A serious man is a satisfied man;
A serious man is a successful man;
A serious man is an honorable man.”
Then got drunk and said: “A serious man is an IDIOT!”

…and Kyroot said:
To a rebel eye,
Seriousness is the improper, blinding punctuation of sentences.

…(And the crowd said: “We don’t get it.”
And Kyroot said: “Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t.”
And the crowd went home.)

One city proudly proclaimed: “Only LOCAL people live around HERE!” —
(Though a rebel might wonder just what it had to be so proud about!)

…and Kyroot said:
As he died again, one man sang.

A Friendly Fable:
On one world everybody was born a different height;
They believed there was an ideal height, but they couldn’t agree on exactly what it was;
They were however certain that how tall you were was not your fault.

…and Kyroot confessed:
If everybody knew what was going on, ‘what’s going on’ wouldn’t go on any longer.

…and Kyroot said:
And a viewer writes: “The damndest thing STILL happened.”