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Man’s Duty: Seek Out Impossible Psychological Answers to Behavior


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#1026 Sep 18, 1992 – 1:18 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :32. It is man’s duty to seek out psychological answers for human behavior. Since there are none man continues to look and civilization to progress.

Audio-only :18. The concept of perfection and truth were around long before nuclear weapons and rat poison.

The News

92106- I
…and Kyroot said:
The “Sleep Of Giant’s” is always revealed by the mark of footprints on the pillow.

…and Kyroot said:
On his left bicep, right where the word, “Mother” had been scratched out,
This one man had topped it with a new tattoo that read:
“Never Write To YOUR Self.”

92106- 3
…and Kyroot noted:
Even though he now worked in the Crud Mines,
He said it was still better than when he used to have to “shovel stupidity.”

(“Hah!”, grumped the squatted one, “When you live in the basement, how much lower CAN you go?!”
And his even squattier partner said: “Don’t ASK — you dunderhead! — Don’t even bring the subject UP!”)

921 06- 4
And Kyroot passed along this item from the world:
One man caught his own mind eavesdropping on him . . . . . (or something like that.)

92106- 5
…another man had a motto by which he strictly lived:
“If you can’t be CERTAIN — be UN certain.”

…and via Kyroot:
This late-breaking news from the city:
Having concern for your fellow man is just something they made up.

92106- 7
…and Kyroot said:
The interim king so many times falsely announced his suicide
That no one any longer seemed to care —
— Some in fact began to wish he’d die.
(It’s indeed difficult for one born on a merry go round to do themselves in via centrifugal force.)

“Humhmm,” the man sighed,
“I’ve become so used to
Being here so long that . . . .
Even when I hate it I
Wouldn’t leave it for any place else.”

92106- 8
…and Kyroot said:
Those who look for psychological answers aren’t looking for answers.

92106- 9
…after allowing for a public pause for pondering, Kyroot served up another version of the last dish:
Those in the city,
Seeking psychological — which are secondary answers,
Are not truly interested in primary causes.

921 06- 10
…and Kyroot said:
Right after the rain a kid asked the ole man: “Can shadows think?”
And his Pop replied: “Look behind you.” “There’s no one there,” said the lad;
“Then look in front of you,” countered the elder; “No one’s there either,” noted the boy,
And the ole man said: “I can keep it up as long as you can.”

“Kyroot’s Blessed Assurance”:
When a revolutionist is talking about something,
And isn’t actually talking about something else — he’s no revolutionist at all.

A viewer writes:
“After following you for some time now I thought I had one question: Why don’t you have a sponsor for your show?
But then I realized I had MORE — like:
Who could it ever possibly be?
And why am I now finding the whole idea so funny?
Ha-Ha Yours”, etc.

…and Kyroot said:
No matter what they still try to call him,
A king who has to go to work — AIN’T royalty!

…and Kyroot said:
There being some problem with communication, or translation,
The natives decided that they wouldn’t deal with the strange visitors who, “Spoke with a fork-lift tongue.” —
(This ultimately raised their verbal conflicts to even greater heights.)

…and Kyroot said:
Under a recent and pleasant palm tree,
A chap sat and mused:
“I tried real hard in life — but it never seemed to do much good;
My brother didn’t try at all, and appears to have experienced about the same degree of success.”

One guy said: “I’m swearing off drugs!”
And the very first weekend that rolled around
The hypothalamus said to the cerebral cortex:
“Okay, mister smarty-pants — NOW what?!!”

…and Kyroot said:
In all secondary universes the atmosphere is laden with seriousness.

(Coversation from a goo field: “Gads! I can’t hardly breath!”
“Yes!, you’re not supposed to.”)

…a woman in our audience registers this complaint:
“Why is there a different set of rules for elephants than there is for poetic sentiments?!”

…(and Kyroot added):
This may well be off the subject,
But several of you might care to know that among pachyderms, (for instance),
There are scarce few jokes about real large creatures with trunks and tusks!

And now for the part of the show we like to call:
“Letters to the Advice Doctor”
(Since it consists almost entirely of reading letters that came in to the Advice Doctor): “Dear Doctor:” (so opens one such)
“Why is it so much fun to be sick?”
(And the Doctor replies):
“Well my dear Sir:
Just think of the thrills in store for you upon dying.”

92 106- 21
…and Kyroot said:
As regarded news of the world “out there”
This one had his own operational slogan: “Ignore everything but the headlines”;
And after a few years refined it to read: “Heed anything BUT the headlines.”
And later flip-flopped back to his first approach,
Then came back to his second,
And it just got more and more confusing.

As he concluded reading the monthly financial report to the club,
The Ole Sorehead Treasurer made this observation:
“As I believe we would all agree:
If life hands you a bunch of lemons — try and hand them back.”

(The one temporarily tending the goo field said:
“I’ve always assumed that I’d be making some headway
When the day came that the suppliers wouldn’t send me any more seed on credit.”)

9 2 1 0 6 – 2 2-B)
…and Kyroot said:
Genes are more important to those of a genetic disposition than anyone else.

…and Kyroot said:
On his city answering machine one man left this message: “What I eat makes me sick,
And when I don’t, I’m ill,
They put a buffet in my brain,
And said it was a pill.”
And now, (cackled Kyroot), for the GOOD-D-0 part, tell me:
Did this actually happen?,
Did it just take place in his mind? — OR-R-R,
Did this actually HAPPEN?

(As a consolation prize for all you losers, Kyroot left this query-trinket: In a world beyond the polar-based —
What would a mirror LOOK Like? — and WHAT could it DO?)

One man & woman used to look in his & her crystal ball because they had nowhere ELSE to look.
*** Actually is as actually does. ***

…and this letter:
“Dear Kyroot” You think you’re S0-0-0 smart OH!, I’m sorry, I meant to send this
to myself! —

…and laying aside momentarily his Marine Band, Kyroot said:
Only those going-down at about the normal rate sing either:
“Oh, I’m goin’ down slow….” or, “Boy! I’m goin’ down too fast….”

(Yeah, but hey! [added “Blues Buster K,” searching around for an E harp]
When things get dicey in the jungle
Man is STILL the only performer who can turn failure into a folk song,
And turn that into a profit.

…[“Yeah”, mumbled the bass player, “Let’s see a starving lion match THAT!”])

Moral al la feral: In the secondary world, “failure” must be constantly RE-defined.

Directly after moving out the lot of brand new, uninformed typewriters (still in the cartons) The auctioneer put up what he said was a group of
“Unclaimed — and perhaps, unrelated, ‘Maxim Updates'”:
(And just to mention several of them offered that afternoon)–
Flattery is the most sincere form of self-approval.”
“Plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery.”
“A life of self-approval is not possible with out flattery and plagiarism.”

…(By all reports,
By the time the bidding had reached this point
Most of the crowd had drifted away anyway.)

9 2 1 06 -2 7
…and Kyroot said:
Well past forty thousand days into his journey, he wrote in his log:
“When you’re alone and only have yourself — you need to stick together.”

(An attorney who says he represents a consortium of publishers who hold the copyrights on Most of the world’s best known “Holy Books”
Threatens legal action.)

Another of “Kyroot’s Contumacious City Myths”:
The driver of the bus said to a few and several of the riders:
“If this was a plane, and I was a pilot
Many of you would THEN really want to ‘GO somewhere’ — now wouldn’t you!”
And they all eagerly nodded their heads.

…the, “Son Of A Myth”:
One man wouldn’t pronounce any word he couldn’t pronounce;
(He said this also helped cut down on “superfluous thought that wasn’t absolutely necessary.”)

— and a man with a gun burst into the studio and forced us to re-read one from our last show —
…and Kyroot said:
One man wondered:
What would happen if a bunch of revolutionists got together on a bus, and actually decided to go somewhere?

The mayor – (obviously under the spell of some extraordinary drug) – proclaimed:
“All who find life tedious here may avail themselves of certain governmental entitlements,
And either take up needlepoint, or suicide.”

(A man, recently near-dead, writes to say: “Suicide ain’t funny.”
-Sir: If it ain’t done right — you’re correct.)

One nervous-system-neural-nanny told all the little kiddies in her charge:
“You’re gonna end up having a choice: Either BE the menu, or be ON the menu.”

Thoughts are a terrible thing to waste! — assuming you could — and assuming you realized it.

…and Kyroot said:
Under city lighting conditions men attempt to appear smart in two ways:
They will attempt to appear smart by trying to appear smart, or
By saying, “Oh, I’m not all THAT smart.”
But in either case….

(A person in our audience asks:
“Well if ordinary life is just a game — why can’t I quit playing?”)

And from our electronic viewing audience another person inquires by pen:
“From what other language, or time have these Kyroot stories been translated?”

…and Kyroot said:
There is an unmeasured polarity in the secondary world that causes men to turn this way or that.

(“By the by,” noted the theatre manager, “The name of the flick is NOT:
“Breath Takes A Holiday.”)

On his personalized stationary one man listed himself as:
That Funky Old Groove Mother.
And right under that, (in light italics),
Said that he gave himself this name for three distinct reasons:
One being that he had NO soul whatsoever,
And two: That he was NO one’s parent — real or otherwise,
And Three: That the first two proved conclusively that he realized that the
Language and definitions the gods gave man were NOT to be trifled with.”

And one who has witnessed some of these proceedings thus far steps forward, (sort of) to ask: “Just how many neural revolutionists would still be revolutionin’
If they were billionaires and looked like movie stars?”

…and Kyroot said:
One day a local reality finally went ahead and told the creatures: “Everybody’s welcome to try and fake it.” — as if that was necessary!

…as a certain odd musician sat fiddling with his instrument, he thought to himself:
“If neither I, nor the audience knows exactly how the song’s supposed to go
Then is not the manual from which we play misnamed, a ‘Fake Book’?!”

…and Kyroot said:
Regardless of what they believe in-town: Only a rebel could actually be killed by shame.

. . . . . . . . (and of course would jolly well deserve it!)

…and Kyroot said:
On their attempted journey “back home”
Several stopped off long enough along the way so that they
Died before having to face up to the truth of the trip.

(An ole man told the kid:
“Yes, it’s true: In a certain curious way thoughts CAN go backwards — but Nobody in THIS family has ever actually wanted to see it done.”)

…and Kyroot said:
A king with cheap friends needs only inexpensive promises.

(The Court Comptroller calculated:
“What could be more cost-efficient than that which is non-existent?!”)

“Dear Advice Doctor: What is the difference between a neural revolutionist,
And people who believe in the occult and things mystical?”
Dear Sir: The basic forestry difference maybe, between
Saplings and super-saplings -?-!-?”

“Dear Miss Etiquette: What is the difference between a travail, and a tree?”
Dear Sir: You can fall out of one of them;
Dear Sir: A revolutionist can fall out of both.

…and Kyroot said:
In their secondary mind everybody believes that at one time
Life called everybody (including them) together but after that it seems like they were left on their own.

When things are going well,
Adam’s already on his way out of the Garden
LONG before he ever says: “I’m going! — I’m GOING!”
(A gentleman inquires: “If I actually understood the operational relationship between my Nervous system and myself, would I then ‘understand a LOT’? — would I be pleased I did?!)

On a planet in another time zone from here
They’re considering legislation that says a person can only be a revolutionist
Up to the age of twenty, and after that they have their choice of either continuing, or being shot.

By the middle of their second year in that offbeat, ‘outta-here- theological school,
The students are told:
“If you can’t seem to get it going as a regular prophet then either become a,
Prophet without honor’, or get out of your home town.”

(With an enlarged endowment they plan to establish a Chair in, “Carnival Studies”.)

Tip: Never travel if both Rand AND McNally are sick in the back seat.

Dialogue in D-flat (or “C-Sharp” for those of you who prefer a more “up-beat” approach):
“Will being dunb cause your hair to fall out?”;
“Did he say, ‘hair,’ or ‘brains’?”

…(And a viewer writes:
“You think you’re SO-0-0 smart — I’m sorry — I tried that already, didn’t I?! Sorry!”)

One man’s private liturgy,
Whispered softly and reverently to himself each and every morn was: “You can rinse out your shorts,
Wreck your car,
But you CAN’T re-wind hormones!”

(Internal Memo From Kyroot: Even should this belief be true
It wouldn’t stop a real revolutionist from -Something-or-the-other….)

Oh, okay, (succumbed & submitted Kyroot), a “Definition For The Day”:
Criticism: Legalized plagiarism.

Overheard from a bloody & nervous kitchen area:
“The obvious MAKES ME SICK!”
“Well, don’t eat it”!

…(Would anyone care to join me in singing that great disco-hymn,
“Shall We Gather At The Superfluous Come-Back: And If So — WHY?”)

…then Kyroot noted:
In reference to something mentioned on our last show, a correspondent says: “After feeling around on my own head and brain
I’ve come to the conclusion that I didn’t HAVE –‘TWO’ parents! — how else you gonna explain the condition of my thinking?!!”

A wolf, (who puts himself down as an, “infrequent viewer”), writes to say:
“Not only do I not understand that recent one, but I’m not even registered to vote!”

…and Kyroot said:
In the case of the intellectual coin toss
It doesn’t actually matter if it comes up heads, or tails —
(Other than the fact that if you favor one or the other you’re stuck with both.)

After the crowds had gone, and the horses had been fed and tucked in bed,
Wild Willie Buffalo Billy Bronski stroked his handlebar, settled down and said:
“Any trooper whose mind ain’t on a ramble ain’t no trooper of mine.”

…and Kyroot said:
A chap with a doughnut turned and said:
“One of the fascinating aspects of what men call the ‘struggle of life’
Is that, other than death,
They don’t have the least idea of who’s on the other side.”

Today’s mail brought us this one:
“Dear Kyroot Show: If you can whine in rhyme,
Does that show it?! — That you’re a poet?

…(My brother bet me a six pack that I
Couldn’t get a letter read on the air.) Yours”, etc.

Staring serenely, (it seemed), into his glass, he mused: “Pulling-yourself-together’ – I suppose –
Could prove to be the supreme thrill, or the consummate folly.”
He took another sip of the drink and gazed slowly out the window:
“I further suspect that by the time you could ascertain which
It might be — it’d be too later to matter . . . . . .assuming further
that it ever DID.”

92106 55 (B)
Oh, oh, alright number two;
Here’s a sister definition for you:
Support: Legalized plagiarism.

On one un-syndicated quiz show the cream of the day’s questions was:
“What is the difference between an ‘Unsung hero’, AND a melted chocolate bar?”

And a fairly young person writes:
“Dear Advice Doctor: Is it all right to feel discouraged about life?”
And the Doctor replies: “It’s all right with me.”

Another, “Legend From The Hedges”:
In some sort of crude attempt to please the gods, one man said:
“I have — in your honor — decided to start killing myself a little piece at a time;
But this will not apply to any part of my mind or body — (if you don’t mind).”

(Some things that don’t sound funny in person, do so on paper and some times not.)

…on this one world you could buy beer after midnight, but NOT seriousness.

The guy down the road with a hoe paused to say:
“Good allegory is like a warthog that doesn’t belong in your backyard
Peeking around the corner of the garage at you.”
(Looking up and down the way, and spittin,’ he added: “Same with revolutionist thinking.”)

…and Kyroot said:
One man,
When he was alone,
And in a real frisky and rebellious mood,
Would pretend to himself that he’d just arrived there from another reality.

…and from those who tune us in comes this letter:
“My friend, who has been watching your show longer than I have,
Says that you sometimes give out tricks and methods that could help move this process along Kind of hidden down in your stories and comments.
(He also says I shouldn’t send you this right after that last one
Lest some unsuspecting viewer think I might be referring to it.)
(splat, etc.)

…and Kyroot said:
If ordinary men ever DID realize what they are and how they operate
Their radios wouldn’t work any more.

Q: How can you tell if a philosopher “died happy?”
A: He died.

Wool socks are like “eternal questions” — except you can take them off when it gets hot.

…”Dear Sir: Is it hard to be humorous when you’re ill?”
Answer: He died.

…and Kyroot said:
One man had a couple of rules he lived by —
— They didn’t do him any particular good — other than the fact that
He could say he lived by them —
— Eventually this alone became of some significance.

9 2 1 0 6 -6 5
In a grandstand, “shot-gun approach” one man writes:
“Dear Advice Doctor, Miss Etiquette, Captain Obvious, And Anybody Else:
Is it possible to write directly to the forces controlling our universe and reality?”
And somehow, one of the Pushy Sisters got hold of this and replied:
“Well, which do you want? — Controlling our universe, or our reality?
-Speak up sir — I haven’t got all friggin’ day!”

…in his dreams! — in his dreams:
One man dreamt: “I don’t manna LIVE in no reality that can BE insulted.”
…(Not to sweat-cakes, folks — not to worry AH’tall:
I said it was a dream — NOT a nightmare.)

…and Kyroot said:
In the middle of the city, two men spoke:
“Modern life has become too complicated.”
“Ahh”, replied the second,
“But bon ami, were it not so, it would fall apart.”

A lad writes:
“My mother and father say I can watch your show, but that you shouldn’t upset me.”

…and Kyroot said:
Only pure-blooded, ever-faithful Philistines can’t tell what real art is.

…and Kyroot said:
Only the dead — and those who KNOW how to live — never discuss death.

…and Kyroot said:
From certainly an unorthodox view — Being middle-class is being middle-dead.

A Kyroot Historical Note:
The ideas of “perfection,” and “truth” came long before nuclear weapons and rat poison.

…and Kyroot said:
The history of man-the-man is not “written in blood,” or even DNA —
That’s for tigers and primary dwellers —
The history of secondary man is written in what he writes and what he says.

From the recently suppressed,
“Three-D Files Of Out-Right Lies & Other Dangerous Information,” we find this item entitled:
Pretend Theology As Presented To Some Spurious Students: ‘Original-thought’ is about as close as you can come to Immortality around these parts .”

…(“Okay, men”, said the Assistant Chief, “You can put your guns away now –
I believe the worst is over.”)

92106 74
…and Kyroot said:
Once they’d gotten close,
Reality sat with this one creature, and over drinks said to him: “Reason and logic has nothing to do with it.”
And the man replied: “But for all those years you said it did.” “I know,” nodded reality, “I know I did.”

A person writes:
“Watching your show has about ruined my life.”

…(and Kyroot said: Does anybody know? — Did I actually write this one or not?