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Life Is Trouble, But Without Trouble, There Would Be No Life


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#1028 Sep 23, 1992 – 1:23 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :31, Life is trouble, but w/o trouble there would be no life. Audio-only :23.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
Several times during their life on the bus someone will come around and poke most people.

92108- 2
…and Kyroot said:
Men seeking original data in all the ordinary places
Is like birds out in the grass with flashlights at midnight.

92108- 3
…and Kyroot said:
Those who attempt to compare the various pleasures of being alive haven ‘t found one they like yet.

(One man noted: “A poet’s work is never done.”
And another re-noted: “Yes, and that’s what I most enjoy about it.”)

92108– 4
…and Kyroot said:
There is a more complex, multi-grain, unrecognized sequence to life
Than the visible order and propriety men hold so dear;
An example:
As they prepared for immediate battle, the warrior chieftain issued the instructions: “Put the men with diarrhea in the rear.”

92108- 6
…and Kyroot said:
History only causes the weak to weep.

…and Kyroot said:
A rebelliously thinking young man recently thought:
“The viscid underpinnings of city success is that you always want to put a dollar amount on it.”

92108- 7
…and Kyroot said:
Those who pretend they don’t know what’s going on
Either don’t know,
Or else are pretending.

92108- 8
…and Kyroot said:
One day while in a passing reflective mood,
The king called the Court Philosopher over to him and asked:
“No matter what cultural, or intellectual heights we may have seemed to achieve Is it still true that the big guys will push around the small guys?”
And the wise one replied: “Whatever you say, Your Grace.”

92108- 9
Query For The Quirky:
Which do you think would be the more tedious and trying:
To stand outside a building and tell the inhabitants that it’s on fire? — or, That everything is just fine?

92 1 08- 1 0
…and Prince Kyroot The Straightforward said:
… Why hem-haw around the bushes?! —
Why pull our proverbs?! —
Let’s just get right to it: ANY thing that’s serious is funny.
…(There now! — don’t SOME of you feel better.)

A guy said: “Neural revolutionists are really just entertainers.”
And a critic jumped up to say: “Oh yeah, well where’s your agent?”
And the guy replied: “Oh, we don’t entertain others — just ourselves.”

…AND Kyroot asked: — or said:
Why would friends make a hostile act toward a friend?

92 1 08 – 1 3
…and Kyroot said:
“Collectively, and allegorically speaking:
The mind of all cities is like their library.”
And a woman poking at a honeydew melon said:
“You mean — closed on Mondays?”

…and Kyroot passed along:
One commentator’s, “Prudent Tip. For The Trail”:
Men who carry wet, irritable badgers in their backpacks
Seldom have theological theories to share.
One guy’s description:
“What is the human experience:
It is being at sea in a storm that may stop at any moment,
And if it does — we all sink.”

After the examination,
(As the city was putting its clothes back on),
Kyroot — Doctor of Physics, Psychic-Obesity, and Other-Weighty-Matters, Made this notation on your chart:
Gravity is sanity.

…a viewer writes:
“I’ve been watching your show and all,
And thinking a lot about stuff you’ve said,
But what gets me is that if you were BORN with
Serious and sad hormones WHAT can you do about it NOW?!”
(And Kyroot responds): It would be temptingly easy for me to reply:
‘Dear Viewer: Have you ever heard mention of that even HIGHER part of the nervous system — the intellect?’
But if I did, too many who heard it would find it
Temptingly easy to say: ‘Ah, what else is new!”
And never recognize that such responses do NOT Originate in their own mind’s summit.
…(Yes indeed — what else IS new.)

…and Kyroot conceded:
Inside of all thinking is an idea’. . . . . . some times.

…and Kyroot said:
After this one man had again delivered some news to his family
Which they seemed less than delighted to receive he said to them:
“Don’t blame me! — I just report the facts,
and those I can’t report – I make up.”

One man said:
“My paw is getting better, but what kind of spit heals the mind?”

Down on Second Avenue a man told his neighbor:
“The best thing about writing a book is that you can
Write a Preface to it explaining what it’s gonna mean.”

(Everybody’s neighbor wishes they’d thought of EVERYthing you have;
Everybody’s neighbor who DOESN’T — will STEAL it from you
[Thus, the matter of “frozen vegetables”.])

A viewer writes: “Shouldn’t there be a law or something that says you’re allowed, to have
More than one Kyroot to a page ONLY if they’re all about the same subject?!”
“Dear Viewer: In lieu of such an ordinance, how about having eyes like a spider’s web?!….
…Or ears like the arms of a Ferris wheel?!”

…and Kyroot said:
One guy told himself: “Hey man, don’t do cheap imitations of me.”

…and Kyroot noted:
When intelligent men don’t know what’s going on they say,”It needs more study”;
Everything needs more study.

Active city minds will investigate almost anything but the dead — they have to PAY
Someone else to do that for them.
A woman pondered: “In that case, intellectually — what is the difference between
Death, and non-existence?”

A man writes the Advice Doctor: “I sort of hate to ask this, but
Might death be a metaphor for life?”
And the Doctor responds: “It might — For those living it in a non-existent manner.”

…within ninety minutes after all of the preceding page was read,
Someone sent us this faxed inquiry:
“Might it be better for a person to have an active rash and be alive,
Than to be alive and bored?”

And the Doctor responds: “All of the neural merry go rounds,
No matter how elegant — no matter how plain,
Annoy the riders even while giving them the
Pleasurable sensation of being intellectually alive;
Part of the revolutionist’s ramble is to amble about the
Goo field where the rides and games have been set up
To see what he can find in the empty spaces between them.”

This note from one city observer:
“Wild animals are not all THAT wild — once you get ’em trapped in the basement …
…at least that’s what some would have you believe.”

And via the extra especially, “Closed Captioning” of our program, Kyroot slipped in this message:
Any “Tip,” or, “Hint” that is not kind of annoying is not really much of a clue.

The king told the high priest:
“Don’t sweat it, Preach! — we’re ALL working for the same company — it’s just that
Some of us are lower down the totem pole than others.”

…and Kyroot said:
The mother-of-all-cities, (who is everyone’s mother who lives in the city),
Tells each person’s brain just as soon as they are dumped — born here — these words:
“I am going to tell you what to think, and you can either like it, or not like it,
But those are your limits;
So don’t let ANYONE seduce or direct you into thinking about ANYTHING else! —
do you HEAR me?!!”

More sea lore: It is always those with little leaky rowboats who most fear
They’ll be somehow misled by weather forecasts.

…and Kyroot, The Defender Of All Things Good And Secondary, said:
If for no other reason. — Man has “memory” so that fame will NOT be fleeting.

The letter opens:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: In what way could it be said that a critic is
Different, or superior to that which he reproves?”
And she replies:
“Dear Correspondent: In the manner in which one dancer might believe himself more adroit than
His partner, who he finds clumsy, and unfit for the task — while
Ignoring the intellectual implications of the fact that it was HE who asked the
OTHER one on to the floor in the first place!”

Expanded Update of a recent Kyroot:
If you crucially don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about,
And you have an article, or book to write — use a LOT of examples!

…and Kyroot, momentarily pretending to be someone else, said:
Another neat thing about the revolution is that it ultimately does not attract those you thought it would.

Kyroot’s Gillette Principle: Some things rebels find neat, the ordinary find unnerving.

…(But hey!, [added Kyroot for free], that’s what you’re paid to be ordinary for.)

A fellow down by the corner fruit stand
Says one of the better laughs he’s been having lately is
In reading about men’s concerns regarding genetic engineering
Whereby labs will soon be able to turn out “man-made geniuses”;
He says their fears in this area are cute in that he wonders
Just what KIND of a superior intellect they believe ordinary minds can produce,
And even that notwithstanding — if they WERE of a higher I.Q. just what type of
Damage, (or even assistance), could they possibly contribute inasmuch as the
“Problems” they would be presented with are NOT to be solved, or cured,
But are themselves simply fellow milestones on the never-ending road to neural expansion.

As the All-City Chorus chanted in the background:
“Power To The People! — Power To The People!”
The man stepped forward and declared:
“I may not know anything, but at least I don’t THINK I do!”
(“Power To The People! — Power To The People!”)

…and Kyroot noted:
No creature can exist in the intellectual forest that is not at heart a hobby.

…And, (added Kyroot),
None can survive for long that are NOT believed to be otherwise.

The Serious Lobby says they are just POISED to file a “Major complaint.”

…and Kyroot said:
A correspondent sends us this:
“I’ve taken several things you’ve said off in my own direction and have come up with this:
I find my own thinking to be like professional wrestling in that there’s a lot of
Huffing and puffing,
A good deal of confusion and chaos,
And while it IS a good show — I don’t believe a minute of it!”

[he Royal metaphysician, (while on a momentary mental vacation), told the prince:
“Physical connections count for little — other than everything.”

As some of the people were spreading out their picnics in the park
A man leapt from behind a juniper tree and exclaimed:
“People who think about the past are from another planet. . . . . or stupid.
I forget which.”

…(A woman with nice thighs later said that mustard was more popular
Than catsup on Neptune;
[I think it must be the sun that does it to people out of doors….yes, it must be the sun.])

…and Kyroot, the happy hellion of highway engineering, said:
Some who get on the verge of a major breakthrough
Believe they’re on the edge of a major breakdown.

“If you think janitors will defend THEMSELVES”, said those in the penthouse,
“You ain’t seen NOTHING yet!”

Semi-private, Public-Notice:
The philistines, critics and mortgage-holders of the world all say:
“Allegories don’t mean ANYTHING! . . . . .and even if they DID — they don’t mean anything to ME!?”

A re-play of last week’s, “Pick Hit”:
If a revolutionist is thinking about one thing,
And is not actually thinking about something else,
His revolutionist batteries are running low.

When you put in a fifty-cent piece the machine will tell you this:
“With outa high opinion of himself a man can never succeed in a secondary career;
A man cannot have a high opinion of himself unless he steals a stepladder from someone else.”

An additional definition at no additional charge:
Intellectual success: Socially acceptable plagiarism.

Just over that way a man said:
“It’s not so much the low level of man’s intelligence that frightens me,
But the fact that no one seems to NOTICE it!”

…(and Kyroot said:
If there was such a thing as, “The Revolutionist’s Club” I’d ask him to join.)

From our audience comes this note to Kyroot:
“If you weren’t on tv, and radio hadn’t been invented yet, how’d I even know you existed?”
…and Kyroot imaginarily responded:
“Dear Viewer: Have you ever heard mention of that HIGHEST part of the nervous system?

…and Kyroot said:
A lad sat near his dad and thought:
“How can a bus go anywhere without the counter friction of pavement?”
He looked off for a while, then thought of this:
“Even if the revolution DID exist outside of just one man’s mind —
how could IT ever amount to anything?”

Your bonus gift with the above purchase:
One way you might be able to spot a real revolutionist — assuming it was ever possible,
And assuming you ever had any reason to try and do so —
Might be that secretly — (which is rebel talk for intellectual activity OFF the laid-out
Midway of routine goo field carnivals)
One way to tell might be that a real revolutionist secretly doesn’t care if
Something is possible or not — just so long as he can do it and enjoy it.

…and Kyroot said:
Man is the sole creature who makes himself sick so that he can develop treatments to make
Himself well that have side effects that will make him sick in a new manner, and so on.
(But he is not actually getting sick– simply better.)

…and Kyroot said:
Suddenly! — while on the way to the bank — ,a man was mentally struck thusly:
“I SEE IT!, by god! — now I SEE IT! —
In this life, at this level, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you say!”,
And the city spoke to him and replied:
“That’s RIGHT! — just as long as you keep-on-talking’!”

Whenever this one man’s mind would get to feeling really wimpy again
It’d pick out someone else’s religious beliefs, looks, or social position, and scoff:
“When the going gets easy — I get going!”

Slogan on one person’s inner campus:
“Progress is a terrible thing to behold — IF you’re in its way.”

…and Kyroot said:
After he moved into the new building,
At first his coffeemaker sounded like his stomach
Then later, like his mind,
And eventually it sounded just like a coffeemaker EXACTLY!

(Tall buildings can play funny auditory and visual tricks on a man.)

92 1 0 8-5 0
…and Kyroot suggested:
A real revolutionist would never claim credit for anything! — how could he?

9 2 1 0 8 -5 1
…and Kyroot observed:
A leading earthly “expert” recently stated that,
“Human society — like any other human endeavor — should first of all, serve life.”
(And in between bites, life looked up long enough to say that
It really appreciated this show of concern.)

…and Kyroot said:
One man was the only person who knew what went on in his mind — AND was the
Only person who REALIZED this.

(…and Kyroot added:
Okay, if we had a club I’d invite him to join too.)

Hunger either makes a man think, or keeps him therefrom.

Okay,(said K.), wanna play, “Right In Your Face — Straight At Chu” one more time?!:
There is NOTHING in the secondary world that can be permanently cured, repaired, or completed.

92 1 0 8 -5 5
In the secondary world there is no END to problems;
In the primary there is death,
But in the secondary — only progress.

9 2 1 08 5 6
While the light was trying to decide which color to turn
The man on the curb thought:
“If I was as smart as life, I wouldn’t have to BE a revolutionist.”
(And his brain partner coyly wondered if Captain Obvious could use an assistant.)

…and Kyroot said:
The more civilized becometh a man
The more his Mind dreams of sporting the tattoo that reads:
“DEATH! Before Intellectual Dishonor!”

It is true that in the higher levels of city life
Killing a man is not the worst thing you can do to him.

The continuing existence of rules and prohibitions regarding tenants’ behavior is
Continuing proof that buildings will look after themselves and their inhabitants
Regardless of the latter’s continuing inclinations.

(After long and careful consideration of the above comment,
The local god of a neighboring universe decided to rename himself, “Continuing”;
…[Many of his friends thought it was quite becoming.])

…and Kyroot made note of:
The revolutionist fly’s personal motto: Tighten up the strands of the web.

9 2 1 0 8 – 6 0
…and Kyroot said:
Someone who’s watched our show and is capable of some wonder, wondered:
“Why would a person with nothing to sell tell you anything they know?”

…and Kyroot added:
A king who’s seen our show mused:
“That’s the very sort of thinking that has caused many a revolution.”

At various times several people wondered:
“Is it possible, while going on with this,
To get to feeling so peaceful and calm
That you lose the desire to BE a revolutionist after all?’

One king said to all the subjects and all of those attending ‘court:
“I’ve reached the point that I’ll abide anything from you, except that which is boring.”
And they FRIGHTFULLY screamed — “YOU’RE not our KING!!”

…and Kyroot said:
For a real revolutionist an acceptable substitute for not knowing is — nothing.

…and Kyroot, (the official historian of NO known civilization), said:
The rebel’s development of his own non-polar mentation was the original example of:
Artificial insemination,
Surrogate motherhood,
And test-tube babies.

Then for those of you in a hurry,
Around at the “drive-thru window”,
Kyroot served up this definition to go:
The revolution: Breaking the laws of physics.

A man inquires:
“If your mind stops does the revolution stop?”

A person in our audience wonders:
“If the revolution gets so simple that I begin to understand it…will I still like it?”

And Kyroot, the Old Master Of Understatement, said:
Energy is so non-directional, and all pervasive that
Anyone who says: “Hey, look over here! — I can explain what it is,”
Is as accurate as a compass in a magnet factory.

Only the dead, or the verbal will lay still long enough to be examined.

…and Kyroot made up a story:
Once upon a time in another universe
A rebel had a tv show,
And one day received this letter from a viewer:
“I have been watching you and really enjoying what you say,
And the other day I saw you out on the street in person,
And wanted to come speak to you, but didn’t know what I could possibly say.
Is this how I feel about the revolution itself?”
End of tale.

…and Kyroot said:
One guy told himself: “You know, old chum, the time to think about it may be passed.”

Another excerpt from “The Rebel’s Secret Battle Manual”:
When the boots are filled with blood
The fleas-of-despair will run to the head,
And then — THEN the revolutionist will say: “Now! — NOW I’ve got you where I want you!”

…and Kyroot, the philandering army physiologist said:
Livers make loyal troopers…… and brains can be MADE to so conform…but ….

…and Kyroot further noted:
Being a revolutionist is being a redhead capable of blonde thoughts.

Then Kyroot relayed this version of the mortal, seditious journey:
Many people undertake the rebellion by mail;
Then they’ll move closer to the post office;
Then they’ll start dancing with the mail man;
Then they’ll think about pursuing the place of the postmark,
And then many will stop and marvel at how far away, or close, are the distant mountains.

One man suddenly thought:
“You know! — if I could put the revolution to music you could dance to it.”

…and Kyroot said:
At street level, EVERYBODY’S been intellectually mugged —
— Hey! that’s the only way you got what mental possessions you DO have.

921 08 76
…and Kyroot observed:
It is said that all writers take liberties with the truth,
And if that be so then rebel scribes ravish her, and then set her free.

…and Kyroot said:
A serious man needs serious ills ….a silly man can get by on less.

…and Kyroot pictures:
After long exposure to revolutionist thought,
Ordinary thought thinks:
‘I’ve been shot ten thousand times, and yet I still stand!?!”

…and Kyroot said:
A viewer writes: “The damnedest thing happened.”